Silentish Saturday!

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

Had my hair cut and colored!

Frozen grapes for the win.

Porch sitting.

My sister helped us figure out our front door.

Timing herself for laps around the house.

Beck was thrilled to be at Costco.

We shopped when we were very hungry.

Evening bike/scooter ride.

Water bottles are frozen and ready for a hot run.

Clothes are out and ready to go.  20 miles!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Whew! 20 miles! Hope it goes well!
I’m off to do 14 miles today. And then a strength workout (woof). To sprinkle more fun into the day I’ll do all the housework. Hoping tomorrow is more relaxing!


Thank you Molly, I survived ha. It was rough! I hope your 14 miles were awesome and way to go on the strength too, you are inspiring me to do that tonight when the kids go down. Hahaha please teach me how that is fun. You better relax all day tomorrow. Thanks Molly!


We also did Costco yesterday, have you tried the avocado mash individual cups?? I’m obsessed!!!
10 miles this morning, play date and rock climbing and then I’m going to see Jason aldean with some friends!!! I’ve been counting down the days lol.
Have a great weekend!


Oh my goodness, I love those little cups. We always grab them too. Way to get in your run… rock climbing + a concert = the perfect day. ENJOY, Mollie!


Good luck with 20 miles!! I did 7 miles with a friend, now going to a house warming, and my probably relax tonight. Happy Saturday!


Thank you Mariah, I survived! So glad you had fun with your friend on the run and enjoy the house warming get together (isn’t it just the best to be able to do that kind of stuff again). Thanks friend, happy relaxing!


10.5 miles, farmers market, and driving with my daughter. She has 6 hours to go before she can get her license. I hope she can schedule her test for this week so she can drive herself to her classes next month.
Costco would be so much fun. It sounds so much more fun than BJ’s.
Enjoy your run!


Way to go on your run and the farmers market afterward sounds perfect. Good luck to your daughter finishing up her hours and getting her license, how exciting! Thanks Lee, happy weekend!


Long run (21.1km) done and now housework, followed by sushi dinner! Janae can you tell me which Rabbit shorts and tank you have laid out for your long run and sizes?



Jennifer! Way to get in the long run and housework (I should do housework but I can’t haha). And now you have me craving sushi! Sadly, both pieces aren’t online anymore but I cannot say enough good… the top and bottom were heavenly. These shorts are similar:

If they come back, I’ll let you know. Have a beautiful weekend!


Hi Janae! I have my friend’s baby shower today! And then my birthday is next week so I have to plan that.
Have a great run!


Enjoy the baby shower, how fun! Happy birthday next week. I will eat cake to celebrate you! Happy weekend and thank you!


*Back to School Shopping with my 15 year old (I am NOT ready to start back to school :-( ) Bonus though – got Panda Express for lunch (and dinner with leftovers) – yummy.

*A VERY sweaty workout consisting of 110 pushups, 220 situps (holding 15# dumbbell), 330 squats (holding 15# dumbbell) and 1,000 (yep, 1,000) jump rope singles. So hot. So sweaty.

*Now, off to clean the house and find a way to occupy myself until my daughter is off work at 9:30pm.

Congrats on the 20 miles! Even though I don’t run those kind of distances anymore (well…I never did more than a half-marathon), I love to read about your mileage work and running plans!


just finished a 50K ride with friends, a few I haven’t seen or ridden with for more than a decade….was pretty special.
watching todays tour de france femme avec zwift…pretty exciting…
checking in with friends who are racing Death Race up in the Rockies…gotta track them, and yeah, next year?


Between friends :)…..I am glad Andrew shaved the mustache!!!!


Bahahah okay, you guys were right!


Congratulations on completing 20 miles! Even though I don’t run those kinds of distances anymore (well…I never did more than a half-marathon), I still find it quite interesting to read about your mileage work and running ambitions!

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