I decided on what marathon(s)!

(shorts, shoes, tank, bra, sunglasses)

Trails two days in a row–> 3800 ft of UP = really tired legs.

8 miles @ 8:52 average (+ 20 min lower body strength at home) with Andrew.

It’s just the best to see so many flowers after months of these hills being covered in snow and ice.
I always love a few weeks of unstructured running before I get back into alllllll of the structure again.

We have really packed the last little bit with as many fun summer activities as possible. Between Brooke and Knox’s schedules with their other families, there won’t be a ton of time all together again until August.

So, last minute we decided to go camping. I haven’t camped in a tent for quite some time and now Brooke wants to do this for her birthday in August…

Nobody slept but that’s how it is supposed to go, right? We also came across a rattlesnake which is something I never want to see again. Do you see it below?

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This week’s s’more = Rolos.
Well, I made the decision! I’m going to run St. George and then CIM again… Even though I promised myself to never do that combo again;) This time I am going to leave the option of doing Houston or Mesa in the mix too if I am feeling too spent after St. George to do CIM, though. I’ll be doing more resting and more of maintenance mode in between St. George and CIM rather than trying to increase my fitness like I did in 2019. My entire group is racing St. George and I just can’t imagine not doing it with them. There is something so magical about having a group to train for a race with… we have so much fun together. The process to get to the race is even better than the actual race (the amount of group texts we send throughout our training about the training is even fun). I love how well I know the St. George course and downhill running is one of my strengths so I have big goals for October! I also got accepted to be elite at St. George which means I get bottles on the course and these fancy socks in the mail.

Long story short, St. George is a for sure but then I want to do another a few months after that one.

The next race I will be doing this summer is the Deseret News 1/2 Marathon (maybe 10k, I haven’t fully decided yet)! It is an amazing race to celebrate Utah’s holiday and I’d love to see you there. They offer a 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon. It runs along the parade route which brings SO many spectators and fun things to see.

Code ‘hungryrunnergirl’ will get you 10% off any of their races.

Who is training for a fall marathon and which one?

What are your thoughts on camping? Did you go camping growing up?

Have a race in June or July? Anyone else going to be at the Deseret News races?

Innie or an outie belly button?

-I have a little bit of both!

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Sounds like a great plan for your marathons! Congrats on being in the elite field for St. George!!! Nice perk to have water bottles:-).

I have Grandma’s on Saturday!!! I am a bit nervous since injuries have popped up in the past few weeks. I am going to the chiropractor today to work on my thigh/IT band so crossing my fingers that gets the kink out. Rest, recovery, rest, recovery is in the game plan for the next 5ish days. This morning I ran a strong 4 miles (haha so short!) in super humid weather so that was a little confidence boost I needed.

I did camp growing up. We had a teepee and LOVED it! It seems crazy looking back at it. Needless to say, we were quite the sight pulling into and campground and setting up. We bought a tiny camper 2 years ago. We got rained out every time we camped….so I got a bit burnt out. It was just me that took the kids and I don’t feel confident pulling a camper for long distances and it seems odd to pay $30-100/night to sleep “outside” within a 30 mile radius of our house. We decided we are more cabin people for now;-)

Have a fabulous Monday Janae!


IT’S MARATHON WEEK FOR YOU! I am so so excited and I hope your body feels 100% on Saturday. So happy today went well and you amaze me with your humidity running. Cannot wait to hear about the race. Haha I am more of a cabin person too but that teepee sounds amazing. Have a beautiful day and happy tapering!


Iā€™m doing grandmas (half!) too!
Good luck!


Your camping pictures look like so much fun! I camped all the time growing up, and I can’t wait to take my kids someday!

I was considering doing the Maine Marathon in the fall, but decided to do a trail half in early September instead which I am way more excited about!

Love seeing the wildflowers on the trails. We have snow so much of the year here that the novelty of being able to see grass and flowers never really wears off during the spring and summer!

I have an innie…my bellybutton doens’t even pop out when I’m pregnant lol

Happy Monday!


Is that a CORE Instant tent? It looks like it. We went camping with our 4 year old and 9 month old for Memorial day weekend and it went much better than expected, everyone slept well and now we camp in our backyard every weekend because 4 year old is hooked, but our old tent was awesome but you needed two people putting it up and down and it was a nightmare while trying to entertain the kids. So we got CORE tent and it makes the experience so much better:) Awesome scenery for camping!


YES!! That is the tent we have and it was up in minutes, absolutely amazing. I LOVE how much your kids are loving camping. Keep enjoying and so grateful this tent makes it so much easier ha. Have a beautiful day, Monika!


Not CIM. šŸ˜†
The camping looks absolutely perfect! I want to take my kids this summer. Beck in his chair with the big kids cracks me up. šŸ˜‚
Have a great week!!!


Good morning, Janae! Your camping pictures are gorgeous! We camped all the time growing up and loved it. I rarely make the opportunity to do it now, but some a few things have changed when I do. We use an air mattress in the tent now instead of just the ground. We are also looking into getting a tent that goes on the bed of the truck. Maybe that will get us out more often??
Wow – big marathon goals for you!! That’s awesome and sounds like you are in a great mindset for it all :o) No planned races right now, but MAYBE a half in October. Time will tell, I guess LOL. Have an awesome start to your week, Janae!


My parents took us 4 boys camping several times when we were younger. It was quite the circus act getting the old family canvas tent set up (circa 1970’s). Lots of work for my parents, but still fun memories we talk about to this day.

I am signed up for a 5K with my son on July 23rd. I am still doing one run/walk a week and should be ready to run the entire 5K by then. I also have us signed up for all our holiday runs; Captain Jack’s Treasure Run on 10/30, Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, and 12K’s of Christmas on 12/11. My son runs the 10K/12K at those 3 and I run the 5K.


You’re an Elite! That’s awesome! Not that any of us are surprised, especially for that race šŸ˜Š
Your camping trip looked like a lot of fun. I wish we did more of that with our boys when they were younger. I grew up camping a lot. But it’s tricky out here. To get good camp sites, you have to book at least 6 months in advance, and I was never good at planning that far out when the boys were young.
I’m having some foot/Achilles twinges right now, so I’m thinking it’s my shoes. Time to start trying different ones. Probably giving Hokas a try since I know so many people who swear by them. Which models did you say helped you the most?
Have a good day Janae šŸ˜Š


I’m gunning for a marathon in all 50 states and you have sold me on St. George being my Utah one (not this year). Good luck on your training. It’ll be exciting to see how you do.

I am currently training for London and then we are signed up for Philly just 7 weeks later. We signed up for Philly before I knew I was in for London. I was going to just write off the cost, but my husband still wants to do Philly so…oh boy, not sure about two so close together.

I am going with a group of girls to Indy this weekend for a women’s only half. I love road trips with friends.


Sounds like a fun fall of racing! And so cool you will be racing as an elite

We love camping !!

I have a 35 k trail race in July. So looking forward to that. We spent the day in squamish Sunday as I had an orientation run. Ran just under 40km with friends so legs are tired lol. There was even an aid station for us so it was a great training run. And then we stopped for the best burritos on our way home. Pork belly and chicken . So so good.

Happy Monday and enjoy your summer with the kiddos Janae !


Eeeeee! So excited for your fall plans!
I’m doing Grandma’s half this weekend. And this past weekend I did a 5K in Madison, WI.
For the fall I have been debating Indy vs CIM.
Also-when you buy runing clothes, will you buy a second set but in my size for me? I’ll Venmo you. ;)


I don’t have any races planned, but Les and his brother are planning on doing the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in October which means I’ll probably be doing a ton of hiking/trail running this Fall.

We started going camping after all of us where grown and the grand-kids came along. As Californians from the central valley, our preferred camping spot was Morro Bay. Waking up to cool temps and fog after months of extreme hit was the perfect way to spend a few days. One favorite memory was the time we went to Hearst Castle and got our own tour guide because our group was so big.


I’m doing the Marine Corps Marathon in the Fall – first marathon! No races for June, but July is a local favorite, 4.5 mile night race. It poured rain last year! I’ve never run, much less raced, in anything like it, but it was just as fun as the years before!

We camped a lot growing up in Western North Carolina. I have really great memories of camp fires, and super cold rivers to play in. Plus, a bonus memory of skunks invading the campsite and hiding in the car patiently waiting for them to go away! I also did a backpacking trip with friends my senior year of high school when everyone else did a beach trip. I don’t camp anymore – my husband’s not a fan and I’d rather do something makes us both happy. But I’m so happy for the memories and I’m glad your kids are getting that opportunity to create them, too!

Have a great week!


Sounds like a fun marathon schedule! I agree that training with a group is so uniquely motivating. It’s worth it all just for that.

Have you (or Andrew) seen this awesome video from Patagonia about Betty Birrell, an insanely talented mountain biker in her 70s? If you haven’t, you must! I hope to be as good as her one day – and to ride into my 70s with my family too. https://www.patagonia.com/stories/north-shore-betty/story-119987.html


That. Was. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I watched it with Andrew and the girls. We all loved it and she is my inspiration. Have a beautiful day!


Yay, glad you liked it! I loved the “it doesn’t matter what level you’re at – you still feel like you’re fast. It’s that feeling of freedom…” I think it applies to running, biking, skiing, and more. Have a great night!


Hi Janae! That tent looks awesome! My husband and I used to go camping just on the spur of the moment on Friday nights! We’d get off work then drive around and look for an open campsite since most are booked way in advance. We’d also go camping for my birthday every year in August with a group of friends. That was so much fun even if there were lots of mosquitoes some years.
I’m looking forward to seeing your training!! Looks like an awesome plan and you have learned so much from the last time you did this combo!


I love that you and your husband did that together… I love spontaneous trips. Thank you so much, I am really excited to see how this year goes. Hope your day is off to a great start, Amy!


Your s’more is drool-worthy! Do you mind sharing what size shorts you’re wearing in the first picture? I am similar in size/shape and based on the size chart I am between two sizes. Thank you!


YES! I have them in the small, I was in between the xs and s too and I am happy I went with the small! Let me know if you get them and what you think, so many fun colors. Have a great day, Elizabeth!


yep, am registered for a full in Victoria in October; my first since 2016. I have a half here in Edmonton in August as part of my training…..I keep thinking about just sticking to the half distance, a friend a few years ago managed to finish off 100 half marathons in 10 years, that seems like such a cool goal, but I just think I need to run 26 miles.
I may head down to Arizona at some point to do something, I have a sister living in Scottsdale, so maybe it’s time for a visit.
I’ve been camping exactly 3 times….and since I’ve been married and had kids, one attempt at tenting, and one visit to a cabin in the woods…..I loved it, the kids, well, there was no WiFi…so not so much


Your camp spot looks amazing-is it a designated camping place or can you pop up anywhere where you live? I grew up camping and canoe camping. As my brother and I got older we then went bike touring camping which was a lot of fun. We had an orange VW bus with a canoe on top, bikes on a rack and we’d head to the San Juan Islands. It was so amazing and quite often hilarious. On our way home we’d spend the night in the “big city” Seattle and my parents would get that “new” coffee roasters beans in bulk. It was Starbucks and their OG shop was small and cool. Yes, I’m that old. Decades later my parents and I took my three (before my fourth was born) and my two nephews camping. It was cool so share where we used to camp long ago. My daughter was 18 months at the time and was named “the dirt diver.”

Congrats on St. George!


Ohh I hope you run Mesa. You are much much faster than me, but it would be fun to see you there.
I absolutely loved camping as a kid and backpacking in my 20’s. I married a very non camping man (I choose to overlook this major flaw, lol). So I have not camped in years. We have reached an agreement, in our retirement we will get an RV. I am very OK with that.
No summer races, just trying to maintain a base here in hot hot Phoenix.


Your shorts are so cute!

I only have one race on the calendar and it’s next year in Nashville :)

I like to camp when we go with other people who bring all of the necessities.

I mostly have an innie but after 4 pregnancies, it sometimes kind of pops out, it’s weird.


st george for my first time and only my 2nd marathon but I want to try and qualify for boston…so hoping for good and big things! I’m in Dallas and have been thinking about st george for years. Super pumped to do it.

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