I Was VERY Wrong + Seen on the run part 2.

(Sweatshirt, shorts, shoes)

Well, I feel a little more alive than I did for the first 36 hours after my mouth surgery.  Andrew saw me in my running clothes on Wednesday morning and asked if I was going to go for a run.  I did not go running, but I didn’t know what clothes to put on other than running clothes when I first woke up.

I got out of my bed five times yesterday, so I’m calling that an improvement!

Here are a few random thoughts from this experience…

*I miss crunchy food.  If I could only bite into an apple right about now…

*Things like this make me feel extra grateful for the times when I experience good health.  It feels crazy to go from running my second fastest marathon time ever to staying in bed all day just two weeks later… but this is just a season.

*The timing of having this done was probably for the best because it forced me to rest more and recover after my marathon.  This will lead to some great races up ahead!

*I’m guessing my family hasn’t missed me talking Lorelai Gilmore style like I usually do…

*I think I slept 20 out of 24 hours on Tuesday.

*Andrew delivered.  In my brain, I thought I would be right back to normal the next day, so I didn’t move around anything to prepare for being down and out for a few days… Andrew took it all on (on top of his schooling) seamlessly.

IMG 7859

Just a few things to talk about:

It was their half-birthday yesterday:

IMG 7876

I ate a lot of delicious soup and Mac and cheese yesterday.

IMG 7870

Also, this yogurt is so creamy and good.  I ate it while watching RUN on Hulu, and that movie was crazy.

IMG 7868

We are getting the outside of our house redone.  We are going from really old vinyl siding to board and batten.  I’m very excited about what it will look like in three weeks.

IMG 7871

The goal is to go on a walk today so let’s talk about some things that I used to see on the run over the last few months… PS this portion of the post I did a while ago, I was back in bed after 8 minutes at the computer screen, ha.

*Curbs so tall in Mexico that turned my run into a strength workout to get up and down these things at each road crossing.

IMG 2683

*A horse that was just out on his own enjoying the sunshine.

IMG 2747 2

*At least 30 (a bunch on the other side of the house) wild turkeys trying to take over someone’s front yard.

IMG 3225

*Matching shoes with Emilee.

IMG 3651

*I love when I come across neighborhood libraries on the run.

IMG 3888

*A BUS THAT RAN INTO A BUILDING AND KNOCKED OVER A GAS PUMP.  Luckily, nobody died, but people were taken to the hospital.

IMG 5753

*This was not a planned run, but luckily I had my running shoes on and just a backpack… in the SLC airport; it takes about 15 minutes to walk from the A gates to the B gates.  It takes forever.  Long story short, I realized I was at the wrong gate (my ticket said one, and the screens said another) when my plane had already started boarding, so I had to SPRINT to the other gate.  I had so many weird stares, but it was nice to get a little run in before sitting on a plane.

IMG 3861

*This couple.  I see them often, and each time I do, they match.  Each time I see them, they are in a different matching set.  They are always holding hands and talking on their walks, and they put me in a great mood.  Now to get Andrew to do this with me.

IMG 4291

*This future track star.  It’s impossible for her to do anything with her face except smile when she is running.

IMG 4692

*Maddie showing us the starting line of an interval and cheering us on…

IMG 5569

*This amazing man walks up and down the trail picking up trash and removing rocks/sticks/etc from the trail.

IMG 6241

*The house that Andrew is very jealous of because of the bike ramps, jumps, and tracks around the entire house.

IMG 6303

*Police on horses which is something you never see in Utah.

IMG 6642

*THAT PRETTY BLUE BOSTON LINE (I want to be running on this line again).

IMG 6610

Three more that I don’t have pictures for:

*The owl statue on the house in my neighborhood.  I see it often, but about once a week, I forget that it is a statue, and I get excited to see an owl ha.

*Diljeet Taylor (the BYU women’s cross country head coach that is beyond incredible) on the side of the street telling US good job during a speed workout.

*A guy that turned around and hit his bag into my friend’s stomach during a speed interval… it was SHOCKING to see it happen.


Have you seen anything interesting on the run lately?

I want to hear about your run today!

Who has had a gum graft and what was your recovery like?

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Aaaahhh the sprinting through the airport! On our last vacation we had to go to a really far gate for our connection and the jet bridge on our plane woudn’t work…long story short my husband and I had to grab all 3 kids surfboard style and sprint across LaGuardia. It was awful but I’m glad we made so many people laugh!

I always see cows on my runs and lately I have seen some babies which is so fun! There’s also a story walk on one of trails I like to run which I think is the coolest thing! Running 3 miles today, trying to do Shalane Flannagan and Elyse Kopecky’s May Rise and Run streak!

Praying for a speedy recovery! I lived on double choccolaty chip fraps from Starbucks when I had oral surgery


SURFBOARD STYLE sprinting with kids… Oh I bet you were all sweating once you got on the plane. So stressful! Oh I would love to see some baby cows. Keep me updated on the Rise and Run streak, I’m excited for you and thank you so much. Drooling for that double chocolaty chip frap! Have a great day, Meghan!


Feel better soon!!

Lots of crazy things you’ve seen on the run! I love running into the little libraries, I always stop to look. Last weekend on our long run, we barely saw anyone, which was out of the ordinary, since it’s a really popular route for runners! That was almost as weird to me as seeing something strange haha.


I bet that was way weird not to see anyone along your normally busy route! Thanks Mariah, I hope your day is a great one!


Good morning, Janae! So happy you are feeling a little better!! Can’t believe you were up for this post – you’re a trooper. I had gum graft surgery in college. It ruined my spring break. I had to schedule it then so I would have time to recover and go back to school. Unfortunately, while the memory is fuzzy after so many years, I know what you’re going through. Mostly I remember my mouth being full of various materials to keep things safe during the recovery, having to sleep sitting in a recliner and SO MUCH PUREED FOOD. Sending lots of feel better vibes your way – hang in there! Hope today is an even better day than yesterday :o)


Thank you, Janine! Oh that must have been so hard to miss out on a fun spring break because of your gum graft. They are seriously something else… Thank you and today is much better than yesterday already (hallelujah)! Hope your day is off to a great start!


Glad you’re feeling a little better. But yes, being down for a few days is a good reminder not to take our health for granted.
Why/how does your niece look like a grown up??? Happy half birthday to both of them.
We have a couple in our neighborhood that always holds hands on their walks. They’re so cute. And the husband always has his binoculars around his neck so they can check out all the birds. I’m pretty sure they’re both in their 80’s, but walk every afternoon.
We also have a man in the neighborhood, that walks his 2 dogs (off leash, because they’re so we’ll trained) while he plays his ukulele. When I first started seeing him, I thought he was odd. Now I look forward to it.
Keep healing and taking it easy!!


Right? Time is just flying and she looks like an adult! I love that you have a couple like that too and with the binoculars… so cute! And the ukulele, how fun is that! Thanks Wendy, so happy to be doing better!


Good morning Janae. It’s great to hear you are feeling better.

This popped up in my YouTube feed and I thought you and your readers would love watching it. Very exciting finish!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u8QVPYMqww “Epic Katelyn Tuohy vs Krissy Gear Duel In 4x1500m National Record Race”


I had to skip ahead to the end because I wanted to see it so bad… oh my goodness! SO impressive, thank you so much for sharing! I hope your day is a great one, John!


Ha, I actually watched most of it but skipped ahead a bit here and there. I ran the 4 x100, 4 x 400 and some medley relays in high school track, so I love watching relays. There was some interesting tactics in this one like placing the faster runner 3rd, etc… Try watching from the beginning if you have time. And not to mention the NCAA record being shattered…. lol


Feel better soon Janae! You mentioning residing the house and it brought back some horrible memories, lol! Five years ago, my husband and I replaced our old vinyl siding with Hardi plank siding. Looks so much better, but we did the work ourselves in the middle of summer in Louisiana and you could not pay me a million bucks to do that again. I am sure you and Andrew will love the “after” on your house though; it makes such a difference!


HOW DID YOU DO IT YOURSELF?!! That is so impressive. Andrew and I were just chatting about doing it ourselves and we couldn’t imagine… let alone in the middle of the summer in Louisiana! You’ll have to send me before and after pics. Hope your day is a great one, Emily!


omg , get well than run hungry runner girl..and wear something other than run gear? I don’t own anything else – i get strange looks at funerals and weddings…….


Hahaha I love that you wear your running gear everywhere:). It is truly the best! Have a great day, Warren!


Not recently, but a few years ago I was running a route that is a few miles away from houses and came around a bend in the road and found a guy passed out on the side of the road. At first I just sprinted past hoping he didn’t wake up, but then I felt guilty about leaving someone on the side of the road so I called the police to go check on him. He ended up being fine-ish – he had wrecked his car up the mountain and tried walking to town and passed out along the way (he had been drinking). It was a bit crazy!

I was recently released to start running again after a 14 week recovery from double foot surgery. The down time made me SO grateful for a healthy body that allows me to do the things I enjoy.


FOURTEEN-WEEK RECOVERY. Mindy, that must have been so so hard. I am so happy to read that you are able to run again and I bet you feel so much gratitude for movement after that. Oh I bet that must have been so crazy to come across that man! Good for you to help!

Hope your day is a great one!


I know I’ve seen lots of strange things on runs and I can’t remember any of them. I’ll have to start taking notes! I have seen matching couples though, and older couples holding hands and it melts my heart ❤️
I have done that sprint through SLC!! It’s far lol

I had a gum graft awhile back, I think it was 2015. I only had one small area on the bottom front of my mouth, so I didn’t need to be knocked out, just numbed, thankfully. The pain wasn’t too bad and I actually went to work the next day, but recovery was long and annoying and not being able to eat real food was the worst. I remember having these soft bandages on the area that were super annoying. I thought I would be happy when they took them off but it was actually worse b/c the area was so raw. Ugh. I hope you heal up fast!!

Today is a rest day for me. I had 3 miles planned, but after I finished my mile repeats yesterday I felt like I’d been hit by a truck – chills, nausea, headache – I was down for the count. I feel better today, but don’t want to push it! This weekend I have 22 miles. Getting closer to race day!! ?


Hahah glad I have someone else that knows that long sprint at SLC! Ohhhh no about the soft bandages being worse when they get removed!? I am seriously so sick of soft food already ha. Way to go on mile repeats yesterday but I hope you are feeling back to yourself asap for this weekend’s long run. CANNOT WAIT for your marathon, you are going to do amazing! Have a great day, Annemarie.


Oh no, I hope I didn’t freak you out – you will probably be fine after the bandages come off! I just have weird sensory stuff with my mouth.. too much work done in there over the years!

Have a great day and I hope you feel better ?


I wish this had been on my run, but our firstborn (of 4) daughters graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. We live in Illinois, so we decided to fly out and and then drive back. We had an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon and then we decided to travel through southwest Colorado on our way home. It was gorgeous. I would move to Telluride if possible:-) Anyway, we stayed in the town of Gunnison one night (at the foot hills of Crested Butte). The next morning we picked up some coffee as we were heading out of town. As we were enjoying the amazing views, we spotted a runner. My husband said, “that girl is booking it.” I quickly noticed a man biking beside her and I thought to myself, “that kind of looks like Sara and Ryan Hall.” As we passed by them, I yelled, “it IS Sara Hall!!!!” I couldn’t believe it. I leave out how I made my husband turn around so we could pass them again….
She lives in Flagstaff and her daughter actually runs for Grand Canyon and I saw her once.
Many miles later, my husband said, ” I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get so excited to see someone before.”
It’s one thing to see someone like her in person, but to see her doing her thing….next level!


Hi Janae! I’m so glad you’re feeling better and hope it’s super fast here on out! My running friend and I count dogs we see! It’s a nice motivator cuz the dogs are always so happy to be outside and that makes me happy too to see them happy.
Enjoy all the soft foods and get some good rest!


So glad you are feeling better and love your attitude about it all!

This exciting sighting happened 10 days ago as we were traveling from AZ to Illinois after my daughter’s graduation from GCU. We flew out and decided to drive back. We wanted to stop by the Grand Canyon and drive through Colorado. We took the route through the south…Telluride and Gunnison and Colorado Springs, before driving through Kansas. Colorado was breathtaking. We decided we had to go back to Telluride one day. Anyway, we stayed in Gunnison one night and it sits at the foot of Crested Butte. We grabbed some coffee from the local hangout and we were about a mile down the road when we noticed a runner. My husband commented, “wow, that girl is booking it.” I then noticed a man biking next to her and then thought that looks like Sara and Ryan Hall. As we passed by them, I squealed, “that IS Sara Hall!!!”
Later my husband said, ” I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited to see someone.”
Well, seeing someone like that in person is cool, but seeing them doing their thing…next level!!
Praying that you find some new foods to enjoy during this healing time!


I am sorry you are recovering. I think I must have missed something, but what exactly happened to your mouth / tooth / gums? What type of surgery? What’s wrong? Again, I wish you a speedy recovery.


I had to get some gum grafts and my implant removed! I’ve had problems with my gums since a teen and so there was a lot to take care of with this surgery! I hope your day is a beautiful one, Amy!


I had a gum graft surgery about 6 or 7 years ago and I remember just before the procedure began, the doctor told me I couldn’t run for 2 weeks. I gave him the biggest side eye, like ahem, did you not think to mention this at the pre-op appointment??? He’s a runner too and I’m sure he knew I would chicken out if he told me that ahead of time. Mine was with cadaver tissue so I think it was a quicker healing process, but the thing I remember the most is not being able to brush my teeth for 4 weeks. As a daughter of a dentist and hygienist that just felt wrong. I wasn’t too sad about all the pudding and smoothies, but I totally remember that desire for crunch. You’ll get there!!


TWO WEEKS OF NO RUNNING?! That is just cruel! And thank you for bringing that up, it is killing me to not be able to brush my teeth?!?! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my gosh- I have to know if that man hit your friend in the stomach on purpose?!? I could see that causing a tumble. I need to know.

I hope you are feeling better! Take care :)


We aren’t sure but it seemed like he was trying to be funny (and rude)!? It shocked us!


Hi Janae,
I also send you an email but I guess you didnt see it. I follow your blog since day one and love it. But lately I cannot see it :) I mean there is a huge ad at the bottom and the “friend to friend” line takes almost half of my screen. Well is not a big deal it is just annoying. I see only 1/3 of the pictures and I have to move it up and down. Anyway if you can help tell me what to do.

Have a nice day


HEY GARI! I am so so sorry, I did not see your email! Are you able to exit out of the ad? Is there an X you can click? I am so sorry that is happening!


My friend is a mounted officer with NYC parks department. She loves it.

I got to hear one of the high school’s jazz bands practicing on a run and they were so good I had to stop and listen for a bit.

Rest and feel better soon!

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