Let’s catch up on some things from the rest of life this week…

Zero workouts + lots of recovery in the hot tub.

My sister and I went on a walk and we stopped to look at the new pickleball court that they put in their backyard.  SO many games of pickleball will be happening this summer.  Our goal is to become an elite doubles pickleball team together.

IMG 6841

Beck had his first experience throwing rocks into the river.

IMG 6842

Skye had her first soccer game ever.  After each play, she came over for a hug before running back out there again.

IMG 6870

Beretta and Brooke have been getting in some running.

IMG 6882

The soreness (I’m sure jumping right on a plane after the race didn’t help) and fatigue have been real post-marathon.  I’m leaning into what my body is telling me to do which is rest and I’ll keep doing that until it feels ready again.  It has made me wonder how in the world I jumped back into marathon training for CIM right after St. George in 2019… I could not do that now.

IMG 6846

This.  I agree.

IMG 6856

We have been eating the most simple meals at home and they have been great but I am definitely missing the amazing restaurants in Boston.

IMG 6901

I’ll be dreaming about these breadsticks from Piattini for a while.

IMG 6728

We’ve had some cross-country practices and those kids are getting fast.

IMG 6899

Searching for Rolly Pollies is a big event each day.

IMG 6892

I’ll end the post abruptly here because Beck is currently trying to bring cups full of dirt in from the backyard;)


Have any fun weekend plans?  Tell me!

Who else loves pickleball?

Which freaks you out more… spiders or snakes?

Who has a long run or race this weekend?

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The tomato soup and grilled cheese looks sooo good!
Snakes freak me out more, though we don’t have any dangerous ones around here, I just think they’re sneaky haha
My weekend plans are celebrating my little’s first birthday with family and working on getting some more things done for the bakery my husband and I are working on opening! Hope you have a great day!


I hope you get some tomato soup and grilled cheese asap. I fully agree with you about snakes but truly I just hate both. HAPPIEST birthday to your little one. That first birthday is so so special and YOU ARE OPENING A BAKERY! Let me know when it is open can do a shoutout and hopefully, I can come to it too. Thanks Meghan, you too!


Beck bringing in cups of dirt… Ahahahaha
I’m so glad you are really recovering from the marathon. So smart. And the hot tub is perfect.
When we got back from Hawaii, I too missed all the amazing food we ate there (poke every day!), but it is kind of nice to get back into cooking at home and back into the norm.
I haven’t had a good lo g run in a few weeks, so planning on that for Sunday.
Have a great Friday Janae ?


Hahah tell me your boys did similar things too! Wendy, how have I still never tried poke?! I am seriously so happy that you guys did that trip and I hope you do it yearly now. So excited for you to rock that long run on Sunday. Thank you, you too!


Definitely spiders.

Can I borrow Beck for the weekend? I have a pile of dirt I need moved.


Bahaha he would love to take over that pile of dirt and he’ll probably eat a bunch of it too. Have a great day, John!


Happy Friday! I have a question for you. I have the Nike vaporflys as well and I LOVE them! But because they are so pricey I don’t want to use them for all of my runs- just the key workouts and races. What shoes are you currently cycling through? And for which runs? Would love the full run down (pun intended ;) of shoes you’re currently using for specific runs.

Congrats again on Boston!!


Hey Katrina! I am so happy that you love them, they are just the best. I am just like you, I don’t want to waste one step in those so they will just be for those big workouts/races too. I wear the Clifton 8s for every easy run, the Asics Novablast 2 for any tempo type runs or workouts I don’t want to use the vaporflys for and the Hoka Speedgoats for the trails. I hope it helps and thank you, have a great weekend!


Thanks!! That was very helpful!


LOL! Beck, keeping you on your toes because kids don’t get the whole soreness thing!
I need some comfort food like that for dinner tonight. I love that a tiny corner of the cake has been claimed :)
Snakes are much worse than (most) spiders in my book.
This weekend, we’re supposed to have decent weather, so some running, maybe cleaning up the carport/yard a bit, and watching the Netflix series on Our Great National Parks with my son. The first episode was really good!


He does not care about the fact that my hamstrings feel broken haha. Hahah you saw that, my mom was over and I had her try it (she loved it)! I will have to watch that with my kids. Thank you for telling me, Corey. Have a great day!


Did your sis make the pickleball court herself? (I’m assuming yes…) If so, can she do a before/process/after post? ☺️

Also, I just made Caprese pizza on the Sam’s crust. So good! We did olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, fresh sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil ribbons, and a balsamic glaze after it cooked. My husband said it tasted like it came from a restaurant!


Bahaha you know them very well… her husband actually did this one! I will totally ask him to put together the steps of what he did… they did it for pretty inexpensive too! And now I will be making that for dinner tonight, thanks for sharing! One quick question… did you cook it with the fresh basil ribbons or put it on after? Have a beautiful day!


I added the basil before cooking, but I’m betting you could do it either way!


Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!


We bought pickleball gear last summer to have an activity with the kids because we have courts down the block. They hated it but Russ and I loved it and played constantly! Add another to the list of sports we enjoy together. Can’t wait for the weather to cooperate so we can get back out there again! :-)


I hope that this summer your kids start loving it! So happy that you two have that together, so much fun. Hope your day is a great one. Thanks Mary!


Pickleball sounds like fun! I have never played but I know a number of people who do and love it! Is it similar to tennis?

Your hot tub looks amazing, especially for recovery. Soak up the rest days!

I have a 9 mile run tomorrow and a 18-19 miler on Sunday. However, I have been dealing with PF, nooooo! I have never had this before so I am doing all I can from it getting worse. I took the past 2 days off (my heel mildly hurt during/after my run on Wednesday). I have been following your protocol of Hoka’s, Oofos, stretching and massage gun. I notice my heel doesn’t hurt when I wear my Hoka’s for errands and oofos around the house. However, I just put on my running shoes to see if I could tie my laces differently and my heel hurt. My running shoes are pretty stiff/hard so I am thinking the cushioning of the Hokas and Oofos help alieviate the pain, but I have never ran in Hokas so I don’t think I should switch up my shoes at this point, but I don’t want the pain to come back!!!

Have a wonderful Friday Janae!


Hey Becky! It is pretty similar to tennis but on a much smaller court which makes it so there is a lot more back and forth for us. You have a lot of running this weekend but I am SO so so so sorry about your PF. It is the absolute worst. I would totally switch over to wearing Hoka Cliftons for your runs… it seriously changed my PF the most out of everything. PLEASE keep me updated, you have a marathon to run soon!


Oh wow you deserve all the hot tubbing!

I have no issues with snakes but no thanks to spiders. Used to be deathly afraid, I’m now just mostly displeased when I come across them.

My weekend fun will be a short local hike with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile and my a bridal shower for my boyfriend’s brother’s soon-to-be wife.


Your weekend sounds perfect! Enjoy and I hope you don’t across any spiders! Thanks Caitlyn!


My youngest son was a huge bug/snail collector! Our neighbor gave him a shoebox to store his snails and FYI, they all crawl up onto the lid. Blech!

I am so excited to not have much going on this weekend! Just some running, sleeping, and church :)

Does anyone really think a spider is scarier than a snake?? HECK NO!


yes, sleep..i once dreamed of having a bed room that was just a giant bed that filled the room…and i have spent entire days…
this weekend…yoga, running, instructing, and yes, sleeping
pickleball is huge up here, haven’t tried it yet, but a lot of our tennis courts are being converted to pickleball…..
I’m going to say snakes, I used to live in an area with rattle snakes….but, they leave me alone i leave them alone
have just decided my fave run song ever is Camila Cabello’s bum bum tune…..and anything by Lindsay Stirling….and am avoiding watching the news ever

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