Silentish Saturday!!!

Just a quick run in the morning followed by going to the airport.

Skye is grateful Knox is with her this weekend because she does not do well when they are both gone on the same weekend.

IMG 3661

Andrew spent the day at his parents’ house near the airport doing some things for them so he was our chauffeur.

IMG 3663

We got there with plenty of time to look around every gift shop.

IMG 3676

And to eat tacos at 10 a.m.

IMG 3678

Love that she still wants to hold hands.

IMG 3684

Boarded our flight.

Peloton is even on the airplane…

IMG 3694

Brooke’s choice of treats for us.

IMG 3693

A few minutes of California sunshine while waiting for Brooke to be picked up and then I jumped back on the plane we came on to go back to Utah.

IMG 3695

Time for 15-16 miles which is feeling really out of my comfort zone these days!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Janae I admire how you juggle co-parenting and flying back and forth as you and Andrew do all the time. You are just amazing and have handled it all with grace for years.

I also love how your children love and adore each other. That is such a beautiful thing to see!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend Janae.


Donna, you sure know how to make me feel good:). I really appreciate you and how good you are at lifting others around you, I can’t tell you how many times you have lifted me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


My 26 year old still wants to hold my hand when we are out and about. Makes my momma heart happy!


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I hope my kids do the same. Have a great day, Colleen!


That’s a quick turnaround flight for sure! But how fun to have that time together. Will you fly back out to pick her up too?
Skye’s sweet face hugging Knox…. The best!
Our niece, who lives with us for most of 2021, is back in town, so we’re doing a big family dinner tonight. I can’t wait to hear how school is going for her.
Today will start with an easy 45ish minute run, then off to my yoga class. I’m feeling like tomorrow would be good for a long run… We’ll see.
Have a wonderful weekend Janae ?


It really is so fun to have one-on-one time together. Yes, I go back tomorrow ha! I am SO happy your niece is back to visit. You did so much for her, I bet she is forever grateful to you guys. I hope your run and yoga were great and go rock that long run tomorrow. I am cheering for you. Thanks Wendy, enjoy dinner!


Tell Brooke thank you for picking out that Reese’s snack mix. Now I will be hunting for it in my local stores!


Let me know what you think, it was delicious! Have a great weekend, Maureen!


Janae- what airline do you fly that has Peleton?


Delta! They had four options for different stretching and meditation exercises. So fun! I hope your day is a great one, Maggie!


How long is the flight?


I think it is about 1:40 each way. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, Mary!


Hi Janae! My most exciting weekend plan is seeing my friends new puppy! And going to happy hour with the girls.
Have a great weekend!


A NEW PUPPY! That is just so so exciting for your friend and for you to go visit. Enjoy happy hour. Thanks friend, you too!


watching the olympics watching the olympics and dreaming of becoming a freestyle skier?
and oh yeah, run today, run tomorrow, and avoid watching any news forever


Thank you for the reminder, I am going to turn on the olympics! Enjoy all of the running. Happy weekend, Warren!


Ran 10 miles post snow squall.
Strength workout later.
Lots of reading. Currently reading The Jetsetters.


WAY TO GO on your run and in the snow. That makes us so so tough. Go rock the strength later and enjoy all of the reading (going to look at that book now:). Thanks Molly!


10 mile progression run, watching Psych with my girls, off for grocery shopping with my husband (he has been working from home for 2 years and doesn’t know it but he REALLY needs to go back in person, has been asking me since noon when we are going, ha!!). I really decided I am not a fan of progression runs. My Garmin didn’t catch GPS in the beginning apparently and was telling me I was going at a very easy pace which would have been perfect. Then it caught up and I was going significantly faster then I thought. So that last mile of the progression run was not my favorite… Not a fan of having to check my pace often!

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