Speed up and slow down & longest run since 2019…

(Shirt, leggings)

I’m telling you, running is just the best because you can fulfill your mental, physical and social health needs ALL at once.   I came home in the best mood after talking with these girls for 2.5 hours.

I didn’t bring water, and Maddie saved me by sharing with me.  I need to start bringing my handheld water bottle on runs again (and maybe even my vest for the race?!).

IMG 3710

One of my friends is training for the 25k that I am doing, one friend is training for Boston, and the rest were the best to join us on a very hilly run to prepare for our races.

In the first mile, I questioned if I would even make it to the hour mark because of how terrible I was feeling but with each mile, things felt a bit better (until I hit 14 miles and really had to push myself to keep up with my friends to get back to our cars).

IMG 3707

My friend training for Boston needed 17 miles, so we decided to bump up what our plan (15-16) was and do her entire run with her.

17.19 miles @ 8:29 average, with most of the miles on the trails and a few on the roads.  This was my longest run since CIM in 2019!  The race we have next month is about 16.5 miles with about this much climbing, so now I feel confident I will be able to finish:)

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I sat by the fire and stretched for a while after I finished.

IMG 3729

The rest of our Saturday was pure family time.

IMG 3795

IMG 9578

IMG 3823

The coolest part of the day was meeting Derek Parra!  He won two medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics for speed skating and he was the absolute nicest.

IMG 3804

That gold medal looks good on her:)

IMG 3802

IMG 3819

Skye had the best time sleeping on the bottom bunk in Knox’s room (where Beck will be in a few years) while Brooke was gone… This made it so much easier for her because nights are when she misses Brooke the most.

IMG 3705

My Sunday involved the back and forth flight to get Brooke from California.  She has been doing this for over eight years now and has become quite the experienced flyer.

IMG 3869

I am not a big resolutions person (because I always quit a few weeks in, ha), but I have enjoyed coming up with a short phrase/mantra for the year and 2022’s is: Speed UP and Slow DOWN.  My simple goals this year are to push myself with my running and get comfortable being uncomfortable again, AND to slow down whenever I can in the rest of life.  I can get that need for speed out of my system in the morning and then find time to slow down in my relationships throughout the rest of the day.  Brooke and Knox are more than halfway through living here, and these years are going by too fast.  I have a hard time not constantly wanting to check items off of my to-do list, so my focus this year is to let the things that don’t matter wait because I’m happiest when I slow down and focus on the things that do.

IMG 1835


I know I’m a little late talking about year goals/mantras but do you have any for this year?

A question from Michelle, “I’d love to hear what everyone uses for caffeine before running. I have a sensitive stomach and can’t really eat, but I like to drink some caffeine before running.”

-For me, Nanohydr8 and one thing Hawk taught me was on marathon day to not take it until mile 16 and I LOVED that.   But normally if I am going to take it, I just use it before.

Did you share a room growing up?  If you have kids, do they share?
What was the highlight of your weekend?

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That’s so cool Derek Parra was there and let people try on his Olympic medals! What a fun experience.

This year I picked a word (technically 2 ;) as the overarching theme and it’s “Level Up”. Then all my goals are associated with that for fitness, financial and personal goals. Having a theme is fun and I always think if I’m working towards that goal


Right?! He was the absolute nicest guy too! Oh I love yours–> ‘Level Up.’ Keep me updated and I might have to use that theme in my life too. Hope your day is a great one, Maureen!


Skye and Knox look awesome with those medals!

I’ve been in NYC this weekend, so highlights have been running (around Central Park and the Little Island), levains cookies, amazing food, and lots of walking and exploring. Love this city!

Great mantra to speed up and slow down! I need to follow that.


They were just both so excited to have that opportunity! YAY FOR NYC! I am so happy you have been there all weekend and now I am craving a levain cookie! Keep enjoying, Mariah!


Yesterday was 64 degrees (!!!) so we did all of the things – finished taking off the Christmas decorations that had frozen to the trees/ground, took the dogs for a walk, took the fun car for a ride… The nice day was much needed before we get freezing rain and snow tomorrow!


SIXTY FOUR DEGREES… I am so jealous! It is snowing like crazy here today. I hope that the weather people are wrong and you get a beautiful week with similar temperatures. Have a great day, Jackie!


That is so sweet Skye can sleep on the bottom bunk!

My New Years resolution is pretty much the same as yours. I feel like I get so caught up in my head and trying to do everything around the house that I never slow down to enjoy the kids–although I am always here, I am not always present. Also, I don’t push myself when it comes to running because I truly just like to run. However, I can push myself in triathlons. I get excited to see what I can do–especially since I can only get better in the bike and swim;-).

The best part of the weekend was running outside yesterday! It was the first time it has been above zero on a weekend morning since Christmas. I did a double run yesterday and it made me so happy!

I shared a room with my sister until I was 8. Our kids all have their own bedrooms–however, my oldest daughters is really a den (no closet) and my youngest son’s is very, very tiny.. Somehow the middle child ended up with the largest room and double closet, but each of the kids picked their own rooms and love the rooms they have.

Have a fabulous Monday Janae!


YES YES YES… let’s work on this together! We can do this, Becky and keep me updated. YAY for an outdoor run (and double wahoo). Love your kid’s set ups and how happy they are with them! Thanks friend, you too!


My advice about the caffeine is to not focus on that but to please, please start eating before you run. There are tons and tons of info out there for females about the harm of not eating before a run. It’s not a big meal, it’s an applesauce, granola bar, electrolyte drink, crackers, just get those carbs in! Fitcookienutrition on Instagram has tons of info out there about it. Also, Stacy Sims. Remember training your gut is part of the process.


This is such a great point! THANK YOU for sharing Carrie, and I’m going to follow Fitcookienutrition. Have a beautiful day!


To answer Michelle’s question: I drink a lot of coffee so that is my main source of caffeine. Other sources of caffeine I use on workout days are: ‘UNBEETABREW Beet-Infused Performance Coffee’, or ‘PaleoPro Paleo Power Coffee’ (has beets also), or ‘Naked Energy Natural Pre Workout Supplement’, or ‘Do Vitamins PurePump Pre-workout’.

I also am an only child so I never shared a room until college and I never had children. I am back to work today after having a 4 day weekend due to my work being closed during a snowstorm.


THANK YOU for helping out Michelle, I really appreciate it! Hope your work goes well today and that must have been a huge storm. Stay warm!!


Knox is so sweet with Skye ?. And I see Skye takes after her dad in wearing shorts during the winter, ha ha.
Best part of the weekend was yesterday’s 10mile run through Newport Back Bay. It was an absolute perfect morning… Crystal clear, not too warm, and thankfully just a slight coastal breeze. Then after I got home, I spent the afternoon reading. The best.
I love your mantra. The years do go by way to fast. One of my words for this year is “present”. To be completely present with my family, friends, people.
Sounds like you had a great weekend! Here’s to a great new week!


Hahah yep, they all think the shorts thing is completely normal! Way to go on the ten-mile run… it sounds like it was perfect! Love that word for the year, so important for all of us. Thanks friend, hope your day is a great one!


It’s a long weekend for us in Ontario today! (Family day). We’ve been laying low as allie has been sick with a cough. I have shared a room at different times with both my older sister and then my younger brother. We moved to a bigger house when I was 10 so then we each had our own rooms!


never shared a room, by did share a home with annoying younger sister (aren’t they all?) woke up angry so really needed to see your blog this morning…made the mistake of watching the news over the past two days and my head wants to explode…I really need to go for a run even though it’s colder than the south pole this morning.or maybe i’ll just blog….something to get my mind calmed down


I love your focus for the year. Good luck with both aspects. I chose a word of the year: Connected. As in being connected with the moment, connected with my authentic self, connected with my amazing body, connected with my loved ones, and connected with all beings and Mother Earth. As for caffeine before a run, I go with the old-fashioned cup of coffee. I did share a room with my sisters growing up, and when my children were young (I have two daughters), they shared a room as well.


I have been reading your blog for years and years, but have never written. I just had a baby 4 weeks ago and was wondering if you have a post with all of your postpartum/breastfeeding running tips?


I never shared a room until I went to college, but my kids (we have four) have all shared in different combinations through the years. I think it was really good for them and helped make them more flexible with others!


Wow! Look at those mountains! I can’t believe you see those every day.

I don’t have a mantra but more of an Elle Woods vibe of “I’ll show you valuable Elle Woods can be!” towards running after bombing my marathon last fall.


LOVE that speed up and slow down mantra :) please keep us posted on how it’s going!!

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