(Shoes, bra, socks, top, leggings)

Morning me always regrets when I find a good show to watch on Netflix the night before (Tinder Swindler… I was shocked!) but thankfully, an old friend (Nanohydr8) was there to wake me up before I left for my run.  The Cool Rush is my new favorite flavor.

IMG 3558

One of my friends is training for the Mt Charleston marathon, and her workout was 15 x 1 minute hard/1 minute recovery, so we joined her.  I always go into workouts like this thinking it won’t be a big deal, and then by the 4th interval, I am laughing at myself for assuming it would be easy.  10.11 miles for the day!

IMG 3570

I finished up with a 15-minute strength for runners class that was supposed to be just bodyweight moves, but Beck thought that I needed the extra challenge of his weight.

IMG 9509

I love the days when Andrew is home for all of the normal daily activities.

IMG 3596 1

We (Knox was at a playdate) went over to spend time with my dad on his 70th birthday!

IMG 3636

A cartwheel competition occurred while we were there.

Screen Shot 2022 02 17 at 7 12 24 PM

We had a pizza, ping pong, and game night with the kids.  Thursday nights are 100% my favorite night each week because it is the one night that it is guaranteed we are all home together each week.

IMG 3644


Time for just a few Friday Favorites:

*If I had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of forever, it would be the oversized half-zip hoodie, Arahi 5, and the dance studio joggers.  Andrew said it is his favorite outfit of mine right now too.  He is alllllll about comfort outfits too.

IMG 3465

*The other day, Renee recommended the game Skyjo, and Janine recommended the game Farkle.  I bought both, and my family was VERY happy about these recommendations.  Both games are so much fun!

IMG 3615

*These easy treats that Caroline posted… they were a huge hit at our house.

IMG 3648


Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Who has watched something good on Netflix recently?  Who has watched Tinder Swindler?

Use caffeine before a run?

-I haven’t for a while, but I loved it yesterday.

Last treat you ate?

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Tinder Swindler is on my list but currently I’m watching Inventing Anna. Have you watched? It’s really good and I’m 4 episodes in I think.

One thing I’m looking forward to this weekend is a closing party for my friend’s leather goods business. Well the closing part is not something I look forward to but I’m excited to celebrate her, the business and the last 7 years of her working! Have a wonderful Friday!


That is what I have been wanting to watch next! Love hearing you are enjoying it. I remember you telling me about her business. That is so sad it is closing but I hope you guys have the best time together. Happy weekend, Maureen!


Good morning, Janae! I’m signed up to run Boston and injured my tibialis anterior tendon so this weekend I’m seeing a PT and hoping to try out aqua jogging! I know you aqua jogged in the past and I’m wondering if you have a link to a post on it—I’m guessing you did one on how to do it and keep it entertaining!
Thank you so much, Janae! Have a great weekend!


Kelly. I am so so sorry you are going through this during your buildup to Boston. I truly believe that aqua jogging is the best thing to do when injured (as long as it doesn’t hurt)! I would recommend keeping up with strength training if you can and keeping your feet used to wearing running shoes when you can! I have a post here: https://hungryrunnergirl.com/2013/03/17275.html

I’m here if you have any questions! Cheering you on big time! You can do this and let me know how it goes with the PT!


Thank you, Janae! I read through your post and appreciate all the tips! And I’m horrible about strength training (I mainly just do yoga for it, if that counts), but I’m going to take your advice! And I remember reading that your feet weren’t prepared for your marathon after all your pool training so I appreciate the advice on continuing to keep my feet used to my running shoes!
Thanks again!



Just curious, you aren’t by chance the one that posted prior about having an arthritic big toe are you? Same side as your anterior tib injury?

If yes, I can discuss in depth how that could affect your anterior tib (unfortunately).


Oh I love those joggers! I kept trying to buy Lulu clothing online but I can’t get the sizing right. I need to make a trip to the store next time that I’m near one. I was able to get the sizing correct for the running winter vest that you posted. It’s my current favorite running piece right now!

Last treat that I ate: I made heart shaped speculoos cookies for Valentine’s Day! Such an unknown, subtle delish cookie!


Tinder Swindler….WOW! Just WOW! I am currently binging Inventing Anna, it’s really good too.

Looking forward to some Midwest warmer temps (fingers crossed) and sunshine! I am ready to wear shorts again!


I’d love to hear what everyone uses for caffeine before running. I have sensitive stomach and can’t really eat, but like to drink some caffeine before running.


Hey Michelle! I can include your question in a post next week so that people can list more specifically what they use! Hope you have the best Friday!


Thanks Janae! Have a great weekend!


I haven’t watched Tindler Swindler, but I will add to the list! Watching Inventing Anna right now and I am hooked!

Headed to NYC for work this weekend, but hoping to get in a long run in Central Park, go to a Broadway show, and get Levains too. Have a good weekend!


Ohhh I will have to check out Tinder Swindler while I am running on the treadmill tomorrow morning! I got sucked into Love is Blind 2 last weekend.

Oh goodness, I drink way too much caffeine! But only 1 cup of coffee before my run.

I get to see my sister and parents tomorrow. My SIL and her family are also coming to town. Unfortunately my oldest got whatever sickness I had last weekend so we aren’t sure how much cousin time we will get in.

Oh how I wish those joggers came in Tall! I tried them on, but they were just a little too short.

Happy belated 70th birthday to your dad!!!

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


Happy 70th birthday to HRG dad!!


Happy Friday, Janae!! So happy your family is enjoying Farkle :o)
This weekend, I am participating in another ski enhancement clinic – they are so much fun and this time we get to do some work on a short race course!
I have had zero time for Netflix lately and can’t wait for a day when I have the chance to watch something. Thanks to you and others for recommending both Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna!
I use caffeine (coffee) before life starts every day LOL!! When I was doing a lot of distance running, I always had it before long runs. Back then, on occasion, I would use sport beans that had caffeine (I’m not sure if they even still make those).
Last treat I had was a couple of VERY dark chocolate truffles – so good! When I want a somewhat healthier chocolate dessert, dark chocolate hummus with graham crackers hits the spot :o) Dessert hummus may sound weird, but I recommend giving it a try (there is a pumpkin pie version as well that is also excellent). Have an AWESOME weekend, Janae!


Those joggers look amazing–next time I am up for a lulu treat I will have to see if they come in a 23″ crop length (nevermind that I already own like 5 pairs of the studio skin joggers from Senita and 2 pairs of the salutation joggers from Athleta–there is always room for more, right?!?!?). ALSO, I have been wanting that half-zip (and the other oversized scuba hoodie/sweatshirt items) for a long time now. Except I never see it in the store, so I get nervous about ordering it with my instructor discount without being able to try it on. But I love it. And that color looks amazing on you.

Happy birthday to your dad! I hope he was feeling good, and that he had a really great day. :)

As Skye gets older and older she is looking more and more like Brooke in the pictures you post. Adorable!

I can not workout with caffeine beforehand. Part o fthis is because I work out best early in the morning, but also–I don’t know, it just helps.

As for Netflix, I am more-than-low-key OBSESSED with INVENTING ANNA. The Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin story in general is fastinating to me, and the portrayal of her (and the journalist’s piecing together of this story) is really compelling. I’m happy it’s only 9-ish episodes/a limited series, and that so far this week I have been pretty good about just watching one a day. Otherwise, it would cut into my time for reading. ;)

The weekend ahead–I don’t know. I started physical therapy for some chronic sciatic nerve and piriformis issues I have had for a few years now, and this morning my PT did dry needling. She told me to see how I feel for my weekly barre class in the morning, and otherwise I am planning a lot of walking breaks from being at my desk for work today and then a couple of easy trail walks this weekend. AND for my RPM class on Sunday morning, I have a couple of skills drills-focused tracks that I am *really* excited to bring in. Time to start coaching the group of regulars that have emerged over the last couple of months to pursue getting stronger/faster/more dynamic if that’s what they want. The whole new years resolution-focused motivation is long over, and now it’s time to give them something ELSE and something NEW to foster motivation and drive to pursue their fitness, health, and all of the enthusiasm and endorphins that come along. :)

Otherwise, I think I am going to curl up and read and I MIGHT treat myself to a yummy lunch date by myself and go out and get a plate of nachos. I’ve been very low-key craving it lately…

I hope you and your family have SUCH a good weekend ahead. :)


I’m headed to Texas for the long weekend to see my college kiddos! I’m going to miss my husband and younger daughter, but can’t wait to hug my older babies ? I was hoping my younger daughter (junior in high school) would be able to join me, but she has time trials for spring track this weekend ?

Love love those lulu joggers. I’m so spoiled with my job as a preschool teacher that our uniform is very California casual and I pretty much live in my lulus and Athleta wear ? Jeans are becoming very dressed up for me these days!

Happy weekend!


Louisa, I hope you have the absolute best time visiting your kids! I bet it is so cool to see them in their element at college. And goooooooood luck to your daughter with her time trials! That sounds like the best time of work uniform! Enjoy every second!


Hi Janae! My friends and I started watching inventing Anna on Netflix like everyone else. I don’t think I was in the right headspace for it cuz I really wanted to know more about Anna and not the side characters they built into the story but my friends really liked it! We also started watching Pivoting on Hulu and it’s a shorter comedy and it’s hilarious.
My latest treat is the harmless coconut water from Costco! It’s so good!
Happy Friday!


I don’t know how so many of you can #1 drink a whole drink and #2 have the drink be caffeinated before a run! Both of those would make me have to pee through the whole run! Ha!

p.s. Janae- from a previous post of yours….we are also Sam’s Club and Costco members. Sam’s is mainly because the gas lines are ALWAYS so much shorter! I’d be curious for you to do a post as to why you love Sam’s and Andrew loves Costco. :)




I injured my posterior tibialis tendon (pregnancy running problems ha!) and I am looking forward to getting it fixed up in PT this weekend!

The last treat I had was a brownie literally five minutes ago :)

I just ordered the sweatshirt and joggers for a post-pregnancy treat to myself!!! I was just wondering, do you wear it as a regular shirt or is there a tank you wear under it?


Hey! Watched it and couldn’t believe the story…called my son at college and asked him to not trust anyone! And if he meets someone online, don’t lend money. Of course, he was probably rolling his eyes but I told him he needs to watch. Watched Imventing Anna…very good too…but I want to hear your opinion before spoiling any details!
Still nursing my hamstring and feels a lot better. Haven’t ran since Saturday but resting it will be well worth it. I did see an orthopedist and made an appointment for PT.


Hi Janae. The picture you posted of your drink shows zero caffeine on the label. Just wanted you to know since your comment/question made it seem that you thought it was caffeinated;)

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