Weekending + How to get yourself out the door for a cold run…

I hit the jackpot on Saturday with my running.  I got to run with my niece and…

(Headband, shirt, leggings, shoes, a different white jacket that I want… this white jacket isn’t sold anymore, sunglasses)

with Brooke.  I hit 8 miles for the day which felt like the best way to start the new year!

IMG 0715

I got the chance to see Bangs friend for a bit!  She was in town and stopped over and it felt so so good to see each other in person again.

IMG 0740

We watched the Rose Bowl!  My house in the winter has approximately 4958 more toys everywhere vs the summer when we are outside all day.

IMG 0746

100% back to herself!

IMG 0769

I think we have officially survived the longest tenish days of our life… nobody has a fever anymore which just seems like a miracle at this point.  I’m tired ha.

IMG 9054


It’s that time of year for many of us where hibernating is very easy to do because of the weather outside.  It’s a struggle for me EVERY single day that I run to get out the door in the winter but within a few minutes of running, I am looking around with a big smile on my face because of how gorgeous it is outside.

IMG 0465

I’m going to share a few of the things that I do to help myself get out the door and into the cold!

*I tell myself that I am only going out for one mile.  I tell myself that ANYONE can handle being cold for tenish minutes.  I can handle just ten minutes of shivering.  And then I get out there and my body warms up quickly and I keep going for more miles than I promised myself.

IMG 0547

*If there is any possible way for you to be able to go out and run when the sun is out, do it!  Even if it means my run will be shorter because I won’t have as much time running later in the morning or afternoon, I will sneak out when that sun is out because my brain needs that serotonin.  20 degrees in the dark vs 20 degrees in the sunshine feels like an entirely different world to me.

Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 7 18 42 PM

“Warming up raises your heart rate, core temperature, and blood flow to your muscles, which minimizes the stress your body undergoes when you ask it to work hard in challenging conditions.” (source for quote and it also has a great warm-up video there)

*Before you go out, do some squats and lunges in your house.  It will warm your body up (especially if you are already in all of your winter running gear) and make you want to get outside to some colder temps.  It will also wake your glutes up which is something I try to do year-round before a run!  I’ve been doing strength before my runs and it is helping a lot.

*I love Yoga with Adriene and just taking 7 minutes before you head out will not only warm you up before the cold but it will also help you with injury prevention!

*I wear trail shoes on the slick days but you can also add your own screws to your shoes too!

Screen Shot 2022 01 02 at 11 47 15 AM

*I remind myself that I GET to do this, I don’t have to… I GET to.

IMG 0603

*INVEST in good gear <— Having just a few pieces of really nice gear will keep you happy winter running, I just end up washing them a bunch to wear them often each week.  I’d love to hear from people that have found cheaper pieces of gear that keep them really warm too… like these fleece leggings on amazon that I love.

*If I can keep my core, ears, hands, and feet warm… I am happy.  Get the accessories that help you keep those parts warm.  Vest (I love this one too), earwarmer, gloves and socks that I love for the cold days.

*I’ve used hand warmers over the years to get myself out the door because just knowing my fingers won’t freeze saves me.  I don’t use them anymore because with the gloves I just mentioned, I never need them!

PS I found this to be a really good idea for your toes!

*You can also convince someone to carry you through the snow to the clear part of the road if you are worried about cold toes;).  The funny part is we were running through powder just a few minutes after this ha…

IMG 0597

*Remind yourself before you go out that these tough runs will make you so much stronger for race day.  Going out in the elements will make you prepared for bad weather on race day or make you extra strong for good weather on race day.

*In the past (when I had a treadmill indoors… now mine is in the garage which isn’t much warmer than outside ha), I would jump on the treadmill for a few minutes to get my body really warm before I took things outside.

*Whatever hot drink you love the most, have it all out and ready so that you can drink it quickly right when you get done.  I just started using Perk Hot Chocolate and wow… it’s good.

IMG 0565

*Soak up the views.  Remind yourself that the winter views tend to be so much more dramatic than any other time of year.  Reminding myself of the eyeball treats I get when I get outside helps to motivate me.

IMG 0551

*Honestly, if running outside in bad weather doesn’t bring you joy, jump on the treadmill.  I love a good treadmill run and if that is your jam, do it.  Put on your favorite show, enjoy your dry feet, and know that a mile is a mile no matter where you are doing it and no matter what speed you are doing it at!


Give me your secrets!  What do you do when the weather is bad and you need a run?  

Feelings when it comes to the treadmill?  Have those feelings changed over the years?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Give me the details on what winter is like in your area?  Do you feel more or less motivated to run during the winter?

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I needed this today! Used to run in the snow almost daily, and now it’s been…years? I used to drive to a park, run the big loop in the snow, and then call home when I was heading back and ask someone to make me tea. :-) Having a lined windbreaker made a huge difference for me! That layered over one or two shirts kept me relatively warm and dry without making me sweat. So glad you are having a good start to 2022!


Hey Kristin, I am so glad this post could help! I love that you have done that, I have done the same with Andrew and hot chocolate. It is the best to walk in and have your hot drink ready for you. Amen to an awesome windbreaker, that helps SO much. Hope your day is a beautiful one and thank you!


Sometimes I just try not to think about the weather before I head out (which usually results in too many layers, but that’s better than being cold), I just go! Or I think back to coldest/rainiest rains I’ve done before and figure if I could do that, then today isn’t so bad. We are very lucky in the UK we are having strangely warm temperatures. I am actually missing the really cold running a little bit! It would usually be frosty by now.
I used to be able to tolerate the treadmill but now I just can’t do it. I would much rather run in bad weather than on a dreadmill.

Have a great day!


Sarah, that tip is SO so good. I’m going to do it today, I’m not going to think… I’m just going to go out and do! I hope that you guys get some of those chillier mornings soon! Thanks friend, I hope you do too and thanks for sharing that tip.


It’s not the cold that bothers me, it is the slippery/icy roads, I once ran in -35 (with windchill–I now have frostbite marks on my face that always turn red when it is cold). I had a bad fall 2 years ago and since then I stick to my treadmill when the roads are icy, especially during the week since I run in the dark. On the weekends, I get outside because I run when it is light out and can see the icy spots better. I do need fresh air so I go for a walk outside during my lunch or with the kids after school.

I LOVE the treadmill! It’s the only time I get to choose what to watch on Netflix/Hulu:-).

Have a fabulous Monday! Happy to hear all those kids are back to healthy!


Ummmm Becky. HOW in the world do you run in those types of temperatures. Anything below 10 and I’m indoors! You are so tough. I am glad you go on the treadmill now after your fall and I am SO sorry that happened to you. I did too about 8 years ago and so when I run with friends in the winter they sometimes laugh at me when I stop to walk over one square inch of snow! It taught us to be safe. Hahaha that is so true about the treadmill. Thanks friend, we made it!


Living in Michigan, running in the snow is just a way of life in the winter! I always tell myself that it will only be cold or uncomfortable for the first half mile, and after that I will never regret lacing them up. For me, investing in good socks (love my Bomba’s), and a Brooks running jacket were game changers. Otherwise, I mix and match less expensive tops, headbands & gloves of different weights, depending on temps.
Have a great week!


You are my hero for running through Michigan winters… Utah winters are nothing compared to those! I fully agree with you about the Bombas and Brooks jackets, they are lifesavers in the winter! Thanks Samantha and I might have to reach out to you and get some motivation in the winters:). I hope you do too!


Good morning, Janae! Happy New Year to you and so glad your family is having a healthy start to 2022!
I live in the northeast, so snow and ice are a given, though this year we have had freezing, snowy weather interrupted by big warmups and lots of rain. I layer, layer, layer and it took me years to really learn I can usually take off one layer I think I need and feel warm without overheating. Several years ago, I bought winter running pants from Eastern Mountain Sports (not sure if they still exist) and they are still an awesome winter layer. If I can keep my head/ears and fingers warm, I’m usually OK :o)
I used to think of the treadmill as the “dreadmill”, but it is often the difference between getting some cardio in vs. not at all, so I try to embrace it. My attitude improved when I stopped referring to it as the dreadmill LOL.
Hope your week is off to a great start, Janae!


Hey Janine! Thank you so much… things are off to a great start! That is so crazy about your weather this year. Amen to the layering, it helps so much and those pants sound amazing. Seriously, the treadmill just saves us all at different points! Hahaha love the attitude change with the dreadmill;). Thanks friend, you too!


Hooray for healthy kids!
Thank you for the winter running motivational thoughts – I am starting back at outdoor runs this week, and it’s HARD to get out. I am going to tell myself your ‘just one mile’ trick. ;) And I like the hot cocoa for coming home treat too.
All of my trails turn into snowmobile trails in the winter, so I have to get back to road running. I think I will survive! Actually I think once a week I might try to sneak out to the ski(cross country) trail nearby… even if it is just 10 minutes, trails make me so happy!
The best part of our weekend was a ‘project’ I tried with the kids. I took a few of their tiny toys (figurines, a plastic bracelets, tiny trucks, etc) and froze each kid’s toys in bowls outside. They got to “save” their friends from the ice by chipping away with rock salt, warm colored water(added a drop of food coloring), and a little spoon. It was so much fun we did it a second time & they are planning a third. It’s a little messy(wet) so we did it on trays. We couldn’t go outside because it was well below 0 most of the weekend.


Hey Katie! YAY for starting outside running this week. Please know you aren’t alone with it… but I swear the reward is bigger because it is so much harder to get out. Bummer about your trails… but I agree, I think you need to sneak over and get in some of your favorites. Ummmm you are seriously the best ever for sharing this with me. I have to do this with my kids!!! I hope it gets a bit warmer in your area soon. Thanks Katie!


I love reading about people who run in all sorts of weather. We don’t get much here, so when we do, I actually love to get out in it because it’s different. Unless it’s absolutely monsooning, I will run outside.
I used to hate the treadmill! But over the last 5ish years or so, I’ve learned I actually enjoy the treadmill. It’s great for me to do speed work, when the high school or college tracks aren’t open, and it’s perfect for when it’s really too hot to run outside, or the above mentioned monsooning. And now with the Peloton app, I find it fun. I do have a hard time running anything longer than 7-10 miles on the treadmill though.
Oh I am so happy Skye is 100%!! Thank goodness! And how fun to run with your niece and Brooke!
We had a great family weekend, New Year’s day at my sister-in-law’s, and then the 4of us went to the Bronco Chargers game (not a good game for us) yesterday. It’s been a tough morning getting everyone up and out the door for school today! But, we’ll get back into the swing of things in a few days.
Have a great Monday Janae ?


I ran my first ice/snow run this morning of the 21/22 winter because we got our first measurable snowfall of the year this past weekend. I ran in Icebugs for the first time today and LOVED them. They were very stable on sheer ice and I kept seeking out ice to run on instead of dry pavement. I ran in Yak-traks last winter and loved them also but they were hard to run on dry pavement when some roads weren’t ice covered. I would have gone to the gym treadmill in previous years but because of the pandemic I can no longer do that.
I wear winter clothing from Baleaf on Amazon. Their thermal fleece mock neck long sleeve is a great base layer under their fleece cycling jacket. It was 3 degrees this morning and I was very warm.


Happy New Year Janae! Glad Skye is feeling better and that no one is sick!

It has been an unusually snowy winter so there has been a lot more snowshoeing in the mountains v. runner. As long as we are appropriately dressed it has been good. I had base layers of thermal underwear, ski gloves, neck gaitor etc for the coldest days and that has made a huge difference. My legs are tired now from all the snowshoeing lol. I use trail shoes and microspikes when icy outside.

I love being outdoors and a group of friends and I go out most weekends for an adventure so that makes it fun. Just enjoying the last day of holiday break today.

Have a great day!


Happy New Year! Do you run in Asics now? I love Brooks but was curious if you switched. If so, any reason why? I am open to trying a new brand.


HEY LYNN! Happy New Year to you! So I am mostly wearing the Novablast 2 from Asics and the Clifton from Hoka. It is 10000% only because of my plantar issues. There is a certain tilt/cushion that keeps my foot happy. I adore Brooks and they were all I wore for 9 years but I put on a pair of them and I can feel my plantar a bit (not bad but I’m just SO nervous of getting injured again)! I don’t know who I am anymore hahah. I hope that makes sense and that you have a beautiful day!


Yay for everyone being healthy!!

Great advice- running with friends in winter helps me a lot. Hot shower and hot drink after are both motivating too haha.


oh you’re cold?….we’re in the middle of another snow storm (I think someone said to expect 300 feet?)…and it’s been about -300C (which is oddly enuff about -300F)…I may be exagerating..and ice, lots of ice….so traction aids for sure – I have tried screws, okay, YakTrax are okay for deep snow, but I just pull my spikes over the shoes, one pair, leave on for winter and I’m set, and no more falling on m head…as for keeping toes warm, I’ve never had much of a problem, but I tell people duct tape over the mesh on the shoes, or my GORTEX Peregrine Ice+ does the trick, and we cell toe covers (neoprene) that work well too…..or, well, today will be all about xc skiing, snow’s too deep


I put duct tape on the toe area of my shoes. I stick the duct tape on the side just above the sole and I make sure it’s really tight with my fingernail into a ridge and then I stretch that piece over to the other side. I do a couple of pieces on each shoe at an angle to make sure there are no gaps.. Then you don’t have something directly on your toes but it keeps out the wind and wet and cold. The tape seems to stay on pretty well!


We have our coffee pot on a smart plug. When I’m about 10 minutes from home, I just tell my watch “Hey Siri, Start the Coffee” and I have a hot pot freshly brewed when I walk in the door. Also, having a natural gas fireplace to warm my tushie has been a game changer!

I really like how calm and quiet it is in the early morning before the sun rises. The neighborhood feels like it’s ALL MINE in the early mornings and I just love it.

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