Run Thoughts + I Forgot.

(leggings ((these $28 leggings have lasted me for years now, and they still feel brand new)), shirt, vest, shoes, earwarmer )

I had one of those runs that just burned so good. My body felt strong, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and I was spent at the end.

I am loving these outdoor interval runs on the Peloton app.  I did this one with Andy, and it pushed me to go faster than I would have if I was doing intervals on my own.  The intervals went like this—> 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes and 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes.  They had a 1-2 minute recovery in between.  Right before the last interval started, he talked about how we don’t build fatigue throughout the workout, we build confidence.  I loved going into the last hard interval thinking that the previous intervals didn’t make me tired, they just made me more confident that I would succeed during the last one (<—this did a great job tricking me because I was very tired after the previous intervals).

IMG 0790

Some other random run thoughts from yesterday:

*I love these interval runs because I don’t choose where the interval starts.  When I am doing them on my own, I am an expert at choosing to start the interval on a downhill or flat portion or to avoid any hills, but with these programs, I don’t get to choose.  It will be so good to have these uphill intervals in my training.

*I also love these runs because they give you form tips throughout the workout, which I need because my form suffers when the fatigue starts creeping in.

*To add to the list yesterday about how to get out/survive winter running, do intervals in the winter.  It’s weird to feel burning hot when it is 19 degrees outside, but my body was working hard.

*I love Monday speed.  It felt good to do this after taking a rest day and to start the week off strong.

*I’m excited to welcome the pain with my running this year.  I feel like I have forgotten how to cope with it during the run but am wanting to work at getting better at that again.

*The random things I see out on the run are one of my favorite parts of the run.

IMG 0776

Before I started the intervals, I did 30 minutes of easy running and then started the 30-minute workout.

IMG 0779

Back home to baby cuddles and then a 5-minute core class.

IMG 0772

Andrew took a 45-minute class and our power went out in the last 90 seconds of the class which was just rude.  He needs to sign up for another ironman!

IMG 0793

I hadn’t had take out in what felt like ages (but let’s be honest, it was probably only like 4 days;) so the 180 Tacos rice bowl brought me joy.

IMG 0804

My lunch buddy.

IMG 0807

We had ‘antelope’ with our dinner (Skye refuses to call it cantaloup so we just all call it antelope now).

IMG 0813

I forgot to add something to the list yesterday when talking about winter running… When in doubt, pause your garmin and walk if the area is looking too icy.  I think it was eight winters ago, I slipped on the ice and hit my head and it hurt so so bad.  I could have been seriously injured!  My dad slipped and hit his head on the ice too and it took months for his brain to recover.

IMG 0814


Tell me any of your thoughts from your last run?

Random question of the day… Utah is so dry right now and I feel like I have to put lotion on a dozen times a day… have a favorite that you recommend for really dry hands?

If you eat out often, what place do you go/get take out from the most?

Is it instinct for you to pause your watch when you need to stop or do you have to think about it?

-My fingers automatically go to the pause button without even thinking about it when I need to stop.

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OK, please talk about the Asics shoes you’re wearing, have you ever worn Ascis before ? Details please.


I started using EOS lotion. I love their lip balm and the lotion does not disappoint. I found it at Target. My husband surprised me with a peloton bike for Christmas but it won’t be here until 1/12 but I am loving the app. The tread Boot camps kick my butt and I love I don’t have to think much on the outdoor guided runs.


Hey Corrinne, I love EOS lip balm too, I’ll have to try their lotion. Thank you for the recommendation. I AM THRILLED ABOUT YOUR PELOTON! You have to tell me all about what you think of it once it is here! Good job to your husband. I need to try the tread boot camps!


Judi…… I don’t know who I am anymore but the Novablast are my new favorite. I tried them on and they have the same cushion and tilt that the clifton 8s have but feel a bit faster feel than the Cliftons. So I am switching between the two now and my feet are SO happy. I’m working on a review of them once I get a few more miles on them but so far, I am hooked. It’s been probably over a decade since I last wore Asics and I’m really enjoying Hokas and Asics right now (anytime I put on a pair of Brooks lately my plantar is slightly irritated)! I hope you are having a great day!


This is such a stupid question- does one wear undies under their leggings while working out?


Not a stupid question in the slightest! I do not wear underwear when I workout with leggings (or shorts because those have the built in liners) but I know a lot of people that do! I think it just depends on your preference! I wash my leggings each time I wear them! I could ask tomorrow in the questions?! Have the best day, Rebekah!


We are total opposites when it comes to watches and icy patches! Unless it’s a big patch I keep my watch going. I’m moving so it still counts as exercise time. But if it’s super icy then it’s not worth a run! I completely ate it once a few years ago since black ice formed at the very end of my run. At least it was in my apartment buildings parking lot so I could just cry and walk inside since it hurt so bad lol


You are so smart with your running and ice! It really isn’t worth risking things! I am so glad you were okay after that fall and that you could just go right inside after. Have a great day!


Happy Tuesday, Janae! I hope your day today is SUCH a good one!

That interval run sounds fun. I love how it was stacked, pyramid-style, with the different time intervals. And I love that coaching cue–we haven’t reached the wall of fatigue, we’ve built CONFIDENCE to know we can do this. Honestly, I might have to steal this as a really big coaching cue especially for the Sprint classes I teach on Monday mornings (30 min HIIT on the spin bike). I think that’s a cue my regulars will tap into SO WELL.

ALSO, I love that you mentioned a form check folded into the coaching. I actually learned that FROM YOU. Listen: right around the time I started reading your blog regularly and was in Les Mills RPM instructor training, I read so many posts where you mentioned that when your runs hurt, you focus on different parts of your body that don’t hurt. I turned htat into a coaching cue of when the movement we’re doing DOES hurt or seem SO STRONG and challenging, strip back to basics–what are your hips doing? Is your core braced and solid? Are your shoulders back? Are your legs moving? What’s your foot position? (and sometimes I would mix that in with “what parts of your body don’t hurt?”) and then tell my riders to trust that they’re doing the work. The intention, the body positioning, the opposing forces of what’s soft/what’s braced are working, and the results will come!


That’s ADORABLE that Skye calls canteloupe antelope. I love that.

I know since your plantars flare up this past fall, you’ve been riding pretty much exclusively in Hokas. Has the switch to your asics for outdoors winter running felt ok on your feet? Do you think that your trusty Brooks will be folded into rotation soon (…well, maybe just not the Hyperions, lol…)?

Hope your day out there is SO GOOD!!!


Hey Stephanie! You have to use that for your Sprint classes, it helped me so much. I wish I could come to your class, it sounds amazing. Oh that makes me so so happy! Focusing on those form checks changes the game. Thank you for telling me this! So the Novablasts have a similar cushion and tilt as the cliftons which has kept my feet happy but anytime I put on any of my other shoes, I feel my plantar SLIGHTLY but I’m just so nervous about causing any problems that I’m just taking the safe route with the Nova and cliftonas bc I don’t feel anything with those?! I’m hoping in a few more months then things will change and I can wear everything. I hope your day is a great one too!


Hi Janae! I’ve been using aquaphor at night and it works really well. It’s oily so that’s why I put it on at night only but the past few days I was putting it on my nose during the day too since I was blowing my nose so much!
My mom uses unscented hand cream for the winter.
Have a great day!


You guys are brilliant with the aquaphor at night, I’m starting that tonight! I hope you both are feeling 100% again! Thanks friend, you too!


What Garmin watch do you use?


HEY! I have the Garmin Fenix 6s Solar ! I absolutely love it! Have a great day!

Here is the link,


For super dry hands, Weleda Skin Food (original ultra-rich cream, available at Whole Foods & Target) or intensive repair Eucerin (at drug stores)!


Grabbing some at Target! THANK YOU MEG! I hope your day is a wonderful one!


Try the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula for dry hands – I put this on at night before bed and it works wonders! Sometimes in the winter, I even get really dry, itchy legs, so I have used this on my legs before and it makes a world of difference. Highly recommend! They have it at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.
I ran on the treadmill this morning…and it felt SO hard. It was just one of those days where I felt like my legs weren’t moving correctly, my heart rate was really high, I was sore, and whatever else excuse I can think of. I know tomorrow’s workout will be better! :)
We don’t go out to eat a ton – I LOVE to cook and John loves to eat my cooking so I tend to cook more often than not. However, if we do go out to eat, chances are it’s for pizza. Homemade pizza is just never quite as good as in a restaurant!
I am an expert at pausing! I hate for it to wait for auto-pause and then it messes up my average pace and whatnot. Is that ridiculous? LOL


I’m going to copy you and put it on before bed and let it work it’s magic during the night, that is so smart! Oh itchy legs are the absolute worst, I have to try this stuff. THANK YOU! Way to get through that hard workout and not quitting, you built so much strength mentally and physically today. And you will rock that workout tomorrow! Now you have me craving pizza! At least we are experts together so that makes it a bit less ridiculous haha. Have a great day, Rhiannon!


I love guided intervals! I have some on an app too, and I totally agree – they end up being much more unexpected and probably more helpful. I drove over to some trails yesterday! Only for 10 minutes, so hardly a run, but it was SO worth it. I smiled instantly once I got to the woods. I am terrified of ice running – when everyone else is running over it, I’ll be the one cautiously walking super slowly. I do forget to pause my Garmin sometimes.. or worse, I pause it & forget to re-start it!

I LOVE that Skye calls it anteloupe – that’s a fun name! Do you buy pre-cut fruit, or just cut up a bunch all at once? Sometimes I avoid the fruits that require the most prep.

It is ridiculously dry here too – I finally remembered to turn on the humidifier and that’s helping a lot. One of my kids hates lotion, but at least I have discovered that when his hands are super dry, I can put some lotion on him while he’s sleeping.

Have a great day!


Katie, I am SO glad you got to the trails yesterday. Those ten minutes probably changed your whole day! You are not alone when cautiously walking over the ice. We gotta stay safe. Forgetting to restart it is the absolute worst. I just like to cut it all up myself but if we are out and about and need a snack then I buy it precut!
Ummm brilliant about the humidifier, I’ll start doing that too! Thanks friend, you too!


My skin always gets so dry during the winter! I use the gold bond lotion for my hands. Have you tried the hand masks too? I use those occasionally to help!

My last run was a 5k on New Year’s Day with my niece. She is 7 and it was her first 5k. The whole time I was so impressed with how she still kept running, even when she told me running was not fun and she was tired. Sometimes I feel the same on hard runs hahah.


Hey Mariah! I have never tried a hand mask, I totally will now though. That is just so incredible that your niece ran her first 5k, you are an incredible example to her! Hahaha I feel the same too at times! Happy Tuesday!


I absolutely love the Peloton outdoor runs! They are always so much fun, and i’ve started taking the guided walks for my morning walk with my dog in the morning. So much better than walking alone!

Yesterday’s run I got to experience my first snow in North Carolina! It didn’t stick at all but it was coming down so hard. I was soaked by the end of my run but I didn’t even care- it was gorgeous.

For lotion, I love the really thick hand cream from Trader Joe’s. It’s in a metal-looking tube and is so thick and immediately heals my hands. In fact, I’m going to put some on now because our air is really dry right now too!


I am so hooked on them! I want them to put out more each week now ha. I’ll have to try the guided walks too, love that idea. YAY for some snow, I am so glad you got that run experience yesterday! Oh I love that hand cream, I’m going to pick up some more. Thanks Gretchen and happy Tuesday!


What cycling shoes does Andrew have?!


I’m Team No Watch Stopping – So what if a short walk break or maneuvering over an icy patch makes my time appear slower by a few seconds? Who am I trying to impress? To me the training runs aren’t the time to prove anything – that’s for during a race or a specific speed workout where I’m really trying to test my fitness and speed. Otherwise let that baby keep ticking away as it’s counting how long I’m actually out there and that’s what really matters.


That is alllll so true! I love your theory! So even for stoplights you let it keep running? Thanks for sharing and I hope your day is a beautiful one!


O’keeffe’s Working Hands is great for during the day – at night before bed I also coat my hands in Aquaphor and it works great!

Please give us a review of your new Asics shoes when you have the chance :) Not gonna lie I bought the Hoka Clifton’s after your glowing review and I absolutely love them! So curious what you think about these new ones!

Totally different topic… I think a few months back (maybe on HRG baby?) you talked about exploring birth control options after Beck and potentially getting a copper IUD. Curious what you ended up going with and your thoughts! I am considering the copper IUD after baby #2 in March and am always interested in hearing others experiences with these types of thing.


Ummmm that is brilliant to coat your hands in Aquaphor before you go to bed. I’m going to copy you! I am absolutely going to write a review on them once I get in a bit more mileage on them but so far, I’m obsessed. They have the same tilt/cushion that I love in the cliftons (that keep my plantar happy) but they feel so much faster! I’m really excited and pleased with them!

Great question… I’ll have to write about that but short answer… condoms and natural family planning method because my cycles are so so regular. He is going to get snipped when we are 100% sure! I was going to do the copper IUD too but I’ve been lazy about going in and getting it ha. You’ll have to let me know what you think!!! I hope these last few months of pregnancy go well! Have a great day!


I vote you need at least 1 more baby!


yeah, I stop my watch when waiting to cross a street…the problem is when I forget to restart it……but, if you don’t measure it and post it, is it still a workout?…….


I don’t know… that question is too complex for me;). I hope your day is off to a great start! Thanks Warren!


Well, I definitely ate crap this morning and tore my leggings but not because of ice, nope, just a crack in the cement.

I’m a big fan of Eucerin hand cream. It’s super dry where I live and I wash my hands a million times a day and this seems to help.

We rotate between 3 places: Mexican, acai, and Thai.

Ha, I even try to pause my watch when I forget to wear it, so definitely instinct.


Just have to tell you that I tried your tip yesterday and did a quick 10-minute glutes and legs class on the Peloton app before I went out for my run. I was nicely warmed up and seriously didn’t feel cold until around mile 8 or so when the wind really picked up, and it was in the 20s the whole time. Genius—thank you for sharing that one!


Happy New Year! Winter in North Carolina always means cracked thumbs! For the past month, I have been using Duke Cannon’s Bloody Knuckles hand cream. Duke Cannon us a men’s line if products, and the name of the cream is not enticing, but it is so, so effective! I find it at various boutique type stores, Ulta, and, of course, Amazon.

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