Silentish Saturday!

(Tank, shorts, bra)

A 45-minute ride with Robin… this doesn’t happen often but I think there was actually TOO much snow to run in and the Peloton saved the day.

+ 20-minute strength for runners class!  So many bear crawls.

Beretta living her best life.

IMG 9103

Loved this scene in the morning.

IMG 9101

Found an awesome ENT and Beck can get his tubes on Monday!  The doctor said he has a lot of pressure and it has really been affecting his hearing and causing a lot of pain.

IMG 9111

ROCTACO was incredible… the Fricado was the best taco I have ever had (panko fried avocado, corn poblano salsa, pickled red onions, cilantro sauce, parmesan + manchego cheese crusted corn tortilla).

IMG 9117

City Creek for shopping.

IMG 9123

Lots of walking.

IMG 9131

IMG 9137

Grand America to see the Gingerbread House!

IMG 9148

IMG 9159

The Giving Machine (you can purchase items that will then be donated to people that need them).

IMG 9166

This Is The Place Park to end things up.

IMG 9187

Cutest street of old homes with activities inside (ie making candles, donuts, watching a blacksmith work, a live nativity, dancing etc)

IMG 9192

IMG 9194

We were definitely ready for bed by the end…

Have a great weekend!


Tell me three things you are doing today!

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It’s 8:13 am and now I really want a Fricado lol.

But today’s 3 things: cookie baking with friends, finishing a movie from last night and cleaning my house a bit. Have a great day!


Maureen, you are not alone… I want one for breakfast now too;) Sounds like the perfect day and enjoy all of the cookies (I wish I could come!!).


So glad Beck is getting his tubes on Monday!! Obviously, I want him to be comfortable and pain free, but as an SLP I’m relieved that he’ll hear speech and language as clear and as consistently as possible with the tubes :). I’m doing a Jess Sims 45 minute strength on the Peloton, walking the dogs and then headed to my family’s cookie exchange. I know your treadmill is on the fritz, but once it’s not making noises anymore, you have to try a tread boot camp! Running and strength all in one! You’ll feel like you can do anything after one of those classes. The Saturday 60 everything! Have a good weekend!


Jo Anne! Thank you for commenting and I am really hoping this helps him a lot. Andrew and I were just talking about how we are wondering if the day after he will just start chatting like crazy with us:). Have the best time on the Peloton today and enjoy all of those cookies. I am kind of thinking maybe my treadmill issues = I should get a Peloton treadmill to do all of those fun classes on:). Sounds like a blast. Thanks friend, you too!


I’m so glad Beck can get his tubes in on Monday. That’s a relief for everyone!
That place looks so fun.
Do you have a link for your coat and hat?

Enjoy the snow!


Yes yes yes! Thank you so much friend and I hope your weekend is beautiful!

I bought both in person…. I’m looking at the pics online and the color isn’t much to write home about but in person, the green is gorgeous just FYI!

Thanks Friend!


Thank you. Love that jacket. What size did you get!?


XS but a small would be great to fit another sweatshirt under! Thanks!


So happy Beck is getting his tubes on Monday!! My thoughts are with you all for a smooth procedure!

I picked up Starbucks for breakfast before I have to meet my team from school for a project. Lots of homework today since last week is the last week of the semester! Then relaxing tonight.


Thank you Mariah, we are all so excited! GOOD LUCK on the project and I am so excited for you to get a break from school! You’ve got this!


Yay for Beck getting his tubes on Monday! It’s going to make such a big difference for him.
That gingerbread house is incredible! What a fun night. And you guys did get a lot of snow!
Today is the last day of the toy/food drive. It has been a very successful, great, and exhausting 2 weeks. After the clean up, I may not move from the couch for the rest of the day, ha!
Have a really great weekend Janae ?


Thank you so much Wendy, I’m so so happy for my little guy! I bet Colorado got a ton of snow too! OH MY GOODNESS, WENDY! I DIDN’T POST ABOUT IT! My brain has been a mess! Can I still donate today?


Happy Saturday!! My three things for today: ran 11 miles this morning, studying for finals (only 2 left — I’m done on Tuesday!!), and going to a Christmas sweater / cookie exchange party tonight!


Hey Maria!! Way to go on the 11 miles and all of the studying. Good luck on your last two finals, you are amazing. Enjoy that party!


Running the Merrie Mile here in Honolulu. All leading up the the big event tomorrow!! My first full!!! Eeeeeekkkkk! 5AM start time so early bedtime tonight. Ready to feel all the mahalo tomorrow. Have an amazing weekend!




Hi Janae! Look at all that snow!! That looks awesome. We just got a lot of wind, there’s a wind advisory here.
Today I have a birthday lunch and then just more unpacking and assembling furniture. Also a strength workout.
I hope Beck gets some relief soon!


WIND ADVISORY… noooo that sounds awful! I hope the lunch and furniture assembling went great! Way to get in the strength workout and thank you friend. Have the best Sunday!


Is your puffy black jacket comfy/super warm?! Looking for something very similar but has to be warm enough for our north east winters!


Hey Sarah! It kept me super warm yesterday (it was in the teens and I’m a big wuss ha) but I’m not sure about what your north east winters are like. In the evening I added a sweatshirt underneath and felt extremely warm! I hope that helps, let me know if you get it! Have the best day!


Would you be kind enough to share a link??!! :)


Of course!! What link would you like? I hope you are having a great night!

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