Somewhat Silent Saturday (but still quite a few words) and this is an awesome way to end my long run!

First, and most importantly…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister.  This is a picture from a few years ago when we took a trip to San Francisco with my mom and we had the best time together.  I love her so much and feel free to wish her happy birthday today:)

Non-silentish part:  Direct quote of a text from my mom:  “It is minus 5 out.  Please do not go running outside because it can freeze and scar your lungs.”  I listened  and jumped on my treadmill.   I did my long run for the week (I finished just before the kids woke up… score:) Friday instead of Saturday because of stuff going on this morning.  Ten miles @ 8:34 average and then I finished up for 7 minutes doing something new.  Walked on my treadmill at a 40% incline to continue to train for my running.  I’m trying something new and finishing up any long runs that I do on my treadmill with an incline walk to really tire out my legs to build strength for race day!  Nothing like really tiring them out after they are already tired from a long run.  All of those little or big deposits we make into our running bank account matter!   My NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer goes from -6% to 40% incline and I am excited to see how much this helps me to build strength in my legs to climb those hills at the end of February with my next half marathon!!!  I was provided product and compensation for my honest and unbiased opinion!

Luckily my head doesn’t hit the ceiling haha!  PS this picture is from another day of walking on an incline… I was sweating like crazy yesterday because our heater was cranked up.


Jumped off and then it was breakfast time.

IMG 6247

Knox left to go to his mom’s.  We went to do errands (including waxing my eyebrows… hence the redness).

IMG 6260

Leftovers for lunch are my favorite… fast and delicious.

IMG 6265

While he studies.

IMG 6272

We colored.

IMG 6274

Went to an early dinner for our meal out for the week.

IMG 6281

Learning chopsticks early.

IMG 6289

Everything I could hope for on one plate.

IMG 6290

Took Christmas down:(

IMG 6294

When it is this cold here it’s fine to get in your pjs and hang out in bed at 6:something.

IMG 6295

Andrew had school stuff so we hung out.

IMG 6297

Goodnight hugs.  Brooke was beyond tired yesterday.  I’m just showing you the highlights from the day… let’s just say yesterday was a rough day in mommyhood but the good parts make it all okay.

IMG 6302

Yep, I told myself I wasn’t going to watch The Bachelor this season and then I found myself watching it.

IMG 6303

Loved this from runnersbe… what are you?

IMG 6261

Lots of running shoes in your closet or one at a time? 

Watching the Bachelor this season… yay or nay?

Do you eat leftovers or are you not a leftovers person?

Two things you have going on today!!

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ALL the running shoes. ALL OF THEM.

No bachelor, it sucks up way to much time.

I always eat leftovers because frankly I’m lazy and if I don’t have to cook again, bonus!

Two things, it’s raining, so treadmill run and shopping, BOOM!


Lots of running shoes but all the same brand. I am a loyal friend haha Today we get to meet the puppy that we are adopting for the first time. She is three weeks old and so cute (we have seen pictures). The entire family is super excited!


AHHHHHH That is so beyond exciting! I want a picture:) I hope you had the best time with your family!


Happy Birthday to your sister…’s my birthday too :-). I swear it is always cold on Jan 7th :-/

I rotate between 2-3 pairs of running shoes but have others on hand that I don’t run in for activities that require lots of walking/standing.

I’m going to Costco today, Starbucks and then cleaning my house…..super exciting lol


My birthday too :) It’s a good day!


Rebecca and Kristina! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you are having the most amazing days!! xoxox


Happy birthday to your sister!!
I also started watching the bachelor and never have before! I’m not sure why or how long I’ll keep watching. I was that person that said I’d never watch!!
That picture of Brooke & Andrew is too precious!!


Happy birthday to your sister. I’m glad you gave Andrew some quiet school time. He looked really stressed trying to study with Brooke hanging on him.


I am the third kind of runner. I only use one pair at a time but I have a closet full of running shoes because I never throw them out. Each pair has so many memories tied to it! Haha


Oh, man. Studying with kids is hard. I took the bar exam when my first daughter was less than a year old. Thank goodness I passed, because no way could I go through that again. Good luck, Andrew!


Happy birthday to your sister!

I am one shoe at a time person, but this really applies to all shoes and not just running. I like to keep using things until I can’t anymore.

Today I am cake tasting at my favorite bakery for my wedding in May! This is going to be the best day ever.


Happy birthday to your sister! That’s really exciting. I really like sushi myself and now I’m craving it.


Hooray for leftovers! I purposely cook so much so that I have leftovers for days and not having to cook!

4 running shoes in rotation, 2 walking in rotation. I’m at the point where I paying $50 for nice heels made me almost cry, but shelling out $$ for running shoes makes me giddy with happiness.

As for the Bachelor, I sometimes each it, but the overall message from this season’s premier makes me think I will be skipping it this season.

Long run on the trails for me, Happy Saturday!


I have a t-o-n of running clothes, and I just dropped off two bags of shoes to the running store for recycling. I’m doing my part, yay.

AM I the ONLY ONE wondering where your other leg is in the picture of you on the tready?! I don’t mean to creep you out, but I stared at it for like five minutes, and uh.

We’re picking up Sophia today, and I grabbed my Mom’s “Cooking with ‘Friends'” (as in the TV show) cookbook (printed in 1995) while we were in Texas. Sophs is gonna lose it…


Happy Birthday to your sister!! :)
I have 2 pairs of running shoes that I rotate between, but have another 3 pairs in the house: 1 pair for yard work and 2 pairs for walking around in… I have a hard time getting rid of “favorites” ;)
It’s raining here again, so depending on how hard it’s raining when I’m ready to run, it may be a treadmill day… we’ll see. I do love running in the rain, just not when it’s monsooning!
Happy Saturday everyone!


I forgot to mention I love your family night you have going in your family. I’m a one at a time shoe runner. Leftovers are my lunch pretty much every weekday. My husband is not a fan so I eat them for meals when he’s not here.


Bachelor, Yep, my guilty pleasure.
We all have those days with motherhood. Not alone. Xoxo


I love running shoes and I think I have more sneakers than “nice shoes.” Right now I’m drooling over the new NB Vazee Prisms and might have to buy them all soon!

I love leftovers until about the 3rd meal. Then I usually get bored of them.

Nay to the bachelor. I really think I’m the only girl I know who doesn’t watch it!

Long run and dinner with the fam! Hoping I don’t have to do my long run on the treadmill but the sidewalks here still look pretty snow covered…

Have a great weekend!


I love leftovers as long as I liked it the day before :)
I just went for a 4 mile walk in the snow. It’s cold but not below zero so my lungs are ok ;)
I’ll be taking the dog out shortly to go play in the snow and then giving my neglected nails a manicure.


Lots of running shoes here. About once a year I take old shoes to Road Runner Sports – they donate them to an organization that gives them to the needy.

Since there are only 2 of us, we eat a lot of leftovers. A lot of things are better the second time since the flavors have more time together.

Happy birthday to your sister! My brother and his son both have birthdays on the 11th.


Happy birthday to your sister! :)

I wish we have a little winter in Miami. It’s so warm outside and I’m going out for a long run in a few minutes. I don’t know if I should hit the treadmill instead (so I don’t suffer from dehidration).

I’m not a leftover person unless I’ve had something extremely good, then I’ll have the leftovers.

I only have 2 pairs running shoes in my closet at the moment. They probably become 3 pairs very soon.


I am watching the Bachelor for the first time ever because he’s from Wisconsin and we have a fantasy bachelor league going on over here.

Not much going on here today as it is so cold, so we will take down Christmas decorations, run on the treadmill and I need to look for a new book to read?? Any suggestions???


Right now just one pair. But usually two pairs, one for running in and one for getting really dirty.
Two things for today. Hold a very sick baby and clean up her sick messes.
I never got into the bachelor but I am LOVING Gilmore girls. I can’t believe it took me so long to watch it!
As for leftovers if I liked it the first time I will like it again. Totally a leftover person but not the husband.


I’m all about the leftovers! I’d much rather heat something up that takes 2 minutes than make something new that takes 45 minutes. They’re lifesavers when I’m short on time.

My plans for today are laundry and blogging.


I watched the Bachelor a few years ago but not anymore – we are totally binge watching Friends right now. Where was this show my whole life? :)
We are off to scheels right now to try in running shoes! I loved Asics GT1000s but the new models are killing my feet so time for a new type. I’m thinking Brooks this time haha! I need a little bit of stability so I’m thinking adrenaline’s or purecadence. What’s your opinion?


I have 2 pairs of running shoes, although I always want more! No bachelor for me, not into the reality tv thing. I don’t mind leftovers, but my husband doesn’t really like them…………unless it is a leftover burger……….he loves having a burger to take for lunch! Today I am pet sitting and hopefully running on the treadmill. It’s like 19 and we actually got a dusting of snow, so everyone is freaking out (we don’t get snow very often in TN). I decided to hit the treadmill tonight instead of risking making my cold come back by running in the wind. I hate wind when I am running!


Brooke’s facial expressions just kill me! I’m watching the bachelor against my better judgement….I just don’t like Nick. Do you read Reality Steve’s spoilers? I do….and then continue to watch the show to see how it all pans out.

I love leftovers…it makes life so much easier when I work all day!!

How do you run that long on the treadmill and keep yourself occupied? Do you watch Netflix while running?


Hey Courtney! Right… her facial expressions are my favorite:) I do not like Nick either and he seems to be trying a little too hard this season… I don’t read Reality Steve’s spoilers. I have to keep it all a surprise:) On the treadmill I do a lot of Netflix, catch up on This Is Us, read, listen to music, zone out, think… whatever it takes.


Happy bday to your sister! I hope all those cute kids spoil her today! I’m the one shoe runner. The rest of my closet is full…?. I hate watch the bachelor sometimes. It’s too cringe-worthy not to! It’s a snow day today so I’ll be doing my first snow run since college to keep up my run steak!!!


I’m a one pair of shoes at a time gal. Nope on the Bachelor. Actually I don’t really watch any TV at all. I love me some leftovers. I purposely make stuff, that makes leftovers, so the leftovers fall on our busy night. Or for quick lunches. Happy Birthday Sister, hope you enjoy your day. 2 things today: making your chocolate chip cookies that you’ve mentioned on here several times. So far, the dough was very good, the warm cookie right out of the oven was very, very good. Yum. And I just joined out very mini small town fitness center that recently opened up and tried the elliptical for the very first time. I loved it ! Then went for a 3 miles run. Then tried every weight machine that had to text them out. So……I better plan for a rest day tomorrow. Everytime you show a picture with one of you or the kids hugging Berretta, it just warms my heart. We are dog people, and ours are like our little people in the family. So special to have an animal to be one of the family. And…she just simply looks like the sweetest dog.


Happy Birthday HRG sister!! I enjoy both of your blog posts so much! Thank you both for sharing pieces of your life with us!


Happy Birthday to your sister!

Two things today….a run and friends for the football games today! I have a crock pot full of sweet and spicy meatballs that I can’t wait to dive into.

Andrew definitely needs his study time. I have three sisters who are recently registered nurses. That is a HAAAARD field of study. They all love it and are great nurses. Good luck to Andrew with the rest of his classes!


Happy birthday to your sister.


Happy Birthday HRG sister!!! Have an awesome day!!


Only thing better than left overs is The Bachelor. I don’t even feel bad about it anymore. I own it. Let’s get together to watch it at least once this season, please? For old times sake. And to use as an excuse to get together. I am always looking for those.

Happy birthday HRG’s sissy! Hope your day is as fabulous as your are!


That picture describes my house- my husband has track shoes, trail shoes, winter trail shoes, and about two-three other pairs of running shoes. I, on the other hand, have one pair, which I use for all types of runs I do- mostly track and pavement. Plus I really think Only need one pair :)

And I love leftovers.


–Two active pairs of running shoes at a time: neutral Brooks for shorter weekly runs, mild support Asics for long runs. Plus a couple of older favorites that I wear for general use and one for yard work.
–The Bachelor – never. Even if I did have TV access outside of Netflix – still never.
–Not only are leftovers generally awesome, I intentionally plan them into the menu 2-3 times a week.
–Things going on today: 8:30am run (15F start, 20F end), finished shoveling the neighborhood, and date night in an hour or so.


Hi Hungryrunnergirl Mom!!

Lots of love from Canada

FYI. -3 is nice and balmy here. I still run outside when it’s -20F out and I know lots of others that do too. Lungs don’t freeze, you just have to take it a little slower. I’ve run outside with -40F too and was still ok.

It’s great to watch out for your children though! :)

Stay warm!


Happy birthday to your sister!
The sushi looks so good.
We got more snow than expected today so we undecorated the house. I went to an early spin class and soon I will be shoveling.
Leftovers rule. I just made a huge pot of chicken vegetable soup so I have plenty of leftovers. I freeze some for nights when I don’t want to cook.


I always eat the leftovers.
I haven’t watched the Bachelor episode yet but I will. I wanna see the Nick drama finally resolved


Happy Birthday to your Sissy! I think she is so amazing raising 5 children!

I rotate 3 pairs of running shoes and I LOVE leftovers!


Thank you for always being real and pointing out that you are showing highlights (or sometimes also showing the low lights). So many people don’t do that and it’s a nice reminder that most of what you see online is only a part of the picture. Love you!


I always love reading your blog posts! Also I have a question….when you run on the treadmill do you run on an incline? The treadmill I use at the gym I set it so it inclines a little bit, but I wanted to know if you don’t incline while running, but later in incline a lot while walking….Does that make sense? ha ha i hope so


It was just a quick mention – but thank you for saying you had a rough Mommy day. I know your blog is not every moment of your life, but it was nice to know everyone struggles some days. Being a Mom is TOUGH sometimes! Have a great day!


Too funny… this is the first season of The Bachelor I have not watched in a long time. Nick is just not my favorite… Are you enjoying this season? Should I watch it? :)

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