Sentence Per Picture!

(shorts, shoes, tank, bra, long-sleeve)

Thirty-minute ride in my garage to start off my day.

Skye woke up feeling better but still extra cuddly.

FullSizeRender 3

So happy to see her smiling again.

IMG 8064

Brooke invited me to a cookie exchange, I brought hot chocolate cookies!

IMG 8037

Megan and I carpooled and chatted together!

Screen Shot 2021 11 30 at 5 24 07 PM

I felt a little awkward when I arrived with my lack of baking/cooking skills and then realized I would be giving my cookies to people like A Bountiful Kitchen, Cakes by Courtney, two peas & their pod aka professional bakers.

IMG 8059

Everyone was incredibly nice and I had a blast eating and talking!

IMG 8055

Cookie heaven… Brooke posted all of the recipes on her stories!

IMG 8047

We also had lunch and this butternut squash soup recipe was too good.

IMG 8040

An oreo wrapped in a brownie and dipped into white chocolate… I must make these.

IMG 8062

These two were watching Andrew attempt crazy tricks while the sun was setting.

IMG 8074

Lasagna soup just sounded so good for dinner last night and it was.

IMG 8083


Any December races, birthdays, or anniversaries?

-Skye’s bday is in 7 days!

Give me your sentence of the day!

Last soup you made or ate?

Dog owners… how is your pup these days?

-Beretta is getting older and napping more than she used to but she is still obsessed with going on walks and playing fetch.

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I made chicken noodle soup last night. It was more like chicken noodle stew. I think I put too many noodles in it.
I have a dog who’s 15. She naps a lot and takes herself for a lot of walks and is obsessed with treats and belly rubs. She’s the most perfect being on the planet! I love her so much.
My birthday is 12/20. I celebrate by taking the day off work and taking myself shopping. No races this month……dealing with my first lyme disease flair up after being treated for it last year. I guess I need to find myself an infectious disease doctor who will do more than prescribe antibiotics.
Have a great day! I’m glad Skye is feeling better.


Lee. I am so so sorry about what you are going through with your lyme disease flair up. That must be so so hard. Please keep us updated with how you are doing and I hope you are able to find an amazing doctor that can help you asap to get feeling better.
HAPPY birthday month and I am so glad you are taking work off and going shopping. Never too many noodles in chicken noodle soup ha. Your dog sounds perfect! I hope you have a beautiful day!


This reminded me I need to make your hot chocolate cookies again. They were a huge hit. I actually made your chicken tortellini soup last night for the second time:) I have leftovers for lunch, but that squash soup will be the next soup I make!

I noticed you are wearing the Hoka’s more lately. I am in need of new sneakers for work (long 12 hr shifts on my feet). I have been wearing the Ghosts 13 for the last year and my back/knees are feeling a lot better. Wondering if the 14’s are the same or should I try something else? What would you recommend. Thanks ☺️


YAY!!! Oh I am so glad you like the cookies and the tortellini soup (now I need to make that again). Let me know what you think of the soup, it was so so good. Yep, after 9 years of only wearing Brooks, I mostly wear Hokas now because my feet are happiest in them! TWELVE HOUR SHIFTS on your feet… you are amazing! The Ghost 14s felt VERY similar to the 13s for me and I love love loved them! BUT I will say the overall comfort of the Hoka Clifton 8s are untouchable now in my opinion (I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE)! I hope your day is a beautiful one and let me know what you get! Thanks Ashlea:)


Well first, your cookies look amazing and I’d eat them all, and second, all cookies are amazing so I’m sure everybody there loved yours, too. Looks like such a fun time, my mom and I baked up a ton of cookies this weekend while my parents visited and she threw them all in her freezer when she got home so she is all done with the baking. I don’t mind because I love to bake but only have so many people to feed (because you don’t live closer haha)


I love that your parents were in town this last weekend… And I really love that you two baked together. Hahaha I would force you to bake for me every day if I lived closer. Hoping that water comes on real soon….

Happy Wednesday, Victoria!


Happy December!!!
So glad the kiddos are feeling better. Last night my daughter woke up from a bad dream (I tucked her back in and she fell right back asleep) but it disrupted my sleep- and it reminded me how hard those days are when they are younger and sick. I kind of have a fatigue headache today…nothing a run can’t cure to boost my mood. You got this!!

We made “taco” soup a couple days before Thanksgiving and then on Sunday I made homemade chili with homemade focaccia!

My sister in law’s birthday is today and I felt on top of things to have sent her a card ahead of time and to have texted her first thing this morning.

Total aside: I bought myself from Free People bright colored running shorts and running skorts and they are really fun and motivating for these dark winter Boston days! You might like them too:)


Hey Nadya! Thank you so much and I really hope that the run (and maybe a short nap) can help with that headache. It really is such a crazy time of life when they are little and you are just constantly being woken up. I hope that there aren’t any more bad dreams up ahead. Ummmm I need your homemade focaccia please. Happy birthday to your sis-in-law! Ummmmmm off to go look at them… thanks for the recommendation! Have the best day!


Honolulu marathon in 10 days!!! Eek!
My husband and sister both have December birthdays, just 3 days apart. And the marathon is between the two! Lots of celebrating going on this month!!
Have an amazing day!


TEN DAYS! Dawnmarie, I am SO so excited for you! You all have a busy month, enjoy every second. Happy tapering and keep me in the loop on everything:)


Okay, Janae….. AGAIN WITH THE COOKIES??? I just have to say that Utah should 110% hire you to be its Chief Marketing Officer. Between the beautiful scenery from your trail runs, churches & temples, and all the cookies (+ other delicious food) you post, you could absolutely convince people to move to Utah. I AM CONVINCED!!!!


Bahaha that would be a dream but considering how many people are moving here right now, maybe I should post less about it haha;) Hope your day is a beautiful one, Clare!


Yay for Skye feeling better!!
I need to try your hot chocolate cookies for sure this Christmas! I’m going to our neighborhood cookie exchange Saturday morning. It’s always so fun! We have breakfast, which is always incredible, and although we don’t have any professional bakers in the group, the cookies are always so amazing. I think I would feel like you, being in a room with 3 professionals!?! Super fun and inspiring, but a little intimidating.
My husband made a chicken pazole soup on Sunday, which was so good, and we have all been enjoying the leftovers!
Have a great Wednesday!


Wendy, you have to try these cookies. You will love them! Have the best time at your neighborhood cookie exchange, love that you all do that! Hahaha I told them that I made the cookies to give to their kids so that their kids don’t ask to eat the good ones they bring home from the party;). Your husband sounds like an incredible chef! Thanks friend, you too!


Your cookies look delicious!

My sentence of the day:
Hectic! I got a last minute sub job and was still in my comfy clothes, my hair was not done and my kids were not dropped off at school.
Fun! Tonight is St. Nick night in our town:-)

This month is our 12th wedding anniversary.

Happy Wednesday Janae!


HAPPY 12th anniversary this month… you two are amazing. You inspire me with how you are able to juggle everything so well! Way to get it all in today and enjoy this evening. Thanks Becky!


My son and Skye share a birthday : ) but he’ll be turning 19 (eeek!)
Every year I say i’m going to make your hot chocolate cookies but so far I haven’t- maybe this will be the year. i know my daughter would love them.
I’m making lentil soup tonight! It’s actually a red lentil with curry spices (Dal.)
Have a great day, Janae!


OH I love that they share a birthday! Happy birthday to him in a few days. This will be the year you make them… let me know what your daughter thinks. Ummmm I need that lentil soup in my life. Thanks Jenny, you too!


OK so: instead of being jealous of ALL THE AMAZING THINGS you’ve got going on in this post between cookies and butternut squash soup, I have two thoughts:

1. I am making that squash soup this weekend for myself for lunches meal prep (except since Tom doesn’t like squash soup I will make HALF the recipe…).
2. Since Tom and I are driving to central VA to visit his mom’s side of his family for Christmas, I think I am going to make those hot chocolate cookies for them. They certainly have a tradition of making chocolate peanut butter balls (I guess some people call those ‘buckeyes’?), but even though I don’t bake often, I *do* enjoy baking when I have a group of people to leave all the leftovers with. And I know Tom’s mom, aunt, and grandma will seriously love the cookies and appreciate that I am bringing something for them.


That’s all I’ve got. No interesting (aka long-winded) stories to share or relate to. I have a long day of making and editing 6 short instructional videos for work, and I started my day with a push day full-body lift session at the gym that ended with back squats on the smith machine. One of my big goals is to get a heavy back squat–and while the smith machine won’t give me a REAL indication of how heavy I can squat, it will help me with a lot of lower back & sciatic nerve flare-up problems I have been having lately so I can still feel that I am lifting heavy but have the cabled bar of the smith machine to encourage fluid motion AND I can just focus on my form and consistency in my movement pattern–I’ll take it for now!!!

OK–time to become Little Miss Video & Content Creation for work! Hope you all have such a great day out there :)


PLEASE let me know what you think of the soup, I have a feeling you will love it. I really hope that you all enjoy the hot chocolate cookies too! I must try those buckeyes! YUM. Good luck with the videos! Way to get in the strength today at the gym. I need to google smith machine! I am so sorry about the back pain you have been dealing with, that is so so frustrating but so happy you are able to still lift. You’ve got this, I’m sure the videos are turning out amazing. Thanks friend, you too!


My birthday is the 3rd, my husband’s is the 13th, my daughter’s is the 27th, and my dad’s is the 31st! I have other friends & extended family with December birthdays too, so this month is pretty great for a lot of reasons :)

Last soup I made was this one…it’s delicious and you should try it sometime:

I was just admiring Beretta’s grey hairs and wondering how old she is now :) We have a cat who is going on 19 (Solo) – he has definitely slowed down but still kicks his heels up at times and thinks he’s a kitten again. We love him to pieces, he is amazing. His sister (Leia) made it to 17 and we miss her a lot but are thankful we’ve had them for so long! Hard to believe I’m almost 41 and I was only 22 when we brought them home. Animals are a joy & we don’t deserve them. :)


Thank you for sending the recipe, I will absolutely be making that. Thanks Amanda! You guys have a very very busy month. HAPPY birthday month to you and I hope you have the best day on the 3rd. I’ll eat some cake to celebrate you! Yes, her grey is coming in so beautifully! Your cat is 19, wow… that is amazing. I bet you miss Leia a lot! I think that often too about animals, they are too good to us. Hope your day is a great one!


So glad Skye is feeling better! This time if year is awful and it’s so hard when they are sick!

We just got a puppy and wow I forgot how much work they are especially with kids around!! Ha! She is an easier puppy and we love her so much even though she has shifted my running schedule!


It really is such a hard time of year with sickness but I’m just hoping we are getting them all out of the way before Christmas. I AM SO happy about your new puppy! This is so exciting and you might have to send us a picture! Enjoy the puppy cuddling, Jenn!


No December birthdays but in full holiday mode.

River always keeps us on our toes. She is 1.5 years old and is a live wire. The other day she was eating her kibble. She saw us cooking eggs for breakfast and immediately spat out her mouthful of kibble, sat and waited for us to feed her the good stuff. Lol.

Your hot chocolate cookies look delicious and Happy Early birthday to Skye!

Happy Wed Janae!


YAY for holiday mode… I’m loving it right now too! River sounds like such a party… you might need to write a book about all of the funny things she does! Thanks Kristine, you too!


Hi Janae!! Glad to see Skye is feeling better :o) ALL of those cookies look soooooo good right now!
I’m a spring baby, but something like 15 December birthdays in my family. I like that mine is nowhere near the holidays ;o)
I made white bean & kale soup the other day and it was DELISH!! First time with that particular version, so I may make a few adjustments next time, but not many.
Sentence of the Day: YAY for office holiday parties that end up going home early :o)
Have an awesome Wednesday, Janae!!


HEY JANINE! Thank you so much, it is such a relief to have her feeling better again. Spring birthdays are the best and 15 in your family?! This month is nuts for you all. Ummm that soup sounds amazing! Now to find a way to get my kids to eat kale so that I can make it;) That is a fabulous sentence. Thanks Janine, you too!


Your cookie exchange looks amazing!! Even your hot cocoa cookies look great with those marshmallows on top. I can’t believe it’s December! I am loving watching Christmas movies daily and listening to Christmas music though.


Thank you so much Alicia! I’m with you… can’t get enough of the music or the movies, it is just the best! Have a happy day:)


Hi Janae! My parents golden Sunny is older now and we just found out she has bone cancer. We are doing what treatment we can to give her the best quality of life but it’s still a terminal illness and we are having a tough time with that. I wish dogs could live longer they really become like our children!
Give Beretta a hug for me :)


I am so incredibly sorry about Sunny. This is heartbreaking. I wish I could give you a big hug. Thinking about you, Sunny and your parents. I totally will!


That cookie party looks amazing! I would have been intimidated by those talented bakers too, but you are pretty much the expert on cookie tasting, so you fit right in! Last soup I made was a creamy mushroom from Pinch of Yum recent soup series. I’m not even a huge mushroom fan, but the soup was divine. We just had our little cattle dog neutered and once he was cleared to run again it was so awesome to see the joy in his whole body on that first run back!


I agree, I am DEFINITELY an expert with the cookie tasting haha. I will have to make that soup, I love her recipes. Thanks for sharing! That first run back is just so happy for humans and pets!


First off, your hot chocolate cookies are the best! They are one of my daughter’s favorite holiday cookies.

I made pumpkin soup the other night-it’s so good and easy. Crazy easy.

My birthday is the 30th-usually people forget the date or assume it’s the 31st. When I was younger it really annoyed me but now I don’t care-December is a very busy month! I am glad Skye is feeling better with her birthday coming up! No races this month-I had to forgo an October marathon because of a stress fracture of 2nd metatarsal.

Our puppers is 17 months old. She’s so cute and hilarious. We had a bunch of snow yesterday and she went bananas. Snow is super entertaining and apparently really comfy to roll in?


I am so happy that your daughter loves the hot chocolate cookies. Well, now you have me needing to make some pumpkin soup! HAPPY HAPPY birthday month. I hope that you really celebrate this year and are you running again post-stress fracture?! 17 months… oh that is adorable! Hahaha I love watching dogs roll around in the snow! They know how to live life to the fullest. Have a happy day, Kelly!


That cookie exchange party would have been a dream!! Yes to birthdays – my husband and daughter within three days of Christmas! This year I am surprising my daughter with a trip to Disney – we’ve never been – any tips you can share??? Sentence of the day?? Not sure I really have one but am trying to be festive not stressed for this month! (easier said than done!!) We don’t eat alot of soup, but I am tempted to try your squash soup! Dog owners to two pups and we love them too much! They are 2 years old and almost one – and best of friends!


I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You are going to enjoy every single second, so happy with you both. My tips would be to go mid-week to avoid crowds, get there before it opens because the morning is the best time and I like to run in as soon as the gates open, share all of the treats/meals so that you have room to try everything, put your phone on airplane mode so you can still get pics but be fully present (that’s what I do:), buy a souvenir somewhere else before if you are trying to save money, get a stroller if she is 6 or under (SO MUCH WALKING) and don’t forget to tell me every detail after!


My 40th is coming up on Dec 13th (wow!).

I love making Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana!

I just took my pup to the vet (again!) yesterday. He had a major allergy flair-up. We had him tested and among many things, he’s allergic to people, cats, and dust (sheesh!!). We have him on antigens now, but his body isn’t used to it and he is sooo ichy, and he scratches, which then turns into infections. So, he’s currently on 4 medications and has to be bathed twice a week with medicated shampoo. Oy. I met a cat while at the vet that is 31 years old! Holy freaking cow.


Yes! It is our 11th wedding anniversary on December 4th, then my 31st birthday on December 14th, then my nans 90th birthday on Christmas Day! I’ve booked annual leave starting tomorrow so I can fully enjoy all the Christmas/December celebrations and don’t go back to work until December 29th. Can’t wait, our emergency department has been so crazy busy I’m in need of some rest. Sadly all December races in Nz have been cancelled. But hopefully next year they’ll be back on.

Last soup I ate was pumpkin soup. It is my and my five year olds favourite.

And our golden lab is almost three. Still full of energy but so gentle with our kids. He is the best family dog. Hope you are well Janae xx

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