Our Remodel + He’s Home + Boston Training Week #13 Recap!

(shoes, shorts, top (similar but only available in XS now, it has a built-in balaclava), bra (I am hooked on this bra lately))

We like having our runs planned months in advance, but this winter has surely made us flexible. We just hit a new record for the most snow recorded in Utah!

I woke up on Saturday morning and saw that our roads had a layer of snow on them and decided that I was going to do the treadmill. My coach invited me to join them (2:2X marathoners) because the roads were better were they were. I was terrified. I kept thinking how much better the treadmill would go because I wouldn’t have to push myself as hard as going with insanely fast runners somewhere I didn’t know the route. But I decided the things that scare me are what make me a better runner, so I got in my car and drove to meet them.

The perfect figure 8 23 miler.

We decided to scratch the workout because the roads and paths were mostly clear, but there were sections with ice spots along the way. I told myself my goal was to stick with them.

That yellow sign says, ‘camel crossing,’ which was a first for me to see on the run.

We passed where Andrew and I got married almost seven years ago! Just behind those trees…
It was a gorgeous route that mostly climbed the first 16 miles and then dropped the last 7 miles. We climbed 1300 ft and finished with a 6:57 average. I was shocked that I could talk the whole time with them and felt good. My legs were tired from all the hills and miles, but aerobically, it was a confidence-building run. I am so glad I chose what I thought was the scarier option.

It was the perfect run to nail down nutrition (a gel every 4 miles…BOOM!). I had water at the gas station and some snow, but I didn’t do a great job with hydration.

I learned my lesson last week having hands that were too cold to open gels.  So I wore these giant gloves (I can’t find them online anymore, sadly) with hand warmers. My hands were so happy, and I could easily take my gels. I’ll bring these to Boston, just in case.

My niece babysat, and I came home to an amazing gymnastics performance by Skye.
Another highlight from the weekend was going for burgers with my parents.

Andrew was away for the last few days on a guys’ trip! He was VERY missed by all of us.  We were extremely jealous of the weather he was experiencing in Texas!  He even came home with a sunburn?!

He had the best time with a big group of friends since elementary school, eating bbq, having pickleball tournaments, going to games, golfing, and catching up with everyone. I made him send me pictures of everything he ate; I need these tacos.

Let’s chat about our remodel… This all started with wanting lighter floors. I love the color of our dark floors, but you can see every dog paw print and piece of dust on them, and we were over trying to keep them clean. We then decided to add wood floors to some of the rooms with carpet, repaint everything, fix our fireplace, add some built-ins, update the moldings, lighting, and cabinets, and here we are… We will be moving out soon for them to keep working. I wish I were more like my sister and doing this myself, but I do not trust myself… I’m sure we would do great with the demo part but then get too lazy to finish it, ha.

This was us:


It’s literally for our marriage…

♬ original sound – Alex and Jon

Here is how peak week looked… Time to drop down to 68 miles this week!

Week 13:

Monday:  12 miles @ 8:36 

Tuesday: 11 miles @ 8:14

Wednesday:  18 miles @ 7:43 average.  6.5-mile w/u and 4 mile c/d.  20 x 400m w/ 200m jogging recoveries.  I averaged 84s, and it was a challenge going continuously with this workout when we normally do standing recoveries.

Thursday:  10 miles @ 8:37 average

Friday:  7 miles @ 9:19 average

Saturday: 23 miles @ 6:57 average. We didn’t do a workout but I kept it steady and conversational—1300 ft of climbing and a great dress rehearsal for Boston.

Sunday:  Off!

81 miles for the week.


Any highlights from your weekend?

Do you keep in touch with your friends from high school?

Is anyone else doing any remodeling or recently? How’s it going?

Anyone have a trip coming up?

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The gloves are from backcounty.com it seems. I screenshot the picture of them and plugged into Google lens. I love that gray tire of google! You are going to crush Boston, maybe I’ll see you there although I’m much further back in the starting line! ☺️


That tik tok is dead on! So funny!
The last big thing we need to do at our house, is the kitchen. This is going to be a big project, removing at least one wall. Then as we’re finishing that, we’ll re-do all of the floors at once. We probably won’t start the kitchen for a year, knowing that it’s going to cost a lot. But it will be so worth it when it’s done.
We had a really great time hosting the party on Saturday. Perfect weather, great food (BBQ beef brisket with homemade BBQ sauce), and just a really nice afternoon. Yesterday was a perfect rest day too, with a nice walk in the sun.
Wow! 81 miles for peak week! Amazing!! You are going to be so ready for Boston.
Starting this week off feeling really pretty motivated! I think taking last week off from running was good for me. Have a great Monday!


Hahah we literally laughed so hard because it was SO us. Ohhhhh wow, the kitchen sounds like a lot of work. Will you have to move out for that? Good luck when it is time. I bet your party was perfection! Happy you guys finally have some sunshine. Yay for that motivated feeling, I love it when that pops up. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hello! Good for you for scaring yourself and getting out there- sounds like a success.

You are also brave for renovating your house. When we had our second kid and had to make the choice in our 2-bedroom (it had a 3rd but it was a guest house so we couldn’t send a baby there) a few years ago we just moved, ha!

I think I mentioned it last week but my brother and sister in law are in town with their BABY and now it’s spring break week for the kids so a ton of stuff planned- the SD zoo, sushi tonight, etc.. And on Thursday, when they leave my older son and I are doing a “just us” trip to San Francisco! He’s become obsessed with basketball so we’ll be seeing Golden State. I try to take each of my kids on one trip JUST US each year for some special memories.

And high school friends… I wasn’t unpopular, but I’ve always sort of had just 3 or 4 REALLY close friends instead of a bunch and they are still my really close friends/best friend. How about you? I do sort of appreciate that Facebook saves me the trouble of going to high school reunions because anyone else I am curious about but don’t keep in touch with I can see “hi” to there.


Thank you so much, Arianna! The scary things bring the best rewards. Yeah, I don’t know what we were thinking with this ha. Oh I bet that was so hard with a new baby! I hope you are having the best time with your brother and sister-in-law… sounds perfect. I love the ‘just us’ trip idea, I’m copying you. Love how close you are with those friends. I have about 3 that I still stay in touch with too. I feel very lucky to still have those friendships where we have seen each other through it all!


I absolutely love Torchy’s Tacos and the green chili queso! From a North Texan, I hope Andrew had a great visit to Texas and enjoyed his time with his friends. My high school friends, and one from Kindergarten, are the only ones I stay in touch with and we actually all live within the same 50 mile bubble!

I tracked your Boston run last year and can’t wait to “watch” again this year! All of your hard work is inspiring!


He truly had the best time and can you please fedex me some of Torchy’s Tacos with that queso? I love that you are still close with those friends. Thank you friend, I truly cannot wait!


Hi Janae! Way to step out of your comfort zone and have it go well! What a rewarding feeling. I still keep in touch with a few high school friends here and there but not as a group. Andrews trip looks fun!!
Today is my parents dog Sunny’s 12th birthday! Sunny has been through a lot of stuff in the past few years and we are so happy she is still with us.
Happy Monday!


Thank you, Amy! I love that you still keep in touch with some high school friends. I’m the same way, more individual than a group. Happy 12th birthday to Sunny! I am so happy she is still here with you all. Enjoy!


81 miles!!! You are a beast!!! I am excited to see how Boston goes!

Need to book a trip to TX asap to get some of that queso…


I’ll come with you… drooling. Hope you have a beautiful day, Julie!


Janae – way to do the scary thing!! You DID IT!!! Those post-scary-thing endorphins are the best and your body and mind will remember that in Boston!

Maybe you all need a trip to HI while the renovations are being finished ;) hang in there!

And I have that balaclava top from Athleta too – I bring it out for the seriously cold runs, it’s the best!


Thank you, I totally agree about those post scary endorphins being even higher. Ummmm I agree on the Hawaii trip because it will still be snowing here haha. Isn’t it the best? I wish they sold it in more colors so we could stock up. Hope you are having the best day, Michelle.


I am so excited for your remodel. I really want to do a backsplash in my kitchen! It is very small and not a ton of wall space so my friends have told me I could DIY it, but I’m nervous it would be crooked! Haha. Maybe your sis can give me some tips! ;)


Oh my goodness, Andrew could help with that too! He did it in our last house. You can absolutely do it! I’ll ask my sis for tips too. Have the best day, Tess and stay warm for another winter day haha!


No biking on that guys weekend??

Highlight of the weekend – it did not rain. I was so happy to see the sun!

No remodeling right now, but I think we will definitely take your sister’s route. We have not had great experiences with workers so the more we do ourselves the happier we are with the outcome.

We might have 3 trips coming up! Les has a possible work conference in Nashville mid-April and I’ll tag along. My birthday is at the end of April and we are talking about going to Mammoth. But our much anticipated trip is in May – 18 days in England, Ireland, Scotland and France! Countdown is 51 days!


Amazing peak week, Janae!! PS – I bought those gloves from backcountry per your recc and my hands have never been warmer.

Trips coming up: My husband and I just booked our belated honeymoon – Switzerland and Southern Italy in July!!! Have never been to either of those places and cannot wait! Also have a little bday trip coming up at the end of April to run a half marathon because what better way to celebrate a bday?! :)

Have a great week!!


Lol, that Tiktok is dead on!

Sidenote, almost 5 years ago, I drove about 20 hours round trip to get a dog in Pleasant Grove (it was totally worth it!)

I’m cheering you on from Cali! I am signed up to run the OC marathon in May but my Achilles is super inflamed from a long run 2 weeks ago… I’ve only been able to run 6 miles in the last two weeks. I’m praying it heals soon!

I am going to Nashville with a group of friends and my sister in April! We are running the rock n roll 1/2 marathon (hopefully!) It’ll be my 2nd time there and I am excited to go back with my husband.


oddly the people from school that I keep in touch with are mostly people that I didn’t know all that well in High School, and those that I did, not so much.
I keep forgetting it’s Monday?…..another weekend chilling….trying to find a goal that I want to get to


Hi! Love reading your blog! I’m a grad student in Texas, will also be running Boston this year! It is my very first one and I couldn’t be more excited. Considering getting a Paloma bra from GF Collective, and trying to figure out sizing! I think we might be similar in frame but I can’t make up my mind between the small and the XS!


OH man, Texas tacos?!?! SO. FREAKIN. GOOD.

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