Scenes from our day!

(long-sleeve, vest, leggings, sunglasses, ear warmer, gloves).

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday (whether you celebrated or not), and happy Friday!

I started my Thanksgiving off with my sister.  We haven’t run together in MONTHS.  It was just what we both needed to start the day off right.  I woke up grumpy and finished happy…  Running always helps.

These two could sense we had a great day up ahead of us.

IMG 7609

Skye wanted to try out learning how to ride a bike.  She pulled off three seconds of balancing at the same time.  Those three seconds were magical.

IMG 7618

We went over to my sister’s house!

IMG 7630

She has never been a fan of traditional Thanksgiving foods, so they like to make a feast of everyone’s favorite foods… steak, berries, rolls etc.

IMG 7633

Along with her famous homemade oreos.

IMG 7634

We even got to chat with my nephew that is on a mission in Nashville.  He will soon be going to Peru!

IMG 7628

Finished up the day by just hanging out on the couch for hours and hours.

IMG 7631

IMG 7632

IMG 7635

PS Utah county people—>  I think I found something magical, a very similar cookie to Levain Bakery!  It’s from Goodly cookies.


Just in case you are getting in some Black Friday shopping, HERE is my gift guide!

And if you want some clothes for yourself, here is a list of my current favorite Madewell items again.  Everything is 30% off…

This henley top (my #1 favorite right now), this long-sleeve, the two jeans I wear the most currently–> here & here, this shirt, this cardigan, this corduroy dress, this blazer, this quilted sweatshirt, and this coat.   They also have the best beanies.

And I just bought THIS waffle sweater, these earrings, this bodysuit (my first since 4th grade;), these hoopsand this necklace (all 30% off), and I am eagerly awaiting for them to arrive at my doorstep;)


Any sales you are loving today? Share the link love!

The best thing that you ate yesterday?

Who did a turkey trot yesterday?

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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m in need Of jeans! What size do you wear in the Madewell brand? I’m 5’9” and similar build to you. Thanks in advance!!


HEY Krista! Oh you will love these jeans! I wear a 25 in the Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean in Lunar Wash which is the perfect fit for me but you are a tiny bit taller than I am and I wish mine were like about .5 inches longer ha so maybe go with the tall? I’m not sure! But the Perfect Vintage Jean in Arland Wash: Instacozy Edition is perfect for our height and I wear them in a 26 (25 would be great too but I wanted a bit of a baggy look?! Let me know what you get and what you think! Have the best day!


I’m in Canada so we had our thanksgiving in October, but all this thanksgiving talk is making me hungry:)
I just recently bought almost half of your Madewell shares hah. They are in the mail but I’m so excited to get everything. I love the newest things you shared, the necklace, body suit and waffle thermal. What colour did you get in that waffle shirt?
Thanks for keeping me stylish:)

Have a great weekend


I need to send you our leftovers! OH YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK and I’m nervous but excited about this body suit ha. I got the waffle thermal in cream… it looks so so cozy! Haha you are welcome (I’m showing this to Andrew so that he knows others appreciate my shopping habit ha;). Have a beautiful day!


Is that lululemon vest thin or thick? I want a puffy vest for causal wear/warmth this winter but not running so I don’t want it too thin


It’s right in the middle but definitely not puffy! It is super warm though! My patagonia one is very puffy and I wear it so much:

Have a great day!


If you were to get only 1 of the two Madewell jeans you shared which would you get? What size do you wear in them? Thanks so much


Hey Jane! That is a tough question… I wear the The Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean in Lunar Wash the most and with those I have a size 25 which are pretty fitting and then a 26 in the others for a more loose and relaxed fit. Let me know if you have any other questions! Enjoy your new jeans!


I am in need of new running shoes. What are you loving right now? Thanks and happy belated Thanksgiving!


Hey Kelly! I wear the Clifton 8 from Hoka every day now! My feet are so much happier in them. Here is a link and happy thanksgiving to YOU!

PS I wear them with my normal outfits often too… they are a win-win.


That looks like the best Thanksgiving!!! Yay for Skye balancing on a bike! That is a difficult skill to learn.

I am trying to avoid all the Black Friday sales. I keep telling myself I have all our gifts bought and I don’t need any more clothes–we will see if I can stick to it, haha.

I didn’t run a turkey trot:-( They start to late in order to make it to where we were going. However, I did run in probably the coldest weather in a long time, I wasn’t quite ready to move to the treadmill already in November… 8 miles in -4 degrees (with windchill).

Enjoy your Friday, Janae!


Thank you so much! Good for you to stick to avoiding allllllll of the sales right now! Andrew would appreciate your example for me;)Oh my goodness. That is insanely cold. HOWWWWWWW? Next time I think it is too cold, I’m following your lead. Thanks Becky, you too!


Oh I love your Madewell order!!! I am SERIOUSLY thinking about trying a pair of their jeans. SERIOUSLY considering it.

My black Friday shopping (let’s face it–Thanksgiving WEEK shopping) went like this:
1. PEACH SKIN SHEETS–all colors are $60 and right now there’s free shipping, AND I had a $5 reward. (I seriously think you need to try them…and now is the perfect time with this sale…)
2. Senita Athletics is 20% off the whole website, and there is a pair of leggings and one sports bra that have become amongst my favorites for yoga and barre classes (and the sports bra is also one of my go-tos for strength workouts).
3. I bought a 5 pack class pass to my barre studio to pad the class credits I already have, since it’s semi-annual sale time for barre3 and I want to support my local studio every chance I can now that it’s something I can budget for and pay for again after a couple of years of not being able to have it in my life!
4. Veritas Farms, the CBD oil company I like (their capsules actually help me through super anxious days…), had a huge sale, so I stocked up on capsules. I don’t take or need them every single day, but I’ve gotten good at knowing how to prepare to stay calm on the days I can anticipate being too stressful and having too much potential to be outright bad…
5. Lululemon’s BIG Black Friday drop of the ‘we made too much’–the 23″ wunder under capris (which are perfect full-length on me) are on the sale section, PLUS the color of the train times tank I have been wanting, PLUS my instructor discount works on top of it all.

I wanted to prioritize the things that help me feel my best however I need to and want to–with my mood, or when it’s time to sleep, or when I want to move my body. And I wanted to prioritize supporting smaller businesses as much as possible. I’m getting pretty intentional in my shopping these days and pretty aware of the brands, styles, colors of things that I like to wear, and I’m trying to stay REALLY focused on “on that’s cute” vs. “that will look amazing on me and it fits a hole in my wardrobe”…

And I kind of want to stay away from going inside stores as much as possible. PTSD from my bridge-the-gap job in retail management is still a bit…well…strong. ;)

Your Thanksgiving day sounds really good. Tom and I had nontraditional food, too–garlic & rosemary lamb chops, caesar salad, and garlic bread! And mid-day we snacked on appetizer-sized manchengo and chorizo empanadas, and it was the perfect day for the two of us!!!

I hope your day today is SO good! :)


Hi! I have to come visit Utah soon- looks like you always find the BEST cookies!!
I ran my own turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning! There weren’t any local to me, so I did one on my own and it was a great start to the day! Have a great weekend, Janae!

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