Runner/Women/Kid GIFT GUIDE + St. George Recap

(Shortslong-sleeve and tank under)

I had the best run I’ve had in months…  I am guessing it was because my foot is healed (detailed post on what I did this week) and because I was running around my favorite spot= St. George.

6.25 miles @ 8:09 average.

Running travel tip… If you forget to pack gloves, just use some of your socks:)  They worked perfectly.

IMG 6607

The absolute best part of our weekend was Glitter Mountain with my brother and his family.  This is in Arizona but only about 20 minutes away from where my brother lives and it is incredible.  You just venmo the owner for what you take (and it wasn’t expensive at all) and then spend hours here mining.  I wish a picture could show how sparkly it was.

IMG 6678

The kids were in heaven and Andrew and I kept finding ourselves reminding each other to pass the hammer to the kids too ha;)  Didn’t know I enjoyed something like this so much.

IMG 6681

Skye brought home 5 lbs of the treasures she found.

IMG 6688

Just the sweetest picture from our weekend.

IMG 6669

IMG 6670

While Beck napped, Brooke and I watched Cinderella Story and she loved it.

IMG 6663

These two like going to the store more with Andrew more than me;)

IMG 6668

PICKLEBALL (Knox chose to hang out with cousins instead).  I woke up Sunday morning sore everywhere from the intense games that occurred.

IMG 6698

And now we are back home!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.


I know that people are shopping a bit earlier than normal this year so I thought I would share a bunch of ideas in case you need some help with a runner in your life (or for your own list).

*I am obsessed with Liquid IV. I use it every single day of my life. Piña Colada and Strawberry are my favorite flavors and the code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you free shipping and 25% off here!

*Give them some tools for their mental training!  My favorite running books for this are:  The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train and ThriveStrongLet Your Mind Run, and How Bad Do You Want ItROAR is also an incredible book to help women understand our bodies as athletes!

*Sarah Marie Design Studio—> She has everything from the perfect clothing items for the running obsessed person to nail wraps, jewelry, mugs, and more.  I love supporting her and the amazing work that she does!  I want everything she sells.

*The Racin’ Grayson 2022 Training journal

*A Chirp wheel!  I got this to help with my posture/back aches and I am loving it.  It is used to roll away pain and stretch out after a workout (or whenever you want).  It’s designed to fit between your shoulder blades which is awesome (it also has a spinal canal, so it doesn’t hurt your spine as you roll).  I love that it is harder than a foam roller which helps to stretch/roll it deeper.  It feels so good after holding babies all day and sitting at the computer.

I have a code if you want 10% off HERE—> HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL

IMG 9718

*This deep tissue massage gun.  I use it EVERY day.

*Twas The Night Before The Race Mug (my aunt got this for me one year)!

*These are the absolute best running socks in my opinion.

*This hat that also has ear warmers is AMAZING.

*Koala Clip (HRG10 gets you 10% off!)!  The absolute best way to take your phone on the run and she personalizes them too if you want.

*If they run with their dog, I love this leash to use while running with Beretta!

*I will forever love my water bottles—> The StanleyThe Simple Modern Bottle or Hydro Flask are my favorites.  Oh and this Tumbler is awesome too.

*These little massage balls are awesome!

*My Hydration Vest is AMAZING and I used it for all of my trail/ultra training and race.

*The best sandals to wear around the house (they have helped my plantar so much)

*My running vest for this year!

*My favorite handheld water bottle to keep your runner hydrated:)

*An awesome headlamp that is only $9

*My #1 favorite sports bra… I have it in 4 colors.

*The leggings that I am obsessed with that are only $26… the colors, the materials, the pockets and the fit are just awesome.

*The long sleeve $24 top that I love!  It’s awesome and they have so many colors to choose from too.

*Awesome Fabric Loop bands for them to get their strength training on at home!

*goodr Sunglasses!  The original ones are my favorite and they are amazing running sunglasses for $30 or less!

*Andrew bought me this run necklace a few years ago for Christmas!

*My favorite post-run sweatshirt to throw on for errands/stretching.

*My goto ear warmer this season!

*The best ponytail holders for runners… they never leave a mark on my hair!

*Of course a pair of Brooks running shoes because who wouldn’t love to open up a pair of running shoes on Christmas?  I’ve also recently fell in love with these Hokas.

*A foot massager (I LOVE MINE) for their tired feet.

*I love my aftershokz for when I listen to music and run but also love Airpods to run with if I could just learn to be more responsible with them.


Any women that you are shopping for (or for gift ideas to put on your wish list):

*My sunglasses that I use often and always get a lot of questions about!

*Olaplex.  My favorite hair product, ever.

*My absolute favorite cookbooks: Two Peas & Their PodCooke Once, Eat All WeekRun Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. and Run Fast. Eat Slow.  Shalane just came out with a new cookbook too that I put on my list.  Oh and THIS is the best cookbook holder.

*The best candle in my opinion.

*My Sorel Slippers along with the Jessica Simpson slippers.

*I am a huge fan of winter boots and THESEthesethese and these are my favorites that I have.

*Hair scalp massager (so cheap but it feels amazing)

*The most amazing eye massager with heat.  I use this any time I have a headache coming on.

*The best top coat and fingernail polish would make a great gift.

*One Line A Day journals!

*This cast iron dutch oven is something I use all of the time.

*Another kitchen need—> We use the air fryer every single day.

*The absolute greatest hot chocolate.

*The best deal on joggers you will ever find.

*These are my #1 joggers ever.

*These Thread Wallets are just the best.

*Saranoni blankets are the comfiest and then of course my weighted blanket helps me to sleep so much better!

*Anything Madewell or Marine Layer… I want everything at both places.


Let’s talk about gift ideas for KIDS!  I am not an expert on this at all but I’ll just share the top things that we have bought for our kids that get played with the most!

*Brooke and Knox love playing Mancala with us.

*The Melissa & Doug food sets.  The ice cream set is our kids (and any kid that comes over to visit) very favorite but this onethis one and this one are their other favorites.

*Harry Potter Illustrated books… Brooke and Knox are in love with these and they are helping them to love reading more and more.

*Skye LOVES this Elmo letters kit!

*Magna-Tiles are a hit for all ages along with these tile building blocks.

*Lite Brite is used very often over here!

*The water mat has been a favorite.

*This Diamond Painting Kit is one of Brooke’s favorites.

*Brooke loves her children’s cookbook!

*These Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets (you can color them and then wash them off and color them again) are a huge hit with Skye.

*Our kids are obsessed with this Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone!

*Paint by Sticker for the big kids (and for me haha) and Water Wow! for Skye.

*Brooke’s favorite crafts the last few years—>This Fleece Quilt Setthis Eraser KitThis Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit, this Art Case Coloring Set, this Ultimate Scrapbook and this Knitting Kit.

*A Gumball Coin Bank!

*Brooke and Knox scooters and Skye’s scooter.

*Scratch Art Paper.

*Brooke LOVES this digital kids camera.

*These bow and arrows (Andrew enjoys them just as much as the kids and they chase each other around the yard with them)

*Dog sleeping bags (sometimes I find Knox sleeping in his on the ground in the middle of the night rather than his bed ha).

*For a few years now the kids have LOVED this Floor Mat to practice gymnastics, slide down the stairs when they have a babysitter haha or to wrestle Andrew on.

*They LOVE our projector and screen for family movie nights outside.

*Kid Headlamps and Kid Walkie Talkies are some favorites for camping/trips/night games.

*The Bouncy Horse is a winner.

*Gabb phone or watch!  I am a huge fan of both.  It makes it so that kids/tweens/teens can communicate with parents/their friends safely.  Code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you 50% the devices HERE!


Who else plays and loves Pickleball?  

What was the best part of your weekend? 

Are you easy to shop for her hard? What about the people on your shopping list?

Are you currently in training for something, building a base or running to run?

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Wow, Glitter Mountain looks incredible! What a cool experience. And I am VERY jealous of that 1 lb. chocolate Santa that Knox and Skye are holding- Reese’s is the best candy ever. LOVE all the holiday gift ideas! I can vouch for a lot of those items- the CRZ Yoga leggings, scalp massager, spiky massage balls, all the cookbooks you mentioned, plus Harry Potter books are all wonderful gift ideas. Kind of in between races right now. I have a 5K before Thanksgiving, but don’t need training for that. I am trying to find a good training plan for a half marathon. Any suggestions? Thanks and have a great week!


i have a feeling we will be going to glitter mountain each time we are in St. George ha. I definitely helped them out with the santa and I hope you get one of those soon. Isn’t it crazy how amazing the CRZ leggings are?! YAY for half marathon training coming up! Which one are you doing? What level would you say you are at currently and how many days a week are you wanting to run/cross-train? Hal Higdons has an amazing plan for every level but I also really love Hanson’s Half Marathon book with a training plan too.

Keep me updated on it all!


Best thing I did this weekend- I went to a Girls on the Run 5k for my friend’s daughter this weekend, so inspiring! The girls were such good teammates, cheering each other on, encouraging the running buddies.

I am building up a base right now for a half in May. It’s very hilly, so right now focusing on hilly runs too.


Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing. What beautiful examples those girls are and they have such an amazing future up ahead of them. Congrats to your friend’s daughter! Don’t you wish we all had Girls on the Run with we were young?! HILLY! Speedwork in disguise and you’ll be crushing those hills during your half. Happy Monday, Mariah!


This is such a great list! I’ve used so many of your suggestions for my kids in the past and they’re always a hit. Especially that Ice Cream shop.
I really want those sorrel evie pull on boots!
I’m easy to shop for, but all of the men in my life are impossible to shop for. It stresses me out. Especially with my husband living in Charleston right now, I have no idea what to get him. And he’s incredibly unhelpful.
I’m back in training now for Shamrock marathon. I’m excited, I want to really push this training cycle.
I hope you have a great monday!


Thank you Mollie! Seriously, that ice cream shop is always the favorite when friends come over. I think you need the boots! Oh that is TOUGH. I feel like men are 1000000 times harder to shop for than women. I am hoping he is home for a while for Christmas. I have a really really really good feeling about the Shamrock marathon for you in a few months. Another training cycle on top of being insanely fit already…
Thank you Mollie, YOU TOO!


Lots of fantastic gift ideas!!! This is so helpful. Do you have a snowsuit you recommend for Brooke for skiing?
My mother in law is so hard to shop for and never gives me ideas. I think she would love the Sorel slippers

Glitter mountain looks so cool. I wish we had something like that


HEY JANE!!! Yes yes yes! She wore this one for the last two winters! Here is the link:
Everybody has to love some amazing slippers! COME TO SOUTHERN UTAH… I’ll meet you there and take you. It was incredible. Hope your Monday is off to a great start.


Hi Janae! Great timing! I’m going to a gift exchange for runners in a few weeks! You got any winter running jackets you’d recommend? Looking for a gift for myself :D


A runner’s gift exchange? Ummmm I need to come. That sounds like a blast. This year I will be using this Brooks one: (I have it already and it is awesome) and then this one is on it’s way to my house. I splurged but I couldn’t sat no to the yellow:

Oh and I have this one from previous years that I’ll be using too:

Have a great day and let me know what jacket you get yourself!


The best part of the weekend.. was being in pajamas and watching this Netflix show called Squid Game and River falling asleep at my feet. Got in some running and baked a ginger bread bundt cake. It was a bit of a long weekend. I had Thrursday off for Rembrance Day. Friday was slow because a lot of people took it off.

I did get in some runs but it was 3-4 mm of rain an hour lol.

Your gift ideas are fantastic! I managed to get my nieces gifts already. I am easy to get for. The last few Christmases I have gotten cash gifts which makes it easy too lol. I love Sarah Marie Design Studio. I have way too many of her sweatshirts and I own way too many pairs of goodr sunglasses lol.

Looks like you had so much fun this weekend. I had never tried pickle ball but would like to! Happy Monday Janae!! Have a great day!


Everyone is loving Squid Game! Sounds like the absolute best weekend. I’m glad you got a longer weekend. Ummmm that is a lot of rain! Hahaha you can never have enough of Sarah’s sweatshirts. You guys need to try pickleball, you will love it. Thanks Kristine, you too!


It looks like you had a great weekend! Glitter mountain is so cool.
Great gift list! I’m fairly easy to shop for, but my husband is not. What about Andrew?
Liquid IV has become a favorite around here, but especially for our oldest. I will definitely be ordering some for his stocking.
We had the best weekend! Being at our son’s last game, seeing them win and become the Midwest Conference Champions was amazing!!! Spending time together was very special. It was cold, but incredibly beautiful! Definitely filled my heart!
Here’s to a good Monday, and a great week! ?


Thank you so much Wendy! Uhhhhhhh so that’s the hard part ha. I’m terrible at shopping for Andrew so I can never think of enough gift ideas for a men’s list. Usually he just wants something for his mountain bike;). I am so happy Liquid IV is a favorite for you guys… your son needs it with his football. I am so happy you were able to be at his game. What a perfect weekend and you got that crisp feeling that you don’t get at home in California. Thanks friend, you too!


Thanks for all the links! I think I need to buy a pickleball set – which one do you have? There are so many on amazon with mixed reviews. I am confused! Thanks xxxx


Just bought the ice cream set for my daughter’s birthday next week and I just know she will love it!! Thanks for the great list!

Oh and I saw your post about the ear infections for Beck. Hope he is doing better! We are on our 4th infection now too and considering tubes as well. So sad to see the in pain.


I can’t even tell you how helpful your blog was for me, as a guy I have zero knowledge regarding women’s tastes and my niece’s birthday was just around the corner you really helped me out in deciding the best gift for her. I bought her the ice cream set for her birthday and she was so excited when she saw her gift. Cant thank you enough, CHEERS.


So I just ordered about half of your gift guide for myself LOL!! I always love your recommendations. I was wondering if you have found any good-for-your-feet slippers? I always wear Oofos around my house too, but my toes get chilly sometimes. Most slippers offer zero support though!


I haven’t yet… I only have comfy, warm and soft slippers but nothing with the Oofos support. They need to get on that… I’ll email them:) Hope your day is a great one!


i clicked thru for the water bottle and the vest and those aren’t available on amazon right now but it gave me some ideas. thanks for sharing

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