Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, shirt, shoes, gloves, similar beanie ((I can’t find mine online anymore))

Run/mountain bike with Andrew after we slept in until 7:30!

It was so peaceful up there.

IMG 7646

Andrew introduced me to some new trails I had never been on before.

IMG 7689

918 ft of climbing, 7.41 miles, 9:08 average pace.

IMG 7656

We ended up going to a few stores to shop.  My nephew was very happy to be reunited with his Black Friday buddy (usually they go to Walmart together on Black Friday:).

IMG 7702

And then, during Beck’s nap at my mom’s house, we took Skye out.

IMG 7704

Skye’s first time at a fancy restaurant.   She was just amazed that she was given two forks.

IMG 7706

We went to La Jolla Groves (the dad of the little boy Skye plays with every day owns and is the main chef for this restaurant… it is the best place) for Brunch with Santa.

IMG 7725

Every item we ate was amazing.

IMG 7710

We will be doing this every Black Friday from here on out.

IMG 7714

She loved all of the attention just on her.

IMG 7718

We finished off the night by binge-watching the new season of Selling Sunset on Netflix:)


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Can you share where your white sneakers are from?


Hey Jessica! Yes, here is the link:

I hope you have the best day!


Hi Janae! What a fun day! Yesterday we hit up some trails for hiking too.. it was so nice and empty. This definitely needs to be a holiday tradition.
Have a great rest of weekend!


NOTHING like some empty trails. So glad that you were able to do that. Thanks Amy and happy weekend!


Getting my hair cut and colored my roots are so bad, wrapping the Christmas gifts we have so far, and watching our states football rivalry game Go Ducks!!!


It is the best feeling to have freshly colored and cut hair… ENJOY! I am going to follow your lead and start wrapping. Thanks Courtney and enjoy the game. Cheering on for the Ducks in your honor:)


What a FUN day!!! I love that through the window of the picture of Skye at the restaurant table I saw Waffle Love–Tom and I watched EVERY SINGLE SEASON of Food Truck Road Race and it’s great to see that the Waffle Love guys have brick and mortar restaurants, too!!!

YAY for a trail run and an active day date! :)

As for my day today: I subbed an RPM class at the gym bright and early this morning. Right now I am doing laundry. Later today I am going to take myself and a book out to lunch, and then when I am home take a long soak in the tub (my lower back has really been bugging me–usually on and off, but for the last week it’s been nonstop and at times it’s made me stop my workout or change my movement patterns…no good…and epsom salts can help a little bit…). Nothing exciting, but I sort of like it that way )


Waffle Love was on that show?! That makes me so happy! I think they have a few stores now… it is so delicious. I bet your RPM class was a blast, way to get up and go teach. A lunch date with your book = heaven. I really hope that the bath is able to help loosen up your back and help it feel better. Keep me updated! Thanks Stephanie!


I’m loving this new season! The chair purse had me rolling!


WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?! She has had a few purses that just made me question everything haha. I hope your day is a beautiful one, Kaytlin!

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