TAKE the Opportunities + Jealous.

(tank, shorts, shoes, socks)

A friend of mine that lives in St. George is also training for the St. George 13.1 in less than a month and she invited me to join them for a progression run.  She told me what they were planning on for their paces and I thought there was no way I would be able to keep up with them.

I’ve learned over the years of running to just take the opportunities that come and to turn my brain off…  I’m glad I did.

It has been almost 2 years since I was last on this course and it brought back so many amazing memories.

The friend in the purple shorts and I ended up being right at the same place fitness-wise so now we are planning on racing together in a few weeks.  It will be SO nice to work with someone on the course and to push each other.  It’s my favorite way to race.

PS I am positive if I would have done this alone, I would have gone a minute per mile slower.  People PULL ME!

IMG 1170

Can you believe the scenery?   I love it here so much.

IMG 1171

The half-marathon we are doing is the last half of the St. George Marathon so it includes a lot of down with one big hill, a few small hills and then it ends flat.  When you are doing the full marathon, the first half of it is hard and you climb a bunch.  You skip those really hard miles with the half that we are doing (and the course we did on Saturday).  The half course is DEFINITELY AIDED and a fast course but I love it so much.

We started with a 7:06 mile and worked down from there.  We finished 13.1 milse with a 6:31 average pace (1:25:21).  We were chatting for the first 11 miles so I am excited to see what we can do in a few weekends in race mode.  PS that first mile hurt big time because I never just start a run that fast.  It was a good reminder that I need to make sure to do a good warm-up of a few miles before I start the race.

These training runs are the best dress rehearsals for race day because it helps us to really figure out what we need to do at the race!

IMG 1177

Foam rolled with the kids and muffins afterward.

IMG 1196

IMG 1195

Andrew went out to mountain bike and I was SO jealous of what he saw while he was out.

IMG 7524

Cafe Sabor was the best possible option for lunch…

IMG 1199

So was floating around the pool.

IMG 1237

And we ended the day by watching the sunset with a picnic on the red rocks.

IMG 1235


What do you have going on today?  What was the best part of your weekend?

What is the fastest race course you have ever done?

Go-to order at a mexican restaurant?

-I love fajitas so so much.

Are fall races happening in your area or are any being canceled?

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Great job on your run! Others motivate me too!

Today I am flying home from my long weekend visiting friends. Sad to leave but also excited to get back to my routine. This was a go-go-go trip and I’m tired haha.

Go-to order at a Mexican restaurant is fajitas or enchiladas.

I’m signed up for a half in October and it’s still on! Hoping it will stay that way.


Hey Mariah! I hope you can rest up after your crazy busy weekend! So glad you were able to be with your friends. YAY for your half next month, wish I could be there to cheer you on. Thanks, Mariah and safe travels.


I have a trail race on Sat and it’s still on. It’s a bigger one, 800 people I think is big for a trail race. Not sure if they have that many people though as it’s still open. I signed up for this only a few weeks ago but was training and eyeing this one or another one. I think that is going to be my strategy this season! Races are just so unpredictable right now. I live about 45 min from Philly and races are happening there with vaccine requirements.

My cousin now lives in St George and I need to visit her or do the marathon. Hoping travel is safer at some point or at least my youngest will be vaccinated soon.


Ahhh good luck Carrie, so excited for your trail race on Saturday and I am so happy that it hasn’t been canceled. I’m going to need a full race report afterward. Wish I could come join you at the trail race. I hope you are able to make it to St George soon and you have to do the marathon! You will love it.


Just looking at the pics of St George does things to my heart. I love it there so much. ?
You’re going to crush your race!
Carne asada tacos are a go to for me #BecauseGuac
I’m celebrating today by not having school, but studying for all my tests this week at school instead ?


Yesterday some friends and I chartered a water taxi to a nearby island to trail run climb peaks. 17km and much fun! We finished the day with pizza and pumpkin spice latte for me! The whole run was either straight up or straight down lol. We have been trying to cram in as many adventure as we can before summer officially ends.

Coming home was the best because River was so excited to see me she couldn’t stop wiggling her butt and jumping on me haha. Even though jumping is discouraged lol.

I was thinking of another scenic trail run/hike today but the weather doesn’t look promisng so I might save it.

Looking forward to the extra day off!

Hope you have a great 1/2 race at St George Janae! Your paces are crazy fast half for a training run and would be my dream 1/2 time!


What a great run you had! I love that you have a strategy and a co-conspirator for your half. That is a good sign. :) You’re going to KILL that run, even if only because I know from your posts over the years that each race really is a celebration of the training cycle you’re finishing. And you learn SO MUCH in each cycle, not only about your physical effort but about mindset, life, and everything in between!

My weekend was really good. I read most of a book I hope to finish today (THE LOST APOTHECARY by Sarah Penner) before moving on to my next novel. Also, Friday was our 4th anniversary, and Tom and I went to the restaurant we have decided is our “tradition” for our anniversary. We love it, it’s just nice ENOUGH to be ‘fancy date night’ price point but also casual ENOUGH that we can go out to dinner looking nice but still wearing jeans. Also, on Friday I TOTALLY had a 1 rep max PR for deadlifts and just had a great lifting session at the gym, then I tried a new nail salon for a long-overdue pedicure. Today will also be fun–I have lunch plans with a friend I haven’t seen since February, and we’re going to a food hall called Marietta Market near her side of town. I’ve been there once before, but there are so many different food places to try. This time I might try food from the cuban kiosk or the bbq kiosk. And then crushing a strength workout (I went to hot yoga this morning already), and curling up with my book and a spotify playlist before dinner and then curling up with Tom. :)

As for the week ahead–I feel SO good!!! I have Interview #3 for a job I want on Thursday afternoon (1 PM Atlanta time, though this organization is located in Phoenix…). Also, I don’t know why or how, but I just feel this gentle assurance that good things will happen. Or, even in the worst case scenario, I feel really OK with all of the job hunt stuff and the predicament I am in. It’s VERY clear to me how absolutely nothing of my current job hunt is my fault or to be ashamed of–and I feel pretty free from any resentment, frustration, or stress over the things that are outside of my control. I’m left with a deep well of understanding that I accomplished a lot in my last job (and in a VERY short amount of time), and that I will only build on that in my next position–and that I have a lot to offer whoever does decide to hire me. Now I can “up the ante” a bit on the jobs I am applying for and while I need to apply for anything and everything that fits my professional path, I can really prioritize the organizations that directly align with my values. The job I interview for on Thursday is with an organization that STRONGLY aligns with my values. SO: ::insert fingers-crossed emoji and prayer-hands emoji:: for a great interview, and what happens beyond that I leave into the hands of all that is far beyond my control.

ANYHOW–this is getting wordy (and senselessly so), so I will sign off and wish you and your family such a great day! Do you have your St. George race outfit picked yet?!? :)


Hi Janae! We just got back from camping and today’s the last day my high school friend is visiting me. We had a great weekend and going to just relax today and maybe pick some fruit.
So excited to hear about your training. You’re gonna rock that half!!


You guys were so fast!! You’re going to do awesome in the half. I would love to run with fast people to see how long I could hang on and push myself.
It’s race week! We pick up our bibs and stuff on Friday. It will be interesting to see how everything is handled… Aid stations, water/Gatorade, etc. The race directors sent out an email saying all participants must be fully vaccinated (which we are) or show a negative Covid test. I believe they’re really doing everything possible to keep everyone safe. I’m just excited to be in a race environment again!
My go-to at a Mexican restaurant is probably tacos. But I do love tortilla soup, so if it’s on the menu, and not a bazillion degrees outside, I’ll order the soup.
Not a lot happening here today, which is totally fine with me ?
Have a great Labor day, and safe travels home!


what an awesome run! I am so not trained up to 13 yet, but I will be by November. I am contemplating a “pie run” where you run 5 miles and get a pumpkin pie at the finish. That’s on a gorgeous mountain/bluff sunrise route in late October. and… I have 2 half marathons in November………..6 days apart, eek! I plan to race the first one and take the 2nd easy, as it is a new to me race that I won a free entry into. The first half marathon is the one I am an ambassador for, and it’s been super cool because my running group has quadrupled in size and meets now at a brewery that is where the start and finish line for the race is. I am getting really pumped because the race director is helping us do give aways, the brewery is now an official sponsor, and we will have a tent at the expo to hopefully grow our weekly running group even more! It’s been awesome!

I could eat fajitas everyday. for real.

Have a great week!


Way to go, Janae! You killed it out there!

Fajitas are a necessity at Mexican restaurants. Or chimichangas. Now I’m starving!

So far, fall races are a go here in Northern TX. I can’t wait to race again!


This got me so excited about St George in less than a month!

I’m doing the full and chasing down that sub 3 hour marathon… but not gonna lie, reading about how hilly the first half is kind of freaked me out. HAHA! I’ve run it once before but I totally forgot about that part. EEK! Hoping my Utah good luck comes through again. :)


Kate! That sub 3 is 1000000% yours. Utah valley is way harder (those hills in the first half are so so tough)! This will be a breeze for you! I better get a hug at the finish line as you come in with 2:XX!!!!!


p.s. HOLY SMOKES! that pace for a training half! You are incredible! SO SO SO inspiring!

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