Tangents & Tell Me Your Thoughts…

(shorts, tank, bra, socks, shoes)

Andrew and I have found that one of the best things for our relationship is exploring outside together.

We will be doing this mountain bike/run thing together for the rest of our lives!

Just breathing in the mountain air.  It is the best medicine on the planet.

IMG 1282

We did 10 miles with 850ft elevation gain.

I love how the trails let my body take it easy/recover (soft dirt and they force me to slow down), but then they still give me the best lung workout (I was breathing heavily on every up) possible.

Twenty-four days until race day.   After doing the course on Saturday, I am feeling beyond giddy to race!

IMG 1346

This ice bath was my idea, and I immediately regretted it until my legs went numb.  My legs were feeling it from Saturday, so we hit the river after we picked up the kids.  I haven’t sat in the river in a very long time, but my lower body felt brand new once everything dethawed.

The water was probably around 50 degrees, and I sat there for 15ish minutes.

IMG 1371

Just a bit about why ice baths can help.  I love the little things that help with recovery like this, but I will forever stand by sleep and eating enough being the most important parts of recovery, so put yourself to bed early tonight if you can:)

Screen Shot 2021 09 06 at 2 19 14 PM

Andrew had zero desire to join in on the ice bath situation.

IMG 1362

Beck couldn’t take his eyes off of the ducks.

IMG 1360

We went for rice bowls and a hot chocolate afterward, which hit the spot.

IMG 1383

And then got in some errands and family time.

I can now see why my mom had to buy me my very own dog when my sister moved out to go to college… We might have to buy Skye a horse when Brooke moves out for college, ha.  Skye is Brooke’s shadow.

IMG 1384


Time for a few tangents…

*We took a kid’s potty break on our way home from St. George 6 minutes into the ride.

IMG 1276

*Megan posted this, and I can’t imagine living this way!  When I was single, I ALWAYS slept on the same side of the bed too.  Always.

Even when we travel and sleep somewhere new, I always sleep on the left side of the bed.

IMG 1278

*We went on a little hike together before leaving, and we lasted 20 minutes in the heat.

IMG 1258

*Someday, we will remember to bring our backpack for Beck.

IMG 1262

*This NO SQUAT Booty Workout is amazing.  I get sick of doing squats, and this one gave me just what I needed… it’s going to help me power up those hills.

Screen Shot 2021 09 06 at 1 45 43 PM

I am pretty sure my hair has grown 2+ inches since I cut it, and it is at an awkward stage for curling it, so I am putting it in a ponytail all of the time again.  What do you think… Cut it again and keep it shorter or grow it back out long again?

What side of the bed do you sleep on?  Would it feel strange for you to switch it up?

Ever do an ice bath?  What helps you the most with recovery?

Random q for people in a relationship….Go to bed mad or fix the problem before you go to sleep?

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Good morning Janae! I love ice baths, would do them everyday if possible. As I am single right now, I am a starfish in bed, right in the middle and completely take over the whole thing, haha! Certainly not putting out to the universe that I am ready for companionship but that is a-ok at the moment. Thank you for sharing the workout recommendation, am going to check her out. Have a great day!


Hey Amanda! Oh the starfish… I LOVE sleeping like that too! Let me know if you try it, she is awesome. Hope you get an ice bath soon. Have a great Tuesday!


Girl props to you for taking an ice bath! I am not a fan but I do love a good epsom salt bath. Give me a book while I soak and I’m a very happy camper.

I sleep on the right side of the bed, well right if you’re laying in the bed. How some people can sleep on whichever side is just mindboggling. Do they also switch pillows or just use whatever. So strange to me!


Thank you for reminding me of epsom salt baths… I’ll take one of those tonight. Right?! I cannot imagine just casually switching up what side I get into bed haha. It’s so funny that these simple things just feel like such a big thing! Hope your day is a great one:). Thanks Maureen.


What do you think… Cut it again and keep it shorter or grow it back out long again? — Cut again, and grow out the color to your former color. Yep.

What side of the bed do you sleep on? Would it feel strange for you to switch it up? — Switch it up. Is this converse to one’s level of structure and organization in life? For example, we never put clothes on inside out and socks always match. However, this structure and organization does not yet allow for the perfect # of things to accomplish in a day. Your inquiry is a deep one.

Ever do an ice bath? What helps you the most with recovery? — Yes!! The best, and epsom salt just ups the cool. The ducks know where it’s at, and they’re sayin, “There’s one smart lady.” Hehehe.

Random q for people in a relationship….Go to bed mad or fix the problem before you go to sleep? — It depends (one of my favorite answers btw). Allow me to expand: I saw the Bible referred to as God’s love letter to us recently. While it says not to let the sun set on a problem, it also says guard your heart, watch your tongue and the most important thing is LOVE. I see grey areas here more than black/ white, and an opportunity to consider ALL THE GUIDANCE together as a whole. For one thing, if the incident happens closer to bed time, more grey areas. Then again, someone could say, “Well, with a proper closing to each day/ scheduling of all activities, there is NO opportunity for something to arise too late in the day to address it THE SAME DAY.” I don’t know about this idea because we have electricity and don’t follow country livin’ schedules. What would Notorious RBG say? Does this rise to her level? She comes to mind bc she considered changes in our lives as she weighed the law/ rules.

Yes @DELICIOUSLYFITNHEALTHY !!!!!! Go, go, go, go.


I’ve been thinking about going back to brown hair again too! I definitely need an epsom salt bath next. Loved to read your answer to going to bed mad… LOVE is all that matters! Have a wonderful day, Lee!


Cut it again! Your hair is gorgeous either way, but it’s so cute cut.

I would say that MOST of the time, we resolve things before bed. But I’m not a stickler about it because sometimes time, clarity, and rest is all you need to realize what you’re arguing about doesn’t even matter.


Thank you Christine! I’m thinking I like it short better too! It’s amazing what sleep does for me… I feel like my perspective is so much better in the morning and usually can’t even figure out why I was mad the night before ha. Have the best day, friend!


If you are really tired, its best to go to bed mad. You may see things differently in the morning. We all need a little space sometimes and that can help put what really matters into perspective. I’m rarely mad when I wake up in the morning.


That’s how I feel! I’m usually too tired to make anything better and in the morning I have such a good perspective again. I hope your day is a great one, Allison.


Your hair look oks great either way, but I vote to cut it- super stylish!


Thank you Patti… I’m leaning that way because it is also so much easier to do! Hope your day is a fabulous one!


Ice baths do not sound good at all to me… Ha! I’m sure they’re so good, but I don’t think so. My older son called me a few weeks ago, while sitting in an ice bath after practice….brrrrrrr
I am in the same situation with my hair. I think I’m going to cut it.
Ok, a couple not sleeping on the same side of the bed each night??? Weird!! I always sleep on the left side. It feels weird to be on the “wrong” side. Ha ha
If we argue later in the day, we always try to clear things up before going to bed. Of we don’t, neither one of us sleeps well, and we both wake up not happy.
It’s race week!! Bib pick up on Friday!! So excited for Saturday ?
Glad you had a great weekend and safe trip home.
Have a great Monday!


He called you while sitting in an ice bath haha… he must be super used to them! I think I might have to cut mine too. I don’t think I could fall asleep on Andrew’s side ha. RACE WEEK RACE WEEK RACE WEEK! Wendy, it’s finally here. And your back is happy and you have trained so hard for this. I am so so excited for you, wish I could be there!


Right?!?! Funny how he could be so “normal” sitting in ice!
Thank you!!! I’m a little nervous, I think because it’s been so long since races have happened for most of us. And then just a few more weeks before your race! YIPPEE


I certainly like “closure” before I go to bed or I don’t sleep right, but sometimes you can’t fix the problem right then and sometimes you just can’t be over it.


I like that… it definitely depends on the situation! I just feel like I can’t think clearly at night ha. I hope your day is a beautiful one and that the start of your school year is going amazing!


You look great with your hair both shorter and long, but I vote to grow it long.

I always try to resolve any issues before going to sleep because I’m one of those people who will stay awake thinking and thinking…and not be able to sleep. But things aren’t always that easy because either I’m too tired or my husband just isn’t in the mood to work it out. So in the best-case scenario we work it out, but sometimes it has to wait. I like another commenter’s idea of sleeping on it because you get a fresh perspective in the morning.


Thank you Joy! You are the best. That is how Andrew is at night (can’t sleep) but I just don’t think straight when I am tired. So many different ways work! I hope your day is a great one and thanks for sharing.


Hi Janae! I think the best part about recovery is lying down doing nothing or putting my legs up on the wall. That works great for me.
Happy Monday!


Doesn’t that just feel the best… to put your legs up on the wall?! I love that too! Thanks friend, you too:)


Ooh we always sleep on the same side of the bed!

My rule is to never go to bed angry!! So we always make up before bed time lol.

We love to do things outdoors as a family and especially because River is so energetic we always find dates that involve wearing her out haha.

Can’t believe your race is coming up so soon!! Have a great week Janae!


River lives the BEST life with you two! I want to come join in on the adventures too:). Glad to know I’m not alone in thinking that you HAVE to sleep on the same side of the bed every night. Thanks Kristine, you too!


GO TO BED MAD!! 100%. Daniel and I have been together 17 years (since age 14) and I’ve always said it’s one of our “secrets”… It works so well for us to have a cool off period before we talk things out!! Sometimes even a few days, But we know each other well enough now that we can trust it will get worked out eventually and neither of us push it.

I’m very excited about halloween candy coming out!

I had this random thought the other day that if Skye was in Canada, she would have started full time kindergarten this year! Here kids start full time school the year they turn 4… so little!! Allie starts senior kindergarten (year 2) on Thursday!!


I didn’t know that you two have been together since you were fourteen! I love that and it totally works for me too… I wake up in such a good mood and a better perspective. I didn’t know that about Kindergarten in Canada and Allie is in senior kindergarten, that is SO exciting! Tell her that we hope she has the best first day back. I hope you get the best night of sleep tonight!


Cut it! It’s so cute when it’s wavy and shorter! :)


Thank you!!! I just set up my appointment! Have the best day!


Hi Janae!
I just wanted to let you know I took some of your advice about training in a group and chased the fast people today and while it was hard and kicked my butt I held on for our first set at a pace I was dreaming about, when I was done and looking at my splits this evening I couldn’t believe I did that!!! Even my second set was at what I had been considering my “hard” pace, so that was pretty neat and overall the workout was very confidence building! I just had to say thank you so much for always putting those thoughts out there for us about going after our dreams and having more in us than we realize! I hope you have a lovely evening!


This made my month!!! Ahhhh Emily, way to go! Isn’t it amazing what it does when we chase after people faster… it pulls us! This makes me so happy. You are incredible and please keep me updated all along the way! Cheering so loud for you.

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