Silentish Saturday!!!

My body was craving a rest day and some slower movement instead of a run.

1. Headspace app for some meditation

2. 44 ounces of water

3. Yoga for runners with this video:

Along with some foam rolling with Skye.

IMG 8235

She loves going through our vacation photo books.

IMG 8245


IMG 8254

He is the sweetest ever!

IMG 8250

Beck seemed like he was a teenager after being with such a new baby!

IMG 8274

Broken AC = our house was miserably hot.  Luckily, someone came in the afternoon to fix it.

IMG 8257

It was cooler outside.

IMG 8258

PB and chocolate belong together.

IMG 8281

Excited for a fun day of running and celebrating (it’s a holiday in Utah today)!

IMG 8283


Tell me three things you have going on today!!

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Yoga and foam rolling- great job listening to your body! Some days that’s exactly what we need.

I have a mud run today! Very excited. It’s not until 12:30, so got to sleep in a bit and do some homework. And after thinking takeout and movie night. Happy Saturday!


Thank you so much Mariah! I am so glad I did:). CHEERING YOU ON for your mud run. Have the best time and that sounds like the best way to spend the evening. Happy Saturday to YOU!


That’s the worst when the a/c doesn’t work. I got a brand new car and my a/c stopped working the summer after I got it. Luckily they were recalled so I was able to get it fixed.
What holiday is it there today? Have fun whatever you are doing :) I noticed your olive pants…are they Lulu? Or an Amazon find:)
Have a great day!


Oh that must have been so frustrating Ash! So glad they were able to fix it! So it is Pioneer Day here and it is to celebrate with the pioneers settled here!
I am so obsessed with these pants… they are lulu but worth it!! Here is the link and I hope you have a great day too!


They are on sale, bonus! Yay I’m going to order. Thanks :)


Ran the last 7.72 leg of my practice Hood to Coast relay at 4 am. That makes 18 miles over the last 24 hours! Actual race is end of august so I’m looking forward to comparing my times ha!! Now much deserved time in the hot tub before my husband plays baseball this afternoon in Denver! Have a great holiday run!!


4 AM! Dawnmarie, you are amazing! Way to go on 18 miles in 24 hours and I am so excited for you to do this in August. I have really wanted to do that race so maybe meet me there in 2022. Enjoy that hot tub! Thanks friend, happy weekend and happy recovering!


Baby Maverick is so adorable! I think he looks a lot like his dad!
Having the AC break is awful this time of year! Thank goodness someone was able to come out so quickly.
Good job listening to what your body needed. I did the same, and I really think it was the best.
Heading out for a quick run, then yoga, then some grocery shopping. We are loving that our son is home and everyone is under one roof again. Going to soak up every minute. Tomorrow the whole big family will be coming over, which will be great!
Have a wonderful weekend Janae ?


AHhhhh that was the first thing I thought when I saw him, he is Cam’s twin! I am so glad you took the day off after disney too… I’m telling ya, that place is a workout! I hope your run, yoga and grocery trip were great. Enjoy this weekend with everyone, that makes me so happy.


Hey Janae, way to listen to your body! I am headed to a race kit pickup today and running the Nova Scotia marathon tomorrow. Not feeling fully trained but hoping for a good effort as I build for London. Pray for me and have a great weekend. Skye’s facial expressions crack me up.

Jennifer P.


JENNIFER!!! I am sending all of the prayers, good vibes and I am cheering SO loud for you. Please let me know how it goes! I wish I could come join you! You have an exciting year of racing. You can do hard things!


YAY for chocolate and peanut butter together! And I hope your run for your Utah holiday is a good one!!!
As for me, I got thrown some VERY bad news yesterday (my position at work got eliminated). I’m not spending today to begin job hunting–I am giving myself the weekend to feel all the feelings, and on Monday I will hit the ground running looking for another position. BUT, today, I have all of this going on: 1. this morning I went to the location of my gym where I teach and subbed someone’s spin class, and had so much fun! 2. I am cramming some choreography for my regularly scheduled class tomorrow so I can fulfill a couple requests from my spin class regulars. 3. waiting for a FedEx delivery–there is a necklace from Mejuri that I had wanted for about a year (it looks very similar to the paperclip-y looking link necklace you wear in some of your pictures, except it’s in silver…), and I ordered it earlier this week when I needed a pick-me-up after a whole lot of exhaustion and a cranky back. It’s supposed to arrive today!!!


Hey Stephanie! I am so so so heartbroken for you. I cannot even imagine what you are going through. Your grit is so inspiring to me and something bigger and better is up ahead for you with work! You are rocking it with spin, I would love to come to a class you taught. I will have to look up those necklaces, ENJOY wearing it.


It’s so true that your own baby seems huge compared to any newborn. Unfortunately my baby is 4 now, so I’m always seeking out other people’s babies to love on!
I loved muncher crunchers bike shorts in the photo of you two together, if you remember could you ask her where she got them?


I just sent her a text so I’ll send you the link whenever she gets back! Aren’t they the cutest?! Oh 4 is such a fun age. I hope you are having a beautiful day so far! Thanks Marilee!


She just let me know they are from Kiava!


Thank you!!


My day consist of going to a basketball tournament for my youngest son. Dinner with my step son after and maybe a movie tonight with hubby.


Beck suddenly looks like a giant now that Maverick is in your arms!

Skye is your mom’s mini-me (in my opinion)

Long run
Vacuuming (counts as strength training?)
Bake banana bread that I’ve put off for days and now the bananas *really* are ready.

Adding a fourth because….. bought lipgloss finally because it’s been 16 months without! Also bought mascara because I took a lashes break and I’m feeling really bare and old without them (and vain. Feeling very vain)

Bravo to a rest day Janae!!!!

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