Friday Favorites!

An awkward side hug happening below because I was VERY sweaty at the end of my run.  I am trying to convince this niece of mine to do home school this fall so she can continue to babysit on the mornings that Andrew is at work so I can run;)  Waking up crazy early again is going to be very difficult!

Nine miles @ 8:53 average with very sore legs from mountain biking the day before.

IMG 8198

Next up—>  Tennis and the $15 Disney fan is making the purchase worth it because we take it everywhere with us!

IMG 8206

Nothing like two humans being on top of you when it is 90 degrees out.

IMG 8202

Back when I ran my ultra I ate way too many fig bars (during training runs and the race) and I thought I would never be able to eat another one again.

I’ve reached the day where I love them again.

IMG 8208

The kids had swim lessons and I got in the pool with everyone afterward and played big time with them.  Some days I am terrible at playing and some days I crush it, yesterday I crushed it and I was exhausted by the end ha.

IMG 8214

#1 fan of cold pizza:

IMG 8220

These two are growing up way too fast.

IMG 8227


Favorite things time:

*My amazing friend ASHTON (on the left) started blogging again.  She is the best writer I know and is so open about the ups and downs in life.  I love her so much and I know you’ll be hooked on her too!

IMG 8191

*I loved this interview with Tim Grover—> a mental and physical performance coach!  He trained Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and I think he needs to train all of us with our running:)

*CHEAP SUNGLASSES THAT I LOVE ALERT.  $16.99 for these and they come in so many different cute colors.

IMG 8117

*My absolute favorite flavor of LIQUID I.V. is back!  I drink this stuff every day of my life and it has helped me more than ever to stay hydrated with all of my running (and breastfeeding!).  I look forward to it after every run because it tastes like a treat while helping me with electrolytes and it ‘delivers hydration to your bloodstream faster & more efficiently than water alone.’

The Pina Colada is so good.  Use my code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL to get 25% off and free shipping HERE!

IMG 7859

*I am obsessed with any piece of ribbed clothing (for the kids and me) and I bought this tank top for $20.  It has a high neckline and it is so light and the material is incredibly soft.  I’ve worn it running and to do weights and I love it and want it in every color.

IMG 7843

*I thought that the Reese’s Thins were the ultimate recipe for the chocolate and PB combo… I was wrong.  The mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups from TJs are PERFECTION.

IMG 7914


The absolute best version of the beautiful PB and milk chocolate combination?!

A food that you have eaten too much that you never want to eat again?!

What was the last workout/run/activity that left you very sore?

Tell me something that you are looking forward to this weekend!

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Doing a mud run tomorrow with friends! Very excited because these are not running friends, and they wanted to do a race! Have a great weekend!


Mariah, this is going to be a blast! I have a feeling you are going to convert them into running;). GOOD LUCK!


Hi Janae! Hope you are having a great Friday. I found out this week I have a stress fracture in my femur and won’t be able to run the NYC marathon this fall like I was hoping. I know you have past experience with stress fractures so wondered if you had any thoughts or advice on how to stay positive and prioritize recovery during an injury? Anyway I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Emily, I am so beyond sorry about what you are going through. This breaks my heart. Injuries are the absolute worst. Give yourself time to grieve and feel everything you need to feel (THIS IS REALLY HARD) and then decide that you are going to come back stronger than ever. Nothing will heal your fracture faster than resting it. Dive into other passions that you normally don’t have enough time for because you run. Find exercises that you can do (focus on strength training that is not going to hurt your femur). You are going to come back stronger than ever. You will love running even more when you are back. You can do hard things! The more sleep the better and make sure to get in meals and snacks because our bodies need calories to heal. PLEASE keep me updated and I’m always here if you need to vent to someone!


Thank you so much for your response and advice Janae! Definitely going to focus on resting and getting stronger. Your journey gives me hope that when I come back I’ll be running even better than before!


Hi! I’m a long time reader and runner and love keeping in touch and reading your blog.
-Best pb/chocolate combo is for sure Reese’s pb eggs!
-I’m 32 weeks pg and not running, just walking/strength training. I haven’t been sore in a long time but Thankful for a healthy baby to come, so I’m OK with that!
Thanks for the IV code- I just ordered as I’ve been dehydrated and having contractions. Question: Did you drink it while pg too?
Love your blog and family, be safe?


HEY NIKKI! Thank you for being my friend over the years and CONGRATS on your pregnancy. I am so excited for you! I did drink it during pregnancy. I really hope it is able to help you out. Please keep me updated on how you are doing and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Thank you :-) I hope you have a beautiful day too ☀️?


Ooh the Pina Colada Liquid IV sounds so good! I wish I could use Liquid IV because it’s so good for hydrating and like the flavors I’ve tried but I always break out after using it…I’m pretty sure it’s the high B12 content because that happens when I take B12 vitamins too. :( Good thing I have my Gatorade Zero haha

Speaking of skin stuff (from your post yesterday), I cannot recommend Stridex pads in the red box enough! They’re about $4 for box and I use them 3-4x a week so they’re super budget friendly. On nights I don’t use Stridex, I use the 5% lactic acid serum from The Ordinary and every day I use the Natural Moisturizing Factors moisturizer from The Ordinary (under $10 each). I have a long history of breakouts and it’s so frustrating trying to find what will work for you, but this routine has worked amazing for me for a long time.

Looking forward to vacation with my in-laws starting this weekend! Hope you have a terrific weekend! :)


Oh bummer! I am sorry that the Liquid IV doesn’t work with you! Thank you thank you thank you for the help! I will absolutely be buying these. Have the best time on vacation and get in plenty of relaxation!


Happy Friday! Has anyone told you that Skye looks just like your niece??


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I just told Skye what you said and she smiled so big. Thanks for telling me:). I hope your Friday is a great one!


Your nieces all look so much alike! And I think they all look like your sister and you. ?
Oh my goodness… Our son and his girlfriend were supposed to have arrived last night, but never left Chicago! They had a layover in Denver, and the weather was so bad (lightning, thunder, rain), that all flights were cancelled. We were all so bummed. But… They got out this morning, and will be here by 1pm! So I am looking forward to hugging them and having a great family weekend!
Oh man my feet are so tired from doing Disneyland and California Adventure yesterday. So much fun, but my feet are telling me “NO run today!”. Ha ha. We were at the parks just before they opened, and left after they closed. What a fun day!
Have a wonderful Friday!


That makes me so happy:). Our genes are strong. I am so glad your son is able to get there today…. enjoy every second! We had a crazy storm here last night too. YAY for Disneyland and I am so glad you guys had such a great day! 14+ hours, what a blast!! Thanks friend, you too!


OK so here are my favorite chocolate and peanut butter combos:
1. Turkey Hill ice cream’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I grew up on it!!!
2. The ‘big’ reeses cups that are over-stuffed with peanut butter!
3. And you hit the nail on the head–the mini TJ’s peanut butter cups!

Your friend’s blog looks like it’s right up my alley. Lately, I have become allergic to many of the blogs I had casually read over time. I miss the realness in writing and writing from a place of connection (with advertisements and paid sponsorships thrown in–I understand that’s a big part of revenue-generation to make blogging a viable career), as so many blogs have just given over to making the sponsorships/advertisements/paid partnerships take FRONT AND CENTER STAGE. I can recognize it as a shift in how marketing and advertising happens to align with cultural and generational values (but no one needs me to go into that…). And I really appreciate blogs where the glimpse into thinking, passion, creativity, and ways of living life WELL–and with good intentions and a big sense of intentionality–really drive the content.

A few Friday favorites:
1. the company WizeBands. If you have a smart watch where you can interchange your watch bands, they have some great ones and seem to often have sales and coupon codes. My husband got me one from there for my birthday that’s sort of like a tortoiseshell pattern in resin links, but instead of brown tortoiseshell coloring it’s black with white swirled throughout. I like having it for a more ‘grown up’ and ‘professional’ looking watch band, and I was able to order two more that will be work-appropriate and somehow a bit dressier for a really good price.
2. Oatmilk ice cream. It’s thick and creamy. Almost TOO thick, but it’s so good! What I like about it being almost too thick is that I can enjoy just a spoon or two of it at a time and be totally satisfied.
3. Kimono-style wraps–that and a cute necklace adds EASY flair to the simplest tank top and jeans if I want to go from feeling scrubby to ready to go out in the world when I need to look reasonably ‘cute.’ OR when I want to just wear a tank top and a bralette that has VERY little support (or none whatsoever) and my joggers but I am in work mode (like right now) and don’t want to put in any effort. My kimono I am wearing today is pink, aqua, indigo, and white marled knit and very lightweight. No one knows I am really wearing a lululemon tank top and my pajama bottoms under this when I am on a work zoom call! ;)
4. MASSAGE! I found a massage therapist in Atlanta who specializes in people who are active and primarily in sports coaches and fitness instructors. She has a special rate for group-ex instructors, which I appreciate. I haven’t seen her since early April, and tomorrow afternoon I have a massage booked–hip flexor issues are really bad right now with my spin class teaching and starting to SERIOUSLY up my game with strength training, and after a lot of travel for work last week and sleeping in a bed that looked gorgeous (in a luxury hotel) but that had a VERY stiff and uncomfortable mattress…and a couple nights sleeping on the sofa thanks to a snoring husband, my lower back is a bit jacked up. I’m limping a bit when I walk! No bueno. Massage time it is!!! :)

I might need to invest in that liquid IV. I’m sensitive to a lot of things with sweeteners, and/or citric acid, but if this stuff is good it might help me feel a bit more hydrated than I have been feeling lately…

Hope you’re having a good day out there! <3


Hi Janae! Weds I had 800 repeats and they were so hard and I ended up walking the recoveries in between. I was pretty discouraged and then my knee was wonky so I ended up taking yesterday off. This morning I did mile repeats and I had one of the best runs of the season! I mean I know running is a roller coaster but this is crazy. I think it had to do with fueling, I went to bed hungry Tuesday night.
Anyways that was my hard workout tangent. And it made me curious if you fuel differently the night before speed.
Happy Friday!!


I’ve become addicted to your blog! I love Liquid IV but they stopped carrying my favorite flavor at Costco so I will definitely use your promo code to order it straight from the website. Also, the best chocolate peanut butter combo to me are the Justin’s Nut Butter Cups- I love the dark chocolate cups in PB and cashew butter. Looking forward to getting back into running after two bruised rubs sidelined me for a little bit this summer. Thanks for all the inspiration that your blog provides!

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