A 1st for us + a RAISE!!!!

First, let’s talk about the fact that Emilee just got back from running the Tour du Mont Blanc with her husband.  They are so hardcore and inspire me in every way.

Second, we were out running and saw Maddie while she was running, and so we invited ourselves to run her back to her house.  I love it when things like that happen.

Nine miles @ 8:36 average, and I felt terrible.  The rollercoaster of running = you go from feeling amazing (aka my Tuesday) to feeling like death (aka my Wednesday) over and over again:)

It was gorgeous, and the conversations were the best, so it was still a win.

IMG 6658

I came home, and Brooke made everyone yogurt parfaits.  They were delicious.

IMG 6661

Beck is rolling around the house like crazy, and he is starting to get caught in random places.  Time to baby-proof our home again.  Luckily, we can close all of the doors in the main area so that he isn’t around any stairs!

IMG 6670

I invited my sis over for lunch.  She loves the TJ’s focaccia bread with their bruschetta sauce as much as I do.

IMG 6675

I don’t know why I feel the need to always tell you the random ways my sister and I are complete opposites, but here is another…

She hates ice.  They don’t have one ice cube in their entire house.  The other day my ice maker was broken, and I refused to drink liquids at home until it was fixed.  I ended up going over to a friend’s house and loading up my water bottles from her pebble ice machine to last me until our ice maker was fixed ha… Andrew says I’m high-maintenance when it comes to my drinks, and I 100% agree with him.

IMG 6676

The best part of my day was finding out that Andrew got hired as Charge Nurse!  He got a raise with the new position, and he is so happy about it all.  We already had a date planned which was a perfect way to celebrate.

Andrew was a little unsure about my date idea ha, but he loved it by the end.  We went to PLUNJ-SAUNA—> hot, cold, rest, repeat.

They invited me to come to try it out a bit ago and so when I was thinking about what we should do for a date, it popped into my head, and I am so happy that it did!

They do contrast therapy there which means you put your body in extreme temperatures and then allow it to rest.

We started in the sauna for about 10 minutes and we were sweating bullets by the end.

IMG 6697

We then sat in the cold tubs for a few minutes which reminded me of the days I used to sit in the river after a hard workout.

IMG 6717

We then allowed our bodies to rest before going through two more times.  There are a ton of benefits like faster post-workout recovery, elevated mood, decreased swelling, reduced anxiety and we already can’t wait to go back.

IMG 6723

We finished off the night at Aubergine for some coconut curry straight from heaven.

IMG 6730

And then Yogurtland because it was next door.  I will never understand his lack of toppings choices…

IMG 6734


Who has a birthday, anniversary or race this month?

Has anyone had a raise or promotion or anything great happen with their work lately?

Give me your thoughts and feelings about ice.

Something you are high-maintenance about?

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I got a new side job that I’m really excited about! I can do it mostly on my own time, and it’s the perfect complement to what I already do. Big congratulations to Andrew!

I need ice in my water bottle post-run. NEED it. There is nothing like that first sip of ice water after a hot run. But I also have to have a straw if there is ice. I can’t stand the ice cubes hitting my mouth! I think we can safely say I’m high maintenance about that. :-)

Need to try that focaccia–I can tell by your face how good it is!


KRISTIN! CONGRATULATIONS to you. That is so exciting and it sounds like it is fitting perfectly into your life. I fully agree with you, a straw is a must with ice so I guess we are both high maintenance with that too. Yes yes you do… I need more today. Have a beautiful one!


I’m a July baby so my birthday is actually Saturday haha. So if you’d like to send good weather to the Philly area for Friday and Saturday as a gift I wouldn’t complain at all ;)

Congrats Andrew!! That’s an exciting promotion!

Okay I’m not saying you’re sister is a psycho for not liking ice but I’m not not saying it either… If my water isn’t ice cold then I don’t want it. The taste is not as good when it’s warm or room temperature!


HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY MAUREEN! I will eat donuts to celebrate you. Sending ALL of the good weather vibes to you for this weekend. Hahaha thank you for agreeing, something is wrong with her water temperature needs. Have a great day!


Congrats to Andrew!


Thanks so much Betsy! Hope your day with your twins is a great one!


Congratulations, Andrew!!!! That’s awesome!

I could do the sauna part of your date but I’m not sure about the ice bath. I hate being cold. It’s the worst. I’d much rather be hot.

No races yet but I’m hoping soon. I do have an appointment for new orthotics next week. I think I’m way more excited about that than I should be.

I got a raise in January. My boss got finished telling me how great I was and that I was one of only two people who managed to get in their required hours (I actually got in way more than the required) and then told me that everyone was only getting cost of living raise. I stood up to him and told him you don’t treat someone who works like I do the same way that you treat those who can’t even do the bare minimum. We had a stand off for a while before he gave me a reasonable raise. I’ve never stood up for myself before. I was very proud and pleased with myself.

Have a great Thursday! I better get some work done.


Hey Lee! Seriously, it was so weird because I hate being cold but the sauna part was the hardest for me! PLEASE let me know how the new orthotics go! CONGRATS ON YOUR RAISE earlier this year! I am unbelievably proud of you for standing up for yourself and thank you for being a good example to all of us. Thank you, have a great day of work! They are so lucky to have you!


Congratulations Andrew!!!
Today is my husband’s birthday!!! ? I ordered his favorite strawberry whipped cream cake from a local bakery and we are going to his favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner:)


Thank you Nadya and happiest birthday to your husband. Can I come over for that cake, holy cow that sounds good! ENJOY!


My water HAS to have ice in it or I won’t drink it. I’m having a lovely cold tumbler of ice water now (with a straw to encourage more hydration). My mom hates ice and prefers her water at room temperature so I have to bring ice with me when I visit!

Congratulations Andrew!


Yes to the straw and the cold tumbler of ice water… it’s just a need! I’m going to store a bag of ice in my sister’s freezer for whenever I go to her house… thanks for the tip:). Have a great one Samantha and thank you!


Congratulations to Andrew!!! That is amazing news.

I recently got a new job and started two weeks ago. It’s going amazing so far and I’m so happy!

I am a bit high-maintenance about my drinks as well, but the opposite of you. I have no ice in my house and prefer almost all my beverages warm, especially water. I can’t drink cold water!


Thank you so much Joy! He is very excited. CONGRATS to YOU! I am thrilled you are loving it and that everything is going well. You and my sister should get together ha (but let me come too and I’ll bring ice for myself;). Have a great day!


Congrats Andrew!!

I got a new job plus raise in January and it’s been so nice! Larger paychecks help me pay for my school faster, which is a huge help. Grad school is expensive!

Plunj-sauna sounds amazing, I’m going to see if I have anything like that by me!

I don’t like ice in my water either, I’m like your sister! I do have ice in my house to put in water bottles for summer running (since it melts so fast), but not for a regular glass of water at home.


Hey Mariah! CONGRATS on your raise at the beginning of the year. I bet grad school is crazy so I am happy you are able to pay off more at a time now. Seriously, I can’t believe how much better my legs feel today. I’m glad you put some in your running bottles, that is a must:). Happy Thursday!


I hate cold water so I have no idea how you and Andrew handled getting into those cold tubs!
I am high-maintenance about the temperature of my food. It needs to be hot – when I call everyone to the table to eat, they better come right away. I expertly roll or tie fast food bags shut to keep everything as toasty as possible until I eat it. Meals at family gatherings served on platters to pass around gives me anxiety, the food is just rapidly getting cold! It’s buffet style at my house where all the food is covered and on a warm burner. :)


The weirdest part is the sauna was actually harder for me! Oh I am saying AMEN to your need for the correct temperatures of food. Andrew always asks if my food is scalding enough for me to eat;). If it’s supposed to be warm, I need it warm. My mom always brings over those portable warmers and I love them. Have a great day with some perfectly temperatured (not a word ha) food!


Congrats to Andrew!!!

I am with you on the ice!

I am most definitely not high maintenance but I am particular when it comes to long races..especially over prep for ultras.

We have a couple of family bdays this month.. but no races or anniversaries.

It’s our Canada day holiday and I took the Friday so I have a long weekend that starts on a Thursday. Feels so weird! lol..

Have a great day Janae!


Hey Kristine! I hope you have as much ice as possible today especially with all of the heat that you guys have experienced. HAPPY CANADA DAY and I hope you get in so much fun during this long weekend. Thanks friend, you too!


I got hired as the phy ed teacher at my kids school (private). It is 2 days/week teaching PK-6th grade. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I also signed a contract to be a sub at the public school in town too. This is the first time since I have became a SAHM (7 years) that I have contracted work before the school year even starts. In the past, I “just subbed when I could”(since I had limited daycare) or they ask me 2 weeks before school starts to fill in for a position–look at me being all responsible and committing to something BEFORE the school year starts, haha.

I am with your sister. I don’t like ice either, however my kids and husband love it. They are in charge of refilling the trays though–if they are empty, they are out of luck.

I don’t think I am high maintenance about anything?! I should ask my husband. Although, I probably I have a high-maintenance personality–laundry needs to be done in a certain way, following a schedule/routine, I pack for a trip 2 weeks before we leave, I am either 120% about something or 0%, etc. I sound nuts! ;-)

Have a fabulous Thursday Janae!


I forgot to say “Congrats to Andrew as well!!!”


Congrats to Andrew on his well-deserved promotion!

Can I just say that every time I read one of your posts you make me want to move to Utah :) You highlight all the best parts so well- the food, views on your runs, and now this Nordic Sauna place. You are such an inspiration on how to really celebrate your surroundings and to make the most of every day.


Congratulations, Andrew!!

I love ice, an ice dispenser was a must when we got a new refrigerator. Although I do ask for light on the ice at restaurants because if I don’t I’ll get about 3 sips per glass.

I think I’m pretty low maintenance, but while I was in the heat of menopause, I had to have our bedroom super cool. Poor Les, he was freezing most of the time! Not that the room temperature stopped hot flashes…


Congratulations Andrew!! That is awesome!!
Oh your date night sounds wonderful! I have never done a cold/ice bath before, so that’s a little intimidating, but I bet it feels so good and the benefits amazing.
Beck’s face while he’s half under that piece of furniture… Ha ha ha. So proud of himself.
I need ice in my water for sure, but not quite like you. But no ice?? Your sister is weird ?
I just got back from running with my friend… It’s been almost 2 months!! And I felt a little like you this morning too. My body is really sore and tired from the last 2 days of working on the backyard, so the run felt super hard! But the conversation was fantastic and just what I needed!
Have a good day Janae ?


Your sister & I would get along! No ice in this house either!!! Hahaha!


I have been using hot/cold tubs for a few years and love them. A small business, called Athlecare, in draper is all about recovery and injury prevention for athletes. I find that going back and forth between the temperatures is invigorating. I also enjoy a traditional sauna and try to use one several times a week for about 25 minutes.


CONGRATULATIONS ANDREW on your raise and on your new position!!! I hope it is the beginning of a GREAT trajectory in this part of your nursing career!!!

Also: that spa sounds glorious. I need something like that (and at an affordable pricepoint) in my life!! Even though I haven’t been running, with my spin class/strength training/yoga schedule and a job that has me sitting at a desk way too long each day, I think I need something like that in my life!

And ice: YES PLEASE! I need my cold beverages to be SO VERY COLD, and ice is a significant contributor to that.

Apropos of nothing–that green running muscle tank you’re wearing in your first picture–I WANT THAT! I have the black version, and I am in love with that green color. It’s such a pretty shade of green!!!


Congrats to Andrew!!
I have my 6 week postpartum dr appt tomorrow, so hoping to get cleared for exercise soon!

My dads birthday is on the 5th and my little brother and nephew have their birthdays on the 14th. We aren’t going back to St Louis this month since we have the newborn, but we usually have a big family birthday for the July birthdays.

I HAVE to have ice in my drinks, even though we use a Brita filter that stays in the fridge, I need my ice! My mom doesn’t like ice in her water either, she doesn’t even use ice for her sodas. She prefers them at room temperature!

We bought a pop up camper from our neighbors late last year, so we are using it for the first time on Monday! Call us crazy, but we are taking the 1 month old, 3 yr old, and giant lab/Great Dane mix for two nights. We are heading up to Summit County in CO and right now it’s in a fire ban, so hoping it gets lifted since we’ve had a lot of rain this week and a bit this weekend too. But if it doesn’t, we’ll still have a lot of fun I hope and our campground is right next to Lake Dillon, so maybe we’ll also get some bites from the fishies!


That’s funny with the ice!
I am high maintenance about my cold brew coffee…….I have certain places or brands at the store I just can’t handle. I would rather skip my morning caffeine than settle for mediocre cold brew! I have kinds I tolerate, but I am so picky and if I could afford it I would only get it from my favorite local shops on a daily basis! Just black, nothing added, cold brew, please!

My husband started a new job at a local bakery a few months back and recently got a promotion……but if you ask me, the biggest perk of his job is bringing home free bread or (the best) pizza dough whenever we need it!


One year wedding anniversary! It was the same day my husband took his final exam and PASSED his 5 year HVAC apprenticeship!! It was a great day! And comes with an $8/hr raise :)
My teeth are sensitive so I don’t like ice


I am totally with you on the ice thing. I will not drink anything unless it is super cold, even in the winter. We bought a “pebble” icemaker so that we would have enough ice.

Congrats to Andrew that is super exciting!


Congrats Andrew!
I’m sure you will be an awesome lead nurse/ well liked by everyone!
Actually July 1st is my birthday (69th) and I had a nice day.
Janae, Beck is so dang cute, thanks for the daily smiles ?


I have my birthday on the 23rd, my daughter’s first wedding anniversary on the 24th, and her big wedding reception (finally!) on the 25th. It will be a jam-packed weekend – and I cannot wait!


Congrats Andrew!! So wowed by all of our amazing healthcare professionals (always but especially this past year, with all they’ve had to carry). I’m really glad his employers see and value his work :)

Would Emilee ever want want to do a guest post on Mount Blanc?! What a cool experience!

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