Another workout in the books!

It was so nice to be reunited with the Runner’s Corner crew again.  They are done recovering from their marathon that was earlier this month, and they are starting their training again for Boston!

IMG 6601

We did 3 mile repeats (5:46, 5:39 ((flat/down/a tiny up/down)) and 5:34 ((mostly downhill)) along with 4 x 200m (these hurt big time because my legs were done).

It was just a few degrees cooler for the workout than it has been in the previous weeks of workouts and that made the biggest difference for me.  I felt SO much better and faster—> be kind to yourself right now if you are struggling in the heat!  The weather affects our running so much and if you feel like you are slowing down right now, it’s because of the weather!

IMG 6616

Obsessed with this tank from Sarah Marie!  The first time I saw it, I knew I needed it and I love it so much.

PS I forget I have that scar on my back…  My doctor removed it because they weren’t sure if my mole was cancerous (it wasn’t)!  Andrew watched them take it all out, and I was so confused why anyone would ever CHOOSE to watch such a thing.

IMG 6620

Everyone was very happy to sleep in their own beds.

IMG 6627

And I snuck in 13 minutes of strength while they ate pancakes.

IMG 6630

We were able to spend some time with cousins, and these girls are very into making bracelets!

IMG 6637

Beck felt pretty cool to be included in the cousin events too.

IMG 6647

Brooke has officially started helping me out with the flyaway gray hairs that I have.

IMG 6651

It was one of those nights where we wanted to eat within 8 minutes of getting home (ps you can find a list of my favorite fast TJs dinners HERE).

IMG 6653

It turned out pretty good!

IMG 6654

It’s always a good sign when you have too many fillings to fit in the tortilla.

IMG 6655

PS Skye told me she wants clothes for her birthday… isn’t that something TEENAGERS WANT?

IMG 6631


Have any big scars?

Do things like blood make you queasy, or are you okay with it all?

-I struggle not to run away even when seeing my kid’s bloody noses.

Who is running Boston this year?!  

-I cannot wait to see what elites will be racing too!

Have any gray hair?  How old were you when you started getting it?


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I have a big ankle scar from surgery after falling rock climbing, my c section scar, and a few small mole removal scars! Those scar way worse than the surgery scars!
That dinner looks AMAZING! I need to go to TJ today.
I’m running Boston! Training started Monday and I have my first speed workout in over a month today! Of course it’s well into the 90’s real temps so it’s going to be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I will remember to be kind. :)
No gray hair yet! Which honestly surprised me after this past year lol.
Have a great day!


FALLING ROCK CLIMBING… that sounds so scary! Seriously the mole removals leave quite the scars. I am SO excited for you to run Boston! The heat training you do it going to make the marathon feel like a breeze. You are SO tough Mollie. And maybe you will never have gray hairs if you didn’t from the last year ha.


My nieces wanted clothes too! My oldest niece just turned 7 and we let her pick out whichever outfit she wanted (although that ended up being two swimsuits, sneakers and a hat, all with unicorns hahah). Now the niece turning 5 next month wants to do the same!

I am not good with blood or needles. I don’t even like to watch on tv or in movies!


Hahaha your nieces sound awesome! And all of the unicorns.. the best. I’m with you, the second there is blood on tv I close my eyes. Have a great day, Mariah!


I have a few scars from just playing rough as a kid and I had hernia surgery after my son was born so I have a 4 inch scar above my belly button (my dad and I compare our scars all the time because he had his burst appendix removed in November.) Afraid I might have to go through another hernia surgery because I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, but look like I am 35 weeks. I don’t know where this kid is going to grow or how much bigger I am going to get.

I always wanted to be a doctor/surgeon, but didn’t want to go through residency and all that so I became an engineer instead. I am fascinated by it. When I was 3 my grandfather was in a big car accident and it destroyed his knee cap. I sat on his lap as they removed his cast and fixed some things. The doctor told my family I would be a doctor some day. About 8 years ago, my husband had lasik done and they let me sit in the attached room to watch through the window. That was really cool, but it has made me wait a little bit to get my lasik done. There wasn’t any blood, but it is still medical stuff. I also have a picture on my phone of my grandmother’s knee after her knee replacement.

I have a handful of grey hairs, but they are more silver than anything so they sort of just blend in with my blonde pieces. I have a mixture of colors in my hair so any red hair I have turns white instead of grey or silver. I started getting them probably when I was 25, but at 33 you still have to look through my hair to find a bunch. My husband however has a patch right in the front that is half grey. He didn’t start going grey until maybe 29, but its going faster for him.


Congrats on your second little one and being in your third trimester! That must be so hard to feel like there isn’t any more space for growth! I cannot even imagine watching lasik being done… you are tough! And at 3 you were already interested in watching what was happening with your grandpas knee! That is awesome. Your hair sounds beautiful! Have a great day, Kelly and I hope you are feeling well and getting plenty of rest!


I noticed my first grays last year (just after turning 28), glad to hear I am not the only one who started before 30 :p


You are not alone!! I really think mine started when life was really stressful so maybe yours did too with everything going on last year. Have a beautiful day, Nina!


I have several scars. The one on my lip was from getting hit by a garden hose. I have little “marks” from precancerous spots being removed. I have observed several surgeries. I find medicine to be interesting.
I am embracing my grey hair. I decided to let them show with pride. My hair styling bill went from way down. I started to cover my greys in my early 20s. I am now 50. My stylist has had fun getting me to my natural color with greys thrown in. My adult kids like that I am nit fighting the aging process.


Garden hose to the lip… that sounds painful! Andrew agrees, watching surgeries is awesome. Your hair sounds beautiful! I feel that way with new wrinkles, I love my smile lines because they represent so many great life experiences! Have a wonderful day, Heidi!


I love that tank top too!! She has so many cute things on her website.
Ok, I have to ask… In the picture with Brooke and Beck, when you said everyone was happy to be back in their own beds… Who dressed the Broncos bear in an Angel’s outfit?? Ha ha. We’re huge Denver Broncos fans (season ticket holders) so of course I noticed that!
I too, can’t wait to see which elites are running Boston, and all the other major fall marathons!! I think there will be a lot this year, and I am excited!
I have a scar on the inside of my right thigh from when I was in 7th grade. Long weird story, but it’s from dropping my curling iron. But it’s still there! I also have a C-section scar from both my boys, but that one has really faded.
I just started seeing gray hairs about 2 years ago. I have blonde hair, so they sort of just blend in, and there aren’t a lot of them yet. I do get highlights done every 4 to 6 months, so I don’t mind them.
Hurray for a couple degrees cooler for you and that workout! It does make such a huge difference this time of year. It’s the humidity that kills me….uuuggg
Have a great Wednesday.


Hahaha that was definitely Knox who picked out that bear! I didn’t know you guys were season ticket holders, that is so cool! Oh that is crazy that the curling iron left that scar! And C-sections, wow! I am REALLY hoping you get some relief from the humidity soon. You are incredible!


Hi Janae! I have some scars on my knee from ACL surgery and one on my thumb from playing with a pocketknife as a kid. So relieved to hear you talk about gray hairs I have a few mutant white hairs! I don’t have any races on the schedule yet but looking at my first marathon for next year.
Happy hump day!


I also have some scars from moles being removed! I also have one from softball when I went to slide into a base and the post holding it in popped out and cut up my leg really badly. Fun times haha!!

I’m with you on the gray hairs- I feel like I’ve had them since my early twenties but keep seeing more. Drives me crazy!


Curiosity, what’s the humidity percent lately? It’s been killer here in the Midwest.
And I have a scratch on my face. My brothers thought it would be fun to set up a plot that involved throwing the cat at my face when I was 4.


I want to go back to the days of bracelet making lol. I used to make a ton of the embroidery floss friendship bracelets. Fun Fact: when I was 18 years old, I had 18 on my ankles (9 per ankle) and I would add one each year. I finally cut them all off at age 22 when I finished college and got my first full time job, felt it was the next chapter of my life.


I have a big scar on most of my stomach. I had major complications when I was pregnant with our youngest (4th baby), it ended up being a splenic aneurysm which could have been fatal for us both. So anyways my husband always says it’s a beautiful reminder that we are both here and to be proud of my big old scar ?
I’m a former nurse, so not much grosses me out. I now work in special education and am the go to person when their is any issue with any of the kiddos that involves blood or puke as it doesn’t bother me. My coworkers know they can run away and I will deal with it ?
That youngest baby I mentioned above is now 16. I’ve had to remind her a lot to give herself some grace in this heat. She’s doing conditioning for cross country, and has been hard on herself that running has been tough this week. I keep telling her it’s hard for all of us in this crazy heat wave!
Have a blessed day ☺️


Ohhhhhhh I have a VERY hard time with blood! I look away.

As for scars: I have a pretty significant one on my left knee. When I was in the 4th grade, the weekend my entire neighborhood had garage sales/yard sales, I decided it would be a GREAT IDEA to skip-rope up the driveway from the tables we set out at the edge of the garage and the house. For Christmas, I had gotten this really adorable red braided jump rope with little soft stuffed clowns as the handlebars, and I jump roped EVERY CHANCE I COULD GET. Nevermind that this was the weekend before the appropriate vendor was coming to pave our driveway and that our driveway was made of VERY chunky gravel (not small fine gravel-rocks, but big ones…). I tripped over myself and fell and cut my knee wide open. It hurt so much I was crying, and it hurt and stung so much when my mom cleaned the gash with H2O2. And the scar that it left behind–well, let’s just say that it’s significant enough for me to notice even now in my mid-40s. (Why does that feel weird to write…mid-40s…I guess since I turned 44 this month I can no longer pretend to say my EARLY 40s…middle aged, huh? So this is what it looks like and feels like…)

As for greys: I noticed my first WHITE hairs right around the age of 24. I think I noticed my first GREY hairs in my very early 30s, at some point either while I was applying for PhD programs or I was in my first year of PhD school. Crazy!!!

Those super overstuffed tacos look like heaven. I bet they tasted SO GOOD!!!! Hmm…maybe taco night NEEDS to be on the meal plan for next week. It sounds so dang delicious to me right now!!! :)

I hope you have a good day out there!!! :)


I was in a car accident in high school and my head met the windshield, requiring about 50 stitches on my scalp near my hairline (it was the 70s and we weren’t wearing seat belts.) In my mind the scar is still huge, but in reality you can’t see it if you don’t know where to look!

One of my brothers was a hemophiliac so blood was just part of my childhood, along with needles, so it doesn’t bother me too much. Now I’m married to a cyclist who has had a few crashes and I’m good with getting him cleaned up.

I have a lot of gray hair, but I’m not sure when it started coming in. My hair is blond, so I think it slowly came in without being noticed – my dad was the same way. Then one day, how did I get so much gray hair?!


Needles, blood, all of that no problem. Someone vomits including my own child and I am giving myself a meditation motivational speech in my head.

First grey……38 maybe. Chris’s was in college.


My appendix ruptured when I was 8 and then they didn’t get all the infection out so I had to have a second surgery for it and it left me with 3 scars. It was a horrible hack job and my stomach has a little pouch because of it. I also have the scar(s) from my c-sections so my whole lower abdominal area is a mess :) Those are my big scars and then of course there are the chicken pox scars and one on my knee from trying to ride a bike while carrying a volleyball net.

I find things like the mole removal oddly fascinating and would want to watch too. That and things with puss popping. It’s so gross but I still want to see!

No gray hairs on me that I’ve noticed but my hair is a dark blonde so maybe I just can’t see them.


Cooler weather feels so good to run in, building a fast fall now =)

I can’t believe Skye asked for clothes, she really cracks me up!

My hair stylist mentioned my “sparkalies” for the first time this spring, I blame Covid. I won’t mention my age ;)


I got my first gray hair ON my 22nd birthday HA! My roommate found it as she was curling my hair for my birthday dinner. Since then I’ve had sporadic gray hairs, but now, at 33, they’re coming in hot. Wonderful.

My husband is running Boston this year, but right after London so we will see how that goes!


Like a few other commenters, I also have an appendix scar and a really good one on my left elbow from crashing on a scooter when I was in 6th grade. My mom now says “it probably could have used around 50 stitches.” She’s a nurse, so naturally, it was fixed with her home made bandage system and a kiss for quick healing at that time!

I started getting gray hair when I was 18! I get the color of it (more white than gray) from my 93 year old Grandmama and the early timing from my 92 year old Memaw! I have never covered it because I love being able to tell people those fun facts!

I’m glad you were able to be reunited with your running crew!


Great job on your repeats. It is great seeing your progress. I am slowing down, but still happy to be able to get out. My big scars are the reason I am slowing down. I have had several foot surgeries due to familial bad feet. Just vey ha]y I’m not sidelined yet and plan on running many more years.
I am an ICU, Cardiac Catalan RN so bloo d is no problem for me.

Well sorry to bloat but I am 51 and no gray. Not sure how this is happening but will not complain. Funny story, my hairdresser does a gray check every time I get a haircut. I occasionally have 1 pop up in the same place. I pull it then wait for that same one to grow back. Lol . I keep waiting to wake up one morning with a full head. Ha


The biggest scar I have is from my two c-sections. I am ok with blood, but a bloody nose is like my limit.
I started getting grey hairs probably mid-20s, and now I have a nice forest of them in my part.

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