Too Good to Be True + Tangents

This was a reallllly good way to start off my week.

I’m a way more fun mom when we are outside.  When I’m outside I feel like I can easily let go of to-do lists, be present, be silly and just relax…  Now to learn how to do that better when we are inside:)

I think I’ve created children that are addicted to being outside too:

IMG 3332

Before I ran with Brooke I went with Emilee and we did 9 miles @ 8:19 pace.  Sometimes I jump on and off the curb when I am running for a bit to vary things up and to get different muscles to wake up and work.  Variation is an important part of avoiding overuse injuries—> I talk more about this here!

IMG 3318

This girl loves having her nails painted but it isn’t easy for her to stay still afterwards to let them dry.

IMG 3336

This.  I stopped and stared at this sign for a minute because it seemed too good to be true.

IMG 3337

The amount of salt and garlic I put into guacamole is unreasonable but it just makes it taste so so good (I used mini tacos that I cooked in the air fryer as my chips which made the guac taste even better:)

IMG 3343

And for dinner our neighbors invited us over for the best burger I’ve ever had.

IMG 3355


I have some tangents to share today!

*Beretta is so thrilled to have another little one to feed her from the high chair.  She is not interested in what Beck is eating these days but she is just preparing herself for when he does start having more food to give to her.

IMG 3340 1

*Brooke went over to sit on my mom’s lap and I had to laugh because I don’t think it will be long before they are the same size:).

IMG 3313

*My kids hit the jackpot with their cousins.

IMG 3307

*I don’t like Skor bars/toffee bits etc.  I’ve tried for so long to just power through toffee items or desserts that have a bit of toffee in them and tell myself it is good but I’m finally just letting go of trying to like it from here on out.

*My cousin was in town (remember how she used to be on the blog all of the time?!) and her little guy!  I need her to move back to Utah again.

IMG 3297

*You guys convinced me yesterday, I’m going to chop my hair!  My appointment is on the 21st, I cannot wait.

Leslie’s comment is what 1000% sold me on the idea;)

Screen Shot 2021 05 10 at 1 42 54 PM

*Remember how I told you last week that my brother loves warm soda?  I found out why!  He lived in El Salvador for two years (he was on a mission for our church) and he was in an area and time that it wasn’t safe to drink the water while they were out all day.  They relied on soda throughout the day and didn’t have a way to keep it cold while they were out… so that is what got him going on the warm soda thing!

*Megan asked this on her IG and I had to ask you here too!  I am #6 and anything cooked more than that is considered burnt in my opinion!

IMG 3241

What # of toast are you?  What are your favorite toast toppings?

Toffee—> love it or leave it?

Tell me a way that you vary up your running!!

If your store was selling avocados for .20… how many would you have bought of them?

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I used to be a 6 like you but lately I’ve been a mix of 3 and 7! 3 isn’t toasted enough but 7 is a little too toasted in my opinion. My favorite toast topping of the moment is Bonne Maman jam/jelly/preserves! Not 100% sure the difference lol but it’s the BEST I’ve ever had.


Well now I need to find the Bonne Maman jam! Thanks for sharing Maureen and I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


I am actually on here early today! Yay!

20 CENT avocados?!? That is unheard of but totally awesome!!!! I still only would have bought 4-5 bc that’s all we would use before they went bad. lol It would be a good time to make homemade guacamole though!!!

I do like toffee—I’m a sucker for a Heath bar every now and then, but they’re not so great for the teeth. On a sweet note though, I ordered my birthday cake yesterday. It’s going to be chocolate with cookie dough filling and a Key West/flamingo/palm tree theme. I’m so excited because you know I LOVE cake. I’ll be posting pics in June for sure :)

AND, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR NEW HAIR!!!! I didn’t have time to comment yesterday, but I would have totally voted to DO IT!!!! It’s so cute, and it’s not that drastic of a departure from what you have now, so it shouldn’t be too scary to make a change! I’m excited for you!

Have a beautiful day, Janae!!!!!


JEN JEN JEN! Right? It was shocking to see them for that price! Happy birthday next month and I am just SO excited for your cake… I might need a slice, that sounds like heaven! Thank you so much, I am really excited for a change. Thank you so much friend, you too!


I think I’m at #8. It’s not super crispy so it soaks up the egg yolk really well without getting soggy. My favorite topping is egg yolk! but it has to eggs from a particular farm near my house. I’m scared of birds so I can’t get my own chickens. this farm has got me spoiled. i can’t eat store bought eggs anymore.
I’ve started running in the grass where possible on my regular route. some of it is slanty so I avoid that but if it’s flattish and not super wet, i’ve been running in it. hopefully the homeowners don’t mind. we don’t have sidewalks where i live so if i can get off the road, it’s definitely safer.
I think you’re going to love your new hair! I can’t wait to see it.


I am #7 with my toast. I love peanut butter, honey and bananas on my toast. So so delicious!


HEY KIMBERLY! I hope you have some delicious toast asap! Have a beautiful day friend:)


I’m worried I won’t be able to ever eat store bought eggs again too! I love toast with an egg yolk on top too, it’s Knox’s favorite too. I love that you are running on the grass, it’s so helpful and I’m glad it is safer for you too. Thanks friend, have a beautiful day!


What a good morning!!! It’s so wonderful that your kids are addicted to being outside, so much research shows it’s so good for all of us.

All the food looks so yummy, bring on summer!!! (It’s currently snowing here ?‍♀️)

I agree about the toast. Anything darker than 6 is burned and inedible.


SNOWING?! STILL? Oh that is rough Beth! I hope you get spring/summer soon! I hope your day is a beautiful one friend and stay warm!


20¢ avocados!!???! If that ever happened at my grocery store, I would buy them all! I’m currently on a huge avocado toast kick. And, we are all on a huge guacamole kick too!
What a fun morning for you. I love to see Brooke want to run with you.
It’s funny you talked about varying the “terrain” of where you’re running. I was thinking yesterday, that I was starting to feel my achilles again ( last year I had to take all of May off from running because I was having achilles tendonitis in both Achilles!). So I have been making the conscious effort to make sure I am çhanging where I run…. Yesterday, while waiting for my car, I hit up the local river trail ( same one that I love to run, just much further south/west). I switched between running on the asphalt path and the dirt path. I think it made a difference. So I will continue to do that, and take a day off here and there, to avoid having to be sidelined for a loner period. Such a good reminder!
I am definitely toast 6 too. Toasty enough for a little crunch is perfect.
I was busy yesterday, so didn’t comment, but I think you would look so great with that haircut! I’m excited for you. With the highlights too, it will be a great spring into summer ?
Have a wonderful day!


Hey Wendy! I seriously could not believe how cheap they were. I totally remember when you had to take time off for your achilles! Good for you to switch up your surfaces, it really does help. Thank you so much friend, I am really excited for a change! Have a great one:)


Guac is in full force in my life right now. I find myself eating it with a spoon sometimes…….yikes.
Sometimes if I have a lot of miles and no people to run with I will do treadmill, straight to outside…….just to have the company of a show for a bit.


Off to grab a spoon for more guac… that’s the way to do it! I love that idea, the company of a show before solo miles outside is brilliant. Have the best day, Erica!


I like my toast crunchy but not burnt, so #5.
Please sent me all your toffee, Skor bars, Heath bars, etc… My latest go to is to take a Heath Klondike ice cream bar and smash it up with some vanilla ice cream in a bowl, then add some caramel topping. So good!
When I used to run I would vary things up by reversing the loop or hitting some side trails through parks, etc…
I am not big on avocados but am trying to add them into my diet.

I thought you might find this podcast intersting (since you hate having cold hands):
Cooling your palms on purpose can increase your athletic performance!


I absolutely will send you the toffee:). Andrew loves those ice cream bars too but I’m going to have to have him try it with your combo. I hope biking is going really well for you! I cannot wait to listen to that episode, thanks for sharing… that sounds awesome! Have a wonderful day, John!


ACTUALLY, I love toffee. LOVE IT. One of my most favorite “I feel fancy” chocolate bars is the Chocolove bar that has the almond bits and the toffee bits in it. And once upon a time ago, as a thank you for a favor I did for an acquaintance, I was given a box of See’s Candies toffee chocolate that’s like a long, thick piece of almond toffee bark covered in chocolate with chopped up almond bits, and you break the toffee apart for pieces. I think that’s where my love of toffee began, tbh–when I was a kid and a teenager, I never gave heath bars the time of day. But now I love toffee. YUM.

You asked about toast. I am maybe a 5.5–6 is a bit too light and 5 is the darkest I will go. I think my husband is part of your Team 6!!!

As for the avocados: I would look for THREE–one that’s far from being ripe (so it will be ripe in 2 days), one that would be ripe tomorrow, and one that would be perfectly ripe today. And I would revolve that day’s meal planning around glorious avocados!!!

YAY for choosing to cut your hair!!!! I can’t wait to see what it looks like! And I bet you’re right–it will make you lighter and faster.


Hey Stephanie! I will have to send you any toffee I get:) See’s candy is just the best… best thank you gift ever for you! I hope that avocados go on sell in your area soon because your method sounds perfect. Thank you so much friend, I’m excited for a change. Have a fabulous day!


Hi Janae! 20 ¢ avocados?!? Did you invent a time machine? I usually stick to Costco avocados because I’ve had bad luck at stores with getting avocados that never ripen or are half rotten when I open them. I think the biggest source of variation in running I get is if I run with others because that really switches up my pace.
Happy Tuesday!


Right? I couldn’t believe it! They even tasted really good too. I love Costco avocados too. I’m with you on running with people helping to vary things too. Have the best day and I feel like you guys must be coming up on 2 months of marriage… keep enjoying!


CONGRATS on the decision to cut your hair! I think you will absolutely love it :o) It’s great that Brooke has so much motivation to run – really nice to see!
I’m a #7 on the toast scale. Favorite topping is avocado or hummus with some Everything Bagel seasoning and super thinly sliced tomato or cucumber. For a treat, I’ll use 88 Acres vanilla spiced sunflower butter – yum :o)
Speaking of avocados…$.20?!?!?! That’s unbelievable!! I would buy all that my cart (or maybe 2 carts!) would hold, then use some immediately for guac and prep the rest for freezing…avocado anytime I want!!
Toffee is a big bowl of NO for me. Seems to be one of those things people either love or hate LOL.
Have a wonderful day, Janae!!


Thank you Janine! I’m really excited for a change. I need some of those toast toppings right this second. I hope avocados go on sale for you in your area. Good to know I’m not alone with the toffee thing haha. Thanks friend, you too!


I love all the pics of your adorable children. You are an amazing mother.

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