Friday Favorites + I Could Get Used to This

First challenge run (trails the day after a speed workout) in a VERY long time done and done.  I was breathing heavier than ever climbing up after these girls but it felt amazing to be in the hills again.  5.75 miles @ 10:32 average with 944 ft of climbing.  My legs were shaking by the end of that.

I could get used to doing this a few times a week again…

IMG 6645

I love the random things we see along the way.  There was also a table and a bench set up at the top of the climb and I have no idea how it got up there (no vehicle access).  A few of the girls that I went with know these trails better than anyone so it was nice to just follow them and not think about where to turn next etc.

IMG 6639

From the run I went straight to Brooke’s school and I learned yesterday (again) that she is sure brave.  Her music class was having a music sharing day and she wanted to sing Speechless from the new Aladdin in front of the entire class.  She did an amazing job.  At the end a few of her classmates stood up to clap and I had all of the tears after that.

IMG 6656

A bit later and my mom came over to pick up Skye to spend time with her.

IMG 6660

This meant that Andrew and I could go out on a date (with Beck).  I absolutely tried to match Andrew with our outfits:)

IMG 6661

We went to Pizza Factory for salad and breadsticks and sat and talked for a while.  When Andrew is an NP he will probably be working a more traditional schedule and I’m really going to miss hanging out in the middle of the week whenever he has a day off.

IMG 6664

The rest of the day was filled with the normal activities including playing with 7 chickens in our backyard.

IMG 6673

Kids in bed, Bachelor watching & the best Hershey Kiss variety in my opinion.

IMG 6631


Time for a few of my favorite things this week:

*I have a new favorite Liquid I.V. flavor… the Pina Colada is too good and it tastes like a treat.  I use one of these packets every day to help myself to stay hydrated (one packet of this in your water bottle is equal to drinking three water bottles).  They also include a bunch of electrolytes (which is awesome now that I’m training again:) and 5 essential vitamins.

The code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you 25% off your order and free shipping HERE!

IMG 6359

*These convertible glove/mittens are amazing (the link is to the same glove/mittens but the design is a bit different).  They are reflective, you get the benefits of having both gloves and mittens (you can tuck the mitten part away if it is too warm for that layer) and they are reflective.  You can also use them with your phone’s touchscreen without having to take them off:).

IMG 6311

*Slippers!  My last pair had paint spilled all over them so I needed a new pair and decided to try out Jessica Simpson’s slippers.  They feel like a present on my feet.

IMG 6672

*John recommended this book to me and it is so fascinating.  We put so much importance on exercise and nutrition for our health but forget how sleep is a huge part of the equation for our health too.  I’ll be sharing my favorite parts of the book in posts too… now to just get Andrew to read it:)

IMG 6668

IMG 6583


Who is watching the Bachelor this season?  Are you liking this season?

Tell me something that you are looking forward to this weekend?

Something random that you have seen on the run recently?

Where you live—> do you wear shoes, slippers, oofos or do you go barefoot inside?

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YAY for Brooke for singing that song for her class!!!! I admire her bravery, and I bet she did a fantastic job!!!! I bet you were so so proud of her!!!!

Okay, something randomly seen on a run lately. This was so weird. It had snowed here a day or two previously, and I ran by this tree that had snow packed on it that was totally in the shape of the silhouette of a person hanging onto and hugging the tree! It’s hard to describe, but it was so cool!!!!! I wasn’t sure how they got the snow like that and not have it melt!!!!! I def took a picture; I was glad I had my phone with me that day!!!

I wear fuzzy socks in my house!!!!!! And, it is cold here! I’m missing Key West’s 70 degrees!!! :)

Have a FUN weekend!!!! My oldest daughter has a lax game Sat and a volleyball tournament Sunday, so we’ll be busy with a sports weekend!!!!


Thank you Jen! I really was so proud❤️ Okay, that tree that you saw sounds awesome! I need to see the pic. Have the best time watching the games and stay warm… 70 degrees sounds really nice right about now! Thanks Jen!


Oh I’m totally getting those slippers! They’re cute! I bought a great pair around Christmas and my dog ate them. Typical. haha.
This morning I ran in the dark and thought I saw a poodle in the bushes. It was a giant white plastic bag that I swear was poodle shaped, even the puff on the head. These early runs are probably starting to affect me more than I realize….hahaha.
Have a great weekend!


Hahah keep these ones away from your dog ha! I hope you love them! Oh you are not alone on seeing things like that in the early morning… our brains love to trick us! Thanks Mollie, you too!


Go Brooke!! So amazing to sing in front of your whole class!

I’ve been wearing slippers in the morning since it’s been so cold and I have wood floors! But normally during the day I just wear socks.


Thank you! I’ll show her what you said❤️ Keep enjoying those slippers on the wood floors. Have a beautiful day, Mariah!


I haven’t watched the Bachelor since probably Juan Pablo; I can’t handle that hot mess of a show lol. I got a treadmill for Christmas, so I’ve been running on it lately. I record Jeopardy everyday, and I am so enjoying running and watching Ken Jennings. I live in the south, so it’s barefoot in the house most of the year. We live on 59 acres, and we want some animals. I’ve always though chickens were gross, but your chickens make me want to get some! And baby goats! You need those, too :o)

Y’all have a great weekend, and tell Brooke she is a rockstar!!!


Haha it is absolutely a mess of a show! I’m so happy that you got a treadmill and what a great idea to record jeopardy for your runs! 59 acres…. wow! You need some chickens and ha, we definitely want a goat next! Have a great weekend, Claire.


Yay Brooke!! I have never been comfortable speaking or singing by myself in front of people.
I usually wear flip flops or go barefoot in the house. When we do get colder weather, I love my slippers. They look like fuzzy flip flops and are super comfy.
We’re supposed to have rain all weekend, so I am looking forward to that and reading. I’m in a fun little book club where we each read a different book, then at the end of the month, we rotate the books. It’s been so fun, and has “made” me read books I probably would never have picked out. And maybe I will get to run in some rain.
Have a great Friday.


I am like you, the idea of being in front of people to speak/sing is way too scary! I want some fuzzy flip flops? Stay cozy this weekend and I love that idea for your book club! Thanks Wendy!


Ahhhh, go Brooke, she is amazing ?

It’s so sweet how much Skye loves your mom. I haven’t started watching this season. I tried watching Claire’s and it was a such a train wreck that I didn’t go back. Not sure if I will jump back in.

I love being barefoot at home but my feet are happier when I do wear something so sometimes slippers or sandals in the summer.

Have you read mindset by Carol Dweck? If you haven’t I think you would LOVE it. It shaped my parenting, teaching and I’m trying to let it shape my training ?

Have a wonderful weekend!


I literally had a friend recommend that book to me just yesterday! What a coincidence! I’m glad that you are liking it, I wasn’t sure if I was going to (I need to ignore more amazon reviews when it comes to reading I think). I’ll probably order it now! So envious of the trails – I’m also in Utah so I need to just suck it up and start running them already!


Way to go Brooke, sounds like a great gift to your classmates! I’ve now seen that sleep book in a couple of different places, so I think it’s a sign I need to read it! We have tile floors, so I’m either in slippers or a retired pair of running shoes that I keep for walking/elliptical/errands. I’ve been through PF so many times that I usually want arch support. And yay that you and Andrew got a date, gotta take those moments when you can get them!


I always wear slippers inside. Otherwise I wind up stepping in something .. usually sometime wet. Yuck ?
Also slippers are comfy!

I am enjoying this season of the bachelor. It is refreshing watching the bachelor and the contestants experience this for the first time together ?

This weekend I’m looking forward to some fresh air ☀️


Hi Janae! I wear slippers indoors too! I really love them especially when I get busy and don’t vacuum for a while ;). Your run looks awesome and I’m so glad you have a group to run trails with. I got an interview in a few hours and hopefully more next week and I got all this nervous energy. Trying to treat it like a race.
Happy Friday!


Could you go into more depth at some point about the hydration packets? How exactly do they work to be the equivalent of 3x the volume of water? Thanks!


HEY!! I’m not great at explaining it as well as they are so this is from their website: “Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting, Non-GMO electrolyte drink mix powered by Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®) to deliver hydration to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. 1 stick of Hydration Multiplier in 16 ounces of water can provide the same amount of hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water. It also contains 5 essential vitamins, and about 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks.” This page explains it more too: . I hope you are having a great afternoon!


First, Brooke is so so BRAVE for singing AND she looks like a teenager in the chicken picture.

Since it’s Minnesota and the roads are sheer ice and the snow banks are at least a few feet deep, it was a walk and not a run, my pup Archie was rooting around in a snow bank so I looked back just as he popped out a whole Eggo waffle from the snow bank just like as if it was a toaster he was popping. I was very impressed because how did he smell a waffle under all that snow?!?


I wear my haflinger clogs in the winter (cold MN winters!) and they are so warm even without socks since they are made with wool! And then my rubber birkenstocks in the summer – light but still great support. Highly recommend both. I love being barefoot but too many plantar fascitis flare-ups have made me realize I need to wear some sort of shoe most often!

And coolest thing I saw on a run lately was someone made and lines up little rubber ducky shapes made out of snow on the sidewalk – they must have had a mold or something – but it just made me smile. Also, love when I run or walk by a house and they have a packer flag flying – GO PACK GO!

Jealous of your trail run! – I cannot wait for ice/snow-free trails and streets to be back after winter. Have a great weekend!


It’s kind of shocking to me that what you post about your life doesn’t look much different during the pandemic than it did before. I can’t even fathom indoor dining, ski lodges open to hang out, running with friends, in-person school, and visiting with family and friends indoors and out – not ONE of those is allowed in my state, much less all of them. I’m really glad that your family has stayed healthy and that your parents recovered from COVID, but I have to tell you that your daily life is really jarring to me right now. Why is this pandemic so unequal? I don’t mean to make you feel bad and I hope that you all stay well – I just can’t overstate how very different your life is to the reality of what I’m seeing in my state and almost everyone else I know.


Yeah, I’ve been feeling this way too. I had to stop reading for a while because it’s just too hard. I want to be happy for you, Janae (and I am! Beck is adorable, for one), but seeing your life look pretty dang normal while California is seeing sky-high transmission and perma-lockdown is too hard for me. I guess I didn’t realize just how much people in other states were back to “normal” compared to us, even though the virus is by no means gone there either. I know it’s hard for everyone and that you don’t share all the negative moments here, of course, but the sheer number of activities you can do there and that I guess you feel safe doing is way higher than almost anywhere else I’m seeing.


i’m shocked by this as well, and quite honestly offended that people can’t sacrifice for others. you would think with andrew working in a hospital (and on a covid unit at times this year), he would have a different perspective. i can’t read here often anymore because it just breaks my heart how some people are living life as normal when 400K+ people have died.


This is the first bachelor season I haven’t watched in years! I feel like I’m finally (at least temporarily) out of the bachelor addiction cycle! Haha. I don’t know the lead and it looks like a lot of young girls and high drama. What are your thoughts this season?! (I may still jump into it if it’s good hahah)


i’m actually watching the bachelor right now! i’m liking this season so far, especially compared to the past few. i love that he’s a ‘newbie’ to the franchise and adorable and nervous. women are typical ;)
where i live i wear flip flops nearly year round but that would be anywhere i live bc i LOVE them. but to look like a normal human, i wear uggs- boots and slippers- too. so warm and last forever.
and WAY TO GO BROOKE!! that is awesome!


Hi Janae! So excited for big things to come for you!

I was wondering where Andrew is doing his NP program? I am here in Utah and am in the process of going back to school after kids and would also eventually like to do an NP program. What would he like to specialize in?

Hope you have a great week!


hey Janae! could you share what a “week in the life” looked like training wise when you were training/racing with the Runner’s Corner group last year? I love the idea of the challenge run(s) after speed days but I’m wondering when/how easy running days fit in? There’s only so many days in a week so how were you guys fitting it all in – speed, challenge, long runs, easy days, recovery etc. Thanks!

PS got the oreo brookie’s and love them!!!

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