Back to the little things…

So happy to be able to join them for a Wednesday workout.  I met them a little bit later than they started but I’ll take every mile I can get with them.

8 miles total @ 7:36 average with 3 MTC miles in there.  The MTC miles are the ones that are partly flat but mostly downhill that we do.  As we were doing them I couldn’t believe that we used to do 10 of them (but that’s the fun part about running… the buildup!).

The downhill of these mile repeats helps you to really get your legs to turnover faster and trick your body/mind into thinking running that fast is normal for you so that you can do it on flat/downhill/uphill sections in races:).   The recovery after each mile repeat is back up to the start which means it is uphill and we can never decide what is harder—> the fast mile or the “recovery” back up to the start.

You know you are working hard when you take off layers with this temperature…

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I took the Hyperion Elite from Brooks out for the day and I just loved them.  They have a carbon plate in them and yet they are so so light.  You really feel a bounce in these shoes and I’m excited to race in them this summer.

IMG 6592

When I am just doing easy miles I can get away with not doing all of the extra things but now that I am adding in a few miles of speed each week, it’s time to get back to them.  My R8 recovery roller, BCAAs, recovery boots, pure wave massager and stretching are back!

This thing attacked my quads yesterday ha.

IMG 6593

IMG 6603

After school we were able to get up to Sundance to ski.

IMG 6614

IMG 4397

I did the hard work of cuddling Beck in the lodge:)

IMG 6619

The other day I saw Mel’s Kitchen Cafe post a recipe for cinnamon chip scones and I knew I needed to make them.

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90% of today’s post was written like this… I think the sound of the keys clicking acts like a sound machine for him;)

IMG 6607


Who has tried out any of the running shoes with carbon plates in them?  Which ones?

Do you sleep with any type of sound machine or fan?

-I LOVE falling asleep to the sound of a fan next to me.

What are some of the little things that you do to keep you running healthy!?

Tell me one reason why you are grateful for running?

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Running keeps me sane, happy and healthy! I know that’s 3 reasons, but they are all equally important!

Random, but today is my last day at the company I’ve been with for 7 years. Bittersweet, but Monday I start a new job and I am so excited to grow and take on new challenges!


AMEN to those three reasons! Wow, Mariah this is a really big change. I am so excited about your new job and all of the growth. You are amazing and let me know how your first day goes on Monday!


Random question…Has anyone else mentioned that your posts are not appearing in Bloglovin? I haven’t received updates for your posts in over a week on there. LOVE your blog!!!


They all are there now! So if you did something on your end it worked! :)


YAY!! Thank you for letting me know Carrie! I guess the 20th email that I sent finally worked ha. Hope you have a great day.


How fun to get back to speed work with your running girls! My daughter sleeps with a sleep mate sounds machine. I only use a sound machine when we’re staying somewhere that’s too quiet (or if there are random distracting noises); I have an app on my phone called sleep aid fan that has several different fan sound options and it’s great for hotels etc. I used it last weekend when we rented a house with friends for a race weekend. Highly recommend!


Hey Katie! Isn’t it funny that if it is too quiet it is hard to sleep? RACE WEEKEND… I need more details! I’ll get that app for my phone, thanks so much!


Yeah, we had a marathon on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina last Saturday! The island is accessible only by ferry and has fewer than 450 people living on it. The race was capped to 300 and included a 13.1, a 26.2 and a 39.3 mile course (it was one 13.1 mile loop). Very fun and very beautiful location! We have been lucky to have several races here, mainly trail, but this was unusual in that it was a road marathon (it had paved and dirt sections). Masks, wave starts, all the COVID things. It was great to be out there again!


I haven’t run with a. Carbon plate-but I switched over to Brooks Ghost 12 this fall and I am loving them!

Running is the self care that I always prioritize for myself! I try to do a longer stretching/yoga/ab workout post run a couple times a week. It keeps lower back and hamstring issues at bay.

I sleep with our ceiling fan going year round.


The Ghosts are just the BEST and I am so happy you are loving them. I am so glad that running helps to take care of YOU, I feel the same way. We do too… I love air hitting my face all night long:). Have a beautiful day Jenny!


Hey Janae! Happy Thursday!!!

I have the Nike 4%s. I guess they make me feel faster, but I’m not sure I’d buy them again! I’d like to try the Saucony Endorphin Pro because I saw a super pretty pink pair. Not the best reason to choose shoes though–ha ha I have learned that the hard way over time!!!

I’ve struggled with sleep, so yep, I use a white noise machine. It was actually my daughter’s when she was a baby, but now it’s mine. I guess I’m regressing!

One reason I’m grateful for running—I could give you 500! ha! It gives me a super power! It gives me confidence! It helps me set goals that add structure to my entire life! It makes me feel so good! It allows me to see so many cool things in nature! It’s introduced me to some of the very best people ever! It keeps me fit! It gives me alone time! I think I have a bit of a love affair with it, huh? I know you understand though!!!!


Hey JEN!! I am so glad you got to go to Key West! You’ll have to let me know about the Endorphin Pro, I’ve heard great things about them which makes it totally okay to go for the pink ha:) Regressing hahaha, you make me laugh! Keep enjoying that super power and I feel the same way with all of the things you listed. Have a beautiful day friend!


I’ve tried both of the Nike’s with the carbon plates….they definitely feel fast but they always hurt my hamstrings! I think I’m done with them. I also tried the Hoka’s and they were just ok. I’ll need to try the brooks!! :)
I definitely have a sound machine going at night. I like the “pink noise” sound. I have no idea what that is but it’s like a low roar and it’s very calming and usually drowns out most noises. But, the other night our roomba, Roy, went off at midnight for some reason and was doing circles around the kitchen and it was SO LOUD (we sleep upstairs, kitchen is downstairs near the other side of the house) that I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep until I went down and turned him off. So I guess the noise machine doesn’t work as well as I thought.


MOLLIE! Oh that is a huge bummer about your hamstring… I agree about needing to try the Hyperion Elite;). Pink noise, I must try that! Roy needs to never do that again hahaha. Have the best day Mollie!


I literally cannot image taking a layer off in 24 degree weather!! When it gets into the 50s here in Florida I reach for my gloves, hahaha I love falling asleep to a sound machine too, usually just white noise but I like the sound of water too!


You are getting so fast again! That’s amazing. It will be fun to see what you are able to do when you really start training!
I know I’ve said this before, but I do think all of the pilates I’ve been doing is helping me stay healthy with running. It stretches everything out, plus works your core, which is so important. And then foam rolling… I have become a huge fan of foam rolling for a few minutes before my run.
Ok, you are the 2nd person I know who has made scones in the last few days. I need to make some now. Cinnamon chip sounds wonderful.
My running group cancelled this morning (boo) but that means I can take myself down to the river trail for some flat easy miles ?
Have a great Thursday.


Thanks Wendy, I am hoping that it’s a trend that I come back faster with each kid;) Pilates is SO amazing and I love that you do that… it really motivates me to try it. I think this is a sign that you need to make some scones. Enjoy those easy miles and hopefully your group meets again soon!


Yes, we all sleep with fans on which is great until the power goes out…like it did at 3:30 this morning. :( When we got up for work/school, it was 58 degrees in the house. It came back on at 7:15 (right before the school bus shows up), but I was not able to get my treadmill run in before work. I had covid over Christmas, and between life happening and continuing to build my energy back up, my runs have not been consistent. Ah well, I’ll try again tomorrow.


Amanda, I am so sorry you had Covid!! I hope you are able to start feeling 100% again with your energy and I can’t imagine being consistent with running through all of this. You are doing amazing! I hope that your power never goes off in the middle of the night again! Get some good sleep tonight friend.


OMG I NEEEEEEEEED THOSE CINNAMON CHIP SCONES! When I first came to DC 20 years ago (LOL I’m so old) I would walk past a bakery with cinnamon chip scones on my way to my office and treated myself to one once a week.


I’m loving seeing you out ?‍♀️ with your friends again!

A scone would pair well with this delicious pistachio hot cocoa I grabbed from Starbucks! ☕️ I NEED to pick a scone up today from Great Harvest until I can try your recipe! ?

I have never even heard of carbon plates in running shoes ? how neat! Does the plate take away from that comfy brooks shoe feel?

I sleep with a fan on every night! I need to hear that sound! If we travel I bring a mini fan with me & a sound machine just in case. The sound I cannot fall asleep to is rainfall ? I feel like I have to pee and I really don’t like getting out of ?

To stay run/walk healthy I try to get as sleep as possible (not always easy), drink water; and always take a rest day. Sometimes I will take an uber slow walk just for the mental aspect but nothing heavy. Walking ?‍♀️

Hope you have a delightful Thursday friend! Smile ?


I just got my Brook’s Hyperion Elite’s as a gift for myself for when I get back to running fast post baby!! I cannot wait to finally try them out!!

I have to sleep with a fan on (whether it is a box fan or my fan app on my phone!). Cannot stand silence when I sleep. My husband is a track coach at a local college and during the summer works at a cemetery weed wacking. He said my fan sounds like a weedwacker and makes him think he is working all night long haha.

I’m going to have to get cinnamon chips on my way home from work!! I think the baby is saying I HAVE to have those!


Running has kept me sane, gives me a reason to get outside and is usually my main (only?) social outlet. I’ve been working from home since March and some days the only time I get outside is to run. Getting up in the dark is hard, but the sunrise is beautiful and my day is always better when it starts with a run.
I’m in Boston and it’s cold but the other day I had to stop and remove a layer because I was too warm :-)
I absolutely have to stretch after running. It’s non-negotiable. I’ll cut a run short to make sure I have time to stretch.


I am so grateful to running because it is something that makes me feel like me AND it keeps me healthy!

How amazing to get to ski after school! The ski resorts are probably too far here in Colorado for an after school run.

I love my recovery boots and roller but I am not always great about using them, always room for improvement, LOL!


It’s back on blog lovin’ now. Thank you! ?


Yay for getting back to running with some peeps!

My husband has a pair of Sketchers with carbon plates and he loves them.

I love the sound of a fan while I sleep. We just bought an air purifier and it works great as a sound machine too!

I am committed to one day of spin/strength and I am planning on that to help me stay healthy in running :)

Oh my goodness, I have SO many reasons to be grateful for running but I will say that it has helped soo much with my mental health, especially while working from home.


Hi Janae!
I’m so glad you got a nice run in with your running buddies, and I love seeing those winter photo’s!! It’s been so hot and humid here, I’m a bit jealous of the snow!

I’ve never tried any shoes with carbon plates.. sounds interesting though!!
I have any kind of noise when I sleep.. Dead silence for me please ;)

Little things I do to keep my running healthy!? Taking my easy runs actually easy & I’ve just ordered a “massage gun” that I’m really hoping my calves will love!! I’m soo bad at foam rolling :|

Tell me one reason why you are grateful for running? – There are lots, but if I had to choose one it would be that it brings me a moment where I can “just be present”. No work, no chores, just running and enjoying being outside and letting my mind wander wherever I want!

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