Silentish Saturday!

First double digit run in a VERY LONG TIME.  I kind of didn’t plan on it happening but it did…

Did my first 6 and then my sister asked to meet for 4 miles.

IMG 6685

We are supposed to get a big snowstorm this weekend so I’m happy I could get this in when I did!

IMG 6686

Straight to some homeschool by the fire.

IMG 6707

Just the happiest little dude lately.

IMG 6713

She refuses to nap at home but put her in her carseat in the afternoon and she is asleep in 20 seconds.

IMG 6715

Needed some fries and fry sauce (mayo and ketchup mixed together… sounds terrible, tastes amazing).

IMG 6721

I hope he likes snuggling this much for a very long time…

IMG 6722

I cannot believe how long her hair is getting!

IMG 6724

Evening runner.

IMG 6746

Haven’t used a foam roller in a while.

IMG 6748

She likes giving me arm scratches right before bed… I’ve arrived.

IMG 6675

Time for a snowy run.  I hope your weekend running is fabulous!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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Mmmm those fries look delicious! Does your treadmill allow you to stream Netflix/YouTube? I just bought a treadmill but it doesn’t allow streaming despite having a nice screen. I saw that the SoulCycle bikes now allow streaming, so I figured there must be some treadmill out there that does too but I haven’t found one yet! Have a great weekend! :)


Hey Kristina! My treadmill doesn’t allow us to either which is so sad because the screen is awesome. I feel your pain! Let me know if you find one and I hope you are loving your treadmill outside of the streaming issues… thanks and you too!


Yay! We are on the same page – I am doing my first double digit run in quite a while too – and 10 it is!

But first, soccer.

And last, a tasty lamb dinner for our last full family meal for a while (hubby leaves at zero dark thirty to head back to his temporary duty station). Looking forward to meeting in the mountains for spring break!

It seems you created the best cuddle baby ever!
Have a great week Janae!


AHHHH wahoo for your first double digit run in a while! Enjoy that dinner together and I think your plan for spring break is perfect! Thank you Tonya, you too!


working, long run, and then maybe new kitchen floor and dishwasher shopping. the kitchen floor is hideous and the dishwasher doesn’t actually clean dishes. my husband picked it for looks…………the thing he’s always cautioning me against.
enjoy your snowing run! i’m not a snow person; that’s why i have a treadmill. atleast you have a cuddly baby waiting for you when you get back. cuddly babies are the best!
have a great weekend!


Congrats on your double digit! Yay!

I got out for a sunrise run yesterday and it was beautiful. We are expecting snow in the next few days.. so need to get out today for a few miles while road are clear.
Playing with puppy and probably groceries and relaxing.

Have a great weekend Janae!


My 16 year old son and I are running the Frigid 5k today at Utah Lake. He wants to do the plunge in the cold icy lake too but we will see. It’s too cold for me especially with the snow we got last night. The course should be interesting and I hope it’s not too icy.

Have a fabulous weekend and congrats on 10! That’s huge.


Hi Janae! My friends and I signed up for a virtual 5k race that benefits the children’s hospital so we are doing that today! I am taking a comics class online through our community college so I’ll work on my project for that. And then the rest of my weekend will just be studying. Happy weekend!


Today is mini golf and either lunch or dinner out for an early night. Maybe a little beach wandering too depending on timing.


Yay for 10 miles!!!!

I can’t believe how MUCH hair Skye has ?

You are superwoman, running, home schooling new baby….I don’t know how you do it!

Happy weekend, enjoy your snowy run.


Yay for 10 miles! I’ve done a few 8 and 9 miles, but it’s been forever since I’ve hit 10+… I think you have inspired me.
My boys were the same at Skye’s age, would not nap, but if they were in the car in the afternoon, they always fell asleep.
This weekend is going to be super low key. Our oldest will be heading back to campus on Friday, so trying to soak in all the family time we can.
Have a great Saturday and restful Sunday ?


10 miles?! Nice!

5 mile run with friends (so cold I finally broke out the hand warmers!), coffee and breakfast after, then virtual trivia with some friends tonight!


Congrats on 10! New (old) PRs feel just as good as the first time around :)

I need to finish some reports for work, wash the dog and then I get to assemble my new sectional! I mostly wanted to comment with a fry sauce tip haha I have been mixing mayo/ketchup and Cholula chipotle hot sauce together and it makes the best spicy dip for sweet potato fries!

Have a great weekend!


Did 12 miles in the wind and cold and it wasn’t fun! I guess the cold covered aches and pains so that was nice. But so cold, I feel like that makes me more tired after it. Not sure why?!
Now to a lazy day. We are expecting snow Tuesday. Hoping it comes and doesn’t fizzle out, my kids love the snow!


Cooking lamb with spinach and Cappello’s grain free lasagna noodles. (I prefer to add the grains I choose such as ground flax.) If anyone is wondering about these, they’re really good! I found the best price at Whole Foods locally. There’s a debate waiting to happen. Yes, I find some items are best priced at Whole Foods locally. It’s how I roll. This gave the lamb meal a feel of comfort.

Also studying my spiritual self (vs. physical self). This might be why I’m into comfort food today! Often exercising in nature calls in the spiritual. Covid19 information is coming to me today, too. I don’t watch it daily. Stopped doing so a while ago. How to spiritualize this time in life? What opportunities present themselves to me now? How do I recognize them, and act? One is taking care of my physical body. For me, this is no alcohol and practically no sugar. I’m finally kicking added sugar. This is a blessing, for sure!! Really leaning into Roar and FLO here. I’m also sleeping at least 7 hours more consistently. Read the sleep and breath books last year, forgot to share with you. Sleep makes such a difference, as I look back at operating with less sleep it really is scary. The generation before me did not recognize the value of sleep IMO. I worked with many from their generation. We worked hard, and they saw it as a necessary sacrifice. I guess the generation before them got sufficient sleep, and something about this “sacrifice” made them feel like they were fulfilling their mission in life. They were in leadership and expected everyone around them to fall in line. If you didn’t, they didn’t like you; and this had impacts for performance reviews and promotions. Look ridiculous? Puritanity? I don’t know. Serenity now. So happy many are using this time to find better ways to work.

While we see reports of surges now with the mutant strains, it’s very possible there will be a major surge in SEPT-21, and this will end in APR-22. I need to have this on my board, and take the approach of, “what can I do about this elevated flu?” A reliable test can’t come soon enough. How can we drive effort there? Who is on this? Can we vote? So much focus on the vaccine was necessary, now how about improving the tests?? Is someone truly negative or positive, and when? These aren’t hard questions. We should have so much data to improve the tests now. I’m sure medicine is on it, we’re just not hearing about it, as far as I know. I’m sure no Dr. wants to put anything without full vetting. We have to hunt for the information in the meantime, and stay mindful and prayed up. It doesn’t seem to be part of the popular narrative at this time. I super-like numbers showing how many pass from Influenza, and the comparison to covid19. Many, many pass every year from Influenza, yet we handle it like it’s nothing. Like Influenza is hidden and covid19 is in the light. It’s weird. It’s media, for one. Then there’s the numbers reported as covid19. People can pass because of old age, but if they got covid19 in their final days in care, they’re recorded as covid19. This is one example regarding the numbers. Let’s at least get a tally of those recorded as covid19 > 80 yo (yes, it’s a generalization), and take another look at the numbers. IMO it’s too hard to get numbers around those with pre-existing conditions < older age. What about those who attended covid19 parties, adjust the numbers for them, too? What are the real numbers, and how do we define them? All the reports about how hospitals are overwhelmed…. If we look at the standard for purple status (the most restrictive), it's very low, like less than 10 in a population of hundreds of thousands. So, some states get to this very low number and we're tied down. What does this say about hospital beds and the capacity to serve the population around the hospital? IMO – very, very poor. What does this say about Obamacare, for example? Where is this story and narrative (James O'Keefe)? I'm not in UT, and didn't review UT tiers, if they have them. 1st amendment, baby. I'm a plain speaker. This is where I am today. Trying to have a real narrative, or at least keeping it real here with my HRG blog friends.


Congrats on a great double digit run! I ran 13.1 yesterday in negative wind chill temps. Today I walked:-) Happy Weekend!


Planning our family reunion in for the Salt Lake City area! We’re coming from PA but my husband’s family loves all over so we pick different states to meet up in. Any tips on what areas to stay in and must see/do things? We’ll have a 3 1/2 and almost 5 year old as well as two 1 year olds with us.

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