13 Scenes from Our House + My All Nighter.

I have a bunch of pictures and stories from the last few days so grab a snack and let’s get talking!

*I’ve been very thankful that our December afternoons have been warm enough to take Beck out on a walk around our area.  On the days that Andrew is working this is saving me… If I can get some fresh air at some point during the day I feel like a new person.

*I have never related more to a an IG post in my entire life.  I said no to a lot of things I was planning on doing this last weekend because this below thing happened with the addition of one 8 year old waking me up twice because of a bloody nose and another 8 year old waking me up because of a bad dream… I should have just given up trying to go back to sleep that night ha.   The fatigue is really starting to hit me but when things get hard I just remind myself that this is just a season.  At some point I’ll be back to my normal 9 hours of sleep each night but for now I’m going to enjoy this season and celebrate any shut eye that I can get!

IMG 4442

*PJs at 3:41 in the afternoon on a Friday is quite a thrilling way to live.

IMG 4421

*One day I pulled out my Boston leggings from 2019 and it brought back all of the memories.  We are all going to be more appreciative than ever when we are able to do these big races again.

IMG 4417

*Andrew picked up a Frozen Advent Calendar at Ross and it comes with a new book each day and the girls were thrilled.

IMG 4410

*We definitely completed some distance learning over the last few days.

IMG 4409

*Beck had so many things to tell me about and yes that is a package of sour patch kids on the couch in the back of the picture.  I am so grateful to love sour candy again.  My reunion with sour candy is just what 2020 needed.

IMG 4428

*On Saturday we went up to Sundance for a few hours.  Skye is mastering the bunny hill and Brooke kept telling me how good it felt to be back skiing.

IMG 4454

*Beck and I are going to master the lodge and hot chocolate drinking this season.  I’m not sure when I will start skiing again but I’m really trying to give my body the recovery that is needed.  It’s kind of like after a marathon though… a few days after the marathon I start feeling better and ready to run BUT I have to remind myself that there is so much recovery needed behind the scenes that I might not be feeling and to continue to rest.  My body is starting to feel really good again but I can’t rush it because I am sure there is a lot of recovery still needed.

IMG 4464

*Skye turns THREE tomorrow.  HOW???

IMG 4451

*You know you are really adulting when a new deep freezer makes you as excited as this one made me.   Time to never run out of freezer space and to freeze all of the things for quick meals/snacks.

IMG 4474

*Skye has insisted on getting herself dressed lately ha;)

IMG 4447

*One more post that I relate with way too well right now.  All of my shopping is done online and I have forgotten everything that I’ve ordered already.

IMG 4397


Others that love sour candy> What is your favorite kind?

-Sour Patch Kid Watermelons

What is something that made you really excited recently that probably wouldn’t have made you that excited about when you were younger?

-A deep freezer.

Who skis?  Who snowboards?  What sport/activity makes you excited for wintertime?

If you could choose ANY race to do (assuming they were all happening again) Which one would you choose?

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So funny about the online ordering quote. I was just thinking the same thing haha. My most recent purchase for myself is a new vacuum:) I have 3 pets and kids so it makes me really happy!! :)

I’m looking to get new sneakers for work. I’m a nurse and work 12 hr shifts. As I’m sure you know from Andrew it’s a long day on your feet so I need a good shoe!! Which Brooks would you recommend, or would Brooks just be good for running? I have never had a pair. Thanks! Hope you can get some rest


You are not alone haha… who knows what will show up today! YAY for the new vacuum, I bet you get the biggest smile each time you use it. I think Brooks would be fabulous for your 12 hour shifts (ps you are AMAZING for doing those long days and helping so many people). I find myself wearing the Ghosts the most for my walks and errands…

I would try the shoe finder to see what type of support your foot needs but I absolutely think that Brooks would be GREAT for your shift.
Have a beautiful day!


Awesome thanks! I actually read reviews on the “ghosts” and they are said to be the best for health care professionals!! I trust your opinion :)


Oh No way! That makes me really happy:). Let me know what you think!


I would be ecstatic if I got a new deep freezer! Mine is just not big enough for all the tax season meal prep I like to do or the massive amounts of Christmas cookies I need to store before distributing them. Enjoy!

have a good week!


I cannot even imagine how busy you must be during tax season! We just got ours at Sam’s Club and it was a great deal. You should check them out. Thanks Lee, you too!


All kitchen appliances! I just got an instant pot and it’s making cooking so much easier (especially now that it’s cold and I want all the soups haha). When I was younger I would not have cared.

Can’t believe Skye is turning 3!!


YAY for your instant pot… those things are amazing. You’ll have to let me know what your favorite soup recipes are with the instant pot! Seriously, time is going by way too fast. Have a fabulous day, Mariah!


Deep freezer is AWESOME. I got a vacuum cleaner for mother’s day and it was the best mother’s day present ever.
I am DETERMINED to get my kids to a slope this year!!! They have never gone skiing since we live nowhere close to any mountains. I’m still stuck on wanting to run Grandma’s Marathon. HOPEFULLY it happens next year!!!!!!!
I can’t believe Skye is turning THREE. My son turned FOUR over the weekend, and I have no idea how that’s possible. We moved here when he was a few weeks old, so we’ve now been in Virginia for four years?! We must have skipped a year or two in there somewhere right? Because time is going WAY too fast!


There is nothing like an awesome vacuum cleaner as a mother… I love that you got a new one for mother’s day. YAY for skiing this year with your kids and I want to do Grandma’s Marathon so badly too. Happy birthday to your son and I hope you guys had a blast celebrating. I fully agree, time needs to slow down right this second.


I sent that quote to my friend yesterday! She and I share an Amazon account and we joke that we are keeping the lights on in Jeff Bezos’ house lol.

Sour gummy worms! The more sugary the better.

I recently got a new vacuum and I’m still excited each time I empty the canister :).

I’m in south Texas, my winter sport is wearing a coat when it drops below 60 degrees. Have a great day! Beck is too cute btw.


Hahaha that your comment about keeping his lights on made me so happy. Off to go get some sour gummy worms and can we come visit you in Texas right now, 60 degrees sounds fabulous. Enjoy that new vacuum… I bet it leaves the best lines on your carpets:). Have a great day Jocelyn!


I do appreciate sour candy every once in a while – but honestly I really am a chocolate person, not a sugar candy person. Though last night we were decorating our gingerbread houses and I was going to town on the gum drops.

I remember the feeling of a deep freezer. We got one before I got pregnant with kid #2. I exclusively pumped with Kid #1 and we only had a side by side freezer – my poor husband got one shelf for his food and the rest was breastmilk. I loved, loved, loved the chest freezer. Our current house came with a standing freezer so we left the chest freezer behind. We are a lot closer to good grocery stores here (and my kids were older when we moved) so I didn’t have quite the need to store so much food in the freezer. But now with the pandemic it is chock full – We would lose so much $$ if it broke. We are considering a small generator, though we rarely loose power, but if we got one that probably would make me excited.

I grew up skiing but started snowboarding in my 20s but my mantra always was “if I want a mindless day, I ski, if I want to have fun, I snowboard” – I was always so worried about what the ramp after the chair would look like or if i got caught on a run that was too flat for a snowboard. I stopped doing either when I met my husband (and I had a house on my own before him – I couldn’t afford skiing) but the kids have learned through school so we have started to go again as a family. But it is expensive for 1 day of tickets and 4 rentals! It really only makes sense to get a pass at 1 mountain but in New England we have so many mountains, but they are all 2+ hours away. I did get us all snowshoes. Though they say we are going to have another mild winter – I am not sure how I feel about that. Snow would give us something more to do during the pandemic, but no snow would make it easier to get out on a daily basis.

I am not sure what race I would do – I haven’t been running in a while (but I plan on it in 2021) but I would have my mind set on something new. It is hard to even think about traveling right now – even with a vaccine, who knows what we will feel comfortable doing next year but where ever we go I want to go running there – Our thoughts are Hawaii (plane ride), Eastern Canada (but they have to let us in!), or Michigan (big road trip, hit lots of bucket list items but not the most exciting trip in the world).


Thank you for reminding me to decorate gingerbread houses this season… glad you enjoyed those gum drops! Oh I bet it was amazing to be able to store your milk in the deep freezer! I was JUST thinking about how sad it would be if we didn’t notice it turned off… we need to copy you with the generator idea! I love that you do both skiing and snowboarding, I have never tried snowboarding. I love that you all snowshoe too… I hope you get more snow than they are guessing this winter! Hawaii sure sounds nice right about now:). You’ll have to let me know what you end up doing in 2021 for races! Have a beautiful day Jessey!


I’m the same way with online ordering for Christmas..at this point in the game I’m just tossing all of my “Your order has shipped!” emails into a folder and as stuff arrives I’ll go through and delete things. :)


HAHAHA glad I’m not alone with that! I like the way you are organizing things though! Have a wonderful day, Amanda.


Oh my goodness Beck’s face!! So cute ?
We just bought a new fridge and dishwasher, and it made me so very happy! I think the next purchase that would make me super happy would be a new vacuum.
Oh races…. There are a few local ones I would love to do, and all have been cancelled or postponed. The Surf City half marathon is now rescheduled for September, so I will continue to work on my base mileage and strength and flexibility. I do need to find some new routes though. I’m feeling a little bored with my usual…
How is Skye 3??? Wow, time sure flies. Do you have any plans for her birthday?
Oh, I still need to email you the cookie recipe ?
Have a good Monday!


A new fridge and dishwasher… that is AWESOME! Enjoy and I hope you get that new vacuum soon. I think that is a great idea to get some new routes, that always helps my running out a lot! Seriously it goes by too fast. So far just presents, balloons and Panda Express are all on her list. Thank you so much Wendy and I hope your Monday is a great one too!


I sure related to that last one. I have packages showing up that I have to open just to remind myself what they are.


Bahaha well at least it’s fun to be kind of surprised when you open them;). Have a fabulous day Erica!


I bought myself a carpet shampooer last month and my 5 year old could not understand why I was so excited to clean my carpets. And I totally agree that I have so many UPS deliveries coming this week that I really have no idea what is coming anymore and a llama would not suprise me.


Now you have me wanting a carpet shampooer, I totally see why you were so excited haha. Enjoy all of the surprise packages this week ha. Have a great day, Corrinne!


Lol at the llama post. I just got a notification from UPS that I have an order coming today and I literally do not know what it is.

Sour cherry blasters! Loved them at 7 love them more at 30 haha but I’m also very excited about my new air fryer and the giant package of magic erasers I found on sale last week.

If it was happening in 2021 I would love to do the Big Sur half :( maybe 2022??

Hope you have a great day with lots of naps!


Enjoy the surprise package today haha. I NEED AN AIR FRYER. You will have to give me a review of yours after you use it a bunch. Oh Big Sur would be amazing… let’s all meet up there in 2022. Thanks Rachel and I hope your day is a great one too!


I feel the same way about ordering everything online! I get that notification your package has arrived and I don’t remember what it is so then I’m excited again!

Which goes with the fact that I’ve recently moved and have been updating kitchen items. I get so excited about them and laugh at myself . First plates and drinkware since we donated everything during move. All new appliances put me over the edge excited. Then Thanksgiving I got new charger plates, napkins, napkin rings & such. This weekend I got excited over new measuring cups, fruit holder & juicer. I think to myself “I guess this is getting older!?” Haha!


Hahah I am loving the surprise that comes with these packages right now too:). You are on fire (and I am VERY jealous) with new kitchen items. This does mean we are getting older haha but I LOVE IT. Have the best day Melodie.


Favorite sour candy right now is sour cherries

An adult purchase that made me excited this year was a new washing machine haha

Love to ski and we are taking our kids for the first time this year!

I actually ran in a face to face 10 mile trail race yesterday and it was glorious!!!! They did such a good job keep everyone distance and numbers low – only 165 people. I was so incredibly grateful to be participating in a race again I didn’t even care that it was mainly uphill ?


How have I never tried sour cherries?! New washing machine= heaven! I hope you guys have the best time skiing this year. AND CONGRATS on your 10 mile trail race yesterday. It sounds like it was perfect and my legs felt sore just reading about it being mainly uphill haha. Have a great day Niki!


That deep freezer reminds me of my grandmother – she had one in her kitchen and she always had brownies in it when we went to visit! I don’t know how she did it, but they were always so chewy when she gave them to us.

I’m not a huge fan of sour candy. I do like desserts with a little tang like lemon.

I am totally loving Target’s drive up order pick up! Not having to spend the time in a store, wearing a mask, is great! I miss being able to just wander freely, but since we can’t right now, having someone shop for me and even put the bags in my trunk is awesome ;)

I’ve only been skiing once and didn’t really get the hang of it. I’m happy just spending my winter by the fire. Of course it’s rare that I can’t get outside to run or ride my bike because of weather (40+ mph winds being the exception!)


I might have to try out brownies in the freezer now! What a sweet memory! I need to try Target’s drive up order pickup, so glad we have things like this now. You are going to have a beautiful winter of running and biking:). Have a great day Kathy!


Hi Janae! A new freezer is super exciting! I remember when I went to college my parents got me one and it was so useful for storing food and also we used the top as extra counter space!
I got my fiance new skis for his birthday and he is so excited to try them out. I’m just going to stick to snowshoeing though. Happy Monday and hope you get a lot more sleep!


Hey Amy! Oh I am so excited for your fiance and I want to go snowshoeing with you, that sounds like a blast. Thank you friend and I hope your day is off to a great start!


We went skiing Sunday! My boys have private lessons for 2 hours Thursday afternoon and I’m so excited to be able to ski alone! We need snow. I’m a little worried how dry it is in Utah. Definitely related to the last quote! I’m wrapping stuff now and figuring what we got for our kids and I’ve forgotten a few things!


We were just thinking that on Saturday, we should have way more snow by now. SO glad that your boys have lessons on Thursday and enjoy your alone skiing time! Enjoy the surprises of what you bought your kids ha;). Have a great day, Angie!


We are getting a new oven range next week and so excited!
I cannot wait until I get to sleep again (infant reflux is a horrible thing). Also, my 3 year old wears her pajama pants backwards most of the time haha. Kids are so funny and so exhausting at the same time.


ENJOY the new oven range, that is so exciting. ‘Funny and exhausting at the same time’ AMEN. I really hope that you start getting sleep again soon and that your little one’s reflux gets better. Keep me updated. Have a beautiful day, Jen!


Before I scrolled down to see the picture of the advent calendar I totally thought you meant an actual frozen calendar. Like I thought this was something new Trader Joe’s was selling in their freezers :o) Apparently this is how my brain works, and I get plenty of sleep!!

Happy, happy birthday, Skye!! 3 is such a fun age!


Bahaha I get it… my brain goes straight to food first too:) Thank you so much Claire! Have the best day!


I love Swedish fish, cinnamon bears and juju hearts (at Valentine’s time).

Last year I used some of our tax money to buy a vacuum and was way too excited for it. I even took pictures of it to send my close friend and sister. This weekend it was light bulbs for my vanity that have been burnt out for way too long.

That online quote is perfect. I have no idea what I’ve ordered and what I’m waiting for. It’s always a surprise when the delivery guy comes!


I highly recommend the bag of tropical Sour Patch kids! The bag of berry flavored ones is good too.


I recently got pots and pans for my bday and I was pretty excited!

I would love to do a marathon in another country :)


You are going to LOVE that freezer! I grew up in a big family and we had 2 side by side fridge/freezers and a full size stand up freezer and they were always FULL. Now it’s just my husband and I and our freezer is so packed it’s like Jenga every time we try to take something out.

Hope you don’t have any more all-nighters any time soon!


Awww, Happy Birthday Skye!!! She is such a cutie pie!

We bought robot vacuums for both floors of our house and both my hubby and I are in love with, LOL adult life.

I would do the Paris Marathon or London or Rome…..I just want to travel. ;)


My adulting high- you can only guess how excited I was to drill a hole in a cabinet that allowed me to die the cable to my speaker in the living room. Yeah. That excited.

Also, I will admit to deep satisfaction in completing the full week of meal planning without wasted veggies.

My any race would be Berlin. We’ve had it on our couple goals for a long while since my husband can do the inline marathon the day before the running marathon.

The meme about USPS orders made me die laughing. I am surprised daily.


I bought a floor steamer mop last week and I’m obsessed. ?

Try a humidifier for 8 yr olds room will help bloody nose wake ups. After weeks of being woken up our pediatrician recommended it and it’s really helped.
Glad you are taking it easy and Beck is adorable!!!!!


“The fatigue is really starting to hit me but when things get hard I just remind myself that this is just a season. At some point I’ll be back to my normal 9 hours of sleep each night but for now I’m going to enjoy this season and celebrate any shut eye that I can get!” LOVE THIS quote/way of thinking. Definitely one to remember! Thanks


– I would be so excited to have a deep freezer, too! We’ve tried to buy one twice since March but they are constantly back-ordered right now (due to COVID demand). Maybe they have extra stock for the holidays and it’s time to look again…. *crossed fingers*
– Also…we have the same dog food container as you do (the one in the picture with the freezer). At our first house we didn’t have a garage so the food bins for the cat and dog lived on the back porch…and we found out really quickly we needed raccoon proof bins. They are sneaky, talented little dudes and the one you have is one of the few they can’t get into (as long as it is screwed down tight).


I’m getting g a new vacuum and so excited!

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