Silentish Saturday!

(Leggings, cali hoodie, shoes, headband)

8 miles @ 8:05 average with friends… It was by far the coldest run I have done this winter so far.  +15 minutes upper body strength.

Another lucky moment… Beck’s shoe was somehow put onto the side of Andrew’s car and it stayed there the entire drive to school and back without falling off.

IMG 9290

We love a lunch date.

IMG 2322

IMG 2323

Andrew and I shared the sandwich and salad (Shirley’s… just like Kneaders but dare I say we like it even more?!)

IMG 2326

Target run.

IMG 2330

No such thing as too much pink in Skye’s opinion.

IMG 2319

Brooke and Skye had a bunch of their friends over and we made a fancy spaghetti dinner;)

IMG 2341

Beck and Andrew felt a little outnumbered.

IMG 2342

Have a great weekend!

IMG 2304

Going to do this class this morning.  I am a bit nervous (and I’m telling you so that I follow through with taking this class ha)…

Screen Shot 2022 01 28 at 8 09 54 PM


Tell me three things that you are up to today! 

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We are in the North east, western suburb of Philly. So we are on the edge of the Noreaster. Seems to be only about 4/5 inches out there so not a ton but it’s really windy and cold!! So we are hanging out inside, my youngest has plans to play in it. Not sure if we are joining her, feels like 0 temp this afternoon doesn’t sound fun!!!


STAY WARM CARRIE! I think that staying inside is definitely the best option… along with some hot chocolate. Happy weekend, Carrie!


I can’t believe Beck’s shoe stayed on the car!

I am hoping for a long run along the beach–although I am not acclimated running in the hot and humid weather. When we left MN it was -20 and in Maui it is 80. Yesterdays 7 miles was sweaty! Otherwise, I have a pool/beach day planned and some shopping later today!

I love tabata rides, but 30 minutes has been my max. Let us know how the 45 minute ride is!

Have a fabulous Saturday Janae!


Haha right? Andrew was shocked! MAUI! Oh how I wish I could join you for a run there. Enjoy every second with your husband there and I hope you acclimate to those hot runs asap. Such a big difference from your home! Thanks Becky, you too!


Was there super glue on Beck’s shoe?! That’s crazy it stayed on the car. You’ll crush that class!

Three things today: play in the snow with my dog (check!), finally hang up the tv that I bought on Black Friday and make some hot chocolate because it’s snowing so that feels right.


Haha right? Andrew was so shocked! Thank you Maureen and it sounds like a beautiful day! Keep enjoying and watch some good movies today on that new tv! I’ll join you with the hot chocolate even though it isn’t snowing here right now.


Wow! I can’t believe Beck’s shoe didn’t fall off the car! I would love to know how/why it got there… Ha ha
Good job on your cold run! And I know I say this all the time, but the mountains are so pretty!
I am still really loving the Peloton app. After my run yesterday, I did a 30minute upper body strength class, then 10 minute core. It felt so good. Today after my run I’m going to yoga and tomorrow is my 12 mile long run.
The rest of our weekend should be really low key ?
Have a great weekend Janae!


today….a short run, possibly a spin later, but yoga for sure……oh yeah, balancing the books, and decided to learn all I can about stocks and what to do with them……love that pix, but youre wearing Asics? I thought you were running happy in Brooks?


8 mile run
Running errands
Dinner with a friend


Good luck with your Tabata ride! When Robin wears yellow, the ride will be extra hard, just to warn you. But you’ve got this!


You are ballsy to do a 45 minute tabata ride! I did it once – yep. Never again! Just kidding. It’s such a good workout – and even after doing it once, I’m so intimidated to do it again. I stick with 20 minute or 30 minute Tabata classes.

I read a meme the other day that was something along the lines of “hey girl that flicked me off when I honked at you – your phone is definitely still not on the top of your car after you sped off”. Thought of that with Beck’s shoe!


Janae, your makeup always looks so natural — would love to know what products you use / swear by and know more about your make up routine :)

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