Well, there goes all my motivation… & I do this too.

I have a new pregnancy update—>  31 Weeks + Hormonal or Not So Much?


Well, my motivation to get up early to run on the days that Andrew isn’t working is completely gone:)  Now that the temperatures have dropped, staying in bed feels so much better because I know that I can go out later and it won’t be hot.  All summer I just knew that with each minute that I procrastinated getting up, it was only getting hotter.

And now I know that if I go later, I’ll have Andrew and Skye with me so goodbye alarm clock on Andrew’s days off for a few weeks;)

Brooke and Knox were at school and Skye was just so thrilled to be out joining us.

IMG 9856

6 miles @ 9:30 average pace and I’m positive that she is going to want to be a mountain biker when she grows up with all of the miles she does with Andrew on the bike right now.

IMG 9850

Skye did her best to convince us that she should take a nap in our room…

IMG 9869

I’ve been really into muffins lately so I made these from Kodiak Cakes and they are really good.  I love this brand… our Target carries their products but you can find them online too.


After school, the kids and Andrew had one of their favorite days of the year… they decorated for Halloween!  They all look forward to this so much and I made them wait until after the baptism to do it so they have been very eager ha.

An example of how I decorate the inside of our house….

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And an example of how Andrew decorates the outside of our house…

IMG 9882

My appetite was non-existent last night but luckily some oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries and pb turned out to be a good first dinner (weirdly food smells were getting to me last night too?!?) and pancakes were my second dinner a few hours later.

IMG 9891

And then we bundled up to go to Brooke’s soccer game.

IMG 9894

She had her best game yet and did what I love to do at the end of a race and just lay there for a while.

IMG 9896

I relate to Little Chef Cade so much.


Just another reminder of a new pregnancy update here!


Have a favorite type of muffin or recipe for me to try?  I’ll be very grateful!

Do you snack as you bake or cook?  Do you clean up as you bake or cook?  Or do you wait for both until you are done?

Do you usually work out at the same time each day or does it switch around often?  What about weekdays vs weekends?

If you could be a pro athlete in any sport (other than running), what sport would you choose?

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My mom makes the BEST muffins–they have so much good stuff in them (wheat bran, flax seed, chia seeds, berries, pecans, coconut . . .) and I am amazed that she came up with the recipe! I am not much of a snacker as I work in the kitchen . . . unless there are chocolate chips involved. And I’m so messy I just clean at the end!

I would love to be a gymnast! I have no aptitude for it, but it looks so powerful and freeing!


I just noticed a typo in my own name . . . that’s how the whole morning’s been!


I totally understand those mornings (or days for me… 50 typos per blog post?)! Your moms muffins sound incredible. Oh and to be a gymnast, that would be awesome. Have a great day Kristin.


Have you had the pumpkin streusel muffins from Costco? They are SO good!


Well, now I am going to Costco today! I forgot how good those are. Thanks Lindsley and I hope you are having a great morning!


I switch my workout times a lot, depending on my schedule! If I have classes at night, I need to work out in the morning or take a rest day. But mornings after night classes, I do not want to wake up early so I’ll work out after work. My life is all over the place haha.

I want to start making seasonal muffins, thinking about these: https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/pumpkin-coffee-cake-muffins/


The pictures from that recipe legit made me drool! I must make those ASAP. Thanks for sharing Mariah. You are doing an awesome job getting everything in with all that you are doing! Have a beautiful day.


wow those muffins looked so good! i have been craving blueberries like crazy in my first trimester so I should probably try them :)

Hope you have a great day Janae!


YES you need to try them! Enjoy all of the blueberries right now and I hope you are feeling great today, thanks Geri!


I love pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in the fall! It depends on how hungry I am if I snack or not. I also prefer my husband clean up after me ;) I like to workout in the morning and usually work it in. And if I could be a pro athlete I think it would be cool to be an ice skater!


I just picked up some pumpkin so I’m going to need to make those muffins asap! Haha I like Andrew to clean up after me too;) I hope your Thursday has been great so far Ehrin!


These strawberry banana muffins are a family favorite! -> https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/69893/mimis-giant-whole-wheat-banana-strawberry-muffins/


I will be making those. Those look so good. Thanks Karissa and enjoy the rest of your day!


When I was in my 20’s I waited to clean until after I was done or the next morning but now I need to have a clean kitchen so I clean while I cook & bake and even hand wash & put away the big stuff.

I love zucchini nut muffins and pumpkin in the fall!


Melodie… I completely understand! I was the same way in my 20s vs now! Zucchini nut sounds so good right now. Thank you and I hope you are having a great day!


Easiest banana muffins ever (perfect for kids since it’s basically one bowl except for the melted butter):

3 overripe bananas
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1.5 cups flour
1/4 cup melted butter
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
Optional: mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts to taste

Mix all ingredients. Cook at 375 for about 25 minutes.

We often


Whoops, got cut off and was going to add “we often do add the chocolate chips and we once added an overripe pear to use it up and it worked great. The recipe can be flexible!”


THANK YOU!! And flexible recipes are my favorite. I can’t wait to make these! I hope you are having a great day Liz!


Hi Janae! I clean as I cook or bake, absolutely. Otherwise it is way too depressing afterwards to have to clean that much stuff. Your Halloween decorations juxtaposition made me laugh. Have a great Thursday!


SAME HERE!! I have to clean as I go too. Thanks Amy and Andrew will be happy it made you laugh:) Hope you are having a great afternoon, Amy!


I am a total snacker when it comes to baking and cooking. I do love a good banana nut muffin… but I have also been wanting to try out the Superhero Muffins for awhile. Pumpkin muffins sound really good right now too :)


I finally made the super hero muffins last weekend and they were awesome (thank you for that recipe!) One of my kiddos asked if we could add apples to the recipe- so this weekend when i made them again, I took out one of the carrots and then added a small, overripe apple. It made the muffins INCREDIBLE. So, we are on a super hero muffins (plus apple) kick around here.

I am training for my first marathon, so I am ALWAYS hungry- so having these and some air popped popcorn hit the spot before bed.


This recipe is a variation of pumpkin muffins I make – http://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2010/09/friday-foodie.html Just 2 ingredients – spice cake mix and a can of sweet potatoes. I know you love sweet potatoes, so you really need to try these!

I don’t snack a lot while I’m cooking, but I definitely clean as I go.

If I don’t exercise first thing in the morning it probably won’t happen.


I have some great muffin recipes that are really easy!

Pumpkin chocolate chip:


Banana (my favorite version of this adds walnuts and chocolate chips):
I only have this on a recipe card, but I’m happy to email the recipe. It’s good as a quick bread too.

I always use Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips because they’re consistently high quality and they just taste good!

If you’re into scones, I have a fabulous basic recipe that adapts well to any flavor combo—chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, cranberry orange, lemon poppyseed, and my holiday favorite, which is cinnamon eggnog.


I love these pumpkin butterscotch muffins: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipes/a49207/pumpkin-butterscotch-muffins/


Seriously these are the best muffins I have ever made. My family requests them for get together. They are amazing!



Hello! Totally off topic but I will be driving through Provo tomorrow at lunch time, where should I eat??? I prefer a non-chain restaurant and I’m open to whatever is interesting (not picky at all). Thanks in advance! Love your blog, I read it every day!


Oh yay! This makes me so happy, I hope you love the area! My favorite Provo restaurants are Gurus, Bombay House, Black Sheep Cafe, communal, cubby’s and waffle love! Let me know where you go and what you think. Have a great night Natalie!


We ended up going to Black Sheep Cafe and we LOVED it! So yummy and we could sit outside and people-watch. Beautiful town, I can see why you love living there. Thank you for the recommendations. Have a great day!


Oh that makes me SO happy! That place is so good:). Come back again soon!


The chocolate Kodiak cake muffins are delicious too! Did you know you can make muffins from their pancake mix?! ? There was a recipe on their pumpkin flax mix (seasonal and also fantastic, especially with chocolate chips!) and then I found a toddler muffin recipe and use that with their normal mix. I usually make them with my toddler and we add freeze dried fruit. I think the recipe adds sugar but I never do. https://modernhomesteadmama.com/pancake-muffins-for-toddlers/

I’m also curious if you’ve ever tried Starbucks double chocolate hot chocolate. It’s my favorite!! I don’t know what kind you usually like. This one is very rich!


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