Tuesday Tangents!

(shirt, shorts, shoes, socks)

THANKFULLY it was a rainy morning, and we didn’t wake up to more snow. I hope it just keeps raining this week instead of snowing because we have 20 x 400s coming up, and I do not want to do that on a treadmill.

One of my friends is using my old running belt (I can’t find it online anymore, sadly). This belt allowed me to run through my pregnancies with Beck and Skye. I am very grateful for it and happy it is now helping a friend through her pregnancy running.
You know you are deep in marathon training when you don’t realize your shirt is on backward until your friend tells you, and you drop your glove in the toilet, so your hand freezes for the last few miles of the run. Is it time to taper yet?
I did a 10-minute pilates class on the Peloton app afterward, and we finished with my favorite stretch on the planet. My hips crave this stretch.

We are finally taking care of the tree that fell in our yard.  We had it quoted for removal and decided just to buy a chainsaw and do it ourselves (when I say ourselves, I mean Andrew;).

Skye was determined to plant seeds for the first day of spring.  

A gloomy week called for homemade mashed potatoes and chicken noodle soup.

For every one bag of chocolate chips I use to bake, I eat three bags by snacking on them.

Let’s get chatting about some tangents:

*Des Linden crushing it at 39. I cannot wait to see what she does in Boston!

*These are one things I crave/eat the most during marathon training. There is just something about the salt and potatoes that speak to my soul. Cook them in the air fryer, and you will be a very happy human.

*I ran with my sunglasses in my sports bra for 10ish miles last weekend and somehow did not chafe. I put them on top of my head like I usually do when it’s going to be sunny later on in the run, but the wind kept blowing them around, so they went in my bra. For my first marathon, I put a tube of chapstick in my sports bra, which was painful for a week after. My body has adjusted over the years.

 *This massager comes around with me all of the time. It feels so good on my hamstrings and calves lately.

*Our peloton has a new home. It is no longer in the laundry room anymore. Change is hard but we are dealing with it well;)

Have any tangents to share today?!

Who is excited for the Nike Vaporfly NEXT% 3?  Are you going to try them?

-I. Do. Not. Know.  I am so worried that they are not going to be as good.  I will try them and give you a full review.

Who else used some sort of belt during pregnancy for their running?

Are you a DIY person or not so much?!

-On some things we are all about DIY but with most things we don’t dare.

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More husband points for Andrew! And good riddance to that reminder to that scary event.
One of my fears is losing a glove or something from my waist belt into a toilet! I would have cried over that glove!
That photo of Des cracks me up. She and Molly Huddle are so awesome for being able to give such strong performances.


I am so done looking out the window every day and being reminded of that day! Yep, I definitely teared up ha. Seriously, and Molly recently had covid too!? They are amazing. Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start, Molly!


I think I used the belt you recommended for both my pregnancies! I was lucky enough to run all 41 weeks of them. Even though we’re done having kids I still have it in the garage “for sentimental reasons.”

Sitting here, avoiding going out running because it’s raining here in SD (again… sigh)… it’s our snow this year I guess.

NO DIY for me, I’m a throw money at the problem girl and I think it’s probably better for my marriage. Santa got our kids a basketball hoop for Christmas and after eyeing the size and instructions, when it came I was insistent we just pay for the assembly… AND after watching the guys who came put it together I am VERY sure it was the right move.


I am so glad you were able to use and love that belt too… it’s a good one. And 41 weeks… WOW! More rain!?! I hope it clears up for you soon. HAHAH that is usually how I am too… and so many times I’m like, we are going to eventually pay someone to do it when I quit working on it so why even try in the beginning! Hope your day is off to a great start, Arianna!


Did you see the article where Makenna Myler, 30, who is 9 months pregnant, ran a 5:17 mile?! It was in Runners world but also made many of the major news sources online!


We are 100% DIYers. Me, more on the house front than cars but my husband does a lot of car fixes too. We reroofed our first house (complete with roof jacks) and refinished the hardwood floors. At our 2nd house, we fixed a termite-infested breakfast nook. The termites had disintegrated the wood to the point that the joists and sill plate were gone! We are in a newer house now but have done the landscaping and last summer rebuilt our deck. Right now my husband is rebuilding the engine for one of our cars! We are stubborn and too cheap to pay someone else to do something we can do ourselves!


Jackie. You guys are my heroes. Absolutely amazing what you have both done! You and my sister would be best friends… I’m sending her your comment of the things you have done! Hope you have a beautiful day!


DIY, no.
I consider hiring someone as one of my biggest forms of self-care.


Thanks to my husband growing up in a handyman household (he learned plumbing, roofing, electrical, and mechanical/car stuff all before graduating high school), we are a DYI couple. Sometimes I wish we/he were more willing to pay others to do it, such as when we replaced and painted the siding on the exterior of our entire house during the summer in Louisiana- that was AWFUL! However, I’m always grateful when it’s done. Oh, those hashbrowns sound so good! I wish we had a TJ’s nearby! Happy Tuesday, Janae!


When I was in high school, my mom would make me a breakfast sandwich with a has brown patty with cheese melted on it, on touch with ketchup. Soooo good!

Can’t decide on the shoes, I like vaporflys better than alpha flys… Why must we change?


Yes, can we please start the taper?! 2 more weeks and then it slowly begins for me. Super excited for Boston but cannot wait to have a little down time. Will you be sharing details about the shake out run you’re doing in Boston?
Also, absolutely YES to Des! She’s amazing and I am so excited to watch her in Boston. I’ve been loving she and Kara’s podcast. So good.

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