Made it to Yellowstone…

Good morning!  I cannot thank you enough for your amazing comments yesterday.  Thank you.  And just in case you haven’t had enough of me yet, I have a new baby update to check out—> 26 Weeks & Getting on the Scale Backwards!


This scooter in front of my house came along with a fun story.  On Tuesday night Andrew left for his 17 mile long run at about 9:50 pm.  He finished his 17 miles 2 miles away from home assuming that he would just jump on one of these scooters to get home.  They are normally all over the place in our area but for some reason on Tuesday night they were all missing until he finally found this one to get him home ha.  He had quite the adventure trying to get home!

Time for a sentence per picture—>  I did 7 miles @ 9:12 average with my sister.

IMG 8119

I like the way Andrew trains for marathons…

IMG 8118

I decided it was time for a change with my hair but Skye doesn’t approve of it.

IMG 8131

Drive-thru kale and wild-rice bowl from Cubby’s for lunch was absolute perfection.

IMG 8127

I started this book and I’m really enjoying it so far.

IMG 8128

My favorite snack in the car was this along with a large strawberry lemonade.

IMG 8132

We made it!

IMG 8137

We are staying about an hour outside of Yellowstone and we are going to start exploring bright and early today!

IMG 8133

Turns out I was too optimistic about me camping while pregnant so we are doing Airbnbs instead.

IMG 8138

I made sure to bring my beloved Frosted Flakes here with me.

5 road trip facts with our kids:

*For some reason when we take a road trip my kids say they have to use the restroom 10 times as often as they normally do when we are at home.

*You know those rumble strips on the side of the highways?  Every time we went over one Skye would yell, “THAT’S FUN MOM!”

*Andrew estimated that Skye said, ‘Mom’ over 2,000 times during the 5 hours in the car:)

*We left our house three hours later than we planned on leaving haha…

*We found out we are past the ‘napping in the car’ stage so Skye was out shortly after we made it there.

IMG 8142


Just another reminder of a new pregnancy update HERE!


What’s your sentence for the day?

Do you ever color your hair?

Are you a fan of road trips or not so much?

When you travel (back in the good old days when we all traveled more) are you more likely to grab a hotel, airbnb or other?

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Your hair looks great! It’s definitely fun to change it up. You are a gorgeous brunette also!

How did you find an airbnb?? I tried booking one here and they are all booked up. Well, there are a few remaining but nothing like before where you’d search for a property and 40 would show up and now there are about 3:)

I hope you all have an amazing trip! Looks good for the soul.


Mom……mom, LOL!
SOTD: Rain is fine if it only happens overnight.
I started coloring my hair (drugstore box dye) to cover greys a few years ago & started going slightly lighter so it wouldn’t be so obvious when the roots started showing, but now I don’t feel like it, LOL. I don’t love the shade that’s growing out, so I’m basically ignoring it.
Road trips are fun, though I start to get uncomfortable just sitting in the car for hours–I need stretch breaks. And I really prefer staying in a rental house instead of hotels. Hoping we can get to the Outer Banks (NC) next month!! I need to make sure the renters’ insurance covers COVID-related restrictions (in case they put those back in place) in addition to hurricanes. It will be easier to travel again someday :)
Have an amazing time on your trip!!


I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!! I’ve been doing a balayage blonde for a few years and I love love love it. I only get it touched up about twice a year because I kind of like the grown out look (and because it’s about a million dollars to get done haha). Have an amazing time on your trip! That Air Bnb looks gorgeous.


Your hair looks amazing! I highlight my hair, but have never fully colored.

I’m a fan of road trips! It’s fun to see new places and enjoy the scenery driving. Also, you have fun conversations and sing-a-longs during road trips.


Love the new hair!


He started his run at 9:50 ????? That’s crazy to me. How is he not exhausted at that time. What time does he wake up?


Your hair looks great!
We love Airbnb and VRBO! We have found some great houses/cabins/condos through both, and always really great deals. We actually will look at these sites first before looking to book hotels.
Today is our 26th wedding anniversary ❤️. I can’t believe it’s been 26 years, and I am truly grateful for our life we’ve built together. We’re celebrating by doing a favorite hike that ends overlooking the ocean, then having sushi.
Enjoy Yellowstone! Keep the pictures coming ?


Love your hair!! I just got mine done too with some hilites. Feels so good :) Is your t shirt a maternity shirt? Hope you have an amazing vacation


I don’t dye my hair, but I’m thinking about it. Besides the grey’s (that I’m over pulling out) it would be nice to have it look a little different.


I just read that book! I loved it soooo much. It’s the perfect vacation read.

I didn’t comment yesterday but I was sorry to hear about your dads health (although glad he is doing well). You guys are in my thoughts and I would love to see a friend to friend post on it.

Your car snacks sound amazing. Have a great time!!


I love your hair!! I also love road trips but I’ve had to commute to/from work a lot for my job this past year, so I find more time in my car to be challenging now (even though I’d love to get out of town). Airbnbs! Campsites book up so quickly here and since I tend to take last-minute road trips, I find airbnbs are the coziest most budget-friendly option (although you can sometimes get cheap deals on hotels! it just feels more rigid)


Love road trips.. leaving on a road trip saturday to the south okanagan similkameen vslley with puppy. We are camping. It was my birthday yesterday and this trip is a bday present lol. We might do a hotel for a night or 2 we will see.

Haha Skye is hilarious!

Have a wonderful trip with your family Janae!


Hi Janae! I just finished that book! It’s pretty entertaining but also insightful. Your Airbnb looks great and has a projector!! That’s awesome. I haven’t been to Yellowstone since I was a kid. My friend who goes every year is really into photography and he spotted so many animals- bears, foxes, wolves, ospreys… So I’m excited for your pics!


I haven’t been able to get my family into camping :( I’ve been with my son a few times but it isn’t as fun without the other 2. Though I’ll admit I don’t sleep very well while camping.

We’ve hit an unfortunate milestone with the kids (who are 14 and 11). We don’t sleep well in a standard hotel room. Just not enough room to spread out. On our canceled trip to California we were going to do 1 night in Santa Monica in a hotel room, 3 nights in Anaheim springing for 2 rooms and then the rest at VRBO townhouse in San Diego :(

I do worry about how we will do if we ever get to Europe (we are supposed to go in 2 years). 2 bedrooms is a huge hit to the travel budget. But when we’d be traveling so often getting AirBnBs everywhere seems like a lot.

Can’t wait to hear about your trip. We love Yellowstone/Grand Teton so much!



I had to lol at your post. My boys are now 23 and 26 and we too had to start getting a separate room for them at about that age when we travel. It adds a lot to the cost of the trip – especially at Disneyland! But it is well worth the comfort factor. We always get connecting rooms at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim (right near the gates).


OH my gosh… we are in the “Mom, Mom, MOM! MOmmmmmmmmmm!!!” stage as well. I pick Elliana up from daycare and then we bike home (her in the Thule trailer)… all the way home I swear I must hear Mom a 1,000 times. LOL! I remember thinking years ago that maybe I’d never hear a little one call me Mom, so I try to enjoy every single Mom that comes my way buuuutttt, I did say yesterday on the right home that maybe we could try a few minutes of quiet time. Hahah!


Hey Janae! Firstly, I LOVE your blog. I’ve been following for years but rarely comment. Secondly, I live in South Africa and it is crazy for me to think there are places in the world where it’s safe to run at 9h50. There is no way (male or female) you’d be able to run at that time here, it’s just too unsafe :( I’m so jealous ♡ Enjoy your little holiday!


Your hair looks great, so fun to change things up a bit! When I was 5 my mom got a perm and when she came home I blurted out “Mommy I don’t like it.” She didn’t really let me live that one down. I think we get so attached to having our Mama’s just the way we know them best.

I loved that book, it felt a little voyeuristic, but I also learned a lot about myself.

And I’m so glad you have an AirBnB, I was thinking sleeping on the ground sounded pretty ambitious while pregnant! We camped in our relatively luxurious Casita trailer this past weekend and I don’t think I ever actually slept. We always joke that we backpacked in our 20’s, had a VW van in our 30’s and now a trailer with a shower in our 40’s, hah.


I love staying at Airbnb’s, mostly because I love to have a kitchen and cook simple meals for breakfast and some dinners to limit the eating out. Love your hair. I have never dyed my hair. If I did, I would probably make it a lighter blonde. I had the same hair dresser until age 24 when I moved to a different state. The first time I went to a new hair dresser I felt like I was cheating on my one back home. But one thing with going to a new hair dresser was that she was showing my natural hair to everyone and saying how beautiful it was. It made me appreciate my hair so much more. Have fun in Yellowstone. That is definitely a place on my bucket list. I need to get out West more once traveling can happen again. Since I am in New York State right now, we have a list of like 34 states we can’t go to. Staying home is easier.


Oh that’s Kale? I thought it was a holy guacamole!!


Just throwing this out there… you look SO MUCH MORE like your sister with your hair lightened up :) Enjoy your trip – I would love to head out that way one day!!

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