15 Important Things to Discuss + HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

1.  Longest run, 12 miles, since April 1st (my last half marathon).  My right hip is feeling better after getting it scraped. I’m happy the mileage felt great… next step, trying some speed work again in a week or two!

2.  Andrew got back yesterday morning from his mountain biking trip.  He shows me pictures like this and I can’t even imagine doing what he does on a mountain bike.  I like running.  It is much safer.  I’m not much of a risk taker when it comes to injuring my body.

DSC01616 01

3.   Run with a good friend. “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”  … one of the truest quotes there ever was!

IMG 5348

4.  My friend and I saw some river rafters while we were out and we were proud that they couldn’t keep up with us;)  I’ve done this a few times growing up and it was always so much fun… maybe we need to do this Andrew?

IMG 5343

5.  This pair of Launch 4’s have almost 600 miles on them and they still feel good.  This might be my longest lasting pair of running shoes ever.

IMG 5379

6.  Pre-run Brooke and I got to work on building.  I found these little building pieces at a store the other day and she is hooked on them.   Also, still hooked on the Santa pajamas.

IMG 5341

7.  Yogurt, fruit (first peach of the year for me!) and granola will never ever get old to me.

IMG 0063

8.  Goggles in the bathtub, not a bad idea Brooke.

IMG 0068

9.  I wonder where she gets her habit of picking out the best parts of the trail mix from?  There are no more yogurt chips left because of Brooke and me.

IMG 0073

10.  Andrew came home from his time at the hospital and on the way home picked up some Mother’s Day breakfast stuff… cannot wait for those raspberries this morning.

IMG 5387

11.  We went out for an early Mother’s Day celebration.

IMG 5388

12.  I chose Pita Pit (and yes the employees recognized us from coming in the day before) because the tzatziki sauce that they put on this is so good.  I kind of just want to add it to everything I eat from here on out.

IMG 5392

13.  She was happy to have her favorite person to tease and kid around with back.

IMG 5399

14.  Brooke and I shared this beautiful waffle with ice cream, raspberries, biscoff, and nutella.

IMG 5400

15. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  You are the kindest, funniest, most giving, beautiful woman I know.  I am so incredibly lucky to have you.  I hope everyone out there has a beautiful day and Happy Mother’s Day to every woman out there that serves, loves, teaches and cares for other people in your life… whether they are your children or not… you are incredible and thank you for what you do to help the people in your world.  I can’t tell you how much I love being Brooke’s mom and Knox’s step mom!  I’m very blessed to have them in my life.

Andrewjanaewedding 0219


Celebrating today?  What are you doing to celebrate?

What has been the highlight of your weekend so far?

Ever been into a more dangerous type of sport?  What? 

Where is your long run mileage at right now?

-I’m excited to be back up to 12!

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Glad your hip is feeling better Janae. I’ve always found that graston, ART and therapy help with those small muscular issues.

I hope you enjoy Mothers Day!


Happy mother’s day Janae! Happy to read that your hip is feeling better. Part of my mother’s day gift is to go see the Boston marathon documentary tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see it!


600 miles is a lot. Maybe that’s part of why your hip hurts


Happy Mother’s Day to you! Enjoy your day!


Happy Mother’s Day! If you ever want to go rafting on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, Colorado, go to Browns Canyon Rafting! That’s where my boyfriend works and he knows all about your blog, from me lol! Rafting is so fun… snowboarding too. Actually, the first time I ever visited Utah was to go snowboarding in Park City. It was beautiful :)


Happy Mother’s Day!

That pic of Andrew is making me so nervous!!!! I am like you, I like my feet planted firmly on the ground. That is why I’ll probably never do a du or tri… I don’t even really like riding my bike on a flat, level and very safe surface! haha


My mom is far away from me right now so I won’t be able to celebrate much with her. I already told her how much I love her today:)

My long run mileage right now is around 5 miles. I spent almost two months without running consistently due to my last school semester, and now I’m rebuilding and regaining shape slowly.


By the way, happy Mother’s Day Janae <3


Happy Mother’s Day! Can you tell me what store you found the building blocks at?


Happy Mother’s Day! I also close my eyes tightly when I see cyclists either doing tricks or riding fast on the road or in a peloton. No thanks! I still cannot believe you put 600 miles on your shoes. My Launches are at 300+ and I’m starting to feel it’s time to change them…but then again, I’m probably 20+ years older than you so that may have something to do with it ;)

I just signed up for the St George Marathon! I am so excited and I’ll be revisiting your SG posts. Enjoy your day!


Happy Happy Mother’s Day!!!!


Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day!


Dinner with 13 people for Mothers Day in a couple of hours:). I have been rebuilding mileage after an ankle injury – but longest in the last month or so has been 40km. Highlight so far – having my little niece in town – she is 19 months and the happiest most joyful toddler. Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mom’s Day to you AND your mama!

I celebrated Mother’s Day by taking my mom to LA for the weekend! I had a friend’s wedding and she came as my plus one! It was an Indian wedding reception and she knows the couple too and we had such a blast! Loved LA (my first time visiting) and loved getting to spend the weekend there with my mom.

Ps – Next time you’re there, you MUST try donuts from Sidecar in Santa Monica … Amazing.


My mom said she wanted Chinese takeout for dinner, so that’s what we’re getting.
That photo on Andrew on his bike looks slightly terrifying. Haha that’s definitely not the sport for me.


Happy Mother’s Day!!!! ????


Can you explain what hip scraping is, Janae? What other therapies (and stuff like that) do you do to stay healthy?


Hey Gretchen!! I explain more about scraping (graston) in this post: https://hungryrunnergirl.com/2014/01/scraping-ouch-but-so-so-so-good.html

I also go to a chiropractor that does muscle reactivation that works really well for my body! THANKS!!!


Happy happy Mother’s Day, Janae! You are such sweet mom and Brooke is lucky to have you!

Tzatziki is amazing. Totally agree. We had a Pita Pit on campus my freshman year but they went out business. :(


Love this Mother’s Day post! And the photo of you running with the mountains in the background makes me miss Ut.


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