I Spoke It Into Being.

Just in case you missed last week, the top three most viewed posts were:

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Our day started off by bribing Brooke and Knox to sleep in which meant everyone slept until 8:15 and it was heavenly.  The kids got in bed with us and Skye rubbed her blanket under all of our noses (she loves doing this under her nose and likes to share it with us too;).

IMG 3849

We went to church…

IMG 3864

We watched a little Planet Earth while Skye crawled on all of us.

IMG 3873

For dinner a friend invited us over and it was so so good.

IMG 3875

The teriyaki steak tasted like a treat and they also had grilled pineapple for us too.

IMG 3876

Our kids loved it too and after dinner they played soccer in the backyard for a while.

IMG 3878

We brought our favorite cookie recipe for ice cream sandwiches.

IMG 3874


I have a few running things to talk about….

*Deena Kastor talked about this quote (from Obama’s inaugural speech in 2009) when I went to her interview in Boston.  I just think it is so so true…

Screen Shot 2019 04 24 at 11 33 08 AM

Whether your difficult tasks are your job, raising kids, running, racing, relationship situations etc… not a lot feels better than when we give everything we have to do something hard!  Remember this when you want to quit, think about how good it feels when we give our all!

IMG 2931

*”I spoke it into being.” <— From this episode of Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations.  In the beginning of this episode Oprah shares the poem, ‘Phenomenal Woman’ by Dr Maya Angelou.  Oprah shares that when she first found that poem she didn’t believe that she was a phenomenal woman but then with time she spoke it (believing she was a phenomenal woman) into being.  We have the power to speak things into being… hearing this gave me the goosebumps.

If you have some big goals for your running/life then speak them into happening.  You might not believe that they are going to happen in the beginning but you have to power to make them your truth by the way you think and work towards them!

Screen Shot 2019 04 24 at 11 44 51 AM

*PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this article.  “The mind is what drives a human being.  If you have that belief- pure belief in your heart- that you want to be successful then you can talk to your mind and your mind will control you to be successful.  I want to show the world that you can go beyond your thoughts, you can break more than you think you can break.”

Screen Shot 2019 04 26 at 11 42 12 AM

*Did you see this?  It may have made me tear up… “When his grandfather ran into Linden at the airport, he showed her the picture of his grandson with his makeshift bib.  Linden gave her Boston Marathon bib to the grandfather to give to Desmond.  It now hangs proudly framed in his bedroom.”

Screen Shot 2019 04 27 at 6 03 00 PM

*So many awesome things happened at the London Marathon… Emily Sisson and her 2:23:08 marathon debut?!?  WOW!


Food expiration dates… are you a risk-taker or do you say goodbye easily if the food is past it’s expiration date?

What is going to be the best part of your Monday?!

Did you watch the London Marathon?

If any elite runner was to give you their bib from a big race… which one would you choose?

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Hmm…I guess it depends on the food, how long it’s past its expiration date, and how bad I want to eat it. ;)

The best part of my Monday is knowing I don’t have to run ALL week unless I really want to! I ran the Nashville Marathon on Saturday and my body is in desperate need of a running break. I do have a question for you and anyone else that can help…have you ever dealt with over training? I have had really bad insomnia the last several weeks as well as some other symptoms (moodiness, no desire to run, haven’t had a period since Christmas, etc.) and I think that’s what has caused it. So, I’m wondering how long should I take off from running to feel back to normal? And, does this mean I shouldn’t exercise at all? I just want to get some sleep!!!!!!


Kristen, I am sure Janae will respond but while you are waiting, near the top is “friend to friend” posts. Click on those. Janae has a post in there about it.


Hey Kristen!!! Huge congrats on your recent marathon! I have definitely dealt with overtraining and learned a lot of lessons throughout it. If I were you, I would talk to my doctor about some of the things you are experiencing. Skipping our period is a sign from our body that we pull back. For me to get it back, I did stop running. I had to gain weight (body fat especially) and give my body a break. Here is the post Mary mentioned! If you would like to email me about this that would be great too! I want you feeling better and sleeping better! TAKE THE BREAK:)

Have a great day!


I cannot even eat the food on the day of the expiration date. But I am coming to realize that is just silly.

Best part of my Monday will be watching Hope’s soccer practice.
(And I bought myself a Diet Mountain Dew this morning. It is last month of school year tired over here.)


Erica… I am feeling that same last month of the school year tired that you are! Maybe I need a diet mountain dew too! Enjoy the soccer practice, it is just the best to watch those little things running around the field. I inherited that same thing from my dad… I need to work on it too haha. Have a wonderful day!


that is so sweet of Des! I would definitely want her bib, or Meb’s!

I don’t take risks with expiration dates. Day of or one day past is fine, but otherwise it goes in the trash!

Today is a run in the heat, mid 80’s and I love it!


I’m definitely not a risk taker either! Mid 80’s already… we made it! I hope you have a wonderful day Loribeth!


I eat expired stuff all the time! I am my grandpas granddaughter, waste nothing and have a good stockpile to get you through the next year. Your freezer is your best friend. Really though, if it is dairy or meat (that is not frozen), it goes. Salad can be fine if you put a paper towel in with it, it rarely gets wilted when I do this (but I usually eat it before it goes bad). Things like crackers, pasta, cereal etc are fine by me, same with sealed items unless there was meat or dairy in it, like a can of soup or broth. Honey has an expiration date and that has been proven to never go bad!


I ❤️ that episode of Supersoul! I am so thankful we have an Oprah on this earth! ? Ty for spreading positivity on your blog.. it’s much appreciated!

Awww how sweet of Des! That little boy is adorable ?
Wow good question .. I don’t know which elite I would want a big from hmmm.. which elite would you chose? My most prized possession is my daughters first race bib from a non school race!

I say GOODBYE if food is questionable. Once I got super sick from eating spoiled food so now I am very cautious! I hate wasting food so I try to not let things expire but you know how it goes sometimes!

Today I’m looking forward to getting all my errands done ✅ ? Happy Monday! You know we are one week closer to the new season of Bachelorette!


I love that… I’m so thankful we have an Oprah on this earth too! I would choose Des:) . Oh I love that.. so happy your daughter loves running like you. I’m with you on being extremely cautious. I hope your errands are all done soon and when does the next season start (I will google that now:)! Have a wonderful day Sydney!


I ran into Des in the Detroit airport in January. We were all on the way to Baton Rouge for the Louisiana Half, which she won in record time. She was sitting alone at an adjacent gate, but my wife told me to go talk to her. We exchanged pleasantries and I offered to pace her and that made us both laugh. She is an inspiration as both a running elite and how she handles herself. Keep Showing Up!


Wow, that is so so cool Dan. I love that you offered to pace her hahah. She is UNREAL in her running and who she is as a person. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Good post. I’ve made your chocolate chip cookies before, but although they turned out great, they didn’t look or seem as good as yours. I’m wondering if you and I are using different ingredients. So, what type of flour do you use? Type of butter (brand)? Type of chocolate chips? Type of sugar?
I really want to nail these down. I’m a cookie aficionado.


HEY!!! I am so sorry they haven’t turned out the same… where do you live? I wonder if living at altitude makes a difference for us? As far as brands of ingredients we use all sorts of different ones. Target, costco, smith’s… we switch around. BUT we always use the Guittard chocolate chips (they are bigger than most and just so so good). I wish I had more baking knowledge to share! Have a beautiful day Amy!


I can’t wait until later today when I have time to check out the links–always looking for some inspiration (but I’m at work now).
Your photos from the weekend and tulips at temple were gorgeous! I need to get out to Utah, and I’m especially inspired since I had a total surprise visit from my childhood next door neighbors yesterday–my kindergarten best friend and two of her older sisters. They now live in Highland, Spring City, and Phoenix, and they just showed up since they’re in town for a few days. I’m dying to go visit them back and see some mountains and canyons!
Type of food and packaging are important for me in food expiration dates. Vacuum packs increase the odds that I’ll go for it. Also, if I open something (like milk) on its date, I’ll still drink it for a few days.
Best part of today will hopefully be a nap :)


A NAP… you better get one! Surprise visit from your childhood neighbors? That is the best and you should definitely come visit Highland to see them (and me;)! Have so much fun with them and have a beautiful day Corey.


Thank you for all of the Monday inspiration!! I love love love that episode of Super Soul! You seem to be a super fan like me, so you’ve probably already listened to the episode with Shawn Achor:
But if not I HIGHLY recommend it! He talks all about the power of positive thinking and optimism! I absolutely love his definition of happiness: “The joy you feel growing toward your potential.” Thats why we can feel our legs burning and smile and love life at the same time – because we know we are changing and growing into our full potential.
Des is just the best. Also a super fan of her!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


I am going to listen to that one TODAY… I got goosebumps when I read what you said about our legs burning and smile. So much truth! Thanks for sharing this with me Rachel!


Ok, first of all … all of the food you post makes me soo hungry; which is strange because I’m usually eating as I read. Runner problems I guess?! I really do need to introduce cookie sandwiches to my house though.
As far as expiration dates – hard yes I follow them! I’ve enough food reactions (allergic reactions or just not agreeing with something I’ve eaten) to know I don’t ever want one again or see my family go through it.
The best part of every day is when I come home from work to see my family. More specifically though I woke up really tired and with an achy quad (too much soccer with the kiddos! I feel so old! Ha!) so I decided to make my run an easy one. It was amazing. I just felt so much content while running slow, listening to Lindsey Hein interview Jordan Hassay, feeling my quad loosen up and feeling more and more awake with every (very very cold) breath.
As far as bibs go, definitely Des or Courtney Dauwalter – did you see she won @ Miut Madeira? She is so stinkin amazing!
Have a great day!


Hahah poor runners… we just need all of the food right this second. If you live close I’ll bring you one:) . I’m with you… I am a stickler with those expiration dates. Your run this morning sounds perfect and I can totally relate to runs like that. 24,000 feet of climbing in 71 miles… Courtney Dauwalter is incredible. I watched her interview here: https://www.irunfar.com/2019/04/courtney-dauwalter-2019-madeira-island-ultra-trail-champion-interview.html
And it just made me love her more. Have a beautiful day Jenny and enjoy seeing that family of yours after work today!


It totally depends on the food! I know how to tell if eggs are fresh and they often are well after the date on the carton. (floating = bad) I generally figure yogurt, cheese etc were developed as ways to preserve milk so I go longer on those. The same with pickles etc. Frozen foods too.
I’m more cautious with guests though…I don’t get sick but I don’t know if my body’s just used to it. Plus I don’t want people to think I’m gross. Of course I just told everyone here;-)


Hahaha well whatever you are doing is working for you and for your guests. I hope you have the most wonderful day Kristen!


I woke up and graded papers while watching London! I really wanted to see Sisson, she did not disappoint. I am so excited for the Olympic marathon trials and pretty much every 2020 olympic sport. I know I have over a year to wait. I’m a teacher so I take summer Olympic viewing to a new level


“I take summer Olympic viewing to a new level” <-- I totally remember doing that as a teacher too. You get the chance to see so much more and not feel guilty for watching all day because you work so hard during the school year, you need the time off. I can't wait for the trials and Sisson was incredible! So glad you were able to watch. Have a beautiful day Sara and I hope your students are being great today!


I think it depends on the food and how it actually looks. I take a good hard look at bread before getting rid of it, maybe even cutting off the bad parts. I hate throwing away bread!

I ran the London Marathon and as we were waiting to start they had a jumbo screen showing all the wheelchair and pro starts and it was pretty insuring know I was about to go run the same course as them, not nearly as fast though!

Best part of Monday is laying on the sofa all day recovering!


CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!!! I hope you had the most amazing time and that must have been so inspiring to see. It is so fun that we get to follow their footsteps on the course:) . Enjoy the recovery!


I used to be a risk taker but eating an expired yogurt changed my mind…
I worked all weekend so the best part of my Monday is just being home!
Have a great week!


Oh nooooo I bet that was a very awful experience Melissa! Enjoy your Monday at home, that feels so good after working the last few days I bet! Thanks and you too Melissa!


Wow, all those links are so incredibly inspiring – thanks for sharing!


As always, I enjoyed your blog today. Cheered me up, sitting here at my sister’s house in the UK. I’m gutted as I had to drop out of the London Marathon yesterday at the Half. A not-yet-healed glute injury flared at mile 9 and although I managed to limp to the Half point, there was no way I could continue. I hadn’t run for 3 1/2 weeks in hope of risking it all on the race. I’ve never had a DNF and for it to happen on this race is the worst. Only consolation is that I raised over $4,400 for Alzheimer’s in memory of my husband Bill who died of this horrible disease last September. Of ALL races not to finish, could it be worse? Maybe only other long distance runners can really understand. ???


I was wondering how you did… I am so so sorry that you were not able to complete it. You are incredible for raising all of that money. We completely understand and I am so so sorry. Thinking about you!


I totally feel like there’s a story behind the question about food expiration dates. I am the worst with those dates-I know they’re often “sell by” dates but I have a hard time even making something (a fresh food like yogurt, meat, cheese) ON the date. Boxed things like granola bars, crackers, cereal, cookies are more bearable to this weenie! My family knows if I say “hey, taste this for me” that there’s likely a reason.

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