Friday Favorites!

I decided that my Thursday morning needed something a little different so I went to the track to run in circles for a bit.

At the track I did 6 x 400s around a 7:50 pace with 200m recovery jogs.  This is the time of year when things for my marathon training usually ramp up and so it felt good to get moving and to do something different even though I’m not training for anything.

I am guessing by my next watch picture we won’t be able to see my feet at all:)

IMG 8745

We had a very low key day at home which included a pedicure/manicure for Skye.

IMG 8749

But at night we had our family over to celebrate Brooke’s birthday (her bday is tomorrow:)!

IMG 8769

A blurry picture but it is of my dad and Knox discussing WWII… they could both talk about it for days.

IMG 8756

Brooke requested pasta for dinner and this Pasta Primavera was amazing!  We will definitely be making it again.

IMG 8758

This cantaloupe salad included cantaloupe that was mixed with a pear and it was heavenly.

IMG 8761

Dessert of course included a lot of sprinkles.

IMG 2200

IMG 2205

We finished off her family birthday party like we always do… with a piñata!

IMG 8778


I have a few favorite things to share today!

*I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this song on repeat already.  It’s a few years old but new to me and I love it.

IMG 8344

*It’s impossible to have too many pairs of sweats.  I bought these tie-dye sweats because I couldn’t get over how cute they are and once they arrived I realized they are also the softest sweats.  Brooke wants me to find a pair for her now.   PS when I went to order them they said they would take about a month to get here but they only took 3 days so I’m not sure if that is normal or not.

IMG 8114

*I wanted to fancy up Brooke’s birthday cake so I picked up this set (they can ship it too) from the The Sweet Tooth Factory!  Brooke loved it.

IMG 8677

*THIS.  Why would we ever expect anything different from our bodies?!

IMG 8675

*This story that my mom shared on Facebook!

Do you ever listen to songs or albums on repeat? 

-Yes, way too often.  For a half marathon once upon a time I listened to a song on repeat the entire race.

What plans do you have for this weekend?

What size is your foot?

-9 in normal shoes and 10 in running shoes.

Is there a vegetable that you DO NOT like?

-My sister doesn’t like zucchini and it confuses me.  

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I have been eyeing those sweats for my oldest who is turning 13 in 3 weeks. She is tall for her age, 5ft 3 but I don’t know if a small would just be way too big. She is in juniors/women’s clothing but typically an xsmall or xxsmall. How do they fit? We are starting the year remote learning so I thought sweats worked!! Holding out hope that I will also be buying some new swim suits as we find out soon if fall/winter swim is happening. She is a competitive swimmer, our summer swim was just practice and interrupted by a Covid case ( thankfully only the coach who is now fine).


Sweats are a great idea for remote learning this year:). I really hope that she is able to swim this fall/winter… please keep me updated and I’m so glad the coach was okay! I would say that they fit a little smaller than normal sweats do on me. A small might be just perfect and they shrink a tiny in the dryer. Let me know if she loves them and I hope you have a great day!


yes, I have tons of songs I can listen to on repeat!!
Those sweats look so cool, gonna have to get some! I wear an 8 normally, a 9 in running shoes. I have wide feet (hello, bunion)so sometimes finding the perfect running shoe is tricky, especially when they change things up from model to model. I am currently loving the Brooks Ghost, Brooks Launch (older models, not the 7) and Saucony Kinvara!

I am not a big fan of broccoli. I eat it, but never choose it. Not sure why because I loved it as a kid!


I knew you would love the sweats too:). They are just so fun. Oh that would make it more tricky to figure out the perfect shoes for running. Glad the Ghosts, Launch and Kinvaras work so well. That is so interesting that you loved broccoli as a kid but not anymore. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Loribeth!


I don’t like raw tomatoes, but I love them in things. Salsa, marinara, ketchup, etc. Go figure. I keep telling myself I’m going to give brussel sprouts another chance, but my heart’s not in it yet.


What about raw garden tomatoes?! I totally agree with you on raw grocery store tomatoes, I would never just eat a slice of it. Brussels are tough to like… thank goodness there are so many other delicious vegetables to eat so you don’t have to force the ones you don’t like. Have a great weekend Tracy!


Happy Early Birthday Brooke!! That cake is adorable.

Yes, I listen to songs and albums on repeat a lot. I’ve definitely listened to the same song over and over for races or runs if it motivates me! People would probably think I’m weird if they look at my listening habits haha.

I cannot eat broccoli, even the smell of it cooked grosses me out. I know it’s so good for you, but have never been able to get over that!


Thank you so much Mariah! Hahah you and I can start a club for our weird listening habits… you are not alone. The smell of broccoli is pretty terrible, I agree with you big time! Have a wonderful weekend Mariah.


I have never liked sweet potato! I see your love for them and I try and eat them on occasion but there is zero enjoyment when I do.

That pasta dish looks amazing. Did the kids enjoy it? My kids unfortunately would probably pick out half the veggies in it lol.


Oh my kids absolutely picked out the veggies besides the broccoli:). I hope you try it and love it too! What about sweet potato fries?! I hope you have the best day Gillian!


I don’t like peppers! Loved that caption in the Jim Thorpe picture. NO excuses!!

Happy Birthday, Brooke! :)


I didn’t know you don’t like peppers! Thanks so much Amanda and I hope you are having a great morning so far:)


I don’t like a lot of veggies (picky eater problems lol) but two that are more “normal” to like are onions and tomatoes. I do not eat them and will pick them out of anything I eat. It’s fine I’m 25 and it’s totally fine ;)

This weekend I’m doing a girls night with some friends and can’t wait! We’ll be social distanced but it doesn’t even matter. Oh and maybe I’ll finally make a decision on my apartment since the lease seemed a little funky to me. Hope you enjoy my play by play of this whole process Janae! xoxo


Hahah that is totally fine! The problem with picking out onions is that they are so hard to spot in some dishes (which my kids remind me of haha:). Have the best time with your friends this weekend and good luck with that final decision and I 100% enjoy being involved in the process. Have a great day!


Did you mKe that cake?? Beautiful! I have to order bday cakes from a bakery as I only can make a sheet pan cake out of a box.
I do not like Brussels sprouts or okra. Which where I live in the south fried okra is a big thing but I don’t like it.


I did make it, thanks! It was from a box but I was pretty proud of it:) I still don’t think I’ve ever really tried okra so I need to change that soon to see if I like it. Have a wonderful day Mary!


Happy, happy birthday to Brooke tomorrow! It’s crazy that I was reading your blog long before she was even born! Time goes so fast!

We are headed out to my parents house this evening for the weekend. We celebrating my birthday there tomorrow (my bday is next week) Triathlon on Sunday–my sister is doing it too!

Love that quote! I read one similar yesterday that said “you are not meant to fit clothes. your clothes are meant to fit you.” I went through my closet the other day and got rid of things that no longer fit. I though it would be triggering, but it was so freeing! Plus I sold them at consignment and made $44:-). I put that toward to some new lounging clothes, haha.

I wear a size 11 shoe. My podiatrist was shocked that my feet didn’t grow during/after having kids. Thank goodness because I have a hard enough time finding size 11 shoes sometimes.

Happy, happy Friday Janae!


Thank you so much Becky and thanks for being my friend for SO long. I am very grateful for you. I hope you have the best time celebrating and happy birthday month. Good luck on Sunday and let me know how it goes. I LOVE that quote so much and I love what you did! Our feet our almost the same size:). Thanks Becky and you too!


I love that story your mom shared! And the picture of Knox with your dad… Priceless.
Yesterday I too felt like I needed a running change. So, I went to one of my favorite hills and did a bunch of hill sprints. The hill is slightly less than a quarter of a mile, and it was so fun to see my paces on the ups in the low 6’s/high 5’s! It felt so good to push myself! Sometimes changing things up is just what our bodies need.
We don’t have much planned this weekend at all. But I am in desperate need for a new phone case, so hopefully I will find a good/cute one.
Your family party for Brooke looked like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday!
Have a great Friday Janae.


Way to go on those hill sprints Wendy and I hope your achilles behaved! KILLER paces on that hill… holy cow! You are inspiring me to get in some hills. Thanks Wendy and I hope your weekend is great and you find the perfect case.


I’ve downloaded about 5 new songs in the past month or so and they are on repeat right now.

It’s suppose to be 106 tomorrow, so our weekend plans are to get up early, run or ride, then try to stay cool inside.

I’m a size 5 shoe, 5.5 in running shoes. Which is wonderful to buy cheap kids slippers, not so great when many shoe brands start at size 6.

I don’t like raw onions, but I’m okay if they’re grilled.


Love you found 5 songs that you are loving this month. 106!?! AHHHH I hope you eat plenty of cold fresh fruit after your ride! Have a great weekend Kathy!


Yes, zucchini is not beneficial for blood type O. What else doesn’t your sister like?


That’s it:). Have a great weekend Lee!


No songs on repeat…shuffle is my friend.
6-1/2 regular shoe, 7 running shoe.
Say no to brussels sprouts and okra!


I need to try okra out but I’m guessing I wouldn’t like it either. Enjoy shuffle on your next run and have a great weekend R!


That pasta primavera reminds me of my college days. We had this really good pasta place in our student union and I would go there like once a week. I need to save this recipe and make it. It looks like Brooke had a wonderful birthday party. That cake kit is cute. I bought myself a unicorn cake for my 30th birthday this year. It was actually the first time I ever had a professional make a cake so I thought it was well deserved and it was amazing. Since we had my birthday in quarantine in April, we froze the slices and I just ate the last slice at the end of July so I have been thinking of an occasion to order another cake haha.

Shoe sizes: I’m usually around an 8.5/9, but sometimes for flats for work, I am an 8. I always feel I am between sizes which makes it hard for me to order shoes online.

Have a great weekend!!


You have to make this recipe, you are going to love it! SO glad you had a cake made for your 30th during this crazy time and I love that you just finished it off. That would make it super tough to order shoes online without trying them off. Thanks Alicia, you too!


Hi Janae! When I hear a new song I really like I definitely overdo it with the repeat. And then after that if it’s a good running song I put it on my running playlist and then I don’t listen to it other than running so I don’t “wear it out”.
Happy birthday week to Brooke!


YAY for repeat! I like your method of what you do with music. Thanks so much Amy and have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! My parents almost named me Brooke, so I’ve always loved your name! :)

There aren’t any vegetables that I can think of that I don’t like, but I can’t stand honeydew or cantaloupe – they just gross me out so bad for some reason. But I do love watermelon. Funny how our taste buds are.


No way, that’s a fun fact! Well, I love the name Tess too! Send your cantaloupe to us (and I hope that picture in this post didn’t gross you out;). It really is so weird how our taste buds work! I hope you have a great weekend Tess!


Happy happy birthday Brooke!! I remember reading when you were pregnant with her…Love watching your sweet family grow. Have an amazing weekend


You need to find a pair of those sweats for Skye, too!!! They look like a beautiful blue and cloudy sky!!

Brooke’s bday cake is so cute. Was it funfetti inside?! I love cake.

I bet Knox is thrilled when he can chat with your dad. Is your dad wearing two pairs of glasses (on his head and face)

Zucchini is one of my favorites, not that it’s super flavorful but it’s so easy to prepare. I don’t love green bell peppers.


Happy Birthday to Brooke! Looks like a great party.

How does Skye do that with her toes?!? Baby toe on her left foot is at a crazy angle. Wow!
Not sure why I noticed that. LOL, Hope you have a great day!

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