Irresistible Goggle Picture

Thank you so much for the amazing comments you left on my Injury Optimism post……seriously, you can tell me how much my mom is paying you to be so nice to me.  I won’t be offended, she has been paying peeps to be my friend since Jr. High.  They would have retired by now if it wasn’t for this extra expense.


Monday Workout:

Upper body weights, 10 minutes abs

SWIM CITY……. 70 Minutes of actual swimming (not including rest breaks).  I was going pretty slow but hey I’ll take it.

What I learned from swimming:

-Chlorine burns my throat and turns my face bright red.

-I am pretty witty even when I am just talking to myself as I swim, I had myself laughing pretty hard at one point.

-Unlike running my stomach can handle a 4 course meal right before I start.

-Other swimmers look at you funny when you are singing into the water as you go……um, I thought they wouldn’t be able to hear me and things got awkward.

-ANY form of exercise can be used for stress relief.

-I think I need to go get tested for at least 14 different communicable diseases.

-Goggles, and wet hair are my best look.  Billy could hardly keep his hands off of me when I got home from swimming and made this fish face for him.

IMG 4921

Why do I post these flattering photos on the blog I will never know.  That piece of wood has been there for months…..I don’t even know how it got there or where it came from.

Between getting a few endorphins, your comments and receiving the most beautiful, awesomest, bestestJESS’S PROTEIN BARSI was on cloud nine. I am sure you all now Jess’s blog because she is famous and the sweetest thing in the world but if you haven’t GO. THERE. NOW. and you can thank me later for helping you discover your favorite blog.

IMG 4922

This is Billy’s really sad face because I wouldn’t share the protein bars with him……they are that good.  I need to work on this whole being a good wife thing.

Check back this afternoon with how my physical therapist appointment goes!  I have a feeling that if you eat some candy or a delicious piece of fruit in honor of me you will help aid in my recovery!


Are you good at sharing your special treats with your loved ones?

-I am getting better, I even shared my skittles with Billy yesterday during a movie.  Now that is love.

What delicious fruit are you going to enjoy today?

-I have 2 perfectly ripe pairs in my lunch bag waiting for me to eat them:)

Have you ever been to a physical therapist?  What was your experience?

-This is my first experience ever!!

Do you sing as you are running, swimming, taking a spin class or driving around town?

-Guilty of all the above but I like to think that I am serving other people by making them laugh as they see some crazy chick singing

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Thanks so much for talking about your injury battle. I am about 3 weeks out from my first 2011 1/2 and am freaking out. Reading your blog helps to know I'm not alone!!!


I sing along to my power songs sometimes, and I talk to myself while I'm running to motivate myself. I say things like Come on and you can do it!


Sharing food with the hubby?!?! Now that's real love in my book. I'm working on it…

I am convinced I am going to eat the darn bananas that are more than ripe in my fruit bowl. They aren't my favorite, so I might have to dip them in the jar of PB. Healthy much?!?

I went to a PT in high school when I had shin problems in sports, and recently I went for 6 weeks after tearing my hip muscle. I had GREAT experiences both times!

I sing….All. The. Time. I make a fool of myself, and you know what?!?! I don't care. I like it.


The pictures in this post are so funny! Love your goggle face! And poor Billy haha!

I have a banana, an orange, and a fuji apple to eat today yum!

I've been to lots of physical therapists (I had to go to one for almost 5 years after a really bad injury) and have had great experiences. They make you work hard but it is worth it!!

I sing SO loud when I am in the car!!


I'm pretty good about sharing with the husband, but sometimes you have to keep things for yourself.
In my lunch box today I have a pear, and apple, and a banana. I hope they're all delicious!
I've never been to a physical therapist (knock on wood).
And I have a tendency to sing obnoxiously as I exercise, and maybe there's some dancing involved, but it gets me through.


BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA goggles ROCK- and dang 70 minutes is hard core– but are already hard core!! wher do you get all your energy?!!?


We eat totally seperate things so i don't have to share

I have already had strawberries, blueberries and half a banana – probably have an apple later :)

I have been to physical therapy — they had some kind of warm electric machine and kept running it over my knee….

I hum at work sometimes and catch myself before it goes too long..


I had to see a physical therapist for a few months last year after I broke my elbow/had surgery. It was not particularly fun but helped so much. Warning: anything called 'massage' in physical therapy HURTS.


love the pic! hehe i do share my food with my husband but he's usually pretty reluctant to take it…i.e. like my favorite chobanis! yum! more for me :) hehehe


hahaha, I always sing or laugh to myself when I'm running. If I'm outside, I'm pretty sure people on the road think I'm insane. I laughed out loud like five times reading this post. Love it!

I hate physical therapy, I want to just go one day and have them show me what to do and I'll leave. It's SOOO expensive and I can do 90% of the exercises on my own. As you can see, I've been many times and am much poorer for it.

I share my desserts with Mike, but I'm stingy and I try to steal his from him and he always gives them to me. He's much nicer than I am.

I just ate an apple for breakfast and I have a banana waiting in the wings as a snack!


LOVE the goggle pic…hey I think its hot! :)

I'm good at sharing, hubby..not so much.

I've already eaten a banana today, I'll also be having some strawberries and an apple. I think thats all I have "in stock" today.

I went to pt in high school after knee surgery. I had a great experience!

Good luck at your appt. today!


eeek! super good luck at your physio appointment. (I just ate a delicious juicy apple in your honour) I went to many a physio in my former life as a tennis player and it's hard work but you can feel yourself getting better and stronger with every exercise. It's brill.

As for food? I don't share. Ratface has resorted to sneaking it from me when I'm not looking – I'm not impressed!

And I LOVE singing while I'm swimming. Can other people hear?!! crap! I also just got an underwater mp3 player so now I can really bop away to cheese as I swim – cannot wait to try it out this week!


Love the goggle picture!

I was a competitive swimmer from age 6 through college. I ended up in physical therapy in college which extended my practice time everyday (or time spent in the athletic center ) an extra hour. By the way, I am impressed you could eat a lot before swimming!

We are on a road trip and I brought two apples with me.:)

I like to share my treats, but no one seems to want them as much as I do!


Haha you crack me up!!! Glad you enjoyed your swim. Don't worry about the weird looks, people are just jealous!!

I am pretty good about sharing treats with my spouse and my nephew. If you are anyone else, sorry, it's not going to happen.

I have an apple, a banana and strawberry banana yogurt in my lunch and I will enjoy all of them at some point today.

I went to PT a few years ago when I hurt my knee playing soccer. It was really good but the one thing I noticed is that I focused so much no strengthening my right knee that my left knee is now much weaker and is always the one I have trouble with when I run!!

I sing while running and driving for sure!


you'll love physical therapy after you leave! they'll probably kill you while you're there though!!
good luck!


9 years ago when I trained for my first marathon, my ITband was messed up. I went to a PT out there in Orem, he was great. After about a month I was back to normal and running like crazy.

Great pic… you are a hoot. Love the pic of the SL temple behind you. Gorgeous.


Great questions (btw 70min swimming, damn girl!)

No, I don't share my special treats with my wife. They are special for a REASON! Not to be SHARED!

Yes, been to PT. Still going for my IT Bands. Great experience this time, other experiences, horrid.


Do I sing while running?! Did you really ask that? UHHH YEAH! Especially during races, people think I am nuts (probably right)but it takes me away from the serious hurt I am putting my body through. Great release.


I love how Billy's eyes are totally zoned in on that protein bar!!

I had a banana with my oatmeal this morning. I will also be having a pink lady apple, pineapple and mango today.


THANK YOU for the goggle pic!! I am enjoying a delicious apple right now! :)


Ha, when I was a competitive swimmer I sang to myself underwater ALL THE TIME! Everything from oldies to camp songs to Christmas carols (and I'm Jewish). My teammates never told me they could hear me, but they may just have been being nice…


HAHAHA! I get to go to the PT today too at 4?? I have all these questions in my mind?? Will he bend me like a pretzel? Will he be good looking, that's a plus? Will he make me foam roll? Then I might make a horrible face and call him names. Then it won't matter how good looking he is, he might move me to another PT for name calling. Sigh. Hope yours goes well!!

You forgot to mention how wonderful you smell after your swim! Chlorine, the aphrodisiac. I'm sure I spelled that wrong.


"…tested for at least 14 different communicable diseases"- hahahah!

I don't like to share, but I do. And I only sing when people aren't around!


goggles are sexy. obviously. goggle indentations are even sexier. i got pretty excited when I looked into the mirror two hours after my swim last night and I still had raccoon eyes from my swim. my boyfriend is a lucky, lucky man.

and yes, i sing everywhere. i'm sure my spin class enjoys it when I belt along with p!nk as i'm teaching.


Your 'goofy' pictures are so totally endearing :)

I am not good at sharing special treats, but I am getting better at it ;-)
I ADORE my physical therapist. She is why I am able to run again. 8 years was a long hiatus :P

I will be eating berries…in my ugly-yet-delicious pie!

I totally sing! Badly. When I run. Embarrassing. But since I run in the dark no one can see who it is…and there is almost never anyone out there anyway. It was more of a prob when I went to a gym :)


I have been to PT and never liked it, I hope it helps you bunches! Sound to me like you need to do a triathlon, I got started doing tris after hurting myself last year. Since I couldn't run I started swimming and biking, when I could run again it seemed like the natural thing to do. There is a great triathlon in Utah called Rock Cliff, I highly recommend it. Hope you feel better fast!!!


The Sad Billy photo makes me want to make him cookies. Teehee, whenever I don't want to share my goodies, I'll tell my husband "oooh, babe, you wouldn't like this, it's not that good" ;) He sees right through it though, I need a new plan.


Sharing with my hubby is easy unless you put In-n-Out french fries in the equation. I vote for one order for him and one for me, and then a community one in the middle…but he always says no. ::mad face/angry eyes::

I will be enjoying a peach today and a banana. I actually had 2 bananas already in my Green Monster Smoothie.

I've been to a PT for my back and it was BOORING! "Do 50 reps of this and I'll be right back." Mine was not so caring.

I sing in the car and while I'm cooking. I can't do it when I'm working out because I'm not up to the multitasking yet. Must.get.breathing.right!


In case you were wondering- it's me, Amy, perfecter of the "Dance/Run". You can see it in action, this June, for FREE during all 3 legs of the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back.


Hahaha – I love you! I love that you made yourself laugh while swimming. You are my hero. And 70 minutes?? Amazing. I ate a banana this mronign and I'll be having an apple at some point. ALWAYS. I have a hilarious memory of my Billy asking to share my frozen yogurt with him – we'd just started dating and apparently I gave him a look like, "ARE YOU CRAZY? I'M NOT SHARING." because he never made that mistake again. ;)

GOOD LUCK with your appointment! I hope it goes really well.


I'm an only child so I'm not the best a sharing… But I have gotten better since I was little! haha

I think I'll be enjoying and apple with peanut at lunch. So good!

Good luck with your appointment today!!!


You are friggin' hilarious.
I do sing while I run, but quietly. And when no one is looking, I stop for dance breaks on my runs :D.


You are soo adorable!! :)

I sometimes sing while I run. (only when I'm alone!!) I also can't resist busting rhymes when Eminem and Tupac come on my Ipod!! They get me PUMPED!! :)

I went to a hand therapist for a little while! I had a kitchen accident with a knife and had to have tendons repaired!! Without them I don't know if I would've had 100% recovery! It was a good experience! My girl was super nice…very compassionate! I'm praying for you sweetie!!

I love my fuji apples(the xtra large ones!!) w/peanut butter!!



I am a jerk and hardly ever share my desert or things I love even though my boyfriend is the nicest boyfriend in the world an shares everything with me. I need to get better at this. I know Jesus would want me to share more :)


B is a physical therapist so I get to see one every day :)

I was lip syncing my way through the LA Marathon this weekend. Too tone-deaf to sing out loud, and I was worried about getting too much rain water in my mouth.


I am obsessed with purple grapes, again. I can eat the entire 2 lbs in one sitting. Crazy stuff! Good luck with your appt. today! Sneding healing thoughts!!


I love my physical therapist even though he has literally made me cry. Luckily it has been awhile since I have needed his services, but there for awhile, we were tight. He does Ironmans so I think it helped to have someone who understands the need to be active.


Mmm I just downed some delicious berries in greek yogurt. yum!

I went to the PT a few years ago when injured. It was helpful. They always have tons of ideas for new exercises/stretches to do at home for your particular ailments :)

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be healed up and ready to rock super soon! :)


You are taunting poor Billy with the bars!! :) So glad you enjoy them!!

Sending positive vibes your way for the PT appointment!! Fishy goggle faces are the best! Go Janae Phelps!


Yay for swimming! I am going to lap swim tonight!


Love the goggles! My better half doesn't like sweets (gasp!), so there is no sharing required. Life is good at our house. ;-)


Great picture! And good luck at the pt today!


I really don't like sharing desserts with my husband. It becomes a war and a race all at once. Our forks/spoons are our weapons and may the best man/woman win. It is stressful.


I love all your crazy pictures so you better not quit taking them! You are just so cute!
I hope your appointment goes well today. I am crossing my fingers and toes for you!
I am a crazy bad swimmer. Wish I was better. Maybe if I started singing that would help!


I used to swim in high school! And I love your fish face. It makes me want to pinch your cheeks. ;)

Today I have already enjoyed a banana, half an apple, some blueberries, and I will also be eating another pear and apple before the day is over! Yipee!


Girl.. 70 minutes of swimming??? I can barely stand 30 minutes of it.


Glad you had a blast swimming, and I hope your PT appt goes well!
I sing out loud & out of key when I drive. When I'm running or spinning, I sing in my head, but it's really hard to stop myself from dancing while running. Is dancing good running form?


You are totally my HERO! Swimming for 70 minutes……wow I about died just reading that. Swimming is HARD! I had a dream of being a triathalete once upon a time and well yeah lets just say I SUCK at swimming.

I always run while singing. Even if I am listening to my I-pod I find myself signing a different song that is randomly in my head.

Have an awesome day! And you are still going to rock Boston. Better that this injury happened now than right before Boston.


TOTALLY guilty of singing during spin class and while driving. And sometimes when running if it's an easy run.

My only experience with physical therapy was not a good one. It was an absolute JOKE. The physical therapist actually told me after a few visits that she didn't have anything to offer me because they were used to working with little old people or people recovering from major surgeries, not athletes. I'm sure there are better ones in the bigger cities around here, but I couldn't drive that far three times a week. So I just quit going. (This was last November when I was training for the marathon and had IT band/knee issues.)


I randomly have a pear in my fridge that I stole from home that I've just been waiting to devour, too! Um how cool are we? Although you may trump me just a bit today since wearing goggles wasn't on the agenda. Good luck at physical therapy!!


I've been working REALLY hard on sharing. Joe's way better at it than me, though. He ALWAYS lets me have the last bite of EVERYTHING!

And I don't sing when I run, but I do pretend that I'm in a music video or a movie with a really good soundtrack. It can get embarrassing (especially when I do dialogue with myself), but it gets me through the workout…


I totally lip sync to my ipod. I'm shameless.

AND I've been working hard on sharing, too. it's pretty bad, because it's usually me stealing his food, not the other way around. ;)


Girl as a distance swimmer-I sang songs just to keep me alive. You can't if you don't! You get so bored and zone out in those 66 lengths of racing yuck.


You are a recipient of "The Lovely Blog Award". I adore your blog and think you're a rock star!! You're so beautiful, inside and out!
To see the award please visit

Then pass it along to 15 other deserving bloggers! Congratulations!!

Hope your appointment with the physical therapist went well! I had an apple and some carrot sticks in your honor! :)


You are awesome and make me smile every time I read your blog!!!!



I am always singing UNLESS I am excercising…..because at that point I am so out of breath I couldn't mumble two words if I wanted to. Yes, I am that out of shape! haha


Kara Goucher says she's not going to use her 6 month old as an excuse at Boston, so you can't use your stinky little thigh as an excuse either. Hit that PT up hard and get moving, girly!

I had an awesome physical therapist last year when I got injured in jiujitsu. He's a rocking triathlete too. So, it helps to have someone who gets you and your goals and will help you get there.


Im so glad you went swimming! I used to swim in college and its awesome! You definitely work some muscles you may not reach in running, so this cross training will serve you well!


I had a yummy apple this afternoon! :D
Those protein bars look/sound deeelicious!!!!
Hope the appointment w/ the physical therapist goes well!


I swim everyday and I would love to sing at the same time.
Question: HOW?

Maybe if I breast stroked (hehehehee…gets the 12 year old me everytime) but I freestyle.

Glad you got your 'phins on.
Get it? Endorphins from swimming (fins) = 'Phins.

Sigh. I'm at work 15 minutes till quit time. Sorry for the lapse of self-editing.


I sing all the time…work..whatever. I don't get busted TOO often


goof ball!!!! :) :) :)


I sing a bit, but I definitely dance on the treadmill. I've got whitw girl rythym, too!

I loved my PT. I learned how to get over the scar tissue pain and stop ITB in it's tracks. Or maybe I'm just super human ….


I have a strict rule that I am allowed to eat as much as I want of my husband's dessert, but he can't even take the world's tiniest bite of mine. I am bad at sharing. I went to a PT when I got injured last year and it was great, she was fantastic and a huge help! Singing to yourself is awesome. Good luck!


INTENSE WORKOUT CHICA! I want to swim!! I want to do a tri, but I need to get my swimming in line!!!

Heal well! Sounds like you are doing amazing with all your cross training!


I have lots and lots of grapefruit because I got a deal on a bushel to make marmalade and now I have plenty leftover. This is fine because I love grapefruit!
Would you like some marmalade?

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