FOUR & How We Work It Out.

Today is our 4 year anniversary!  It’s weird because it feels like we have been married for much much longer than that (in a good way:) but that is probably because we have really packed in a lot into those four years together.

I remember so clearly the first time I met Andrew.  We were set up on a blind date so I had only seen pictures of him and talked to him on the phone for a few minutes before going out for the first time.  I opened the front door and felt at home and so comfortable from the first second.  It was instant for me, I just felt something so different and so right with Andrew.  There was no guessing game from that point forward with either of us about how we felt and that is probably why we got married a few weeks later (<— which is something I would have never even thought about doing before meeting him).  There has been so much growth over the 4 years (let’s be honest, I had/have a lot of baggage ha) and his unconditional love and pure goodness at all times to me is something I could have never imagined happening before I met him.

PS I feel awkward talking about cheesy things/feelings online ha so this is about as vulnerable as I get;)

I’m excited for some time just the two (well, technically one will still be with us;) of us today ha!

IMG 6300

Let’s talk about Tuesday!  I started my run and about .3 miles into it I realized it was time for my belly band so I ran back and grabbed it.  I feel more in tune with my body than ever when I am pregnant and I just knew that it was time to get the belly band on to support this growing belly of mine.  I put it on and felt much more comfortable.   PS I wish they still sold the one that I use but I can’t find it online anymore:(

Basically it feels like a sports bra for my belly and I’ll be using it for the rest of my pregnant running days.

IMG 6551

7 miles on my own and I definitely walked any of the uphills!

IMG 6554

Next up—> we went to tennis practice and Skye was pretty proud of herself for finding Brooke’s chapstick.

IMG 6556

And then we were off to a splash pad.

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IMG 6570

My nieces came over to hang out while I went through a box of popsicles;)

IMG 6576

At our last house we were about 20-25 minute drive away from my sister and her family so the 30 second drive that we have now is just the best.

IMG 6586

For dinner we made a sticky finger salad with ranch added after the picture.

IMG 6590

Along with this loaf of garlic bread that I had been thinking about all day.

IMG 6594

Trail mix and the Greatest Showman to finish off my night.

IMG 6600

And then Andrew went on his long run with his friend.  12 miles!  Somebody asked me the other day how Andrew and I work it out so that both of us can work out with kids… The answer to that is that we both prefer working out at times that the other person has zero desire to work out during (and usually when the other person is asleep too ha).  That night spot will always be his and I’ll have that morning spot!

IMG 6599


I would LOVE to hear from others about how they first met their significant other if you have one!

Anybody have a bellyband they recommend?  Anybody else use one for pregnant running?

Tell me your dream trail mix combination?!

What are you making for dinner tonight?

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A blind date of snowshoeing and he brought dark chocolate!


He knew what he was doing by bringing that dark chocolate:) LOVE hearing about other blind dates that work too. Hope you have a beautiful day Chrissy!


Happy anniversary Janae !
It’s good to see you so happy :)
I met my husband when i was 20 (just the day of my birthday), and i moved 2 month later, from one side to France to the other, leaving everything. My family was so worried ! Haha ! It was 17 years ago, and we are still really happy :)


I am so happy you found your soul mate and person for life and for the beautiful family you created together. As a divorced single mom of 2 boys with a history similar to yours (we’ve had a couple email conversations over the last 2 years) you give me hope! It’s REALLY rough out here but I still have hope on the darkest days. I always find your posts about divorce, custody, and blended families super encouraging! So thank you!! Happy Anniversary!!


MEG!! It is so good to hear from you again. You are doing an amazing job and those two boys are the luckiest to have you. I’m always here to keep emailing about what you are going through. There is so much goodness up ahead for you and I cannot wait. Thinking about you!


Meg, I was married 16 years & never had children & worked all the time. After my divorce I moved back close to my family & opened a bakery for fun & kept growing closer to God & trusting in His plan. My prayers were continually for a loving, wonderful husband who had children (as I was 36 when I got divorced) & it took 5.5 years & I only went on 1 date that was a disaster…..& I kept feeling like I wasn’t ready to trust someone again & didn’t feel lovable either. Once I became content/confident in my life & also my “single status” I was asked out by 4 couldn’t-b-more-different men n one week…… completely random. I went on a second date w/ only 1 of them & married him 7 months later. He is more loving & kind & grace -filled than I ever dreamed my husband would be. He not only has children, but he has 3 amazingly welcoming, sweet, adoring, bright children at fun, young ages. God surpassed my expectations in every way. It took a lot longer than I anticipated but God’s timing is not our timing & is always perfect. Keep your faith & tell God exactly what you want & then follow His lead Meg. He’s got you!


Emily, I’m so happy for you! Yes, trust in God!


Happy anniversary!

I’ve been using the Gabrialla maternity band for running and would recommend it! It’s been great for keeping my belly supported and for keeping my hips where they are supposed to be as my ligaments loosen up.


I just looked it up, THANK YOU for the recommendation! I might have to try that one too. Hope you have the best day Isla and thanks:)


Happy anniversary, Janae and Andrew!!!!

My husband and I met through…we weren’t even a “match” when all the filters were on. I had about a week left so I took off all the filter except for zip code and messaged the ones I thought were good looking, haha. Usually I am pretty good at reading people, but he was so shy, I had no idea what he thought of me, he barely talked. He texted me a very sweet message the next day. 2 weeks later he invited me to his dads cabin for New Years….around his family he finally came out of his shell and I could see a little more of his personality. We got married 364 days after we met. He still doesn’t talk much;-)

I am so jealous on how close your sister lives!!! You have such beautiful splash pads in Utah! Are there a lot of them?

Salmon in the air fryer, spanish rice and cucumbers for supper. It’s going to be 93 today and feel like 100…so it might end up being ice cream and popsicles—we don’t have AC in our house, ugh.

Enjoy your day with Andrew and baby!


High school sweethearts here. We started dating when I was a junior, he was a senior. He was actually a troublemaker in school, and when we started working together at Pizza Hut, I couldn’t stand him. But, we started talking and the rest is history. He is now reformed thanks to me lol. ;) Nah, he just had some growing up to do, and frankly, so did I. It’s 22 years this year that we’ve been together. This year is our 18th wedding anniversary, and I’ll be 40 this year, so it feels like we’ve been together forever..but like you said, in a good way.
Having either French Toast or Chicken & Noodles for supper tonight. Nothing fancy (busy week), but it hits the spot. Happy Anniversary to you & Andrew!


Happy Anniversary!! You two deserve all the happiness in the world. Ironically I dated one of my husband’s best friends and my husband dated TWO of mine! We started out as really good friends. I found myself really falling for him gradually. I noticed how he treated his toddler nephew and the love he had for him touched my heart. Twenty nine years later we are still going strong with three daughters and one grandson. Enjoy today!


Happy Anniversary! What an eventful and wonderful 4 years you’ve had!
My husband and I met online and had our first in person date on Christmas Eve. It was also the first Christmas I ever celebrated (long story), so it just made it that much more special. We were also a match from the very beginning. :)


Happy anniversary!! I remember your anniversary because it’s my birthday haha! I met my husband on a dating app almost seven years ago, which is funny because we went to the same very small college and overlapped for two years but had never met despite having mutual friends! Hope you have a great day!


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday Claire! I hope you have the most beautiful day! I love hearing how you guys met and that’s crazy that you hadn’t met sooner! Thanks Claire, you too and I’ll eat some cake to celebrate your bday!


Happy Anniversary!!! My husband and I were neighbors. I lived in an apartment and he lived across the hallway with his dad. I would run into him at the pool or walking upstairs and I was actually friends with his dad before him! He is 6 years younger than me and I was a couple years divorced and wasnt interested in anyone younger than me (I was 29). But his dad went away for work and he was bored and his dad told him to see if I was home because his dad knew I needed company too. So he knocked at my door and we watched movies together every night after that point and eventually I realized I liked him! Fast forward almost 3 years later and we are married and have a 9 month baby boy and are trying for one more! :)

Dinner tonight will be leftovers- steak, scallops, and shrimp with a veggie. Hubby will probably have a frozen pizza because he hates seafood :)


Happy anniversary, Janae and Andrew! My husband and I are celebrating four years next week. :) I had a belly band when pregnant that helped me run to 38 weeks! It was a hand me down though, so I’m not sure what brand it is. My little boy is a week old today, and he is just the best!


Happy anniverrsary!!

I actually met my partner on an online dating site lol. I didn’t want to go online but my girl friend encouraged me to meet people. I didn’t think anything would come out of this dating site and I was basically ready to just have my own life back after a bunch of dates which had been fun but I knew wouldn’t lead to anything. We went on a date and I knew I wouldn’t be getting my old life back lol. There was definitely something there on the first date that I hadn’t experienced before. That was 5 years ago. He really is one in a million :). He is patient resourceful and gentle but firm. And his love feels like home.

Favorite trail mix combo has nuts and cranberries and preferably chunks of pineapple!

I hope you have fantastic day Janae!


I met my husband at the gym – the single bar of the ’90s. I had just moved to the Twin Cities and when it snowed 36 inches on Halloween, my mom bought me a gym membership. We went on our first date in July and got married 8 months later. It makes me laugh that most people are engaged for longer than we knew each other before we got married.


Happy anniversary, Janae and Andrew!!! You have such a wonderful, supportive partnership and I’m so happy that you found each other.

I do have one comment—
“ There has been so much growth over the 4 years (let’s be honest, I had/have a lot of baggage ha)”
I wonder if we could reframe the concept of “baggage”? You weren’t/aren’t a broken person who needs to be fixed. You didn’t deserve any less for having been through what you did. You’ve simply experienced some really tough things in life and that has given you a wonderful perspective to help and support others through their trials and tribulations. Your “baggage” has made you a stronger, kinder, more compassionate, etc person who can more easily recognize other people’s pain. It’s not dead weight you’re dragging along, it’s a positive force for good ♥️


Happy Anniversary Janae. I have been following our journey for YEARS AND YEARS and am just so happy for the life you and Andrew have built together. Cheers to a million more wonderful years!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy anniversary! I loved reading your semi-cheesey paragraph, it was awesome! You get alllll the heart eye emojis.

I met my husband when he told my friend she could join a group he was putting together of people traveling to Italy for four weeks (he has a ton of Italian relatives so lodging and meals were super cheap). She asked if she could bring a friend, me! He and I enjoyed our first kiss in Florence. It was very romantic.


Happy anniversary!
My husband and I met at the bookstore we both worked at. It still took us five years more to start dating but then it went pretty fast, we moved in together a week later and got married a year after that.

Have a great day, hope you and your family are doing well!


Happy Anniversary! Question: does Andrew eat dinner BEFORE his night/evening run?? I think I wouldn’t be able to run after dinner lol


He sure does!!! Luckily, we eat so early that he isn’t running for about 4-5 hours afterwards ha but still, I can’t believe he can do that! Have the best day Jenni!


Happy Anniversary ❤️
I am so happy for both of you that you found each other and have blended and created a wonderful family and life together.
We’re coming up on our 26th anniversary next month! We met in college, and got married right out of college, so did a lot of growing and learning together. I can’t imagine life without him!
I haven’t had trail mix is so long, and I love it! My sister gets her from Amazon, and it is the best. I’m going to find out what it’s called and order it ASAP, then share that info with you.
Enjoy your day with Andrew!


Hi Janae! I can’t believe it’s been four years! Time has gone so fast and I know there will be many happy years ahead!
I met my fiance my first day of my first “real” job! He had long hair at the time and I didn’t notice him until a few months later when he cut his hair. It was six years ago which feels like a lifetime ago now haha.
I think the best trail mix is just peanut m&Ms ;). Happy Wednesday and hope you have a wonderful celebration!!


My husband and I met at work, which is something I never thought would happen. I remember thinking on our first date “I love this guy and I’m going to marry him.” It’s true that when you know, you know!


Funny, my son was just asking me this morning how his dad and I met. We were both seniors at different schools and just happened to be out at the same time in the same place and had one mutual contact that we were both talking to. It took about a month until we actually got together and will be married 20 years this November.

As long as trail mix has something salty and dark chocolate I’m happy :)

Ugh – is it just me or is making supper in the summer more of a hassle than in cooler months. When it’s hot I’m just not as hungry and nothing sounds good. Plus we are usually outside and by the time we get in the house it’s late and we have to rush supper to get to bedtime. Anyways, breakfast for supper happens a lot but I think I might branch out and make tacos tonight.


Happy anniversary, you two! I’ve loved following your story and look forward to many happy years ahead.

Les and I met 31 years ago and have now been happily married for over 29 years! Our “first” meeting occurred twice because I totally blew Les off the first time and he doesn’t even remember me from that time. (

My trail mix needs salty and sweet (preferably peanuts and chocolate) with a little chewy (raisins.) I’ve accidentally bought unsalted trail mix and was extremely disappointed. If it’s not salty, it’s not trail mix in my opinion ;)

Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti tonight –


I think I’m one of the only people who prefers trail mix with OUT m&m’s. I’m really just here for the raisins and peanuts.

I met my husband while we were both in college, but I had a boyfriend (on a mission) and wasn’t interested in anything other than flirting. I actually had no clue that he had a huge crush on me until like 5ish years later, we both returned home from missions and worked at the same place. We started dating and I tried to break up with him THREE times, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. After that, I knew I was in trouble (also in a good way). We’ve been married 6.5 years now and known each other for 12!


Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have the best day ?

Can’t wait to hear how you spent your anniversary.. and I hope it involves ice cream or another yummy treat. ? ? ?


Happy Anniversary! <3

I just grabbed a belly band off of Amazon. I can't run right now because I can't find a good sports bra that fits! And I can't go anywhere to be fitted! Dang COVID. Ugh! I'm 37 weeks right now, so all will be well soon anyway!

I met my husband through some friends. I was supposed to go to their concert (he's their director) but it didn't work out, so he was surprised when i showed up later to hang out! Ha! I just thought he was so cute! He has two kiddos with his ex wife, so that's been challenging at times. I love them! It's going to be interesting to have a child at the house at all times instead of the 50/50 we do with the other two….I'm hoping it all runs as smoothly as possible! She's due on July 27, our first anniversary! Yay! I'm curious to see when she will actually get here.

I absolutely loathe trail mix. Salt is gross. ;) (Even though I craved a TON of salt in my first trimester! Ha!)


My husband and I met my senior year of college but didn’t start dating til a few years later. For one I had a boyfriend and two he was my little brothers friend/roommate. He always claims he was in the friend zone. We didn’t become friends though until I was in grad school since my other friends had also graduated. Two years later we dated for a month but then broke up bc I went back to an ex. OBVIOUSLY it was not the best move, however, it ends happily since two years later we got back together, dated long distance for a year and then got him to move to Denver and a year after that we were engaged! We’ve now been married for 4.5 years! It’s got quite the ups and down but the second time I knew he was the one for me! No more games!
My perfect trail mix includes craisins instead of raisins, chocolate (any kind!) and peanuts or almonds.
I had a belly band, and it helped but I only could run until 30 weeks. I had a pretty small belly comparatively (not that anyone should compare!) but it started to feel like I ran into a pole on my pelvic bone and I would waddle afterwards and it was painful. so turned my attention to strength training, spin classes and lots of walks until the day before I gave birth! I actually ran my first marathon at 10 weeks and felt great, but it took a while to recover after birth. I had a very weak pelvic floor and my muscles down there were overly tense, so it took a lot of PT (PSA everyone should see a PT after birth just to get checked out!) but I’m running again although I have quite a ways to go before I’m even at half marathon endurance! It’s ok I still get to enjoy short runs and I’m happy with that!
We are visiting family this week and my mom made Shepard’s Pie!


Happy anniversary, Janae and Andrew! Weirdly I remember my best friend (who also is a blog reader of yours!) was visiting me for the weekend back in 2016 and we were SO excited to follow your Instagram posts about getting married that weekend!! We were just so thrilled for you.

I met my SO when we were both English teachers in Moscow – back in 2010 – then reconnected in 2016. :)

And seriously, do Brooke and Skye EVER not get along?!? (ok, as a big sister myself I know they must have their moments haha) They always look like the best of friends. So happy Brooke has her little sister!! :)


I love hearing how people met their SO’s! Janae; I have a similar-ish theme of doing something I never thought i’d do. I urgently needed a place to live in college and my friend set me up to live with her male friends in their house because they needed a roommate. I was the only girl. Dating a roommate is something I never thought I’d do but it worked out well!!!! We already felt very comfy with eachother and felt that it was meant to be, even though I wouldn’t advise anyone to make advances with their roommate. Congrats to you and Andrew! I remember meeting him on the blog just yesterday! Very happy for y’all and your growing family.

For dinner, we had chickpea, avocado, and collard green tacos. They weren’t quite traditional, but we needed To clean the fridge and enjoyed them a lot.

I can’t eat trail mix after hiking the AT, but I used to love savory trail mixes without chocolate for a change. Costco is amazing here.


Happy anniversary! I met my husband almost 7 years ago (where does the time go?!) when I went into a local running store to buy a new pair of shoes to train in. We hit it off right away, and have now been married almost 4 years, with 2 little girls, and waaay too many shoes between the two of us! :)


happy happy anniversary to you guys! as a LONG time reader i feel like you just got married; time flies! i was so very happy for you when andrew came into your life, you married, and your family is expanding and happy and beautiful and aaah! just so much happiness :) still loved reading all these years later. virtual hugs!

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