Tuesday Tangents and When??

4 things from yesterday’s  run:

*Why I love working out in the early morning—> Because I don’t wake up fully until I am a few miles in and those first few miles are usually the hardest so it’s nice to kind of sleep run through those.

*8 miles @ 9:08 average.

*At the end of my run I ran into Emilee (the girl I trained/raced with daily last year) and it was SO good to catch up with each other and start making plans for our 2021.

*How many more weeks until my belly button is poking out and everyone I pass stares at it as I go past them like it did when I was pregnant with the girls?

Brooke started tennis camp again so we went straight there afterwards and I had the world’s best peach.

IMG 6520

And then right when we got home the girls wanted to ride bikes so they did that out front for a while.

IMG 6528

I sat and chatted with my neighbor as I ate a chocolate popsicle at 9ish in the morning.

IMG 6530 1

Other than that our day was pretty normal so let’s go over some tangents:

*I currently hear, “WHY MOM” about 499 times a day.  That brain of hers needs all of the answers.

IMG 6525

*We’ve converted another family member to Brooks and it definitely made my day.  My niece lives in St. George and her training during these hot hot months is inspiring me to stop complaining about our 60 degree running mornings;)

IMG 5861

*Did you see that Des Linden took a full month off from running?    If Des takes breaks when she needs too then we should definitely be doing that too!  The article talks about how there is a lot of major stress happening in the world right now and we just aren’t recovering like we used to with our running… so if you need a break, take one!

Screen Shot 2020 07 05 at 8 48 56 PM

*We went through that Costco carton of blueberries in less than 24 hours.  Fruit is too good right now.

IMG 6480

*The twins have been reunited again.   My niece and Brooke are only a few months apart and they sure do look a lot alike!

IMG 6498

*Such a great podcast episode HERE!

Screen Shot 2020 07 05 at 8 53 46 PM

*Our chickens sure get all of the love.  When kids come over to our house they head straight for the coop.

IMG 6506

*It’s kind of weird to see a person that you used to hold and take care of when they were little take care of your own babies.  My nephew has grown up way too fast.

IMG 6502

*I’m excited to try all sorts of new and different workouts in 2021!!! (Source)

IMG 6537

*HOLLIE posted this and I am 1000% person #2.

IMG 6495

*She is trying so hard to convince me that it is time for her to move into   Brooke’s room.

Longest break that you have taken for reasons outside of injuries/physical health?

In what ways are you organized?  In what ways are you unorganized?

Tell me a thought or two from your latest run!

My sister and I were talking about this on our last run—> Can you eat anything in the morning or does your stomach only handle very specific breakfast type food in the morning?

-Outside of pregnancy I can eat anything in the morning but during pregnancy I’m pretty picky and it has to be a breakfast type food.  My sister’s stomach/taste buds can only handle bread and yogurt first thing in the morning and she has been that way for a very long time!

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I loved hearing Des took a month off! Sometimes you just need that break, even if you aren’t injured. I was injured during/after my marathon a few years ago and I took time off to recover, but even after that I didn’t run for a while. Once I got cleared, I still didn’t run consistently for a few months. But I think that helped me find the love of running again!


Exactly! She is just the best example in so many ways. You are so smart with how you came back from that marathon and truly listened to your mind and body! Hope you have a wonderful day Mariah!


60 degree mornings?? I envy that so much. I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant, and I’m too nauseous in the morning to run when it’s cooler (which is still 75 degrees and humid in the morning in NYC) and then it’s been over 90 in the evening. My gym is still closed due to COVID and it’s unclear when it will open. I don’t want to buy a treadmill just to have to throw it out to make room for baby stuff in my apartment. Trying to do indoor video workouts, but it’s not the same as running. Anyway, I envy your weather and ability to run pregnant!


CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy Erin! Oh I am SO so sorry that you are feeling so sick. It is so hard. I think your indoor video workouts are perfect right now and come this fall it will feel so much better to be outside (hopefully you start feeling better asap)! Come stay with us if you want to and run with me in the mornings here:). I hope you have a beautiful day and keep me updated with how you are doing!


Oh my gosh, my jaw dropped when you said it was 60 degrees for your morning run!! I think I knew that but I choose to forget it lol. I live in Kansas and last week I had a 80+ degree run with 92% humidity… at 6:00am. Like, what!!!!! I just tell myself it builds resilience haha. Anyways! Enjoy your day! I have a friend who lives in Lehi and was telling me about all the fires, I hope things aren’t bad by where you are!


I mean today was 66 degrees so I guess it was a little hotter ha.. YOU DESERVE double the training points running in the weather that you do. It absolutely builds resilience and I am so impressed with you! I hope your friend is doing okay and luckily the air was only bad for about a day. Have a beautiful day Amanda!


Oh my gosh – Brooke and her cousin could recreate the Parent Trap! My nephews are in their 20s now and it is so weird and cool to see them playing with Baxton in the pool or sitting next to him at dinner.

I think a monthish is the longest running break I have taken (after a marathon in late November started running January 1).
My computer desktop is clean, my underwear is folded, heck, my drawers are all Marie Kondo’d! I write most everything down and then get it done. But if it is something that I dint write down, unlikely to happen.

My latest run was in my sister’s neighborhood and reveling in the freedom of having people around so that I could just go out the door!

I can eat anything most mornings, but coincidentally like your sister I had bread and yogurt this morning!


Bahaha they really should recreate the Parent Trap! I love that Baxton gets time with your nephews. Well, now I need you to come help me with my desktop and drawers (they are a mess!). I am so glad you had a great run in your sister’s neighborhood. Have a beautiful day Tonya!


Ahhh the computer screen that showed types and 2s…I am definitely a Type 1. How do 2s find anything??!! Haha

We are eating so much fruit too. Peaches have been 99cents a pound her and we are peach crazy. We are adding big peaches to everything: yogurt, made a pie, to salads!!!


I don’t know how I find anything haha! It drives Andrew crazy. Okay, now I have to add peaches to yogurt and salads… what recipe did you use for the pie?! Have a great day Nadya!


I don’t know if that link works for you but this is the pie recipe we made! It turned out so well:)


YES, the link works! Thank you so much and I have to make that! Have a great day Nadya!


I am not running due to injury but Des taking off a month gives me faith that I can go back to it. It helps that literally no race is on the horizon! Taking breaks I think is important. My daughter swims year round and that is a tough sport. They literally could have no breaks and no one gives it a second thought (except for me I guess). I was so happy that COVID forced some time away for her (back at it in a smaller capacity now). 90 min practices 4-5x a week, plus dry land 1x a week is so much for a 12 year old.
My breakfast for the past couple of years is spinach, tomatoes, and squash (I vary the type) and a side of eggs (also vary how I make them). I love egg whites so that just means I can eat a ton of them! The yolks just really sometimes upset my stomach, no clue why. I typically though do not eat before I work out, unless it is a long run.
I give the impression of being organized but I have to work SO hard at staying organized. One way that helps my disorganization is that I am not typically a procrastinator with things that are important. It works because my kids never miss appointments, are on time, and the house is at least almost always clean and picked up.


YES YES YES Carrie! You can and you will get back to it once you are healed up! I am so glad that your daughter got a break, that is intense training! I bet she is so happy to be back at it! That is really interesting about the egg yolks and I’m glad you figured that out. I hope you have a beautiful day friend.


Hi Janae! My favorite breakfast is Cheerios or rice Chex with almond milk! My body is so used to it that I can run pretty much whenever after eating it. We are getting a week of cooler weather where I am and I am just soaking it up! Have a great day with all the family!!


Thank you so much Amy and now you have me needing some rice chex:). I hope you have a really great Tuesday!


Thought from this morning’s run: Dang it, it’s 6:00am and 72F already…these hills are going to be hot.
Food in the morning: pretty much anything except a banana (for some reason I can’t handle them on an empty stomach).
And a random, non-running thought: if Skye is ready to move in with Brooke now, take advantage of it. There will be plenty of newness for her to deal with later and moving now while she is excited and “choosing” it will help in the long run.


That is so so true… I definitely did not think about that! Thank you and way to get out and do hills in that weather!


The longest break I’ve taken was probably when we went to Europe for 2 weeks in 2016. We did plenty of walking and we even mountain biked on Mt. Etna, but I didn’t run a single time.

I am super organized! Les was looking for something in my purse a few weeks ago and he said, “Why do you have so many purses in your purse?” ha! I can find anything in about 2 seconds. My computer files are very organized, too. I’d rather spend the time up front than waste time trying to find things.

I ran 7 miles this morning and it was about 65 degrees the entire time. I drove to our trail head planning to run there, but there were about 20 cars and people all getting out of them. It was a boot camp and they tend to take over the trail (and that’s not taking social distancing into consideration.) So I drove back home and ran all the hills in my neighborhood instead – over 800′ of climbing. I ran by the trail head at about mile 6 and the cars were still there. I’m glad I changed my plan!


I can eat pretty much anything in the morning, except salad because it seems a little odd. I just took a break from running (little over a month) because at the start of social distancing I got too excited and ran too much! My body needed a break. But super exciting news, I just did my first run on our brand new treadmill!! I’ve been trying to convince my husband to get one for a while, and with COVID he finally gave in (probably the one good thing to come of this crazy, awful time). I just can’t handle the summer heat, even here in Utah so it’ll be nice to run indoors! I finally gave up my gym membership too, which I never thought I’d do, but I’m committed to making it work!


I have felt guilty for sleeping in this morning and skipping my workout but I need to remind myself that my body knew what it needed – sleep! Thanks for the sharing that Des took a whole month off of running and that it is ok to do so!

I am definitely an organizer and the rest of my family is not so it can cause me some anxiety sometimes and I just need to chill out about the piles of things everywhere! The #2 desktop would drive me crazy :)

Must be breakfast food that includes peanut butter in the morning. Currently I’ve been having Gina’s (Fitnessista) protein oatmeal casserole with peanut butter and berries.

What do you do with all your eggs? We get about 8-10 eggs a day with our chickens and I have so many that I’ve just been giving them away to people.

Oh yeah – I got my Swiftwick socks and I absolutely love them – pretty sure that’s what made me run so fast for the Firecracker 3k!!


I am definitely person 1 in that picture! Picture 2 stresses me out even in only-drawn form. Ha!!

I can eat any type of food in the morning.

Fun family pictures! Thank you for sharing.

My random musing of the day is I ordered the prior version of the Adizero Boston shoes (I had this version and LOVED them and then got the new ones and they are NOT the same. So I’m so glad I found them on Amazon).. They arrived today and I am SOOO happy. They are beautiful. Fellow runners know that running shoes can indeed be “beautiful” :)


That is crazy how much Brooke and her cousin look alike! I also think the cousin looks like your sister a little bit too.

I haven’t ever taken a break from running “just to take a break” I might need to do that sometime–although then I would worry about my mental health!

I am very organized when it comes to packing and unpacking for vacations/camping, etc. I am also organized when it comes to schedules (life/work/kids activities). My closet is not organized. Our house isn’t organized, but it is not from a lack of trying–the kids and husband are not organized people so I had to become a little more lax.

Happy Tuesday!


Two things are freaking (being dramatic) me out right now: Your niece and Brooke looking identical and your nephew looking 20 years old!

I like to think that I am super food flexible at times of the day but I’m not. Actually I’m the most weird at lunch because I don’t do dinner-type foods at lunch but breakfast and dinner can have many crossovers. That being said, sometimes I like savory breakfast and sometimes sweeter breakfast. European breakfasts are the best as a mix of the two is key.

Unorganized is my MO. I know where everything is, and it rarely makes sense to anyone but me.

Breaks are great for any sport which is why I am a huge proponent of not having kids “specialize” in a sport at a young age. I know it’s different in USA where the pressure is different, but there’s less injury with doing a variety of sports. That was a total tangent to your question. I run way less in the summer (unless I’m in the states) because I enjoy doing other things. It’s a natural reprieve. Whenever someone says they feel stale or lethargic or getting depressed about running I gently suggest they take a break and recharge.

So you ran, did tennis camp, and were back by 0900 having that delicious looking fudgesicle? Bascially it’s a frozen hot chocolate so I highly encourage more of that.


I am currently dealing with runners knee (thanks to strength training :\ ) so seeing the Des took a month off is making me feel better about my break. Maybe I will be back to running in a month.

My screen looks like a mix of one and two. I am pretty organized but there are a few things randomly sitting on the left hand of the screen like my next lecture, or something I want to post about.


With age my stomach has gotten more cooperative. Younger I had to basically eat the same thing, and always felt lame when I went out to breakfast with friends and ordered cereal or toast.


Brooke looks like a rockstar holding the chicken with one hand! Hope your run for two goes well tomorrow!!


I took 5 years off after college (ran through high school and college and was SO burnt out). I literally hated the thought of running and thought I’d never do it again.. but here i am loving it lol.


I have to eat something before I run – but not too much! I’ve found that for me, the perfect pre-run meal is a single, unfrosted (I’m veggie, and the frosted ones have gelatin), toasted Poptart! Light, full of carbs, and yummy!


That looks like a great day! I get so jealous reading your posts about spending time with friends and family. I feel like I am living in a different universe right now! I am way too worried about catching or spreading covid to do more than go to the grocery store and go for walks. I’m definitely going to buy fudgcicles soon.

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