23/24 Weeks + Ways Running and Pregnancy RELATE!

I feel like there are a million ways that running and pregnancy are similar to each other so I wanted to chat about some of those today:

*Just like when I am doing a very long run or race, once I am past the half-way mark I switch from counting miles to counting DOWN the miles so now I get to say just 16 more weeks until I meet this little one.

*You need a good bra for both running and for when you are pregnant.  A really good bra.

*Just like during a long run or race… I’m snacking on something just about every 30 minutes (thankfully not a gel like I do when I run ha but it feels like I’m eating all of the time right now).

*For the majority of my runs, the first part is the hardest.  Same thing with pregnancy, that first trimester is something else.

*Each day during pregnancy and each run during your training cycle can be SO so different from the one before.  One day I’ll feel as close to normal as possible and happy and the next day I’ll feel nauseated when I open my eyes in the morning or I’ll feel angry for no reason with zero patience.  You just never know what you are going to get before you start a run and with each day during pregnancy!

*To go along with the above point, a rollercoaster of emotions are expected to happen throughout a race and throughout each day of pregnancy.

*Weird smells are JUST THE WORST during a run/race and during pregnancy.

*I use my ‘just smile’ technique in both pregnancy and running when I’m hurting… When you really hurt just plaster on a smile for a minute and it releases hormones to make you feel a little bit better.

*You somehow magically forget how hard a race is or how hard pregnancy is after it’s all done and you somehow find yourself doing it again later:)

*When things get hard, staying in the mile or the moment is NECESSARY!  Thinking too far ahead of how much longer you have to run or how much longer you have until you have your baby makes things feel impossible when you are struggling!

*You can’t walk normal for days after a really hard workout or race… the same thing happens to me after having a baby:)

*Lots of people do both running and pregnancy and we each have our own ways of enjoying it, training for it, learning from it and coping through the hard parts!  Cheering each other on in both is so so important!


Just a few things from the last few weeks!

*I wake up the second my bladder has an ounce in it to use the restroom which means I am waking up way too many times each night ha.

*The fatigue just started to really kick in this last week.  Maybe that is because of the above bladder situation waking me up all night long or maybe it is because we have been a lot busier lately.  I didn’t experience fatigue during the first trimester and now I feel like I could take a nap at any moment of the day.

*Somebody’s hand is always on my stomach trying to feel baby kicks and I love it:)

IMG 6720

*The first half of pregnancy felt like it went slower than any other time of my life and now this second half seems to be going by too fast and I need to start getting things ready over here for this little one to get here.

*My sister-in-law told me that she is going to give me all of her boy clothing if we have a boy… She has the CUTEST clothes for her little boy (that is currently 5 months).  Whether it is a boy or a girl, we are set with clothes now (I kept Skye’s baby clothes).

*Brooke told me that this is what I look like:)

IMG 6923

*We had a few names that we loved a few weeks ago but we have both changed our minds again so we are back to the beginning again with names.

*I feel like I am wearing a weighted vest on the front of my body during my runs right now which makes it so I really have to pay attention to my form during each run.

*I haven’t been really having any strong food cravings anymore (my orange craving a few months ago was UNREAL and it was all I could think about) but certain things definitely sound better than other things and those things are always changing.  Fruit and lemonade (or strawberry lemonade) are something that always sound though.

IMG 6800

*I still can’t believe that Skye is going to be the BIG sister soon.  I’m very interested to see how she handles the transition.

IMG 6867


In what ways do you think running and pregnancy relate?!

Pregnant readers how are you doing this week? 

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Skye is going to be.m a great big sis! She has had Brooke to see how it goes :) Coming up on the 12-week mark and I can so relate to the “you never know what to expect” one day I am feeling great and not feeling as nauseous and the next day I feel like I got hit by a train! I will say this pregnancy is going by SO much faster already than it did with my 1st– maybe because I’m chasing a toddler around all day now!


I totally agree, thanks Christine. AHHH congrats and I am so excited for you and I hope you get more and more days where you are not feeling nauseous. Haha having a toddler to chase around does make it fly by a bit more. Have a great rest of your day and I hope you are craving some fun things:)


I hit 14 weeks and am finally feeling more like myself. I’ve even cooked dinner twice this week! :)


YOU’VE MADE IT!! I am so glad Kayla that you are feeling more like yourself and you cooked dinner twice this week… you are on fire. I hope you continue to feel well!


I’m 37 + weeks pregnant and there’s a heat wave here. I’m dying ? I also have a 2 1/2 year old who I am very interested to see how she does lol So far she is very into the idea of baby brother and wants to do everything to help but we shall see


AHHH you are so so close. I hope you are getting in all of the popsicles and air conditioning right now. So excited for your little girl to have a baby brother. Keep me updated and I hope you are sleeping well!


15 weeks and feeling good! It’s like as soon as I put on my running shorts, I feel the nonstop need to pee. It’s so nice to enjoy food again. Craving all fruit, all the time.


Congrats Jenny and I am SO happy you are feeling good. Hahah I have that same thing happen to me when I put on my running shorts too. I’m eating peaches as I read your comment and I hope you are having some delicious fruit too!


Not too great this week. Our dog died and our whole family is grieving. Along with the normal pregnancy emotions it definitely feels overwhelming (I’m 21 weeks this week). On a positive note we are getting our baby room set up this weekend. My 2 year old will be moving in with his big sister ;)


Oh Emily. I am so so so incredibly sorry about the loss of your dog. Wish I could give you a big hug. Keep me updated with how you are doing and how the move goes for your 2 year old!


Not pregnant but I really enjoyed your list! Every time I’m trying to get myself out of sweaty bra after a run I think it wasn’t a woman who projected them: why they don’t have a zipper or similar closure in front!
When it comes to any kind of odours I noticed that the more fatigued I am the more I’m sensible to them. Once at 34th km of a marathon i smelled someone in the crowd smoking a cigarette, it gave me nausea!
Fruit: always,all types. These days I think of a cold watermelon while I run (heatwave here in Italy as well!)


Your post was so much fun to read! I agree running is like pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant I would run a rolling hill course near my house and pretend every hill was a contraction so I would practice my breathing. :)
Running and pregnancy related for me in the recovery!!! I did not really expect the recovery from birth to be so hard for me (idk why, ha! Delusional I guess) but I remember right after giving birth thinking “why would anyone do this again” (and feeling like a bad parent for thinking that) and really struggling mentally the first two days with how my body felt wrecked and feeling unsure of what I was capable of doing (could I stand up from the hospital bed on my own, could I walk the hallway, etc etc I remember the first night having the baby wake up and getting her unswaddled fed and reswaddled and back into the bassinet and that felt like such an accomplishment). I had some stitches (which I’ve never had before) and that was hard for me the first two days to wrap my head around. But as with every hard training run or race – we might feel terrible and sore afterwards but we always are able to recover if we give ourselves enough time. I remember around 3 months (I was able to run again at that point) thinking how dramatic I had felt right after giving birth, thinking I would never feel better but now I have built up this huge trust that my body can recover if I give it the time and attention it needs! I prepared so much for the birth and next time I think I will prepare just as much for the recovery too! Just like with running we should have a recovery game plan.
I would be interested in hearing your plan for help and visitors after the baby arrives. Do your parents come to stay to help with the older kids? How do you have all your siblings visit (we have a lot of siblings too) do you rotate or let everyone come at once?
Have a great day!


By your analogy, I am in the final mile of a marathon (38 weeks tomorrow!) and am soooo ready for this race to be over! Although with all the uncertainty about when baby will actually arrive, it feels more like a marathon where the finish line keeps moving around lol. I read that women who run until the end of pregnancy have their babies 5-7 days earlier on average, so fingers crossed!

I’m loving reading about your pregnancy, thanks so much for sharing! I’m also craving fruit all the time. Current obsessions are nectarines and raspberries!


37 weeks over here with baby #2!! 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. Ready to meet this little GIRL #2. Hospital should be calling me today to schedule my induction but I have a feeling I’ll have her naturally within the next 10 days.


What about how during the tough parts of a race you keep thinking “after this, I’m never doing this again, this is my last race!!!”, and the second you are done and have that runners high (or sweet new baby), you’re like “SIGN ME UP FOR ALL THE RACES”, or look at your husband and say “LETS HAVE MORE!”….hahaha, if you mentioned this I missed it! But I was thinking it right away when I started reading your post!


I’m all here for bras with front closures, Yes!

I imagine this would be another heat issue, however, what if you wore your backpack with something in it? Seems like it is worth a try.

Without the backpack, in what ways are you watching your form? Are there universal adjustments?

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