This has really helped me to feel less overwhelmed + Tangents

Brookie got out for another run!

I started the morning off early with 8.5 miles @ 8:15 average and then the kids got up and Knox was off to his mom’s house.  We are keeping Knox’s normal schedule with both houses but with Brooke we will just take it month by month until she will see her dad because we won’t be traveling back and forth until cleared to again.

IMG 9645

Skye was so happy when Brooke put a rabbit watch on her wrist for our run.

IMG 9659

I think our ‘arm swing across the body when we run’ thing is just part of our dna:).  I do the same thing!

IMG 9708

Brooke did about 2 miles of run/walking (I had the jogging stroller with me so Skye was in and out of that the whole time) and we found a house that is ready for Easter already.

IMG 9719

It was the best way to start off the week.

IMG 9665

Skye is positive that she is to also attend Brooke’s class Zoom sessions.

IMG 9725

We then took a field trip to go eat hot dogs on a curb from the J-Dawgs food truck.  PS the craziest part of the day was that Skye was happy staying in her running clothes all day which is nuts because she usually changes into a princess costume or tutu the second we get home.  Even Skye enjoys the amazingness of activewear.

IMG 9735

The fanciest of dinners (we LOVE this stuff from Costco over rice).

IMG 9739

And then we made some ice cream for dessert with this cookbook.

IMG 9740


Now for a few tangents.

*In the comments yesterday, Ingrid told us about how her mother (that is 71) ran 7 km in her living room on Sunday (not on a treadmill)!  They are supposed to stay inside where they are at and her mom is such a great example to me of making the best of a hard situation.

*This clip made me laugh so hard (if you haven’t seen the clip where the child interrupts her dad during an interview, you have to watch this one first).

*I have only been hoarding one item over here but I actually did this a few months ago… I have a serious problem.

IMG 9634

*Remember a few months ago when I told you about the new book I randomly picked up at Target?  It’s called ‘When Less Becomes More’ and I think her section on social media can really help us more than EVER right now. There is just so much online right now and it’s very important to be informed and know what is happening in our world but for me personally, I’m finding if I’m on it too much then it really makes me feel more overwhelmed.   This happens now and during other times of life for me too…

IMG 3446

Emily Ley says a few pages later, “Compassion fatigue is another side effect:  we see so much difficult news, for people we know only tangentially (or not at all!), that we can either sink into a pit or become totally numb.  At some point, the endless onslaught of information can make it difficult to be present for our real-life friends because we’re expending so many emotional resources online- and often without even realizing it.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, this book has SO many amazing ideas (just one section is about social media and she has SO many other great ideas/plans) for you!  I find when I take time to be completely still each day and set up time limits for social media/news/article, I feel A LOT better.

IMG 8393


What do you do to help when you are feeling overwhelmed?  Do you take time each day to be still?

What has helped you the most during this hard time?  Id love for us to share so we can all figure this out!

Those of you with blended families, how are you arranging the back and forth with your kids?

Have a run today?  How far?  Where?

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I have pretty much full custody of my six year old so she is with me all the time. My future stepsons (10 and 13) rotate every other week. It has been a challenge to try to do e-learning with all of them as well as for both my fiance and I to be teleworking. If we could do one (homeschool) or the other (work), it would be slightly easier. There’s also no transition (commute) between work and home so it’s hard to switch from work mode to mom mode since they all overlap.


Alice, that is extremely hard. Andrew and I were talking about it this weekend… it would be so hard to be doing e-learning with the older grades and trying to help them! You and your fiancee deserve awards right now. That switch from work to mom back to work is hard! I hope with each week the schedule becomes more normal and doable for everyone. Thanks for sharing and I’m cheering for you. This is all going to make us so much stronger (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)! I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


3 miles today outside! Went first thing in the morning and nobody was out, it was perfect :)

I have a hard time staying still, I always want to be doing something. Trying to do yoga every day now, even if it’s only 20 minutes. Or take time to sit down and read. But could definitely use suggestions!!


SO glad you were able to enjoy the fresh air and movement this morning! I am just like you… I LOVE to be doing something at all times and I think yoga and reading are great ways to be still. I’ve been trying different meditation apps and being okay to just allow myself to sit on the couch or porch for 5 minutes to think without anything else. Keep me updated on everything going on in your world friend!


I’ve been setting up virtual dates with friends, both local and long distance. Virtual book group, virtual tea time, virtual brunch, etc.. It’s been a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family spread around the country! And the extra human contact right now is so needed.
The other thing that’s been really helpful to me is my yoga studio is doing classes on Zoom. The teacher opens it up 10 minutes before class so we can all chat with each other before class starts. And she’s been spending extra time on breathing and meditation exercises, which is so lovely right now. Yoga and meditation are so good for staying calm during these crazy times.
Today’s run will be on the treadmill. It’s snowy here, and although the roads are clear, I’m pregnant and do NOT want to take any risks with a fall right now. Feeling incredibly grateful for the basement treadmill!
Stay safe, Janae! I’ve been really enjoying how upbeat you are in this crazy time.


I LOVE what you are doing Isla… totally going to copy you with the virtual book group/tea time/brunch ideas. What a great idea. I’m so grateful that your yoga studio is doing that and really focusing on how to help everyone go through this time (I’m going to check and see if my yoga studio is doing that)! You are so smart to hit the treadmill. I hope you are feeling well and sleeping well. Thank you friend, I’m sure trying! Have a beautiful Tuesday!


One of the things that had helped is mine and Hope’s schools are on Spring Break. The online learning was a constant reminder and without that I feel like her and I are on a fun little staycation.


SPRING BREAK! Oh I am so happy that you guys are getting a break. I am definitely looking forward to ours in a few weeks for that same staycation feel. Enjoy Erica!


I make time most days to pray one Rosary and then do 15 minutes of silent meditation.

Since I am still working I think just my daily routine has helped a lot. I try to only watch the local news because the national news seems to like to sensationalize more and freak people out on purpose.

I took a 2 mile run/walk yesterday. I also think I figured out why I strained my hamstring – my foot doctor told me a few years ago that my right big toe had arthritis. I never really thought much about it. However, last night when I was doing single leg calf raises I happened to look down at my right foot. The right foot was twisting outward and putting the weight on the outer toes – it is supposed to lift straight up as the big toe bends, which my left foot does correctly. Long story short – I believe I have a condition called Hallux Limitus. Basically when my right foot leaves the ground while running – it rolls/twists over and “toes off” from my outer toes instead of my big toe – causing issues all the way up the kinetic chain to my hips and hamstring. That would explain some other issues with my right foot and toe nails which I won’t bother going into (unless anybody actually wants to hear about it). Perhaps you could ask your readers if they have had any experience with Hallux Limitus? I did buy a pair or Hoka Bondi’s and a pair of New Balance 1080v10’s to try; supposedly the rocker bottoms help straighten out the toe off.

Hope you all have a great day!


I am SO glad you make that time each day to pray and meditate. So necessary! Oh I bet your work/routine is helping a lot to feel normalized. That’s how I feel about national news too. That is so interesting about what caused this hamstring problem. YAY once we figure it out, we can fix the problem! Keep me updated and I will definitely ask!! Thanks John!


Well, I am assuming that is what is causing my hamstring problem.

The funny thing is that I have seen 3 different sports orthopedic docs at the same office. The one doc that does ONLY feet and ankles is the one that told me about the arthritic big toe, although I was not there for that exact problem. He did prescribe orthotics – which I rarely wear since they are uncomfortable. I might try them again. Then I saw the guy that ONLY does knees and shoulders for my knee pain. He suggested I do PT to strengthen my glutes/hamstrings and get a gait analysis done, which was great. Then I saw another guy about the hamstring; and he just told me to lay off it 4-6 weeks and keep up the work strengthening the hamstring. Nowhere along the line did any of the 3 mention to me that any of the injuries or conditions could be related. It has taken me tons of research on running gait to come to this conclusion. We did notice at the PT that I turned my right foot slightly at foot plant so I have been working on stretching that toe joint. But again, we never really discussed how that slight foot turn could affect the rest of the kinetic chain up the leg. At least I am learning new stuff!


I go for a run or walk when I am feeling overwhelmed or avoid and curl on the couch with a blanket, haha.

I think FaceTiming/texting/e-mailing my relatives and friends helps! Also noticing the little or big ways the community is coming together. Today on my run I saw hearts in windows, school busses going out to deliver breakfast and lunch to school kids (even though it is our scheduled spring break) our grocery store being open for the first hour of the day for those at risk and EVERYONE waved to me from their cars on my run–even the teenagers!

I ran 9 miles this morning. I ran into town, it helps getting out and “seeing” people. We live in a rural area/small town so I thought we social distanced as it was, but this is taking it to another level!


Haha that sounds like my two coping methods to feeling overwhelmed too! Okay, what you wrote about what your community is doing gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing that with me. Good luck and I hope you get in another run into town again soon! Thanks Becky!


You are lucky to be getting outside. We have a snowstorm here again today – I am in the prairies in Canada. And shorts, wow. Oh to dream, lol. Then again nice weather may make it harder to stay at home, like we have been ordered to do…..


Another snowstorm?! Oh Tracy! I’m thinking about you all. I hope you are able to come up with a lot of fun things to do together at home and stay warm! xoxo


I LOVE that Skye stayed in her run gear all day! She knows comfort!
I’m really impressed with Brooke’s teacher Zooming in to her! That is true dedication and love right there!
If I’m home and overwhelmed, I focus on a task that I know I can complete; the simple act of completing is usually all it takes for me to settle down. I do that or I don’t do anything I’m supposed to and play with the kids instead!
What has helped me most is limiting my time on social media and news outlets, keeping up with my routine (still working out of the home so I’m still getting up @ 4, getting outside as much as possible and I took up yoga.
No run today – today was yoga and strength training. Tomorrow I run and I can’t wait! the rain came back and yesterdays run in heavy sprinkles felt AMAZING!
Have a great day!


Seriously, this whole situation is really reminding me how much our teachers do for our children… they really should be paid way more. Routine is key and way to go still getting up at 4.. that is very inspiring to me. I hope your run tomorrow is perfect and that you get a little bit of rain again. Thanks Jenny!


We have 700 square foot so in order for one of us to get some time alone one or another one of us might claim the bedroom. It helps that I have my own laptop so we get to sometimes watch our own shows :).

I have also been virtually connecting with family and friends more. Phone calls, texts whatsapp and video chats. Getting to go to the grocery store while staying as far away from people is the highlight of the day..haha.

I do watch the news briefings in our areas but trying to stay away from too much news media helps.

I love how Skye joins into Brookes class!

No run today but maybe a gym workout in the living room..

Have a great day Janae!


And I used to complain about going to the grocery store… now it sounds like a party:). I hope your gym workout in the living room is a great one and that you get some time to watch your own show! Thanks Kristine!


Hi Janae! What keeps me sane nowaday is running everyday. After my run now I sometimes just keep walking. I’m lucky to live on a large hill so the view is gorgeous. Stopping to appreciate it or watch the sunset is very nice! It’s very quiet where I am now so it makes it extra peaceful.

Yoga is nice too like other commenters said, but if I’m really overwhelmed I won’t be able to get my mind to calm down to do it properly.

Of course, reading your blog and comments is another highlight of my day. I love the community here.


Seriously, so thankful we have running! Keep enjoying that gorgeous view (and that hill probably makes you so strong with your running). Thank you for hanging out with me each day, it really means a lot! I hope the rest of your day is a beautiful one!


This pandemic has made me feel very anxious. I am 25 weeks pregnant and a RN so I had such high anxiety about being assigned to covid units. Thankfully my manager called me yesterday and told me she was taking me off the schedule this week until they can find a safe place for me to work. That was a huge relief for me so now I feel so much less overwhelmed. But I do try to make myself a list of tasks to do everyday so I feel like the days are productive and don’t just blend together. I hope Andrew is doing okay and I am praying that all the nurses working in the hospitals stay safe and healthy!


Melissa – Just wanted to thank you for everything you and your colleagues are doing through all this. Ya’ll are awesome! And it’s so cool to hear they are looking for a safer place for you to work!


Oh Melissa. That must be very very scary. I am SO thankful that your manager is putting you somewhere much safer. Please keep me updated with how you are doing… so excited for your little one. Thank you for all that. you do!


I think the biggest thing that has helped us is just sticking to our normal schedule as much as possible. Wake up and clean the house, get dressed, do school work, and making sure I get my runs in after dinner has helped so mcuh!



YES YES YES… the normalcy from schedules is saving us too! Hope you have a great run tonight after dinner Paige!


At the beginning of the year our pastor presented us with the 2020 challenge: the challenge is for the first 20 minutes of everyday to spend time reading the Bible and talking to God FIRST, before we jump in to everything else. When I read God’s word first, news headlines aren’t as frightening. I was already distancing myself from news because it’s an election year ;)

I guess I’ve lived long enough to know that no matter what happens, I’m going to be okay. That doesn’t mean I won’t get sick or hurt or have other difficulties, I just keep putting my trust in God that He’ll always be there. I’m concerned for my family and friends, but not panicked.

It was raining when I got up today, so I did yoga and got on my bike trainer.


I LOVE that he had you do that challenge. What an amazing thing to do and I totally agree, the headlines are not as scary after we read from Him first. Thank you for sharing this with us all, it means a lot. Have a beautiful rest of your day Kathy!


Thanks for my mom Janae :)


Tell her thank you for inspiring me!


That picture of your girls running together is just amazing!! <3


You all are looking safe and healthy!

For anyone who just wants to check the number of confirmed cases, Johns Hopkins has this dashboard:
I’m limiting myself for news exposure, and I write down the numbers at 9PM daily for total and the US. Although, the Today Show indicated for the cases we see confirmed today on the dashboard, those people likely contracted Covid-19 two weeks ago.


well its only day 2 of being completely off work (last week we did 1/2 days) and its very unnerving and scary…we have no idea when we’ll be opening again. while i can get a few things done around the apt, there is no gym, no shopping (other than food), like, nothing to do! (i don’t have kids or hubs or pets, just me :) ) my dealing with this all has been basically lying around with zero motivation, which isn’t great at all. it was the longest I’ve gone without doing true, intense, sweaty cardio in years and years. i just couldn’t do it; i missed the gym and the classes and the people and my routine. and it was cold and rainy and running was just so unappealing/same with at-home work outs. i finally got my ish together yesterday and started doing something. keeping the same wake/sleep schedule and going to try and tackle some chores and such, probably take a trip home to be with others. idk, its all just A LOT. i did do some long walks last week, which was really pleasant for my mind, but not so much for the heart and weight haha. hoping i can find a newish normal for now.
huge THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU at the front lines, treating and caring for patients, working tirelessly. seriously, we love you!


I love Emily let’s book “Grace, Not Perfection”. Such an amazing book with lots of takeaways.

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