Tuesday Tangents + I Told You + Probably Shouldn’t Have…

My morning started out differently than most  of my Monday mornings… Sister time!

My coach had me take off Sunday, Monday & today to recover from the half and my first run back will be on Wednesday so a morning walk happened instead of a run.

Screen Shot 2018 04 30 at 2 45 34 PM

My sister and I had planned to meet up for a walk outside but because of crazy rain we decided to meet up at the BYU indoor track instead.   She told me she wants me to do more races that make me really sore so I do morning walks with her instead of running;)  PS a girl at the track asked if we were twins so that pretty much made my month.

IMG 7722

Andrew had a shift up at a hospital in Salt Lake so he was gone for about 14.5 hours. It was just me and the girls for the day.

IMG 7717

We showed up early to pick up Brooke from Kindergarten (PS how in the world is she almost a Kindergarten graduate) so I just fed Skye in the car and hung out together for awhile.

IMG 7736

And then we went out to do some errands together.  Yes, yes that is new snow in our mountains.

IMG 7744

We went to Costco to fill up our empty fridge and hopefully Andrew will forgive me for going to his favorite store without him.

IMG 7746

Sometimes you just need to pick up sushi from Costco for lunch because you have zero desire to make anything once you get home.

IMG E7748

We had an afternoon full of chores and randomness before Brooke went to gymnastics.  There is a bakery drive-thru right by her gymnastics area that has cinnamon rolls.  We decided we needed to split one after her class.  I let Brooke have the center of the cinnamon roll which was a big deal for me because sharing food is hard so I’m pretty proud of that;)

IMG 7763

For dinner I had a chicken salad and the star of the show—>  this salsa from Costco.

IMG 7765

After dinner we watched part of The Greatest Showman for the 1 millionth time.  We missed Knox and Andrew but I’m sure this is how the film would have been viewed if they were both here.   Why sit on a comfortable couch when you can sit on your dad instead?

IMG 7463


I’ve got a few tangents to share today

*On Sunday we stopped at a diner on our way home from Vegas for omelettes.  Diners have quickly become my favorite.

IMG 7698

*Skye was thrilled to be out of her carseat and so were we.  I think I have lost my road trip endurance that I used to have.  The drive home felt like it lasted two days… I need to work on that.   One time I was on a road trip with my brother (the one that just did the race).  We were coming home from Texas and he had me drive for a bit while he took a nap.  When he woke up we were in Arizona and we were supposed to be in Colorado (this was before smartphones with GPS).  It just added an extra 4+ hours to the drive.  Neither of us minded and we pulled over for some milkshakes ha.  I need to get back to that type of road trip mentality.

IMG 7692

*Reason #51 I need a coach=  After Saturday’s race I wanted to do a 5k this Saturday and sign up for as many races as possible this summer.   My coach kindly said no to the race on Saturday and that we will talk about what other races to do this summer… I get a little intense about running/races and I lose my patience but having a coach to help me not go overboard helps me to stay injury free.  Technically having a coach saves me money because paying her each month for coaching is less expensive than all of the races I almost signed up for;)

*I’m going to take the fact that I am still sore as a sign that I gave my best effort.  Even my abs are sore.  I have never hated the foam roller as much as I have the last two days.

*I probably shouldn’t have bought this two lb bag of goodness because I’m the only one at our house that likes these.  Hopefully they last me for a while but I’m not going to put any high expectations on myself.

IMG 7749

*Last week Andrew and I went out to celebrate an anniversary and for our appetizer we ordered sweet potato fries.  They brought out the fries with some type of marshmallow dipping sauce and it was so good… it felt like Thanksgiving.

IMG 7432

*Brooke didn’t really understand teasing before Andrew and now she is a professional after learning from him ha.

IMG 7708

*Another episode from Gwen.  I really like her (because I’ve gotten to know her so well over the internet;) and hope for really great things to happen for her in the marathon.

*I think that all races should give out a hat in the gear bag.  I’m loving this hat and I’m sure I will use it a lot over the years of running.  Don’t mind the Crest whitening strips.

IMG 7713

*Brooke was trying to teach Skye how to do the air moonwalk.

IMG E7753

*Remember how I told you in the race recap yesterday how I counted palm trees instead of steps during the hard part?  As you can see below, keeping track of the 1 million palm trees that I passed by kept my mind off my quads shredding into pieces better than counting steps.  Also, I hope I don’t normally twist my leading foot to the side like in the picture below, I’ll pay attention to that on Wednesday during my run.


*Revel gives you AWESOME race pictures for free and they also give you a bunch of fun stats too which is extra great for those of you that love to check all of the numbers after a race/run!

IMG 7771

PS my brother will probably have his race write-up tomorrow for you… I guess work and family life are a little busy for him right now or something;)  BUT I will say that he asked me about the next half that I am doing because he wants to join me.  I think we have another half marathon lover that has joined our wonderful community. (he refused to sign up for St. George Marathon with me)


Have any Tuesday tangents to share?  I love hearing your randomness too:)

Who has a May birthday?  Any fun races this month?

Best SWAG that you’ve ever gotten in your race bag?

IF $$$ and injury weren’t a worry—>  How many races would you do a year? 


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I just wish hats would fit my head haha. I fit in kid hats but then the bill looks weird because it’s too small. I wish it wasn’t a thing but it is.

Id do 16 races. (I don’t want to race anywhere from November to March haha. The cold…)


Oh I have the opposite problem… my head is way too big for a lot of hats. Wish our heads could meet in the middle ha! Good call on those 5 months- I just want to be inside with hot chocolate. Have a beautiful day Jenny!


You and your sister really do look like twins in that first picture!! You can really tell y’all are related!
Tuesday tangent…we are at that time in the year where it’s freezing in the morning so you need all the layers, then 80 in the afternoon and you’re melting as soon as you step outside ;)
I would love to run a different race each month in a different state…like destination races!


Okay, a different race each month in a different state sounds perfect. I’ll join you in this one? Who knows what is going on with the weather right now but I hope you get in some sunshine this afternoon! Thanks Erinn!


Skye’s little smiles in those pictures are so cute! And how nice of you to give Brooke the inside of the cinnamon roll – I hope I am that generous with my future child. ;) Oh, and also those Brookside chocolate berries are the BEST. I literally almost buy them every single time we are at Costco but somehow stop myself because I know I will eat the entire bag myself.


Hahah seriously they are so good.. I had too many last night already! I dare you to get them next time at Costco Allison haha! Have a beautiful day girl!


Yay for a sister walk! I’m so excited to see my sister next week. It’s tough living so many miles away from her, so I’m going to make sure every second counts!!

If money or injury weren’t an issue, I would run at least 12 races a year. I used to try to race once a month, and I miss racing. I’m not sure what’s holding me back from signing up for one, but I need to just suck it up and do it.

Tuesday Tangent: I could use a few miracles in life right now. Please send prayers.


Ahhh you get to see her next week!! That is so exciting Natalie. I think you need to sign up for some California races? Hope you are doing okay and sending some prayers!


Hehe one time my friend and I were driving up to Canada for a training weekend and went 30 miles in the wrong direction. It happens to everybody!

Isn’t it a great feeling to know you gave it your all? Though it is weird what winds up being most sore. After one half marathon, my pecs were super sore. Very strange.


Your pecs were sore? That is really interesting! Good to know I’m not alone! I hope you have a really great day Victoria!


Oh gosh how did you get back?


I know your sister sometimes does posts and I was wondering if she could do one on her skincare routine? Her skin looks amazing in that first picture and I’m just curious!


Yes and yes! I will ask her to do one on this. I agree, her skin is fabulous! Have a wonderful day Stephanie.


Assuming the weather was always nice (NOT the case where I live) then I would do a race each month for sure. Or I would happily fly somewhere with nice weather if $$ wasn’t an issue :)

Best race swag has been a long sleeve race shirt. I do not usually like running in T-shirts so for me it’s either a tank top or long sleeve.

Why are there no races that give out tank tops????

x Elise – http://www.thirtythoughtstoday.com


Oh good call on including the weather to be nice for these races! I have only done one race that gave out a tank top and I loved it! You are right, more races need to do that! Have a great day Elise.


Tuesday Tangent for me – I woke up this morning feeling great. I was SO SO SO sore Sunday after my race and had a granny-walk going on yesterday but I foam rolled like crazy and did some stretching and I feel like I could honestly go for a run today! That’s never happened to me before, usually I take forever to recover! So weird. I am not going for a run but I like the feeling!
I can relate to your desire to race more – I think 10ks are my favorite distance and I am already pondering how I can do more of those ASAP. I like half marathons but I have to train more for those than a 10k, so I need to find more to do. My bank account might not like it though.


Rhiannon!!!! Huge congrats girl on your half marathon and I am so happy that you are recovering so well! Tell my body to do the same;) hahaha you are not alone and I hope you find some awesome 10ks to do!


1) Do those Whitestrips work?

2) Is this the same brother that has been in your previous pics? He looks different?!

3) Skye is too cute in that pic of the 3 of you!


I think they do and they are so easy to use and cheap! Yes that is the same brother! He has made some major lifestyle changes that he is going to write about soon! Oh thank you! Have a beautiful day Jenni!


I would love to do a race each month….a half…but it would mean travel to cooler places for summer races?


That sounds perfect… I want to join you!


That is hilarious about how you ended up in another state lol! I’m resting today too from my half..gosh you really need to do a race in my neck of the woods, you would win!! Fun tangent: Jordan Hasay cheered on her brother who also ran his first half marathon this last Sunday at the half I ran. :)


NOOOO WAY!!! I saw on her story the finish line of his half marathon… that course looked AMAZING!! Huge congrats and I hope your body is recovering well. Have a great day Christina!


May birthday here! And my baby boy (first time mom) is due this month too! I’ve already signed up for my first post baby half. You’ve been such an inspiration. I had to stop running at 27 weeks thanks to my annoying sciatic nerve. I was hoping I could run til the end like you did. Maybe next time!


JODY!!! You have a huge month up ahead, I am so excited for you! Please keep me updated on everything, SO excited for you. Oh that first run back is going to feel so good and I hope you never feel that sciatic nerve pain again. You’ve got this and you are going to rock that first half back. I hope you are feeling well and having a great day!


Haha I was laughing as I read the part about you wanting to do a 5k because almost the same thing happened to me the other weekend! I have a 10 mile race this weekend and had just done a big training run for it on Saturday and then I texted my coach to see if it would be a good idea to race a 5k the next day to practice running on tired legs. He was like umm no, just rest and recover from your workout. I mean, these things just sound like such a good idea at the time! But I guess that’s why we have coaches to help us think logically and not get injured!

The best race swag I ever got was from a 50k trail race where we got hats and this really nice half zip pull over! Also, my local marathon gives out the best long sleeve tech tees- they are seriously the perfect weight for running. Half the reason I do that marathon almost every year is to get another one of those shirts!


I’m not alone!!! Hahah our coaches must just laugh at us:) GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND and I want to hear all about it afterwards. Yeah, that trail race does have the best swag. I need to come do those two races:) Have a wonderful day Diana.


I am terrible with directions so your road trip story about ending up in Arizona when you needed to be in Colorado made me lol

I already signed up for 7 races this year (2 have happened). All except one are local (i.e. within 1 hour drive) . I would probably sign up for a dozen. One year I did 10 races – ranging from a 10km to an ultra marathon and let’s say I was wiped at the end of the season. Not recommended haha. I do have an 18km trail run end of the month so that should be fun!

Can’t remember the best swag in the bag – but I did get a Tiffany necklace as a medal for finishing the Nike Womens Marathon in San Fran. Pretty sure I signed up because of the medals – and also they advertised really attractive fire fighters handing out the medals.

My bf has a May birthday next week – May 10.

Have a great day!


HAHA YES… I forgot about that race, I did the half and that was pretty amazing swag! Two races already… go Kristine! I hope you have a beautiful day girl!


Skye’s crazy hair is the best!

Random, but I decided to drive to Utah (almost SLC) from SoCal last Wednesday afternoon because I found the perfect dog for our family. I called my sister at 5:30pm and she offered to go with me, so I picked her up an hour later and we drove through the night and met our pup at 6am the next morning. My sister also decided to get a dog, so we drove straight home and arrived around 4:30pm. Neither one of us slept a wink, we almost ran out of gas (I was on 0 for about 1.5 miles!, and I got pooped on. I didn’t think about how difficult two young puppys might be so our trip was interesting to say the least, but we made it and our pup is the greatest! I am making my sister much more spontaneous ;)


AHHHH NEW PUPPIES!! Best story ever and I LOVE how spontaneous you are. What did you think of Utah?! Enjoy that new pup!


Utah was gorgeous, especially as the sub rose over the mountains on our way home. My daughter kept exclaiming about how bright the moon and stars were. Ha, no smog like SoCal to block them :)


Oh I am so glad you loved it!! Come back again:) SoCal is BEAUTIFUL though!! Enjoy that new puppy!


I have my first marathon ever THIS Sunday! I’m very excited but also equally nervous. Loved hearing about counting palm trees, I’ll have to keep that technique in mind for late in my race! No palm trees here though, the race is in Colorado.


GOOD LUCK KATE!! I am so excited for you! Find something awesome to count and PLEASE let me know how it goes. I’m cheering you on from Utah:)


I think I’d say 12 races. One a month.

My son turns 3 in May! and I can’t believe it. No more baby left. And fun fact – I found your blog when he was born and been reading daily since!
You always plan fun bday activities- any good ideas for a 3 year old?


AHHHH THREE!!! That is so exciting:) Thanks for reading the last 3 years! Do you guys have any bounce house places? My kids have loved those over the last few years. I will keep thinking. Have a beautiful day Mary.


Loving these recaps! There’s going to be another tomorrow from your brother? This is awesome!

Awesome job, Janae!! You’re lookin’ tough in race mode, yeah. You have so many positives from this race: nutrition, hydration, reverse split (?), and a GREAT time!!

Also, AmandaM noted the pic with your brother yesterday and I echo it. In all the family pics I don’t recall seeing this guy. Hopefully he’s really enjoying all the fitness. Seems like he has a great support system in place.


The Warrior Dash gave out giant fuzzy horned viking hats. Best swag ever! Although sadly I think they got lost in a move :-(


I’ve decided what makes you different from most of the blogs I read (which is really only a handful, but STILL) is that you reply to many of the comments, and in a genuine, kind way, too. I like reading the comments as well as the posts on your blog, and maybe that’s why I keep coming back. Thanks for the fun, uplifting reads and helpful tips! And congrats on a fast post-baby half!


Angela, thank you so much for your sweet comment… it means a lot to me. My favorite part about blogging is my internet friends:) Thank YOU for taking the time to chat with me and I hope you are having a beautiful morning!

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