Weekend Happenings! + Who is Pickier?

SHE DID IT!  This friend of mine has been training hardcore (she used the same training book that I did) for her first ultra that was supposed to happen on Saturday but it was cancelled.  She decided to do it around town and holy cow, she did it.  50 miles.  I found her on her route (we stayed more than 6 feet apart) to cheer her on.   I can’t even imagine doing 50 miles outside of an actual race.  She planned her eating and drinking perfectly and I’m so proud of her.  She pretty much did my weekly miles (I did 55 miles last week… 11 on Saturday) in one run!

I got home and we made crepes for breakfast.  They were great fuel in between activities.

IMG 9527

Andrew and I started lifting after breakfast on Saturday and out came Knox in his army suit asking if he could join us.   I only lifted once last week (my goal is to lift twice a week) and I’m blaming not hitting my goal on how cold Utah has been this last week in the mornings.  Our weight room is the same temperature as it is outside so maybe next winter I’ll just wear my ski clothing for strength training.  Luckily, it’s only supposed to snow two days this week;)

IMG 9531

Not going to lie… hitting the hot tub with tired muscles after weights and running = pure heaven.  It really has been nice to not feel the normal rush through activities.  We can do something for hours without even thinking about it because we have absolutely nowhere to go.  I’m learning that after all of this is cleared up, I want to slow down our normal schedules a lot.

IMG 9533

After Skye’s nap we went biking in the mountains!  PS this is what Skye does anytime she can hear us coming in for her after her nap.

IMG 9543

Skye is so excited to be included with mountain biking now.

IMG 9582

On Sunday morning we decided we wanted to feel a little normalcy so we all took showers and got in our church clothes and had church at home.

IMG 9608

IMG 9605

It was so nice to have the full weekend together and things will probably start to get more busy for him this week at the hospital.

IMG 9609 2

We ended our weekend by taking a trip to Deer Creek for a picnic in the back of our truck (thanks to Megan for the idea)!

IMG 9613

And then we walked around on my favorite running trail and Skye freaked out every time she saw a fly.

IMG 9626

IMG 9629

IMG 9620

Just in case you and your neighbors need something to do today….

My friend Stephanie posted this survey and I thought it would be fun for us to do over here too and we can see who is the pickiest!  Tell me how many NOs you have when it comes to these foods:

1.  Miracle Whip

2.  Pickles

3.  Cilantro

4.  Black Jelly Beans— No

5.  Pineapple Pizza

6.  Sardines

7.  Oysters — No (I had one in Seattle last summer and I’m still not over the texture)

8.  Sushi

9.  Candy Corn

10. Vienna Sausages — Never tried, never will

11.  Brussel sprouts

12.  Mushrooms

13.  Liver — Never tried, never will

14.  Circus Peanuts — No.  These shouldn’t even be considered candy IMO;)

15.  Bologna — NO

16.  Black Olives — NOOOOO!!!!

17.  Green Olives — NOOOOOO!!!!

18.  Blue Cheese

19.  Fruitcake — Nope

20.  SPAM — No

21.  Cabbage

22.  Potato Salad

23.  Eggnog — I can’t even handle the smell

24.  Black Coffee — Never tried

25.  Anchovies


How many of the above foods/drinks are you not a fan of (or haven’t tried because you don’t want to ever try them… I’m combining everything together for my score)?

-12 for me!

Are you a texter, phone caller or FaceTimer?  What do you prefer?

Tell me the best part of your weekend!!

Best thing youve eaten lately?!

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Skye’s reaction to flies….made my day! haha.
I totally agree with you–slowing down is so nice. Now someone just needs to tell my job that I can’t work for the next few weeks. :) I had 11 on the no list. I also agree with you about oysters. barf.


Hahah I wish I would have taken a video to show you her reaction too! I’ll write an email to your boss! Wish you were able to get a little time off friend. I just can’t understand why people pay so much money for oysters either?! Hope your day is a beautiful one Mollie!


11 no’s for me! :-)

Last best thing I ate…an amazing chicken lettuce wrap thing with peanut sauce that my mom made! It was the best dinner.

I am SO impressed by your friend. I was thinking about running the distance of my goal race in a couple weeks (on the day of the race), and if she can do 50, I can definitely do mine!

I woke up feeling pretty down about everything today and always appreciate having your blog to check in on—it’s part of my routine and I really do look forward to it. So thank you!


Now I need that amazing chicken lettuce wrap. That sounds so good right now! I’m cheering you on for running your goal race distance coming up… PLEASE let me know how it goes!
Thank you for telling me that, it sure is a crazy time right now and it helps to know we are all in this together! Thanks Kristin, it means a lot and I really appreciate you. I hope your day gets better and better!


I used to prefer text or phone, but now I am FaceTiming more and I like being able to see people!

This weekend I went hiking and got take-out Mexican food, it was great! Getting out of the house (while social distancing) and supporting local businesses, it’s a win-win. Tacos + chips and guac.


I’m with you… this has made me all about FaceTime now! Well, that just sounds like the best weekend… way to make the best of things Mariah! Enjoy your Monday!


Hi Janae !
I have 13 NO on this list ! Haha ! (As I’m vegetarian, some of them are for sure NO)
The best part of my weekend was sunday morning, picking up the food at the drive, for the week ! Now we won’t go out during the 8 next day ! I’m sure you’re jealous about this program !! Haha !
My mother, who is 71 years old ran 7 km in her living room yesterday (without treadmill) ! :) I’m so proud of her.
She does 1 hour of gym in the morning, and between 5 and 7 km in her living room in the afternoon.
(“In normal life” she goes swimming in the sea everyday of the year, even during the winter. So she had to find a way to keep on moving)
Have a beautiful day !


Oh, I forgot… You’re right, this slow down is really nice.
(But I’m sure that it will end as soon as work will come back.)
That’s what I told to my husband yesterday. I’s all or nothing.
We are rushing, all week long. And now we are having allll the time free.
I just want somathing in the middle of that :)

Congratulations to your friend !!


YOUR MOTHER IS MY HERO. What!? That is so so cool. Please tell her congrats for me!
It’s so fun to see how many no items each person has! I wish you were in utah right now so you could get out to the mountains! Glad you were able to stock up on food! I’m with you, somewhere in the middle sounds amazing too! Thanks friend… I sure hope we are getting closer to the end of all of this. Have a beautiful day Ingrid!


Oh my, the picture of all all your kiddos together with Knox holding his baby sister’s hand just melts my heart! So incredibly sweet!
Today is our wedding day! Our original plan was for a few weeks from now, but they are closing state parks in Oregon (we want to get married at Smith Rock, our favorite place) at the end of the day today, so we moved it up! It will be tiny and simple but that’s all we want. :)
Have a beautiful Monday with your little family!


CHRISTINA!! AHHHH congratulations. I hope today is perfect in absolutely every way. I would love to see a picture at some point in the future from your wedding today! Sending all of our love and the simplicity will make it SO special. CONGRATS!


Congrats, Christina!! This will be such a special memory for you!


Do Skye and Knox have the same smile?
Amazing that your friend did her ultra. THAT is stick-to-it-ive-ness.

1. Miracle Whip – NO
2. Pickles
3. Cilantro
4. Black Jelly Beans— NO
5. Pineapple Pizza
6. Sardines – NO
7. Oysters
8. Sushi
9. Candy Corn
10. Vienna Sausages — NO
11. Brussel sprouts
12. Mushrooms
13. Liver — NO
14. Circus Peanuts — NO
15. Bologna — NO
16. Black Olives
17. Green Olives
18. Blue Cheese
19. Fruitcake — NO
20. SPAM — NO
21. Cabbage
22. Potato Salad
23. Eggnog
24. Black Coffee
25. Anchovies
Total: 9

Texter, phone caller or FaceTimer? Texter. But really I am an emailer.

Best part of the weekend was getting Baxton to the park and through a bike ride with ZERO complaints! Worst part was driving to a park where we have never seen more than 3 cars at one time and to see BOTH of its parking lots COMPLETELY full! That’s like 40 cRs total. I guess this COVID-19 is changing peoples lives. When the malls and play places and restaurants and movies are closed, they go to our spots :)

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! We made a triple bath and they disappeared so Quickly! I used this recipe with dark chocolate chips instead of butterscotch, no coconut. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/219702/oatmeal-scotchies-cookies/


I sure think that they do have the same smiles too! You didn’t have that many no answers on your list ! So glad you and Baxton had such a great time together on your bike ride and at the park. I’m noticing way more people are out doing sports and being active now too… hopefully that sticks! I need those cookies now! Hope you have a great day Tonya!


Yuck 12!
I am a texter for most friends but a caller/facetimer for family. My son always asks for “bop-bop” (my dad) so we FaceTime him a lot :)
We got out of the house and visited my mom and dad for pizza! With plenty of hand washing…
We have been digging through our freezer stash and we found filet mignon so that was a great dinner! I have plans to make a banana bread today and that always goes fast in our house!
I hope you have a great day!!


I love that your little one calls your dad ‘bop-bop! I’m so glad you were able to see your parents and take pizza. Now I’m craving some steak and banana bread! Thank you friend, you too!


Only 2 no’s for me (bologna and fruit cake)! Guess I am an adventurous eater. I used to teach Zumba and a few of my neighbors think I should do that while we are quarantined. Right now a bunch of us are doing a burpee challenge. On day 30 we are supposed to do 70 burpees…. I might die. I think we should all line the street and do them together… 6 FT apart of course. Best part of my weekend is probably introducing the Parent Trap to my 5 year old. She loved it. Skye looks so old in those pictures and it looks like she loves mountain biking.


You aren’t picky at all! That is awesome Corrinne! SEVENTY BURPEES! I’m sweating just reading that… you are strong and I totally think you should all do it on the streets. Cheering for you guys! Oh I need to show that movie to Brooke, thank you for reminding me! Thanks Corrinne and have a beautiful day and go crush those burpees!


There are 4 that I will not eat–Miracle Whip, Vienna sausages, SPAM and bologna. Oddly enough I do not like red meat, but I love liver!

The best part of my weekend was when I was out running, I heard someone scream my name. I turned around and my friend had ran out to her front step to say/yell “HI”

I would say the best thing I have eaten was vanilla ice cream with fresh tapped maple syrup on top\ that my husband has been making (boiling? not sure of the correct term).

Did your friend run all 50 miles on the road?!

That was smart to get dressed up for church! This was our first time ever watching church on-line. The kids were a little antsy. I did like that my kids talk–they could ask questions as they thought of them! It started great conversations for later and know where I need to help my kids grow in their faith.

Have a fabulous Monday Janae!


Ahhh really!? I think I must just be too afraid to try liver. Oh that was so sweet of your friend to come out and say hi… I love how the little things just mean so much to us now. Wish I could come over and try that ice cream/maple syrup combo. That sounds amazing. I think she did the last 10 on trails! She started too early for trails until the end when I think her FIL joined her.
That is awesome that you guys were able to do church at home and online. Thanks Becky, always love hearing from you friend!


50 solo miles!! That’s tremendous! Congratulations to your friend!
My “nope” foods from that list:
black jelly beans, pineapple pizza, sardines, vienna sausages, liver, circus peanuts (though I think I liked them as a kid), bologna, fruitcake, spam, anchovies
The offer I’ve made before still stands: I’ll eat all of your rejected olives :)
I’m definitely a texter, since I worked for several years answering 1-800# phone calls and got burned out. My parents loved it when our whole family FaceTimed them yesterday, though. They’re local, but we’re keeping our distance.
Being outdoors in spring weather was the best part of my weekend: hiking (solo) with the dog, working out in the carport, and sidewalk chalk game with the kids (we watched neighbors play through the window or driveway).
Domino’s pizza was pretty darn delicious on Friday night!
If you go in the hot tub *while* it’s snowing, I’d love to see pics :)


50 solo miles is awesome!

Texter and caller. Not as much of a face timer. Have definitely been texting a lot more with friends and family.

Best part of the weekend was having my sis video call me and getting to see my younger niece on screen. She is almost 2 and super feisty.

Life is quiet around here. Our city has almost compleyely shut down as both our city and the province have declared a state of emergency. Restaurants, bars, hair salons, coffee shops theatres and outdoor rec areas have closed down. Some more popular trail access has been shut down. Schools are closed. The only thing they haven’t done is shut down all non essential services but would not be surprised if that happens.

Enjoy your day with your little fam and the hot tub Janae!


It must be SO weird to be out in your area and not see anyone else! The world feels so strange right now. I’m so glad you were able to chat with your sis! Thank you Kristine, I hope your day is a great one and I love hearing from you!


Sending you a care package of olives right now Corey;) What a great idea to do a big family FaceTime. I’m going to try that too! So glad you were able to get out for a great hike and I need to do the sidewalk chalk game with my kids too. We are totally planning on trying it. My kids are excited for next winter to roll around in the snow and then jump into the hot tub ha. Have a beautiful day!


11 No’s here.

Ya’ll can send me me all your black jelly beans though , thanks!

Phone caller, then texter, then face timer in that order.


I’ll send them RIGHT OVER!! How are those called candy?! I hope you are having a great day so far John and you are having some fun phone calls!


That’s amazing that your friend completed 50 miles around town and what an awesome friend you are to have gone out to support her! I love the truck picnic idea! I might have to convince my fam to do that this weekend!
9 no’s for me! I will NEVER try oysters, sardines, anchovies, liver and although I’m sure I ate SPAM in Hawaii w/out knowing it, I would like to say I will never eat that either.
I’m definitely a texter then phone then facetime. I’m a true introvert! Ha!
The best part of my weekend was all the time my kids spent outside! Because they stayed in the neighborhood (it’s gated!!!) and no one was really out, they had the best time! I was also able to squeeze a 5k in doing .4 mile loops while spying on them! Ha! I had a lot of energy from not venturing out that I also squeezed in additional strength and yoga session.
Best thing I’ve eaten lately; Gyros, Greek fries smothered in feta and tzaziki (sp?) sauce and spices and a nut roll from a local restaurant.
Have a great day!!


Let me know if you do the truck picnic thing?! I think you are smart to never try oysters… very smart. Oh and that spam story, not fun. I am so glad you were able to get in a great run and that your kids got in so much time outside. Send me those greek fries please… literally my mouth watered when I read about them. Thanks Jenny, you too!


1. Miracle Whip – grew up on that :) prefer mayo
5. Pineapple Pizza – allergic to pineapple
7. Oysters — No, hard no!
10. Vienna Sausages —no
13. Liver – I was forced to eat it when I was little and I can’t even touch it now
15. Bologna —no
20. SPAM — No
23. Eggnog —It would have to be dairy free
My friends and I Marco Polo. It is a video style text. I love it because we can talk back and forth and see each other, hear voices, inflections, all the stuff you miss on a text or email message. It has helped me be a better listener, because I can only listen and not interrupt with my million and one thoughts :)
Our weekends have been pretty normal, but I can’t teach yoga at the studio I work at so I got to teach my first two online Zoom yoga classes with them. I had 74 folks on Sunday night and it was so exciting to see so many people come together to practice.
Best thing I’ve eaten, hmm..donuts. We have been making every flavor donut under the sun using left over pantry and fridge items and they have all been amazing!


ALLERGIC TO PINEAPPLE… noooo! And you were forced to eat liver?! Oh that must have been traumatic. I forgot about Marco Polo, I’m going to get back on now. I love how it helps me to listen better too. SO cool that you had so many people come to your zoom yoga class. I want to come and I want one of your donuts. Have a great day Danielle!


10 items!

Best thing eaten, I made coffee cake and was able to make it dairy free so I could actually eat it. Best part of our weekend was walking into town with the family except my extrovert husband keeps getting too close to people. He is hurting, I am a born introvert and this is ok so far for me!! I am a teacher though and laughing at the fact that once I seriously thought I could homeschool. My 9 yr old is gonna do me in. I did make her laugh when I was trying to set up her orchestra lesson online with her teacher and was doing squats as I did it!!! Gotta get the activity in during the day.


Oh Carrie, I am laughing at myself too thinking that I could homeschool all of the time too. This is hard. Hahaha squats while helping… I’m going to copy you. Good luck to your husband and send that coffee cake. Have a beautiful rest of your day Carrie!


I also ran a virtual 50 miler this weekend! I too was supposed to run the Antelope Island 50. I couldn’t bear the thought of not running the race after so many hard weeks of training. My PDR was 33 miles before this race. I ran here in the Seattle area on trails outside the city. My friend ran 36 miles with me. It took about 12 hours but we got it done and I’ve been buzzing high on life ever since! I’m so proud that I did this!


ANNIE. YOU ARE MY HERO. Absolutely AMAZING! I am so so proud of you! So do you still get the mug then and everything since you are out of state and did it? My friend didn’t since she was still in state but did it in our area instead. So cool that you had a friend join you for so much of it. I hope you celebrate this for a very long time. SO thrilled for you!


Hi Janae! 3 no’s for me.. I never used to video chat my friends but we have no choice since we can’t meet up and it’s quite nice! It works really well for my friend with the baby too. Kudos to your friend for her ultra and kudos to you for pacing her, that’s awesome!!


Only 3! That is awesome Amy! So happy that you are getting in some good video chats with friends! Have a beautiful day Amy!


I have 14 “No” answers on that list!
I’m having more phone calls. Trying to convince my mom to chat on Facetime but she’s resistant (she doesn’t like seeing herself on camera. Told her she could switch that off, but still…).
I love seeing all the creative things you are doing as a family!


Hopefully your mom is up to FaceTiming with you soon!! Thanks you so much Samantha and keep me updated with how you are doing!


Can I just say how much I appreciate your blog? I’m working from home and although I was able to get outside this weekend, I am feeling a little stir crazy (it got cold and we got 2″ of snow yesterday!). I need blogs for outside communication! :)
The half marathon I was supposed to run in April was cancelled – they are changing it to a virtual run though, which is nice. This was supposed to be my boyfriend’s first half, so he’s understandably sad. We agreed to get ourselves back motivated again this week… we took a little time last week to be kind of sad about all of the changes happening. We did go for a 4 mile walk/hike at a local state park on Saturday, so that helped improve my mood. We got tacos after that (gotta support local restaurants!) so that was the best part of my weekend.
Foods – 13 for me – anything seafood or fishy is an absolute NEGATIVE for me. Gross!


Well, your comment just made me smile so big. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this. YOU GOT SNOW YESTERDAY… noooo. I hope it starts to warm up soon. I love how you guys are handling the race situation, allowing yourself time to feel sad and now getting to work. I can’t wait to hear about how your virtual run together goes! Thanks Rhiannon!


My total is 14…..Miracle whip and mayonnaise are the worst in my opinion. But I strongly disagree with candy corn, pineapple pizza, and black coffee being on the list………………THEY’RE AMAZING!

Miracle Whip
Black Jelly Beans
Vienna Sausages
Circus Peanuts
Green Olives
Potato Salad


Hey friend! I completely agree with your thoughts on why candy corn and pineapple pizza are even on the list!?! It makes no sense. I hope you are doing well!


19 no’s for me ?


Well, now I need to know what your yes one’s were haha. Have a beautiful day sweet friend!


I know, right? The details are what are most interesting. OK so sounds odd but my yesses are: spam, candy corn, potato salad, Egg nog, fruitcake, cilantro.

Happy day to you?


10 for me. I grew up eating Spam, then took a several decade break until we moved to Hawaii. It’s on the menu everywhere there, even McDonald’s.

I text more than anything.

We had a crazy weekend – Saturday we packed up and came home from Hawaii this included our flight being canceled, re-booking to another airline, arriving to an LAX that looked like a ghost town. It was the right decision now that Hawaii has a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone arriving and more flights have been canceled. We had church at home on Sunday – it was wonderful to hear our pastor’s voice. We chatted with our neighbors – they stood on our sidewalk ;) Now I need to brave the grocery store…

We tried custard filled cream puffs from Kulu Kulu (http://www.kulukulucake.com/) on Friday – so good!!


I grew up eating Spam also and haven’t had it probably since the age of 10. But the thought of eating it does not disgust me at all :-)


I remember seeing Spam at McDonald’s in Hawaii!

You really did have such a crazy weekend Kathy. I am SO glad that you made it back to Southern California. I hope the grocery store went well and I’m so glad you got to catch up with neighbors and hear from your pastor. PS now I need a cream puff!


22 no’s :) I told my husband when we were dating that I’m not a picky eating, rather a particular eater lol

Definitely not FaceTime. I’ll call my husband or parents, everyone else I text.


Particular sounds better to me:). I hope you are having a beautiful day Brittany!


Holy moly, your friend ROCKED 50 miles, that’s some serious grit! What a good idea to get all ready for Church. I need to remind myself we are only rationing TP and not shampoo ;)

5 No’s for me – basically all the “meat” items, although is SPAM a meat? I’m not sure I need to find out.

I was catching up on your blog over the weekend and saw that someone suggested you wear a brimmed hat or beanie to sit in the hot tub when it’s snowing. We got a hot tub this last summer and it honestly did not occur to me to do this. I can figure out how to dress for a 10 mile run in a blizzard no problem, but not how to keep my hair dry in the hot tub ;)


20 no’s for me!?

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