Selective Pain + Funny Tangents

I like fluorescent colors a lot.

Emilee and I went out for a run Tuesday morning before she left and it felt very early to us and we felt very cold and creaky.

IMG 7814

Three bubble baths a day keeps the doctor away… At least that is how Skye thinks that saying goes.

This girl lives for bubble baths.

IMG 7828

Andrew was able to come home for lunch in between trainings yesterday.  Clearly, I lost the church dress battle yesterday.

IMG 7836

There is a slight chance he came home to eat because Spring Training has started;)

IMG 7842

We made it over to TJ’s after school.

IMG 7845

And made the world’s easiest dinner.

IMG 7846

Off to ballet…

IMG 7852

And then we ate dessert together.

IMG 9689

Three tangents for today:

1.  The other night as I was complaining about the smallest scratchy throat on the planet to Andrew, we came to the conclusion that I (well, Andrew said runners to make me feel less alone in this;) have selective pain issues ha.

He said that when I CHOOSE the pain I can handle it well and probably too much of it (ie ending up in the med tent at the end of my first sub-3 marathon;) but when I don’t choose the pain, I DO NOT like it.   I can tune out running pain very well but the rest… not so much.

The Utah Valley Marathon tagline is, ‘Pain We Enjoy’ and I couldn’t agree more.  I’ll keep choosing this pain because it is a lot more fun than any other type of pain:)

IMG 3273

2.  We were all over at my mom’s house the other day for dinner and we noticed on her Aura Frame (which has been her favorite present ever… we highly recommend it) random pictures of Andrew kept popping up like this picture he took at Ikea to know what frame to get in the storehouse area.  He realized that he had accidentally chose to send all of his pictures to her frame rather than the select few of the kids that he meant to and my mom just assumed he had meant to send those photos….  It just looked like he was sending a bunch of pictures of himself or he and his buddies that my mom doesn’t know etc.  He’s lucky he didn’t have anything embarrassing on there haha;)

IMG 7683

3.  Andrew sent this to me because this is me anytime we try to watch anything.

IMG 7811


Do you have Selective Pain when it comes to running and the rest of life? 

If you are tired when watching a movie… do you turn it off and go to your bed, gladly let yourself fall asleep while it is still on or fight through the fatigue and stay awake until it is over?

Any easy dinners from TJ’s that you love?  Share away because I loved having dinner ready in a few minutes.

Share a tangent with me today!

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Hahaha that picture frame story. Your mom is so sweet mine would be like what the heck are these pictures

I am famous for falling asleep during movies but I pretend I’m awake by muttering things when I’m half asleep like “haha” “oh that’s weird” “wow”. It no longer fools my husband so I usually just go to bed these days instead of pretend I can watch a whole movie


BAHAHA we are so alike… I’m good at pretending too but Andrew has figured me out just like your husband has figured you out;) Hope you are having a great day Sara!


Andrew loves Spring Training?!! I think that means you guys need to come visit Mesa!!! ❤️❤️❤️


AHHH we’ve been trying to figure out how with our work/kid schedule. I’ll keep you posted. MISS YOU SO MUCH!


Okay, first of all that trail running picture is so beautiful! Ugh-Calgon take me away to spring!

I love falling asleep to movies (at home) because it is the closest I get to napping. It usually involves snuggling with family and hearing their background noise, so cozy. I have fallen asleep at a movie theater and I do not like that.

Tangent-just used a Facebook post to figure out a new area to run yesterday. I instantly had 5 responses. It was like asking Siri, but for running!

I have selective annoyance with running. Like, it is no problem to be sticky, sweaty and sopping wet at the end of a long run, but on a hot day at a BBQ? No way!

My experience with TJ’s is limited but I love all of their sweets. So if it is dessert for dinner, it is a big yes!

Have a great day!


I totally agree with you about falling asleep to movies at home and the movie theater is definitely not as fun:) Oh I hope your new area for running is a blast, so glad you were able to figure that out so quickly! Thanks Jenny and I like your dessert for dinner idea;)


I wondered if the spring training games were on tv. We live in an area that doesn’t get any games on tv until the World Series. But this year my husband and I are on our parental leave with our new baby and decided to get out of the cold and come see it in person! We are heading to our second game today, mariners and reds. It’s so much fun, our two year old is in heaven and our two month old just snoozes while we watch. It’s our first family vacation as a family of four and it’s definitely been some work as our toddler is also potty training but we’re having a great time!


Kayse! HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! Oh I am so happy for you guys (and Andrew is very jealous). Enjoy the games, baseball food and sunshine!


Omg I’m laughing so hard at Andrew’s pictures and the cat picture. If I sent all my pictures like this it would just be a bunch of random screenshots or pictures of bad grammar I find throughout my day ;o) And that cat picture is so me. Especially if the lights are out, I’m good for maybe 20 minutes.


Bahah so it would be screenshots of my blog posts;) . There would be a lot of screenshots of random things from my phone too! Hey, 20 minutes is pretty good compared to me! Hope your day has been a beautiful one so far Claire.


Andrew’s pictures being sent to your mom’s frame…. Hahaha
I just got home from a conference last night (lots of hotel food in between lots of conference sitting… Uuggg), so today will definitely start out with a run and strength training! Then I have to go grocery shopping!! And you reminded me that TJ’s has so many good, easy dinner options, so I am definitely going there too ?
Have a great Wednesday!


I’m glad you are back from your conference and you can get back to your normal routine again. Hope your run was a great one. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Thanks for the chuckles this morning! Too funny about the photos :)
Absolutely about selective pain. I have my eye on a tank top that says “Embrace the Pain,” and it couldn’t be more true for goals–but not for, say, headaches.
I’ll have to do some market research on my family and orange chicken! Love an easy meal.


Hahah I’m glad you liked that story:) Oh you must get that tank and you are so right, I will never embrace the pain of a headache. Let me know what you guys think of it. Hope your Wednesday has been a wonderful one so far!


We had the same thing for dinner! So easy and yummy
If im watching a movie by myself I just turn it off and go to bed. When I’m watching a movie with my husband I’m like I’m awake … or not ?


Hahah it just is SO hard to try to stay awake when we are tired! Love that we had the same dinner and I hope you are having a great Wednesday so far Mary!


I am exactly the same way, I hate sore throats but can tolerate TONS of running pain! Having a sore throat though CAN mean we won’t be able to run if it gets worse – which we all know is devastating, lol.

I have very important questions for Andrew:
1) What does he think of the Astro’s pitch calling scandal? I definitely think all players involved should be suspended and fined.
2) Truck bed Canopy, Tounneau or bare?
3) Did he watch BYU upset Gonzaga in basketball? And thanks, that moves my Jayhawks up.


Maybe that is why I hate sore throats… it is devastating:) I’ll have Andrew answer those questions… he will have so much fun talking about this with you!


I fall asleep, rewind about 30 sec – 3 minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat….until I realize how silly I’m acting and that I need to go to bed already!

My tangent is that I just got back from a podiatrist appointment – I had been having a lot of pain from a callus on the bottom of my foot. She shaved it off, I got scanned for some orthotics, and I feel soo much better! Walking w/o pain, and looking forward to running w/o pain too. If anyone reading has been thinking about seeing a podiatrist and putting it off…Go! You’ll be so glad you did.


Bahaha oh I know that cycle very well! You are not alone with that Amanda. HALLELUJAH about your foot doing so much better. I am so happy that they were able to figure this out and that you are pain free again!


I have never wanted to run Timp as bad as I do right now ???


In just a few months can we please do it together?!


I am laughing so hard about the picture frame! You will be able to tease him about for a long time :)
When I’m tired and watching TV/Movies with H, I tell him to turn down the sound (he has headphones). Then I will watch with no sound and fall asleep. Then I make him tell me what happened the next day. It’s a good thing he likes me.
Not TJ’s but we have been on a taco salad kick lately. Most stores have some kind of bagged salad a with cheese, tortilla strips, etc. We make taco meat or chicken fajitas, add extra cheese/chips and have that on busy week nights. SO GOOD!


HAHA your comment made me laugh so hard and I ask Andrew the next day too what happened in the movie/show:) . Well now I am going to copy your taco salad kit! Hope your Wednesday has been great so far Elizabeth!


That story about Andrew made me laugh.
I definitely prefer “chosen” pain over uncontrollable pain. I feel like the slow burn of a race, and the muscle soreness afterwards is way easier to deal with than discomfort from illness.
I have never in my life fallen asleep watching a movie. I’m very particular about how I can fall asleep, and if my mind is even a tad bit active, it’s not going to happen.
A tangent — over the weekend, my little guy was eating lunch next to me on the couch. The baby was moving (almost 9 months pregnant now!), and I lifted my shirt so he could see. He said “Oh, hi baby! You hungry? Want some turkey?” And then proceeded to put a piece of his sandwich meat on my belly. I DIED LAUGHING. I tell you — two isn’t the easiest age sometimes, but when he’s happy, he is the funniest person ever. Skye sounds very similar!


I love the story about the pictures!

I will fight through the fatigue to finish a movie. I typically do not watch movies during the week because I am in bed by 9:00pm. My husband is the opposite and is always falling asleep while we are watching movies :) Unless he extremely invested in the movie haha

One of my favorite TJ easy meals is cooking a bag of the veggie fried rice and I will add an egg and also rotisserie chicken or extra veggies I have on hand. Ready in less than 15 minutes. Or their sweet potato gnocchi and I will add spinach and mushrooms to it and some chicken sausage if I have it on hand. Another 15 min meal!


Hi Janae! I am that cat haha. My tangent is I am coming to Utah this weekend to run the Zion Half!!! I’m going to run it like a fun run and I am beyond excited it’s going to be gorgeous! Happy hump day!


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I hope you tell me all about it afterwards. So excited for you and the weather should be great! Thanks Amy!


One of my favorite things from TJs is there “Just Sauce Turkey Bolognese” – its basically ground turkey spaghetti sauce in the frozen foods aisle.
Microwave one spaghetti squash (about 15 min, more or less depending on size of squash), scrape out flesh, mix with the turkey bolognese sauce. Top with TJ’s unexpected cheddar cheese (Tastes like parmesan -worlds best cheese!). And I like a dollop of whole milk ricotta cheese on top (But not TJ’s brand – its grainy/chalky …. Favorite brand is Belgioso, otherwise Poly-O, or Galbani)
Stuffed peppers: Mix one package of turkey bolognese sauce, with 2 cups rice, and stuff into 4 bell peppers (hollowed out). Top with cheese. Bake 20 min covered, then 15 min uncovered to brown cheese.
I have also made super quick Lasagna with it -using no bake noodles and cooking 30 min in my Ninja Foodi (its a pressure cooker like an Instant Pot).
Other product: TJ’s Pulled Chicken Breast in Smoky BBQ sauce (refrigerated section) – its shredded chicken in sauce, they also make a pulled pork. To make fast BBQ chicken pizza. Get TJS pizza dough (refrigerated aisle) or any premade TJs pizza crust. Top crust with the BBQ chicken/sauce and cheese. Top with thinly sliced red onions, cilantro, bacon, banana peppers, pinapple, whatever you like! And bake – time depends on what dough or crust you are using.


I am definitely going to try that bbq chicken pizza idea, brilliant!


MELLY! I owe you big time, can’t wait to try all of these out! THANK YOU!


Definitely have selective pain—running pain is fine, but I’m such a baby when I get sick or even if I have a headache. Or BACK pain is the WOOORST.

Watching a movie depends, I rarely power through if I’m very tired. If my husband has already fallen asleep (spoiler alert: he probably has) I’ll be the one that forces us to get off the couch and go to bed. I actually really hate falling asleep on the couch at night, because by the time I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth (which I absolutely NEED TO DO NO MATTER WHAT) I’m cranky and awake and can’t fall back asleep.

Easy dinner: their frozen pizzas are delicious and I really like their frozen chicken tikka masala!


I totally get the selective pain thing, but unfortunately I’m currently dealing with unselected pain… I rolled my ankle trail running for the 983475698th time and I’m so over it! I know you run trails a lot–do you ever roll your ankles? I grew up playing volleyball and suffered lots of sprains, and even with physical therapy, my ligaments are just shot. I’ve been told taping the ankles with non-stretch tape is best, which will be the next thing I try… Do you or any other trail lovers out there have any suggestions for how to prevent these constant sprains?! I don’t wanna give up the trails!


Hey Emily! Oh that is such a bummer! I really hope that you can get this figured out! Can anyone help out Emily? I feel like I twist my ankles all of the time and have never had them hurt after (besides once during my ultra) so I don’t have any personal tips! The trails need you… help!


The picture frame story just made me laugh so hard!! I love that your mom is so sweet and innocent and just thought the pictures were for her!! Too funny!!

One of my biggest pet peeves is people falling asleep while the TV is on!! My husband does it sometimes and it drives me insane. Sleeping is for beds in bedrooms where there is no noise or light. Haha. I know I’m in the minority with my thinking!!

Brooke being a little ballerina has totally made me search for a dance program for my daughter! Brooke is so cute in the little dance leotard!


I whine about certain things – like when the other half parks too far away in a store etc and I complain about the distance we have to walk from the car to the store. He looks at me like he can’t believe I am for real because of all the crazy distances I run haha.

And the photos Andrew sent to your mom were really funny! Haha yes he is lucky there was nothing really bad in those photos.
When my sister and her now husband started dating I sent my sister a text which was not entirely appropriate, meant for her eyes only ….but he picked up her phone!! I was mortified.

I just fall asleep on the couch and my partner Jason keeps watching the movie and then he shakes me awake when it is truly bed time. Poor guy.

Have a wonderful day Janae! P.S. Skye in the bubble bath is the cutest


Haha, I think most of us have some form of selective pain or another! Heck, I delivered 3 babies without pain meds but God forbid I have a fever!

I have the hardest time staying awake during movies and even some TV shows. I’m pretty good about excusing myself when I’m tired and heading to bed. I’ve done that since I was a kid. I notice my middle son is the same way. Even at 14, if he’s tired, he’s heading to bed :)

Tangent… I’ve been up since 1:11 because I just couldn’t sleep and I am so ready for some caffeine and/or my bed! I did get to finish reading my book though so that’s good!


Oh oh oh I have a frame story as well! My daughter’s father got remarried, and he and his new wife got my daughter one of those frames as a gift when they got married. To start her off they loaded all of the wedding pictures on the frame (my daughter was in their wedding, so a lot of the pics were of her looking like a princess in her dress, she loved it) and my daughter proudly placed the frame front and center on the mantelpiece over the fireplace.

You know how after a while you just stop noticing things you see every day – apparently at some point the frame had a glitch and froze with one picture on it, rather than cycling through all of them – and the picture happened to be of my daughter’s new stepmother standing alone in her wedding dress, smiling. When my ex and his new wife came to pick our daughter up for their weekend visit, they walked in to find a completely unchanging picture of the wife in her wedding dress framed on our mantelpiece.

We’re so lucky we have a really friendly blended family but this was when we were all still in the ‘figuring it out’ stage and ughhhhh his poor wife thought I had some kind of shrine built to her on the fireplace, it was totally weird and embarrassing!!


I saw that sleeping cat meme on IG and it’s totally me too! And then I showed it to hubby and he says ‘THAT’S YOU!!!!!’ Guilty!!!!

It’s so true about selective pain. I did box jumps and sled pushes today and then a spin class with a lot of hill climbs and my quads are so sore! I’ve been whimpering and complaining all night and my hubby keeps saying ‘well, you do this to yourself’ — not in a mean way….but letting me know it’s my choice! It totally flipped my perspective. I’m now embracing the fact that I worked my quads in a way I haven’t in a long time!

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