How I PR & Weekend Happenings!

(shoes, fleece leggings, jacket, beanie)

I was not wanting to go out in the single-digit weather (I sent Emilee screenshots of the weather bc it was scaring me ha) but luckily Emilee’s good attitude about it rubbed off on me.  We were also lucky because we could wait until the sun was out and that made the biggest difference.

Frost in my hair occurred along the way which surprised me because I wasn’t feeling cold at all!

IMG 4146

This 16 miler went by faster than any 16 miler I have ever done because we were talking about all of the things the entire way.  The first time I looked at my watch we were at 14.27 miles.  The run included some hills but not a lot and we just ran according to feel.  Eleven days until race day!

I celebrated after with a donut.

IMG 4156

I am definitely ready for tank-top running weather again!

IMG 4144

We started our Sunday off with breakfast burritos and strawberries.

IMG 4180

Had the normal day…

IMG 4189

And we attempted a nap but that definitely did not happen.

IMG 4192

Any time music is turned on, this little guy is dancing.

IMG 4195


Let’s chat about the Peloton!  I have only had mine since October but I have a deep love for it and can’t believe I didn’t buy one sooner than I did.  It lives in my laundry room and makes it so easy to get in an amazing workout in a short amount of time.  I get off feeling ready to conquer the world and love how much the instructors motivate me to push myself to the next level.  I am noticing that it is helping me in my running and it will be a great tool in injury prevention (variation wahoo) for me over the years.

I have found a few things that help me to get a PR (aka your highest total output—> ‘How much work you’ve done over the whole ride.  This is calculated by taking the average output times the number of seconds in the ride divided by 1,000.  For instance, if you average 100 Watts in a 2,700 second ride (45 minutes), your total output will be 270 KJ.  If you want to increase your total output and move up on the leaderboard, you’ll need to keep your output high over the full ride.  This may mean increasing your resistance, possibly even above what your coach recommends.” (source)

IMG 3834

(Shorts, tank)

A lot of these things that I do to get a PR on the Peloton are similar to running but I thought I would share specifically what I do when I am reaching for a new PR on the Peloton.

*I take in some caffeine before the ride (my favorite is Nanohydr8)

*I do a warm-up.  I know they have warm-up classes available but I usually just ride a few minutes on my own to wake up a bit and get my legs ready for the class if I want a PR so that I am not wasting time in the class warming up.

*I keep the leaderboard visible.  On a normal day when I’m not going for a PR, I usually hide the leaderboard but on the days I want a PR, I keep it visible.  It will show you where you are at in comparison to your PR and it helps to keep me motivated to stick with my PR or go above it when I have it staring at me the whole time.

IMG 4065

*I choose a class with an instructor that I know is going to really push me (I swear it is always Kendall’s classes for me!).  I will also look at what classes my friends PR in and try those classes for a PR.

*I end strong… Usually the last minute of a class is a cool-down, but if I want a PR there is no way I can take the last-minute easy!

*Sometimes you are just going to have to go above what the instructor tells you to do with your resistance (level of difficulty) and cadence (rotations per minute).  Getting a PR for me now doesn’t come as easily as it did in the first few months of having my bike and now I have to go above some of the guided #s from the instructors to get a PR.  My PRs are usually pretty small but I celebrate them like they are much more;)

*Go for a PR when your body loves working out the most… There is zero chance I could PR any time after 9 a.m. ha.

*I shorten the ‘flat road’ portions when I am looking for a PR.  My output drops on the flat roads and if I want a PR that day, I can’t take long breaks so I usually just shorten the flat road portions on PR days.

*Take a class that is playing music that really pushes you.  Music is a huge motivator for me.  Andrew chooses a lot of the classes he takes purely based on the music.

*Take a rest day before you want to go for a new PR on the bike.  It’s just like running in that sense—>  Give your body plenty of sleep, rest and fuel and you will be busting out a PR!

*Focus on pulling up on the pedal. I notice that I naturally want to push down when I want to go faster or increase my resistance but when I focus on pulling up through my pedal stroke, my output increases big time.

*Try taking a live class or joining a session so that you know people are taking the class at the exact same time that you are, seeing that they aren’t quitting helps me to avoid quitting.

*Take a bunch of longer classes leading up to the day you want a PR.  IE if you want a 30-minute class PR, take a bunch of 45-minute classes leading up to it so that you are not only stronger physically but mentally you can really push yourself knowing that you are taking a shorter class than you normally do.

*Remind yourself before you start that it is going to be hard.  There is no way around it.  I think being honest with myself with what is up ahead helps me to stay with it because I am expecting it to really hurt rather than just thinking a PR is going to be handed to me.

*The weeks that I am doing big running speed workouts or long runs = PRs on the bike just aren’t happening because my focus is more on running and I need to use my bike days as recovery days. PRs happened all of the time in the beginning but they definitely don’t happen as often anymore so if that is your case, I think that is very normal!

PS if you want to be friends on there, I would love to follow you too—> Janaebaron


Any Peloton users that have tips for getting a PR?  Favorite length of class?  Favorite instructor?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Favorite donut?

-Anything with maple frosting (although, I do need to get an apple fritter again soon).

Found any cross-training that you absolutely love?

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Haha so I LOVE doing 45-60 minute classes but I tend to see a 45 or 60 minute class and think, “geez, that’s too long!” So instead I do a 30 minute class then tack on a 15-20 minute class and a cool down. I’m finally getting out of that habit a bit and doing longer classes, but I have to hide the timer on top. I don’t know why my brain is cool with stacking 50-60 minutes worth of classes but not one 45 minute class!

I really love swimming for cross training. We stopped our gym membership in April of 2020 when it was pretty clear we wouldn’t be comfortable going back with our kids (they used the childcare when I worked out) for some time and now I don’t have access to a pool but I just started looking for a place to swim laps again. It also feels so good to swim in the middle of winter like I’m pretending for that time it isn’t miserable outside ;)

We bought a house late December and it hasn’t been updated for about 15/20 years so we have a lot of remodel projects starting with the kitchen and our cabinets just came in. My husband and father in law are doing all of the work and they finished getting the cabinets and oven in yesterday. It’s a huge project- knocked down some walls, built new ones… so for the last week we’ve only had a bathroom sink downstairs but we finally have a temporary kitchen sink which is WONDERFUL!! We have a few weeks before the granite is in but the floor will start going in soon. Progress halts during the week because he travels out of town for work but after going a week without a sink and only a kitchen table for counter space, a temporary island and kitchen sink make everything feel manageable;)

I love that you celebrate a run with a donut. I think the only thing that would convince me to do a long run in this weather would be it ending at the donut shop and an Apple fritter!


I am SO there with you… stacking classes just makes it so much more mentally doable. I still haven’t tried a 60 minute class ahh. I hope you find the perfect place to swim laps soon, I bet you miss that so much (I want to pretend I am anywhere else too haha). CONGRATS on your house and you have to send me before and afters. You guys are on fire… so excited about this and my sister is going to want to see these pics too:). Go get that apple fritter asap! Have a beautiful day, Jenny!


I gotta say, my favorite form of cross training is baby carrying; my husband was gone for the weekend so I was carrying around our 21 lb 9 month old all weekend, and I am SORE! I can’t believe it!
Brook and Skye look so cute in their dresses! I don’t know if you’re looking for any blog post ideas (because your blog is fantastic), but I would love to see what some of your favorite Sunday outfits are. I’m in a bit of a sweater rut with my church wear.
(Old fashioned donuts are my favorite, but I will literally eat ANY donut.) Have a great week!


Go Courtney go! Ummm I bet you were sore ha. They are so wiggly at that age which makes it even more of a work out ha. That is the perfect idea, I’ll get working on it. Thanks friend and I hope you get a donut asap.


Hi Janae! Have you always enjoyed getting your workout done very early in the morning? I’m going to try start getting mine done before work but wanted to know if you have any tips for just getting out of bed and getting it done? I love my sleep so much and am not sure if I’ll ever get to the point where I genuinely love waking up early!


Hey Shelby! I have always been into working out early, it’s just in my blood to be an early riser. I think my biggest tip is having absolutely everything ready the night before. It makes it so that all you have to do is get up and get dressed… if I know I have to gather things in the morning it makes it so much harder for me to get out the door. Also, caffeine really helps ha. Just remember that have a week or two, it really will start to become more of a habit and you won’t even question it anymore. I can also be your cheerleader, so you know you can report back to me that you did it!! You’ve got this Shelby and also, I go to bed so early (9 some nights) which makes it doable. Hope your day is a great one!


I agree on Kendall!!! She is always calling out these crazy cadence/resistance combos and then I PR for sure. Sam Yo is another good PR instructor for me; he’s so calm that I don’t even realize I’m working crazy hard until I check my output. (His climb and rock rides usually guarantee a PR.)

The biggest factor for me in keeping PRs going is PowerZone training. I never PR on the PZ rides themselves but gosh do they work me so that when I go back to the regular rides I’m getting PRs all over the place. Plus PZ gets me automatic PRs in 75 and 90 minute classes because nobody else is teaching those!


YES to the PowerZone training translating to regular ride PRs. I think part of it is mental, too. You do so much longer interval work in PowerZone that the shorter intervals in regular rides go by a lot faster. I didn’t try PowerZone for the longest time because it seemed boring, but now I loveeee it.

If I’m looking to PR, the type of ride is what matters most . Sometimes a regular ride will surprise you with its difficulty, but for the most part, HIIT & Hills or climb ride will give me a much higher chance of PR.


GREAT TIP you guys, I will have to try this. Thank you so much for helping, Mollie! I totally agree with you and the type of class helping to hit a PR. Those HIIT & Hills classes kill me off. Hope your day is off to a great start, Mollie!


Right?! Sometimes her combos make me laugh because they are so nuts ha. Can’t wait to check out a class from Sam! You are motivating me to try PowerZone, Andrew swears by them too. BUT 75 or 90 minutes… I would need to take off a week of exercise before trying that haha. Hope your day is a fabulous one, Rachael!


I don’t have a peloton, but I have been loving cycling as my cross training! I just use a regular bike at the gym and play with the resistance on my own. Plus I use it to multi task haha- yesterday I biked for 45 minutes while listening to a lecture for school. Biking right now is for off days of running, since I’m training for a half in May.


Biking really is the perfect way to multi task, way to get both things checked off for the day! May cannot come soon enough:). I hope your day is a gorgeous one!


Good morning Janae! This is a bit delayed but thank you so much for your sweet reply back to me last week. I know I am largely blessed in life but I am really struggling with Hawaii’s political plays right now. I do love Utah….If you all had an ocean I would be there in two seconds!! :-)
I loved your Peloton coverage today, thank you! I am closing in on 1000 classes with them and am just so grateful for adding into my routine last year as well. It truly has made a difference in my both my running and surfing. I really appreciate your callout on lifting the pedal, am going to try that today! My output numbers are absymal, to the point I wonder if my bike needs calibrated, as I am a pretty fit person yet average less than 200 in my output…I know it shouldn’t matter but it frustrates me when I see others who I know I am at the same or better fitness level with stronger numbers (and I am unapologetically competitive :-) ). I have the original bike so I think I need a service person to come do it. Kendall is my favorite instructor as well, I just really resonate with her, the music and how she coaches. For lifting though, I am slightly obsessed with Daniel after a few classes…that accent and his jokes keep me going! Meditation classes Anna and Aditi work for me; appreciate their messages and the tones of both of their voices.
Best part of my weekend was jumping in the ocean after arriving back on island and hugging my beloved Peloton. Leaving again in 3 days so I am going to make the most of it!
have a great day!!


Amanda, this situation really is so hard. I just cannot imagine and WE NEED an ocean (and less snow) here to get you to Utah. 1000 classes is just incredible. Haha you are not alone in being competitive on the bike. I would definitely have the service person come over to check it out for you, that is frustrating. I am going to take a class from Daniel asap, he sounds great and thanks for the meditation class recommendations too. Enjoy the three days together:). Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae, I love the Peloton too! Kendall is my favorite instructor- have you done her new 80’s rock ride? So fun! I didn’t know how competitive I was until I started riding and watching how I’m doing on the leaderboard. I’m CharRappsNrides if you want to follow back. I have the Peloton Tread too, and now I’m really getting into running. Thanks for all of your running tips. Have a great day!


Now I know what class I am going to take asap! Thanks Charlotte! Haha it really does bring out the competitive side and I am following you now wahoo… you are making me want a Peloton Treadmill! I’ve heard nothing but the best of them. Thanks friend, you too!


Good morning Janae. I am a novice at cycling but from what I have read you are not really supposed to pull up on the pedals. I won’t go into details – but just google it and make you own decisions. You will find advice both ways so it is really confusing. The PT that did my bike fit recommended against it and most of the advice I trust is against it. Some even say it could cause injury. Seems to be one of those age old arguments.

Here is one of many articles out there:

Favorite donut by far is the cream filled chocolate frosted bismark.

I love all cross training at this point. Lots of variety!


Oh that is really interesting! I cannot wait to read this article, thanks for sharing… I definitely want to cycle the correct way and avoid any and all injuries. I really hope you get one of those donuts (reading it just made me drool). You have rocked the cross-training this year, it really is so much fun. Happy Monday, John.


Hi Janae! I’ve been doing yoga daily and liking it! At first I treated it as just stretching but just showing up every day has lots of mental benefits too. The breath work also carries over into my running and daily life.
Happy Monday!


Amy, this is so so great that you are doing it and you inspire me a lot. I can see how amazing this habit would translate over to the rest of life! Hope your day is a great one, thanks friend.


This weekend I went to the USA Indoor Track and Field Championships! It was amazing, we saw so many athletes who competed in the Olympics. And many set World Leading times/distances this weekend. Watching top athletes perform in a setting like that was incredible.

I don’t have a peloton, but I love outdoor rides as cross-training when there isn’t snow.


Alicia, what an incredible experience, I am SO happy you were able to go to that (and I’m jealous too haha). I hope you have many beautiful outdoor rides this spring. Have a beautiful day, Alicia!


Looking strong and fit! Thanks for the inspo to keep up the weight work.
Happy Monday to you, and now I am desperately wanting a breakfast burrito.


Thank you Erica, you are just the greatest. I wish we could lift together and I really really hope you had that breakfast burrito. Have a great day!


I have a spin bike you recommended and don’t have money to upgrade to peloton :) are there workouts you recommend for nonpeloton bikes, or can you use their workouts without a peloton?


hi Jennie! I am sure Janae will comment her thoughts as well but you definitely can do the workouts on a non Peloton bike. I travel a fair amount and utilize the app for classes wherever I go, I just won’t receive my stats for the bike I used. If you don’t have a gym membership I think the Peloton app is incredible for $40 with all of the different classes available.


JENNIE! Yes, yes yes! I think you can absolutely use the Peloton workouts on nonpeloton bikes. I have friends that do it and love it! You can try it for 30 days for free here–>

The strength classes are amazing too, I hope you love it and keep me updated.


I also have the bike that she recommended, I think its the Sunny or something like that? We downloaded the Peloton App ($13/month) and we joke we have a Fauxloton (fake Peloton) – it works great, you don’t get the leaderboard and exact output readings but you can do all the work outs! I have loved it! We found tons of “hacks” to create the same experience without the investment.


YAY for the Sunny bike, it really is amazing especially for the price. I didn’t know the Peloton App was $13 a month, that is amazing! Thank you for sharing, friend!


I also wanted to comment, for a while I rented a bike from a local studio bc my husband didn’t think we needed a peloton and I was pregnant and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my running in the 3rd trimester. The app is $13/month (per account, so unless you don’t mind sharing your stats with someone else, you would need to pay an additional $13/month for another person) You get access to all the classes, you just don’t have the stats afterwards. I googled the bike model with the gear/resistance comparison to the Peloton so that I would have a comparable ride. I used it for nearly a year before my husband FINALLY got on board and started to use it and found how much he also enjoyed it. So when they were having their sale, we bit the bullet and bought one. We are actually saving money since we were paying a lot for the rental. Anyways, all that to say that you definitely don’t need it to get the same fitness benefits.


I use the Peloton app but just have a simple stationary bike. Would love to get a real peloton bike one day. Maybe if I use my bike a bunch this year I will be able to justify the cost.

Looks like a beautiful weekend! I am counting down the days until spring, so over winter. I tried to love it but I just don’t.


I think the app alone is seriously the greatest so you are rocking it and you’ll have to let me know how your riding goes this year! I am right there with you.. spring cannot come soon enough. Thanks Beth, have a beautiful day!


Just followed you. Same, all of my PRs happen during Kendall’s rides. If you haven’t taken a bike bootcamp yet, put it on your list. with Jess sims!


yesterday was my birthday so we celebrated all weekend!
I usually just opt for a plain glazed, but a friend gave me a cake donut with maple frosting and real bacon on top………… was incredible. Just sayin.


100% agree with maple frosting on anything donut (or scone!) Donuts aren’t my #1 choice-I’d pick a scone or cookie over a donut. That being said, old fashioned, or a maple donut, or fritter are special. Where I live it’s Fasching/Carnival season so right now there are bazillions of “Fasching krapfen” which is basically a puffed up filled donut like thing (look them up, they are festive!). All the fun flavors are out today so on the way home from my run I popped into the bakery to bring some home to my kiddo and his girlfriend. I got a vanilla creme, a Bavarian creme, and one with oreo.

Cycling hands down helps running and vice versa. I do want a Peloton because sometimes the weather is just too sketchy to run or ride in.

Have a FANTASTIC week!


We haven’t invested in Peloton, but do have a smart trainer for our bikes. I love videos from Global Cycling Network – some are group classes and others follow an outdoor route, usually in the Alps or Pyrenees. For PRs when I’m riding outside, I use Strava live segments. I have a mount for my bike that my phone fits into and I can see the segments as they are coming up, then Strava shows how far I am ahead or behind my previous PR. It’s super motivating! I wish I had something like that for running, but I’m not going to carry my phone in my hand and watch it!

Cycling is definitely my favorite cross training – both indoors and outside. I’m also continuing with my strength training (year #2!) and yoga.


the best thing about the weekend was yesterday, my brand new run club brought out people!..and they listened to me and followed my route, it’s nervousness, but it’s happening….
and that group got my out from in front of my TV and the news…..terrifying but hard to look away
my fave cross training would be getting into the pool…my schedule is flexible enough that I can hit the pool and have a lane t myself, and some days it’ll look like the entire pool…..
as for donuts, anything stuffed and covered in chocolate….


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I just resent! It’s from [email protected]


Did you get it?


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