Silentish Saturday (IN EUGENE w/BROOKS!!!!!)

4 miles on the treadmill—>  straight to airport—> land in Portland —> drive to Eugene to meet up with the whole Brooks team for the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials!

Matching sunglasses for the win.

IMG 0900

IMG 0897

LOVED watching the men’s 10,000m final—> it was my favorite part.

IMG 0943

Just roaming the booths.

IMG 0936

IMG 0937

Roommate= Anne.

IMG 0894

IMG 0889

Heavenly lunch.

IMG 0878

IMG 0922

They will be excited.

IMG 0941

Tuna and pie for dinner at Excelsior Inn.

IMG 0955

IMG 0957

Andrew took Brooke on a date for a manicure and pedicure.

IMG 0938

Time to run!

IMG 0886


What shoes are you wearing for your run?

Favorite type of pie? 

Anyone watch the trials yesterday?

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I’m so jealous you’re out there! It looks like so much fun. I’m loving the new starry white Brooks launch, it looks great.

The 10k was nuts to watch. It’s already been an exciting trials!


That looks so fun! I so want to be there! I was watching the 10k on tv last night. I am really not a fan of Galen Rupp but he is a beast. I felt bad for Mo Farah though. I wanted to see him make it. He’s 41! That’s incredible!

Enjoy Eugene!! What a fun opportunity for you and the other Brooks girls!


It was also obviously too early when I wrote my first comment since I was talking about Bernard Legat but said Mo Farah. Sheesh. You’d think I’d never seen either of them run before!


Pumpkin pie is by far my favorite. Is it wrong that I’m craving pumpkin in July? Have fun!


So jealous! I wish I could be there – or at least the Canadian trials (next weekend).

I love most forms of pie but pumpkin pie, banana cream pie and mixed berry pie are my faves!


I just keep track of trials on Twitter!
Running sneakers will be brooks glycerin or asics cumulus depending on if it’s trail or pavement.


Ah so fun! I watched last nights events and I’m looking forward to the rest of them. Eugene seems beautiful, too! Have a blast :)


YEESSSS…my daughter and I watched the trials on TV…OMG Rupp was amazing!!


Today I have a 6 mile run, then a cookout with my husband’s family, then taking the doggie somewhere to swim because it’s her favorite thing to do. :) I just bought some Skora shoes and I LOVE them! Galen Rupp’s 10k run was insane! He pulled away during that last lap as if everyone else was walking.


favorite type of pie: all types of pie. french silk, apple, pecan, coconut cream, banana cream, all of them. I am such a pie person. me and my best friends in high school used to get pie every. single. wednesday without fail.

three things I’m doing today: well, now trying to fit pie into my schedule, going for a short run, and relaxing with family. long weekends are the best.


Looks like SO much fun – and all the swag – totally jealous! I’ve been running in Brooks since 2001 and then tried Addias, saucony, Asics, and then came back to Brooks. Currently though I have Saucony Grid (I think) but when I return to running I will have to get a new pair of shoes. I need some motion control but looking for something with lots of cushion to ease my postpartum body back into the grind of running. Would love some recommendations!!


I loved watching the trials on TV last night- so cool for you to be there in person!!! I love all things olympics!
I’m running in asics right now and have really liked them, but am due for a new pair soon.
Peach or my mom’s German chocolate pie :)


The Olympic trials look like a blast! I think it is absolutely too cute that Andrew took Brooke for a mani/pedi date! : ) I definitely was not in need of a new pair of running shoes, but how in the world do you pass up a star spangled pair of running kicks?!?! Might have… probably… ok, I did order them! Excited to receive them in the mail!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Looks like so much fun! I just rewatched Rupp’s 10,000m run in London. That guy is crazy!


I love pie, but my favorite has to be Lemon Sour Cream from Croshaws in St. George. I could literally eat the whole thing by myself in one sitting, but fortunately (unfortunately?) my family likes it too.
I love your shoes in the lunch pic.
Have fun in Oregon! I’ve always wanted to go.


Those star running shoes. I need them. Why do I love them so much.

My really good friend’s cousin ran the 10,000 yesterday (Ben Bruce) and his wife Steph is running it today #thingsyoualreadyknow

I wish you were staying in Portland so you could go to all the yummy food places there.

Banana cream or coconut pie for sure.


So fun that you get to watch the trials in person! Apple pie is my favorite type of pie.


I watched the 10000 meter, good heavens they are speedy. They ran that in my current 3 mile time haha! And the kick at the end was insane. My husband wasn’t as excited bout it as I was but that’s ok.


I grew up in Eugene! It’s the best. Sweet Life has great dessert too! And there is a Voo Doo Donuts downtown.


So fun! I love those shoes!


Can you post the link for the shoes you’re wearing in your lunch picture?? Love those!!


So much fun! I went to the last trials and had an absolute blast! Enjoy it!
I would love to read a post on how you got sponsored by Brooks!


Looks like a fun trip! Enjoy Eugene!

I run with my Mizuno shoes but my husband wears Brooks launch so I want to give those a try this year!
Favorite pie- chocolate banana pie :)
Or the chocolate pie from Teddys.


Three things going on today? I ran a almost four mile run with a friend this morning, cleaning my house, and heading to my in laws for Liberian food! :)

My shoes today? Mizuno wave rider 19s. ( I am majorly jealous of your star patterned Brooks!)

Favorite type of pie? A really good apple pie- with apples that are slightly tart.


Brooke looks proud of that mani, kudos Andrew!

3 things: 7 mile run, mowed the lawn and trimmed the bushes. It is now time for something relaxing. (And a shower).

I ran in Nikes this morning, new balance the other day.

I like apple crisp, key lime, Kentucky derby and Mississippi mud pies. But I don’t like pie crust unless it’s graham or nut based.


How awesome is your trip?!?!?! The signs for your kids? GENIUS!!!! Have fun Janae!!!!!!!


I wore my Brooks Adrenaline shoes for 5 miles today. Cherry pie is my favorite and this is my new favorite running song :


That tank and those shoes are adorable! I hope you guys have a blast! Looks like you have a fun group there!!


No run today for me. Drove to the beach. I’m having withdrawal.
Brooks Ravenna are what I run in. I love them!


Got to be my Mom’s lemon meringue pie.

Yesterday I wore my North Face Ultra Cardiacs for a trail run.

Oh I finally saw The Barkley Marathons documentary. Mind blowing. Even more do? I kinda want to do it.


How did you get to go to this?!


I currently run in the Brooks Adrenaline 15s.

Favorite pie is double cream lemon from Marie Callender’s .

As for plans, Saturday I worked in the morning and went to a friend’s baby shower in the afternoon.


How fun!!! Love that Andrew took Brooke to get her nails done. That is the sweetest ever!

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