A DONUT Bridal Shower, a few Friday Favorites and YOUR Running Accomplishments

We went and had bridals taken last night!  I think they are kind of a Utah thing but we wanted to take them (we went up in the mountains and I wore my wedding dress and Andrew wore his suit) because we want the wedding day to be a little less stressful.  We want a lot of pictures on the wedding day to be with the kiddos and just in case the weather is bad that day… now we have all of our bridals in a super cool location with just the two of us.  The pictures are really important to me to have forever so now that we’ve got some incredible ones the wedding day will have one less thing to worry about;)  Andrew loved the dress (and now I get to wear it again for him).

About half of the bobby pins that I took out afterwards.  And red eyes because of allergies from being up in the mountains.

Just the little dude watching me get my hair done.  My sister did my hair and makeup, she is really good at what she does.

IMG 0837

Lindsey took us up to the Alpine Loop and it was so beautiful.  Can’t wait to show you the pics!

IMG 0852

And then we grabbed takeout at 9 pm. and I was up at 4 am this morning and I’m on my way to Portland!

IMG 0860

I have to show you a few pics from the amazing bridal shower that Megan D put together for me.  She is the best party planner ever (she really should start a business).  It was beautiful and of course the best theme ever.


The apple fritter on top was the perfect detail.

20160629 190040

She used frozen water bottles to keep the chocolate milk cold so you don’t have to use ice and have watered down chocolate milk (BRILLIANT).

She even made all of the cookies.

20160629 190021

The best friends that mean the world to me:

IMG 0783 1

IMG 0780

IMG 0775

Thanks Megan, you have always been way too good to me.

20160629 190007

Time for Friday Favorites:

*Brooke rode her bike with me for my last mile on Thursday!  We took it slow but it was so much fun and I can’t wait for this to be a normal occurrence for us.

IMG 0816

*Favorite Running Songs:

Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya

On My Mind by Ellie Golding

Ghost by Halsey

My Sweet Summer by Dirty Heads

Tunnels by Angels & Airwaves

*Paige gave me one of her beach blankets that I have wanted for quite some time… it will be perfect for the honeymoon in Mexico!

IMG 0787

*And we loved this candy bar from Trader Joe’s!!!

IMG 0786

*Our pup:)

IMG 0791


Congrats everyone on your amazing accomplishments!!! You guys are amazing.  Send in your running accomplishments to [email protected] if you want to be featured  !! Thanks everyone, you inspire me and everyone reading!


Annelies!!!  My name is Annelies and I live in Belgium.  I would like to tell you about last Sunday when my friend (in the black and white hoody) and I ran the Brussels Urban Trial.  An Urban Trail is a race which runs through a city and its landmark buildings such as city hall, museums, train stations, movie theaters… Since the race is meant as a way for people to discover and explore a city in a different style, there is no official time registration.  The both of us ran watchless so I can’t tell you how long it took us to complete the 11k course.  So what is the accomplishment?  As you know, on March 22nd Brussels fell victim to several terrorist attacks.  The entire country was shaken to its core by these acts and for weeks afterwards Brussels was on lockdown.  We all lived in fear.  On some days we still do.  On Sunday however, we shook those fears and we ran.  Almost three thousand of us ran through our capital and we enjoyed it, without hesitant, without doubts, without trepidation but with pride and joy.  That is our accomplishment:  we were knocked down but we got back up again.”

20160626 120455


Jen!!!  “Two weekends ago, I ran Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN.  The forecast called for rain and overcast skies the week prior even up to the day prior.  Come race morning, it was sunny, 70 degrees at the start, and 90% humidity.  Not ideal for runners by any means.  I had recently run a marathon four weeks before this one, and although I set a PR at that race, it wasn’t even close enough to obtaining my elusive BQ that I’ve been chasing for almost two years.  I went into Grandma’s Marathon without putting the pressure on myself, and told myself and others that ‘it will be what it will be.’  Well, I guess I need to do that more often because I totally cut off 6 minutes from my previous PR down to 3:45.  Now that BQ is within reach!! My hubby was out there cheering me on and texting me encouragement all throughout the race.  The best was ice cold washcloths and ice at mile 22 and then giving him a big sweaty hug at the finish!! Now it is a little break and time to train for St. George.”

Grandmas 2016


Rebekah!!! “On April 30th, I ran my very first marathon!! After 11 half marathons, I figured it was finally time to go for the big one.  I trained for 18 weeks and it changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. My A goal was to get under 4 hours, but I never dreamed I could hold a sub 9 minute mile pace for 26 miles.  Race day was wonderful, even though miles 9 and on were in the pouring rain.  At mile 23, I saw my friend on the side of the road cheering me on and I simultaneously felt something pop in my right foot.  The pain was intense, but she jogged with me in her flip-flops for a bit and with her encouragement, I continued on.  I didn’t walk one step the entire race and when I crossed the finish line in 3:57:04, I cried tears of joy (and pain).  It was the most incredible experience of my life.  It turns out, I had a partial tendon tear in my foot.  After 5 weeks in a boot, some physical therapy, and 8 weeks of no running at all, I am thing to get back out there (safely).  It’s true what they say, miles change you.  I’ll be forever grateful.”

Image1 2


 What do you have going on this weekend?!

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The shower looked extremly fun. Wishing you guys all the best.

This weekend my wife and I will enjoy…
Friday night double feature at the drive-in (The BFG and Finding Dory) with my grown-up boys (age 25 & 23).
Saturday night minor league baseball game with the same boys and one girlfriend in tow.
Sunday afternoon niece engagement/graduation picnic at in-laws.
Sunday evening daughter returns from European trip.
Monday night local fireworks.


Have fun in Portland! I ran the Rock and Roll Half there last year because I wanted to treat myself to my favorite donuts (Blue Star!) and ice cream (Salt & Straw!) after the race:) It’s a fun foodie city!


Glad you got your photos done. Ouch on those pins!

That is the cutest shower theme and very fitting! I admit that TJ’s chocolate bar is one of my favorites. spicy chocolate and pop rocks?! I’m in.

That dog, she’s such a cutie. I wish mine was a bit more of a cuddler.

@Annelies – I live in NYC and I completely understand both the fear and wanting to take your city back. We live our lives so the terrorists don’t win. (even though it’s hard some days).


LOVE the donut theme going on there. Your friends really are great. :)

Wedding tonight, then froyo, pool time and RELAXING this weekend!! I need it after this long and draining week.


Why are you headed to Portland? I live here :) we are doing a fun race on sauvies island right out side of Portland on Monday. It’s the only race on the island and you get strawberry shortcake and hot dogs after :)


I love the idea of taking your pictures before your wedding. Weddings shouldn’t be stressful and I know the photos sometimes can be! You have such amazing friends to throw you the perfect shower.
I’m excited to run a 4 mile race this weekend and then hang out with some friends!


Wow an Urban Trail run sounds like so fun, and it is amazing Annalies got out there with so many people to run through the city! I would love to do something like that in the US.

This weekend will consist of cookouts, bonfires, and probably one two many s’mores!! That’s the 4th of July on Cape Cod for you :)


Running my favorite 10 mile loop in the morning. My husband has a cycling race on Sunday, so I’m working his team’s feed zone. Picnic and fireworks on Monday!

Great idea – the frozen water bottles in chocolate milk!


Part of me wishes I had my husband in my bridals, that’s ok though, we still had great wedding day pictures. The wind was crazy thou so there was a lot of veil and hair blowing going on.

We love the 4th! So excited to celebrate this weekend


What a sweet shower! I’m so jealous of your trip. It’s going to be amazing seeing all of the athletes competing! I’m running a 5K tomorrow and a 4 mile race on the Fourth. Otherwise just hanging out with friends!


Can’t wait to see the pictures!! I’ve never heard of that before! How fun! Will you be sharing them soon!?


I can’t wait to see your bridals! How exciting! Your bridal shower was adorable! I can’t believe how fast the big day is coming up!


Tomorrow I have my first race after having my third baby 3 months ago. It’s a 10k and I am so excited! While I’m doing that my brother in law is running his first half marathon. It’s so amazing to get to share that experience with him because through running he’s lost more than 80 pounds and is hoping to in under 1:45 tomorrow!


I love Portland! They’ve got good donuts there too, FYI. Pips are my favorite! I’m heading to the mountains as we speak! I’ve got a marathon on Sunday, perfect timing to be able to relax and be lazy on Monday for the holiday!!


Your shower looks like it was a lot of fun. The food looks delicious!


Such a fun shower!! Haha! I should have sent you my doughnut pillow!!
The chocolate milk…such a good idea!


I totally love the donut theme and may have to swipe that idea one day!


Love the idea of doing your pics ahead of time – more time to enjoy and take it all in on your special day!

Megan D should definitely start a business, wow!

And all the clips in your hair made me laugh. My hubby and I backpacked in to a cabin the night of our wedding and I was too afraid to start taking out the one million clips so I hiked with my updo (classy).

Have an amazing time at the trials!


Yes, I love running with the girls on their bikes too! Now that they are old enough to ride without much assistance (my 6 year old still needs a little push going uphill), whenever I do that, we go for 3 or 3.5 mile run/ride. It’s great because they are my cheerleaders and even though they’re huffing and puffing, they still think it’s fun to do this with me.

weekend- long run (I hope!!! unless my pain from iliopsoas tendonitis doesn’t go away) and beach BBQ in the afternoon (promised the girls to take them to this one beach to find hermit crabs, brittle stars?, and other cool sea creatures), short 10K race on monday morning, more BBQ, then fireworks nearby.

your party looked so cute- like a page from a magazine! your friends did an amazing job.


It is a long weekend! YAY!

We (as always) are doing home renos. I have a busy day on Monday so I’m also trying to get things all ready for the start of the week


That has got to be the best themed bridal party ever. I’m sure you had a blast. Good friends are hard to come by. Hopefully, you cherish all of yours! Have fun in Oregon!


Do you have a running book that includes a lot of running mechanics that you could recommend? I’m taking the RRCA course in a couple of months and would like to prep myself a bit but don’t know where to start.


Oh my goodness- coolest shower ever! I want to do the same thing for my best friend for her birthday- a donut themed party. How fun that would be- and the idea of using frozen water bottles in the chocolate milk instead of ice- GENIUS!
Can’t wait to see your pictures- went to Lindsey’s Instagram & WOW! What a wonderful photographer. <3


I LOVE the donut shower! We were recently PCSd to Georgia and the donuts are aweful here :( I miss them!


I really like your bridal tradition. The tradition here is the groom can’t see the dress before the wedding so it is a very long day with the preparation, the ceremony, the pictures, the reception, etc. etc. We are so happy to be spending the long week-end with the family! So much fun.


Oh my goodness super super cute bridal shower!! Great ideas! Can’t wait to see the bridals! What a great idea I’ve never heard of that.
We have fam staying with us. I plan on testing out my injured foot tomorrow outside. Felt good on treadmill today. Can’t wait til 4th celebrations!


I always love reading running accomplishments from your readers, but I especially loved Annelies’ this week. Acts of terror are meant to take us away from feeling safe and relying on one another but when they have the opposite effect of drawing people together, it warms my heart. Great job!


Beautiful shower!! ( : I am obsessed with your blue shirt at the shower– where did you get it?!? Must. have.


I cannot wait to see the bridals!!!!!!! What an awesome bridal shower!!! After reading your blog all these years I can absolutely say with confidence…that is the PERFECT theme for you!!!!?


Lovely photos:D


It’s the night before my first marathon!! Eek!! Your my last blog I’m reading before bed so good night all and thanks for all
your inspiration. Your all amazing xx


You are so sweet. All of the posts and praises are iflating my ego. Maybe I SHOULD start a business. HPG. Hungry party girl. Trademark. Copyright. Think about it.


Love the little bike!! Is it a push bike? My 3.5 yo just started on one of those too… Went way better than training wheels!!


You are right – Megan D should start a business. How beautiful! And all colour coordinated and she really thought of everything! All the little details were just adorable.

And can we just say that your nephew is the SWEETEST! How he is crossing his feet as he watches?!!! Sigh.


What a great shower and how perfect for you!!!


Hi Janae!

I was wondering where you got the blue and white striped shirt that you are wearing in the photos from your bridal shower!


What an adorable theme for a bridal shower! We love unconventional party themes! (especially Donuts!)

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