15 Eugene Day #2 Pictures!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are having a fabulous 4th of July weekend and celebrating big time.  I’m on my way home today but wanted to share 15 pics with you!

1.  Anne and I started out a little bit earlier than everyone else for a run.  We saw close to a trillion running courses out there in Eugene.

2.  We were hoping to run into some Olympians out there but we didn’t see any.

IMG 0970

3.  At 9 a.m. we met up with Brooks for the rest of the run (ps we stayed with Brooks in a frat house for the trip that was right across the street from the track).

IMG 0994

4.  The view here are beyond amazing.  We finished with 10.5 miles and they were my favorite miles in a long time.

IMG 0998

5. A little Run Signature with Brooks to figure out the shoes for me.

IMG 1009

6.  I’ll be sticking with the Launch 3s for a long long time…

IMG 1044

7.  The next stop—> watching the women’s 10,000m finals.

IMG 1024

8.  I could keep up with them for approximately 6 meters.

IMG 1012

9.  After we watched the 800m semifinals and some of the 100m races we hit up the limo to lunch.

IMG 1035

10.  Fried pickles for the win.

IMG 1039

11.  And fish tacos that were perfection.

IMG 1040 1

12.  Garrett Heath and Rilie Masters ate lunch with us!  They will be competing Monday night in the 5000m!! They were so ridiculously nice and we asked them every question possible.  They run about 75-80 miles a week during training for this race!!

IMG 1042

13.  Dinner was here:

IMG 1051

14.  King Estate Winery for salad, steak and this incredible piece of cake.

IMG 1058

15.  Brooke partied hard all day with Andrew and I’m sure they must both be ecstatic that I’ll be with them today!

IMG 0174

Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow morning!!

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those shoes are too cute! I love how patriotic they are. I’m a sucker for anything red, white, and blue.

also, I totally had pie last night after reading about yours. best decision I’ve made in awhile haha.


Awww I love that Brooke and Andrew got to spend the day together! And I LOVE those shoes – so patriotic and so cute!! Have a wonderful day today!


I have been mainly wearing Mizunos ever since I started running regularly (5 years ago?) I need to get fitted again and check out some Brooks! I have a pair of their trail running shoes that I love but have been beat up from wearing them hiking instead of just running.


Eugene sounds like it’s awesome right now, It would be awesome to see all those incredible runners up close!


Yep..the shoes are crazy cute!!


Such a fun weekend for you! Hope you enjoy your 4th


Those were my favorite miles in a long time too! Thanks for motivating me to get in a long run – and for making the miles fly by. Miss you already roomie! xoxo


Glad you’re enjoying Eugene (I live here!). Be sure to check out Voodoo Donuts, and run up on Pre’s trail by the river!


Looks like you all had a fun time. That limo looks fun too! Have a safe trip home.


The shoes are very cute!!!! And it’s such an amazing thing that you got to participate in this!
So cool.
I bet y’all are all happy that you’re back with your family even though this trip seemed like a blast!


Gorgeous scenery! That would definitely give me some extra motivation! Love the shoes, too cute.

Brooke looks to be having a fun time, too. That’s a beautiful thing to see.


What an amazing experience! It looks like y’all had a great time. I’ve been loving watching all of the events on TV and I can’t even imagine how cool it would be to experience it first-hand :)


You ran along my absolute favorite stretch of the river–I can tell just from that picture of the footbridge. It’s just perfect out there. I just had knee surgery from a freak soccer injury so I’m living vicariously through your running pictures! So glad you’ve enjoyed your time here, Eugene really is a fantastic running town. Try VooDoo and/or Cafe Yumm if you get a chance!!




Those looked like gummy worms on your fish tacos!


Love the shoes!!!!! The pics from that trip look amazing :) And it looks like Brooke was having a great time as well :)


Wow! Does Andrew braid hair? I’m impressed. I can’t even do it that well!

Love the RWB shoes! So cute and festive.

Oregon never disappoints. We are considering a visit back there for our summer 2017 vacation. We miss it so much!

We are currently waiting out the rain, hoping to hit up the trails. It’s been nonstop since Friday. I’m so over it.


That was my question too! Did Andrew do that braid? That would be amazing.


The winery and the cake! Looks like a nice summer trip with some running, too.

About the braid, it’s Sunday. Andrew probably took Brooke to Janae’s sister. Unless we get information to the contrary….


I love that spirit squad tee!


That looked like a great trip! It would be so fun to watch the trials live.

And yes. That braid is amazing. Whoever did it must be so talented;)


I bet the weather in Eugene was fabulous for running! Sounds like a great trip!


so glad you had a blast-looked like tons of fun!!


Did Andrew braid Brooke’s hair?! Wow!!! That would be an exceptional Vlog for girl dads!


That looks like such a fun trip to Eugene with Brooks! I saw the ticket said Tracktown. Did you get to see that movie?? I’m sure it won’t be showing anywhere near where I live but I’d *love* to see it. It looks really good!


Sounds like such a fun trip!! I love running and exploring new places!

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