A few pictures so far + Friday favorites!

Good morning!  I am so glad you loved Andrew’s post yesterday and got to know him a little bit better.  The kids are having the best time with him but hopefully they miss me a little bit too;)  We are having an amazing time and I’ll have an (overly) detailed post for you on Monday about everything that we did.

I’m very grateful that at each crossing they tell me which way to look before I cross because I’m all turned around here.

IMG 6091

Running has been AMAZING so far and it really is my favorite way to see a new place.

IMG 6163 IMG 6108

So much delicious food.

IMG 6189

I’m very grateful I was able to take this spur of the moment trip and I am quickly learning that London is my favorite city.

IMG 2695


I have just a few favorite things (affiliate links included) to share today!

*The Chelsea Boot (in the pictures above).  We walked 8 miles yesterday and my feet were in heaven in them.  They are now officially a winter staple for me.

*I bought a fanny pack for the trip from Lululemon and now that I’m using it, I’m realizing that I will be using this for non-travel everyday use too.

IMG 6020 2

*This documentary about Hayley Carruthers that just came out.  She has only been running for three years and she has a 2:33 marathon time!  Her story is very inspiring!

*This comes out today which I’m THRILLED about.

IMG 5549

*You can get 6 of these for $4 HERE and they are perfect for getting hair off of your face… I packed one for myself and this trip because you never know when you are going to find random hairs on your face:)

IMG 6008

*I shared a few of these on IG but the pictures from @KIDSINTUDIO are my absolute favorite thing right now.

Baron Family  social media files 320 Baron Family  social media files 70 Baron Family  social media files 182 Baron Family  social media files 166


Have any favorite things this week?   What are your weekend plans? Favorite city to visit? Current favorite documentary?

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The boot link doesn’t work.


I fixed it!! Hopefully it works now!


Thanks, Andrew! So kind of you to take the time to respond to comments (and fix links) while also trying to keep track of three little ones!


Hey Andrew, I loved your post :-) Could you do a post on your favorite foods/snacks/meals to have at the hospital? I also work 12-14 hr shifts in an ICU and would love some suggestions!


Now that’s something that I am trying to get right. I’ll get back to you on that!!


LOVE the pictures of your kids and that you are getting some much-needed time traveling with friends!

When you get a chance, would you please update the boot link (it goes to the general website rather than the exotic boots). I’ve been looking for cute boots for an upcoming trip to Europe, and these just might be the ones!

Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!


I am headed to London for my birthday 3/20… cannot wait to hear your recommendations!! Enjoy :)


Katilin, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!


I love London! I studied abroad there in college and it was the best. Such and beautiful, interesting, fun city! I hope you’re having the best time with your friends.


My favorite thing this week is living vicariously through you! Well, that and I get to help my friend celebrate her 40th by running 40 miles! Well, I’m only running about half that distance but I can’t wait to share her joy in such a huge accomplishment!
So yeah, running all over my favorite mountain and recovering is on tap for the weekend!
I think some of my favorite cities are Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Morrocco and Kobe!
I think the latest documentary I saw was pretty great – The Game Changers. But I’m a sucker for all things health and running/fitness!
Have a great day!


I love Paris. I have been there 3 times as an adult and it is just wonderful.


A. Love the family pics! B. So glad to see you’re loving London. I’m taking my family there (2 teenagers and hubby) for spring break this year and I’m quite nervous about the whole trip! Please provide all the information!!


Hi Janae! London looks wonderful! I’ve been there once as a kid and I’ve always wanted to go back. Happy weekend!!!


Your trip already sounds great!! And I love the pictures of the kids!
I really like London as well, but Berlin and Paris are pretty great as well.
And you know you’re only an hour (by plane) away from the Netherlands, right? ;)

Have a great evening!


London! I want to go – so much history, past and current. I think it’s a robust place. Can’t wait to find out what you enjoyed most. Also, how about the food? Do you feel healthier? Does it seem like their Earth grown items have more nutrients than ours? Like they didn’t deplete the soil. Did you go to a grocery store and see where produce comes from and how they mark organic vs others? How about public transportation? Oh, so many questions….

So interesting they painted “LOOK RIGHT –>”. It’s great someone cares about people this way. England and others will not be switching their movements any time soon.


Now I definitely want to go back to London!! So fun!

I just booked a cruise for June 2021 and I am so excited about it! Weekend plans are to take my middle kiddo on a date tomorrow, easy longish run in the morning, and church and super bowl on Sunday.

So far my favorite city to visit is Cinque Terre, Italy. It’s 5 little towns along the coast that are connected by a train (and a walking path). It’s beyond gorgeous, the water is fabulously clear, and there are rocks to jump from and no matter where you are, the view is amazing!

Current favorite documentary is Don’t F*&! with Cats. It’s crazy and even crazier because it actually happened.


Ohhhh, your trip looks so fun, what a great adventure!

The photos of your family are precious =)


I am so excited to hear all about your trip! My kids and I love it there, too. It’s so lively and friendly and freakishly easy to navigate!! It makes me happy that you went on a spontaneous trip across the pond! And, before Brexit ;)

My favorite city tends to be the whichever one I visit. Too hard to pick!!! I think it’s a toss up between Budapest, London, Barcelona, and even a bit of NYC. The message here is visit many and often. hehe.

Safe travels back!!! PS-can’t wait to see pictures of Andrews new Mountain Bike :)


I loved London when I was there for a brief visit when my youngest did a semester abroad! Your family pictures are wonderful!

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