Good morning!  I’m back to Utah and so happy to be with my family again after a great trip!  I’m just going to warn you, there are more pictures than ever today but I just want to share everything that we loved in case you have a trip there soon (or maybe it will convince you to go there soon;).

My plane arrived around 1 pm in London and I met Sarah at our hotel.  She did a study abroad in London back in college and lived in the area that we stayed, across from Hyde Park.  We ate lunch at a place that she would go often when she lived there and it was SO good (cash only)—> Taza Kebab House!  It was SO good and it was something I wish we would have gone to twice.

IMG 6088

The reason Sarah was going to London this last week was to do some research for her dissertation so while she did that, I went to Hyde Park and ran 9 miles (ultra training made it possible for me to eat above items and then run minutes later haha).

There was so much sunshine and the temperatures were perfect.  I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the park was and how many people were out running, biking and walking. I did two big loops around the park and I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire time.  I also decided to run the London Marathon someday while on this run:)

IMG 6105

I went back to the hotel and unpacked and then when Sarah got back we went to the National Gallery.  Most of the museums we went to were free which I couldn’t believe.

It was amazing to see so many original paintings that we have copies of hanging up in my parents’ house or paintings from my humanities classes that I learned about.  The National Gallery was definitely a must!

IMG 6126

From there we went to Wagamama which is a chain restaurant but I loved it and wish that we had one back at home.

IMG 6130

And I definitely wish that we had an Udderlicious at home too.  I went with the brownie sundae and it was AMAZING (ps thanks for all of the recommendations).

We sat, ate and caught up for a while there.  We took the tube (which is what we used daily for transportation) back to the hotel and went to bed early because the exhaustion kicked in big time at that point…

IMG 6132

Ten hours of sleep and we woke up ready to go on a run together.  Sarah took me on a running tour of the city and it was a blast to see so many sites via running shoes.

8 miles on Thursday!

IMG 6144

When we got back to the hotel, Sarah’s friend from Switzerland arrived and she was absolutely the sweetest.  It was so fun to get to know her over the few days we were there and hopefully the 3 of us go on another trip again in the future.  We grabbed Pret for breakfast. I loved my croissant, juice and yogurt parfait there (and I went back there a few times while we were there for more juice).

We then went to St. Paul’s and I was in awe.  It was incredible.  We did the audio tour which I loved.  We also took the stairs up to the very top which is so incredible.  You could see for miles and miles and you get a nice quad burner hiking up ha.  I couldn’t believe how tired my legs were going up all of the stairs but the views were so worth it.

IMG 6171

After St. Paul’s we walked around for a bit, walked over Millennium Bridge and then went to the Tate Modern Museum.

IMG 2690 IMG 2709

Our next stop was to the Borough Market for lunch.  We walked around looking at all of the different food options (and wanted them all) and decided on the fish and chips there.

We made a very wise decision.  I haven’t had good fish and chips since Andrew and I went to Canada a few years ago so this was just amazing.

IMG 6186

We were told to go for the donuts at Borough Market too which was another excellent decision.   PS we definitely had about 50 treats a day and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

IMG 6189

Between the 3 of us we have 10 kids so we really took advantage of doing things in London that we wouldn’t normally do with small children like seeing 3 shows in 3 days ha.

Hamilton was everything I could have dreamed it to be.  It was my first time seeing it but I had listened to the music a lot leading up to it and loved every second.  I didn’t want it to end.  We bought our tickets online for the first two shows and for the third show we bought them at a booth.

IMG 6191

We then went to Leon’s because we just wanted to grab something quickly and focus on dessert ha.  Leon’s says it’s fast food but it sure all tasted incredibly fresh.

We then walked to Dominique Ansel Bakery for dessert.  We each ordered two items and we all sampled everything.  I ordered the flourless chocolate cookie and frozen s’more and both here amazing.

IMG 6201

On Friday morning I woke up and ran 6.4 miles around Hyde Park again.  I want a park so badly like that in Utah… there were so many trails (you can run on dirt trails too) throughout the park, things to see and people out there commuting to work with backpacks on as they were running or riding their bikes.  We drive everywhere in Utah and I loved the change of being able to walk everywhere or take public transportation.  It was a really great change.

One of Sarah’s favorite restaurants in London is Dishoom for breakfast.  It serves Indian food and the inside was gorgeous.  I had the pancakes and they were amazing but Sarah’s egg and bacon naan was the best.  We called in advance for a reservation!

IMG 6210

We then went to the Victoria & Albert Museum to see the Mary Quant exhibit (that is only there for the next 2 weeks) and it was amazing.  It was so cool to learn about how she built her company and to see the originals from so many of her different lines.  This exhibit did cost money but it was very worth it.

IMG 2801

We did some shopping and walked to Fortnum & Mason for high tea.  We were there for hours and enjoyed every minute.  This was my first experience going to something like this and I loved it.  I devoured so many of those scones and they kept refilling whatever we loved the most (also those cucumber sandwiches… yum).  They also sent us home with cake!

IMG 6226

Charlie met us there and it was my 4th time seeing her in less than a year.  She lives in London so I’m pretty impressed with those stats ha.

IMG 6304

After we left Charlie we went to go see The Waitress with Sara Bareilles.  Sara Bareilles was incredible and her voice was unreal but the story line wasn’t my absolute favorite but the singing made it totally worth it to me.

IMG 2855

Saturday morning I had my last run of the trip.  I went for 7 miles and soaked up the perfect running weather and sightseeing.  I did a total of 30.4 miles while I was there and I absolutely loved it (and all of the flatness too;).

IMG 6134

Then we went to Notting Hill and went to the Portobello Road Market which was amazing.

IMG 2914

We had churros with chocolate and falafel for breakfast there (along with juice from Pret:).

IMG 6261

The highlight of the market= this stand with little military toys from the early 1950s.  Knox is going to be so excited when he gets some of these on Wednesday!  We were at this booth for 30 minutes looking at them all.

IMG 6253

From there I didn’t ’t really take very many pictures but we went to King’s Cross to see the Platform 9 3/4 and the Harry Potter Store.  We met up with some of Sarah’s friends at Tortilla for lunch and then went to Oxford Circus for shopping.  THE SHOPPING was unreal and it’s a good thing I didn’t have a lot of room in my suitcase to bring things home ha.  My favorite stores were John Lewis, Muji and the three floors Lush!  We also had hot chocolate and a pastry from Paul’s and then we went to Soho for dinner.

eat TOKYO for sushi… definitely a must if you love sushi and bento.

IMG 6274

We finished off the night with our final show and it was a great one to finish off with.  I had chills and cried a lot during this show.  It was beautiful.

It is a true story about the planes that were sent to Newfoundland, Canada right after the 9/11 attacks.  It’s a beautiful story about service, community, love and loss.  If you ever get a chance, go see it.  This was definitely a highlight for me.

IMG 6284

Sunday morning I woke up and hit the airport and now I’m trying to convince Andrew that we need to get our family over there at some point:)

Just a few more random thoughts:

January was an amazing time of year to go to London.  It was busy there (coming from Utah:) but according to a lot of the locals it was a very quiet time in London.  I honestly was shocked over how friendly and kind everyone I came across was.  Customer service is incredible and everyone is just willing to help with any questions.  I could listen to everyone’s accent all day long, it’s beautiful.  Each day I was in jeans, my boots, a sweater and a jacket and that felt great (it’s much colder in Utah).  I wore gloves for two of my runs and overheated so leggings and a long sleeve were perfect for my runs.  The running there is great and there are so many other people being active out there with you.  I loved the history in London and the gorgeous churches everywhere.

I’m so happy I was able to go and it was sure fun being a bit spontaneous because I am usually the least spontaneous person on the planet;)


Where would you go for your dream trip?

Favorite musical?

Do you enjoy museums?  What one is your favorite?

What’s your run today?  Snow or no snow?


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It sounds like you absolutely made the most of every second in London! What an amazing trip… I’m so happy you enjoyed it & were able to see a city that you’ve always wanted to visit.

Out of curiosity, what is your friend’s dissertation on/in? (I am about to begin writing my dissertation so I love hearing about everyone else’s work!)


Clare! That is so so exciting and I’d love to hear what you are doing yours on. Sarah is writing on Polish history! Good luck to you and I hope you get to go to London someday.


I’m researching housing affordability… I’m really passionate about housing and believe that everyone deserves a safe, decent, and affordable place to live. We still haven’t gotten it quite right policy-wise (despite the very best of intentions! It’s by no means an easy problem to solve). The biggest issue is that neighborhoods that are more affordable have fewer amenities (well-paying jobs, good schools, etc) so directing families to these neighborhoods doesn’t always produce the best outcomes for them.


Thank you for sharing this with me Clare. I can see why you are so passionate about it and it is a huge problem. I’m cheering you on and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know!


Thank you for the pictures and great recap! It was fun to read. Welcome home!


Thanks so much Amanda! I hope you are having a beautiful day and when are you going to San Diego?


Love this!! We went to London a few years ago for a wedding and you are so right, John Lewis is awesome! :) You make me want to go back!!
I’m so glad you got away for a few days. Sometimes we just need that!


I hope that you do get to go back there soon! And it’s probably good we don’t have a John Lewis because all of our money would be gone:) . Hope you are having a beautiful Monday Mollie!


That is so cool you got to go and do so many neat things–I’m not at all jealous. :-) I loved Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and Phantom of the Opera–you can’t go wrong with either!

No runs for me lately, even though it’s been gorgeous the last couple days–I got the flu and have been in bed. Am up and about today, but still definitely not in running shape. Hopefully soon!


Now I need to see both of those! I really hope that you are feeling back to running again, I am SO sorry you had the flu! Enjoy your week, Kristin!


My dream trip is a safari in Africa. BUT my husband and I are going London sans kids in 10 days! I might have to add some things to the plans! We are running a 10k while we are there in Victoria park. We are staying near Kong’s Cross

I saw Hamilton and The Cursed Child recently (Ish) and loved them both. I saw Rent countless time when I was in high school and college. Perk of living near NYC, we would get cheap day of tickets.

My run today will be on the track. It’s going to be over 50* today! So no snow and I’m head out during my lunch break so I might even wear my shorts!

Hope you get some rest to recover from your trip!


A safari in Africa would be amazing and I am THRILLED that you are going with your husband to London soon. PLEASE let me know what you end up doing there and what was your favorite. I am so excited for you! I really want to go to The Cursed Child with Andrew! Enjoy those perfect temps and go rock that track workout. Thank you Mary!


The trip sounds amazing!!! Now I really want to go! And I’m glad you shared all about the yummy food you had. I have heard from a few people that you can’t find good food in London??!
Thanks for sharing your trip with us! ?


That is what I was worried about because I had heard the same thing… that definitely was not the case for us. We found too much really great food (I don’t want to know how much money I spent on it all haha;). Thank you friend and I hope your day is a wonderful one:)


Excellent recap of a whirlwind trip to London. I love the city too and the running there is stunning. I am originally from Newfoundland, and Come From Away really does capture the kind, friendly and warm nature of the people. It’s definitely my favorite musical.

So come on Janae, run London Marathon 2021! I will complete my sixth WMM there I hope, so would be great to finally get to meet you.

Only 4 weeks til Tokyo so I have an easy 10km run today. We have a little snow on the ground here in Nova Scotia, but the sidewalks should be clear. Hope the kids like all the gifts you bought them, and I am sure they are happy to have you back.


You are originally from Newfoundland? Oh that makes me so happy and just instantly love you. I want to cry just thinking about it! I really want to go 2021 and I would love to meet you. SIXTH WMM… you are my hero. Let me know how Tokyo goes? I am cheering for you!!!


Your trip sounds amazing! We took our boys there (8 and 10 yrs) over Thanksgiving and did many of the same things as you. We all loved it. This post definitely makes me want to go back soon.


Oh that is SO cool and I beet your boys loved it too! I want to take Brooke and Knox so bad (and Skye too but not sure about the flight haha). I hope you get back soon and that you have a beautiful day. Thanks Lesley!


Dishoom! I can’t believe I forgot about that. Best breakfast ever. We try to recreate the sausage naan at home with Trader Joe’s naan bread :-) Your recap made me homesick for London…I need to go look at flights now. Have a great week.


I hope you get back soon and I want to try to recreate the bacon naan too! Such a good idea and I hope you get back soon Carol. Have a beautiful day!


So glad you were able to see Hamilton, love that musical!! I saw Wicked when I was in London and it was amazing. Also now craving good fish and chips haha.


Ahhhh I want to see Wicked so bad! I hope you get some fish and chips soon, there is just something so amazing about them. Have a great day Mariah!


I am so jealous of your spontaneous trip – It sounds so wonderful! And to be able to go to Hamilton with no pre-planning. I am not a huge musical person and I would never try to do the things people in the US have done (or the $) to go to Hamilton but it still sounds great. I’ve only been to London for a few days back in 1999 with my family – I am eager to go back with my own family which will happen in a couple of years but only as a small part of a bigger trip. But your spontaneity showed me that me and my husband (or friends!) should make a quick trip over there soon!


I hope that you get over there soon and I want to hear more about your bigger trip plans! Hope you have a beautiful day! Thanks Jessey!


LOVE your pictures!!!! I can especially appreciate all of the food pictures! ha ha GOOD FOR YOU for going on this little getaway!!!! Mama needs a break, too! :)


Hahaha and I still left out too many of my food pictures:) . Thank you Jen and the break was good for my soul. I hope your February is off to the right start!


I love your trip! So fun! Somehow I have been to Europe four times and never been to London (just the airport there). So, London is definitely on my list. I would love to tour all of the castles in Europe, too. I am reading The Day the World Came to Town right now which is just like your last musical.


I think it should definitely be your next stop:) . Touring all of the castles in Europe would be incredible. I am going to buy that book now to read because I loved the musical so much! Thanks Ali and have a beautiful day!


I spy Boston marathon tights in London! ☺️ Such a fun trip!


Hahaha yes!! I love those tights so so so very much! Thanks Katie and I hope your Monday is a fabulous one!


I’m so glad you went to Fortnum & Masons for tea. That was my favorite part of our London trip. What a place! I need to find a recipe for their scones. I haven’t been able to replicate them yet.


If you find that recipe please send it to me… I think I had six while we were there! Hope you have a beautiful week, Caroline!


Sounds like you saw a ton of London in such a short amount of time, way to go!

Dream trip would have to be to Patagonia! They have a marathon there as well so been thinking about that for awhile, we will see what happens.

Favorite musical is Singin in the Rain, though when I saw it on stage they had changed a lot of it so wasn’t happy about that.

I love museums! I have been volunteering and working in museums for 12 years now! My favorite would have to be the Vatican Museum. My best friend and I went and we spent most of a day there.

No run or snow today. Stayed up to watch the Super Bowl (not in the US so it started at 11:30pm here) so very tired.


Sarah, I want to join you for the Patagonia marathon… that would be incredible! Oh I would love to see Singin in the Rain too! Hope you get some extra rest today!


I have done a lot of my dream trips, but a place I would like to spontaneously go off to with my sister or some girl friends would be San Francisco, or New York. Been to both of those with C and just would like to return and girly-size the trip.


How about I join you girls for the trip too? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Hope you get to go soon! Have a beautiful day Erica!


This looks like such an amazing trip! I’m so glad you got to have such a great time!



Thanks so much Paige! I hope you have a great day!


Looks like a great trip! My dream trip right now would be to Morocco. I’ve been to Africa but have always wanted to visit Morocco!

I am from Newfoundland so every time someone shares their experience of seeing ‘Come From Away’ it makes me so proud – glad you loved it!


You should be VERY PROUD. What an amazing community! I hope you let me know when you go to Morocco… I hope it is soon:)


It looks like you had a blast in London!

My dream trip is definitely somewhere warm with a beach :)

No snow on my runs here, but tomorrow morning is supposed to get down to 29 degrees, which means I’ll probably have to wear a running jacket which only happens about 2-3 times a year.


I hope you get to go to a beach sometime soon! Running jacket weather wahoo:) . Take some hand warmers with you! Have a beautiful week Marissa!


Hi Janae! So glad you’re back and I loved seeing the pics from your trip! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re not too jetlagged!


Great recap! And now I want to go to London ;)

My dream trip is an African Safari – where the only shooting involved will be with my camera. I just love African wildlife. Our 30th anniversary is next year and that’s what we’re hoping to do.

We were talking to friends over the weekend about the Holocaust Museum in DC. Definitely a top 3 for me. It leaves you thinking for days. We’ve also been to Italy and Greece – where everything feels like a museum because there’s so much history there.

Short run with Les today. Definitely no snow!


Your trip looked so fun! You packed in a lot in your time there and I’m impressed you went to three shows. How far in advance did you get the tickets? My son and I went to London last year for his birthday, but it was for VidCom and he got to meet Rhett and Link and some other youtubers that I had no idea who they were. We loved London! I am so glad you enjoyed it-the people are so nice and helpful. Next time I go I want to go to tea at Fortnum&Mason. It was closed when we went by (maybe the queen was shopping! haha).

I like *most* museums and will go into them happily. Bonus when they’re free!!! I also love going into all the different churches and Cathedrals, each one is unique.

Glad you got away for that fun trip! It’s sometimes so refreshing to go someplace new, listen and interact with different people, and step out of the comfort zone of home a bit.


Wow you packed in so much! I love running in different places. I always feel like I can run forever since it is so entertaining to look at everything around you!


We took our kids to London a couple of years ago and it was amazing! They were 11 and 1.5 at the time and it was probably the best family vacation that we’ve ever taken.


Looks like you had a great trip Janae! I am taking my daughter on a Paris/London trip this spring so this post is perfect timing as I’m soaking up every recap I can get! And I can’t wait for a run in Hyde park now :)


I’m so delighted you had such a wonderful time in London! Even though I’m over there quite often (3 times last year), I’m taking notes on some of the restaurants as it’s hard to keep up. I’m running the London Marathon at the end of April as I mentioned to you, and seeing your comments has made me excited about it all over again. I need this to keep loping those long training miles ? I also like that you liked the accent so that if we ever actually meet, mine will work in my favor!


Loved loved loved this recap!!! My husband and I just went to London this past April for our anniversary and we really enjoyed it – although we had just come from Rome and honestly there is no place like Rome. :) so it was a tough comparison but looking back now I’m so glad we did London too. My husband was a very new runner at the time but we did run from our hotel, past the Tower of London, over Tower Bridge and down to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. It was so memorable and amazing!!
So cool you got to meet up with Charlie too! You are two of my favorite running bloggers so it’s fun to see you together. :)


I loved loved loved this recap!!!! My husband and I went to London this past spring and we loved it too, although we went right after we visited Rome and it was almost a let down because we just loved Rome so much. :) but we ran past the Tower of London, over the tower bridge and down to the Globe theater and it was so special!! I’ll always remember that run. :)
So glad you got to see Charlie too! 2 of my favorite running bloggers together. So fun! :)


Sounds like an amazing trip! Glad you were able to make it happen

South Africa is on my bucket list. Favourite musical after all these years is still Les Mis. Not a huge museum fan but when I was in NYC a few years back, I was in the Met for hours.

I ran yesterday – no snow. But my legs are tired now because I went to a floor barre class Saturday, ran yesterday and then went to a spin class haha.

Have a great day Janae!


My dream trip is to SCUBA dive in the Galapagos! Once I visit South America, I’ll have visited 6 continents! No run today as it was pretty slippery out this morning. Crazy that yesterday it hit 71 (I definitely got a run because of the beautiful weather), and today it’s in the 20’s and snowing. Gotta love winter weather…
My favorite musical is probably Lion King and Aladdin!

Glad you had so much fun on your spontaneous trip! I went to London after High School but would love to take my husband back!


I’m a Newfoundlander and an avid follower of your blog! So glad to hear you enjoyed Come from away. When I saw Come From Away my heart felt like it was going to explode with pride! In the greatest of tragedies there are stories of goodness that prevail. So very glad you enjoyed it!


Oh Jennifer, your comment makes me so happy! You should feel all of the pride. What a beautiful community you are a part of and I’m so thankful I got to experience the story through the musical. Thank you so much!


Ahhhhhhh! I leave for London in 15 days (first trip!) and am staying very near Hyde Park as well. I’m now EXTRA SUPER DUPER excited for our trip and will be bookmarking this post of yours to review must-eat-at places while we’re there. I’m traveling with my family (husband and 2 older teenagers) and we plan to see as much as possible while we’re there. Also there’s a 5K/10K in Hyde Park the first Saturday we’ll be there so my husband, son and I are going to run it so we can collect our medal and call ourselves international racers. LOL!


I was in London in October, and hearing that St. Paul’s was a quad burn for you makes me feel justified in the pain I felt! I loved the view and the cathedral. Glad you had a great trip!


The Book of Mormon is HILARIOUS, great musical. Ever seen it?


Sounds like a great trip! I leave for London Thursday night! I’m glad to hear you weren’t too cold, as I’ve been trying to figure out what type of layers I’ll need.

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