Training Summary for Last Week!

I really thought that speed work was going to happen yesterday so I wore my Hyperions for the first time since CIM but speed work did not happen.  Three days of this last week I planned the night before to get a little speed workout in and I never did it.  I’m feeling good getting in mileage but I’m not feeling the speed side of things and I’ll just keep listening to my mind and body until I am ready!

A group of us met to run and we did 12 miles total.  Andrew had the fire on and waiting for me when I got home.  I was frozen to the core yesterday.

IMG 3885

Yep, day 4 of last week ha.  I’m guessing Skye was the only one on the mountain with a binky.

IMG 3918

We attempted skiing being outnumbered with the kids and it didn’t last very long.  One of us waited with Skye while the other took the big kids because Skye was over it quickly.  Oh and on the lift her skis somehow fell off (luckily over trees and not people) and Andrew had to go and find them.

IMG 3910

He was rewarded by going to his absolute favorite restaurant.

IMG 3920

Skye used her charm to try to win over Andrew’s milkshake.

IMG 3923

The rest of the day we spent at home and my parents stopped by too.

PS Not sure we will ever take down Christmas.

IMG 3926


It’s been three weeks since CIM (even though it feels like it has been months) and here is how this week looked like!  I still have no idea what my plans are for 2020 but I’m loving getting in runs with friends each morning.

IMG 3677

Monday:  8 miles @ 7:56 average

Tuesday:  12 miles @ 7:58 average

Wednesday:  Took the day off!

Thursday:  8 miles @ 8:08 average on fresh snow.

Friday:  10 miles @ 7:44 average

Saturday:  12 miles @ 7:54 average

Sunday:  Off!

50 miles for the week!

IMG 3891


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

In-N-Out… have you tried it?  Do you like it?

What are you up to today?

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You are brave taking three small children. You are brave for getting on skis. I’d be falling on my butt nonstop.
3 things: driving home, meeting a dog and hopefully taking the dog home, a short treadmill run due to rain.
I scored a Garmin fenix 5s on black Friday and haven’t had a chance to use it yet due to injury. I had big plans to use it Christmas day because it was warm here and woke up with an awful sinus headache. I want to use it so bad! I hope the day will come soon.
Happy New Year!


LEE I sure hope you love this dog and take him home! I am so excited for you. Let me know what you think of the Fenix 5s… I’ve heard great things about it. I hope you get to use it tomorrow. Thanks Lee, you too!


Hi Janae,
Speed work will come back in time. You’re right to listen to your body and your feelings.
My best run and hardest run was yesterday. 8,5 km with a group of ten people and 10 dogs. Beautiful landscapes and forest (almost 300m to climb during the run. I don’t know the word. 300m inclination ?)
But a strong headache with nausea some hours after the run. Not the first time, and I don’t know why. That’s weird… and annoying ! :)
Have a great sunday !


Thanks Ingrid! You are so right, it will come back in time! 10 people and 10 dogs, that’s amazing… how fun! 300m of climbing, that’s incredible. I bet you had altitude sickness… that is lame and I hope you are feeling 100% now. You too!


How fun to live so close to the slopes! And Skye with her binkie… Ha ha, cute
We LOVE In n’ Out! But we do live in Orange county, CA, ?
Today will start with 9 miles, then hopefully yoga, then we’re doing our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, just the 4 of us since we weren’t home on Christmas Eve. I will finally be taking down all the Christmas stuff tomorrow. I love to start the new year with Christmas packed away and the house fresh and clean.
Hope your Sunday is relaxing and good!


Did I ever tell you that Andrew lived in Orange County for the first few years of his life? I think that is why he loves IN N OUT so much too:) Maybe I will take down ours tomorrow too ha. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! I haven’t had In n out since college.. we used to grab burgers from in n out and then get fries from McDonald’s cuz that’s what each place is good at in my opinion haha. My hardest run was definitely my 200m repeats.. I’m still learning what different paces feel like and it’s tough to nail a pace for such a short time. Have a great day!!


I TOTALLY AGREE! McDonald’s fries are my favorite… I’m going to copy you with that plan next time. Those 200m repeats are SO hard and so good for us. Maybe I’ll try those this week… thanks for inspiring me:) . Have the best Sunday!


I definitely jinxed myself with a comment last week – Les and I both woke up Christmas Eve with sore throats/colds! I’m pretty sure weeks of nonstop travel contributed (especially our last flight that was delayed 6 hours.) One of us is going to have to get better soon because we’re running out of food and cold medicine.

We live less than a mile from an In-N-Out and only go when Les’ brother is in town. I’m not a fan at all. 5 Guys or Habit are my burger of choice.


OH KATHY NO! I am so sorry that you guys were sick this week and I hope you start feeling better fast. I need to bring you food and medicine! 5 Guys is SO much better than In-N-Out!! Now I need to go there soon. Keep me updated with how you are feeling!


I think we will take my daughter swimming at our community pool (indoor – I’m in Canada!), celebrating my brother in laws 40th tonight, and groceries!


Happy birthday to your brother in law! Have the best time at the indoor pool, I should take Brooke to ours tomorrow!


I got in some 400s last week and was thrilled by how it went! I did the first 4 at 7:30 pace, and the last one at 6:40 pace. I didn’t feel like death after, which lets me know I can go even harder next time. It was a good confident boosting workout!



Ah I cannot believe skye’s ski’s fell off and Andrew had to go find them!! I haven’t been brave enough to take my kids to the hill yet (age 1.5,7,9). I think I’m going to attempt cross country skiing this year instead until the little one is more manageable!

Thanks for your daily posts! I really look forward to them and I find you so motivating!


I want to keep all my Christmas stuff up too!! At first, I hardly decorated, but I just received a beautiful parcel of homemade decorations from my family (after Xmas)…and want to keep it up now. Maybe I’ll keep some things out :)

I can’t believe how much you’re running already after the marathon! I though you’d take more rest after back to back training cycles – BUT I also know how good it is to run. Don’t rush the speed process, now’s the time to still prioritize down-time…my 2 cents. Everybody has an opinion lol.


Skye with the binky is soooo cute! Bless you for taking all 3 skiing. This year is definitely an “investment” year, but you, Andrew and the big kids are going to get so much better from going so often, and it will be a whole lot easier next year with Skye. It’s pretty amazing that she’s going at all this little. I feel like it helps the littles to just get out there, even for 1 run, have a hot chocolate and make positive associations with the mountain. And best run was Christmas morning. We were visiting my brother so I took his dog out for 6 glorious miles early and everyone I passed was so friendly and had the holiday spirit.

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