Silentish Saturday + I think it is coming back to me…

Happy weekend!!! Knox was still waking up from a carpet nap below:)  I get it.  I do the same thing pretty much every day now too.

Friday morning run and I’m missing my running friends!  They better be ready to train hard with me next year:)

IMG 2785

Saw my friend walking her dog and she brought her over to say hi to the kids at the end of my run… if the kids could have 20 dogs, they would.

IMG 2790

Another salad!  Romaine, spinach, cottage cheese, grapes, cucumber, mango, peppers and Opa strawberry poppyseed greek yogurt dressing (so good).

IMG 2810

I’m telling ya… she must practice her eye rolling daily, she is good.

IMG 2814

We ordered a bounce house for 2 hours today (Brooke’s birthday party) and they showed up yesterday with the thing with no extra charge… the kids were ecstatic.

IMG 2820

Movie break (more for me than the kids I think).

IMG 2830

Jess invited our family and Paige’s family to an amazing bbq and swim party!

IMG 2864

I was in heaven.  Plate one of two.  I couldn’t believe how good it all tasted.

IMG 2847

And the all you can eat fruit made me very happy.

IMG 2848

The kids were most excited about the ice cream bar!

IMG 2852

And this churro tasted soooo good too (are sweets coming back to me now?!).

vIMG 2853

IMG 2850

IMG 2854

Going to miss these summer nights but fall is kind of the best too!

IMG 2866

I hope your weekend running is amazing whether it includes a race, a long run, a fun run or whatever type of workout you are loving right now!


What are three things that you are doing today?

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That cookout looks like a blast! Summer is always exciting at the beginning and sad when it’s almost over, but I do kinda get tired of the crazy heat after a while. Fall is my favorite………..seriously cannot wait for weather where I can wear shorts and long sleeve (my favorite combo), pumpkins, Halloween (my favorite!), kettle corn, autumn colors, pumpkin candles, cider, fresh apples, oh I love fall a lot!

Good luck with the birthday!


That type of friend cookout swim party looks like the best ! And that salad looked amazing. Let’s see, we are going to a fair, going to attempt cooking corn on the cob on the grill for the 1st time, and if we are still awake at dusk, the neighboring town has a free outdoor movie night for kids and families. They are showing Sing. We’ve seen it, but we always love to see movies again. (and again, and again…)


OH FUN… I love outdoor movies!!! Enjoy the corn and let me know how it turns out!! Thanks Michelle!


Your friends dog is so cute! How awesome the company dropped off the bounce house early for free. I have a feeling Brooke and Knox will be bouncing on it as much as possible this weekend. I hope Brooke’s party goes well and everyone enjoys it!

My three to dos for today are 2 mile run (which I just finished), a trip to the grocery store and I was supposed to have date night with my boyfriend but it might storm so it may be pushed to tomorrow.

Have a great day Janae!


Completely random…when you wrote, “are sweets coming back to me now?!?”, I read it to the tune of Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”! I am pretty sure when I read your blog (which I love) daily, I will think of this song.


I did the same thing!


You two just made my DAY! So I sing that song all of the time around the house and Andrew thinks I’m strange… I put that in there to see if he would notice;) He didn’t but you guys did and that makes me so happy!


I’m going to be photographing a baby shower today. It’s for a friend’s sister so I sort of get to be a guest too :)

My boyfriend and I are going to an art gallery grand opening that his cousin is part of. We want to support him with this new endeavor.

And I’ll be obsessing about my dogs eyelid. He’s on another week of antibiotics for a cyst that will have to be removed if this new antibiotic doesn’t work. Ugh. The hardest thing for me is when my dog isn’t 100 percent.


I’ve been craving mango and all sorts of fruit (oranges especially?) in this summer heat. I haven’t bought any watermelons recently but I feel as though I should while they are on sale.

I’m just working this weekend, a little running and a lot of sleeping. That’s three things right?


omg I am going to miss the summer nights. I’m not ready for fall! 3 things today – long run, shopping with my son and then out for dinner.


I hope your long run was a great one today and enjoy the shopping + dinner with your son!


Today we took a stroll along the coastal city Sumartin, on Brač Island Croatia. This is Day 8 of a 3 week Adriatic Sea road trip. We played in the sea, ate at a seaside Pizzeria, then picked up some beverages for the fridge. After nap time we plan to do another stroll and find somewhere for some good local fish! I will either take my run during nap or first think in the morning before we leave to board the next ferry…


WOW TONYA!! What a PERFECT day!!! Enjoy every second!


All you can eat watermelon would be a dream come true. I go through at least once a week on my own.
3 things…..1. 11 MIle run… pain for the second week in a row. 2. Buying a watermelon. 3. Hanging out with my baby boy who just turned 5.


WAY TO GO on your 11 mile run Lee! And I am so happy that it was pain-free. That is AWESOME!! Enjoy your day eating watermelon with your little man!


What I appreciate most about that fruit bar is that they kept all the fruits separate. I don’t like melons (except watermelon) and I think they make the other fruit fast weird when they’re all mixed together. Haha

Long run (11 miles) done! Last long run of the training. Next week will be a shorter long run for tapering and then the half!!
I will probably go grocery shopping and then I’m doing sealings with my ward tonight :)


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! I LIKE THE BOWLS SEPARATE TOO! Ahhhh way to go Alyssa on your 11 miles, that is AMAZING! Can’t wait to hear how you rock your half marathon!!


Hope Brooke has a great party today!!!
Can’t believe she is 5!

Three things I’m doing today are:
1. Go run with the local running club..first time and it went great!
2. Buy running shoes for my nephew
3. Relax and maybe take a nap! Got up at 4:30am!


OH MY GOD! All of these foods right here look so delicious. Today I’m 1. Spending time with my boyfriend. 2. Eating delicious pasta. 3. Probably watching a movie.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday, Janae!


I just love Brook’s swimsuit. Where did you get it?


Only 2 things on the agenda today – 26 mile bike ride this morning. Tonight we’re going to the LA Greek Theater to see Postmodern Jukebox and Straight No Chaser. Celebrating Les’ birthday a week early!


Did a 5k today pushing my 2 1/2 year old. My husband was doing the 10k and thought I should race too except he missed the part about half of the course being trail. My daughter kept saying “big bumps”! But she was a trooper and I still managed to take 2nd in my age category. The hubby won the 10k!


What a pretty sunset in that picture at the bbq!!!

Three things for today:

1. Ran–happy, perky (yet humid!) 6 miles

2. Stopped by my favorite cafe for a strawberry green tea iced tea–my fav/can’t do without every day drink!

3. Going to dinner tonight with two other couples to my fav restaurant. 12 miler tomorrow, but I might “have” to sneak one cocktail :)


Looks like an awesome day! I *love* your cottage cheese and mango salad. I’ll be putting those ingredients on my shopping list for this week ;) No running for me today but a day in London with my other half while the grandparents babysat. We went on a boat trip, ate amazing food from a market and then came home to board games with our little one :) Btw I didn’t get to comment on yesterday’s post but I really appreciated your advice on pace and speed. Happy birthday Brooke!!


I’m so torn too. I love summer and don’t ant it to end!!! But falls good too. Just please no winter until at least November.


That ice cream bar though!

We are walking on the beach
Getting groceries
Hopefully long naps from this jet lag


I haven’t had a churro in forever and now I won’t be able to stop thinking about it until I get one. You would think I was the pregnant one ;)

Maybe annabelle has been giving Brooke some eye rolling tips. She does it so much and rolls them so hard I don’t know how she doesn’t get a head ache.


Where is that nail polish from? Color? Brand? I LOVE it!

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